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Blake Moonfall

Ever since that day, he hasn't been the same...

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a character in “The Adherents: Remade”, as played by ianna_334



Full Name: Blake Moonfall

Nicknames/Aliases: Blaze

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Mirror Type/Artifact Used: A mirror of Peace that spontaneously mutates into a Mirror of Blight summoned by a golden wristwatch with a 12 pointed starburst design on the watch face

Title (if applicable): The Parakeet

Description: Blake is very tall, usually standing at least a head over most average sized people. He is well muscled, although in recent years this has gone down with the absence of a reason to stay that strong - pushing papers doesn't require big muscles at all. He is blond, and his hair is feathery and light, pushed into further disarray by his habit of running his hands through it when thinking or stressed. Getting it to lay flat is more effort than he is willing to go through on a regular basis. Blake also has unique golden eyes. He used to smile often, but since Tem died, he often looks listless if he doesn't look sad, and only smiles in the presence of his son.

Description of Mirrored:

Blake’s Mirrored is a tall cloaked figure around the same height as he is. It wears pale green and white monk style robes with a large hood casting shadows on its face. Under the hood are fully black eyes and what is either a smallish beak or a very large nose. The Summon carries an hourglass in yellow scaled hands, that have talons in place of fingernails. It moves grandly and regally, and not too fast itself. It has wings under its cloak, but uses them to shield Blake instead of for flight.
When affected by Blake’s depression over the loss of Tem, the Mirrored starts to melt, the colours and features all running together. Blobs of green that fall too fast to be feathers but too lightly to be goo drip off the form. The hourglass also cracks and the sand begins to run out of it. More sand manifests in the top to replace it; this represents the energy Blaze’s Mirrored steals.
Finally, Blake’s Mirrored has spidery cracks running over it and has had this appearance since Tem failed to return. This represents how emotionally shattered he has been since losing his love.

Personality: Blake Moonfall is a very serious and analytical tactician, able to process information and make good decisions quickly. This trait does not transfer over to his personal life, where the man is often almost helplessly indecisive. He tries hard to please everyone, occasionally ending up pleasing none, or hurting someone important to him for the satisfaction of the general masses. Blake is cautious in nature, often second-guessing himself, but if he takes the time to sit down and reflect, he usually remembers why he made the choice he did in the first place. He is calm and patient, making him a good teacher, especially since he is often willing to help out. He doesn't like to express his emotions too openly, but his face rather clearly shows what he’s thinking anyway. He is very caring and protective, and takes pride in his work. Recently, since his husband vanished, Blake has become more quiet, withdrawn, and serious, throwing himself into his work trying to forget. He has trouble accepting that after all the trials they went through, now Tem is gone and there will be no happily ever after for them. He is not suicidal, it’s not in his nature, but he is very protective of his son, who is one of his only tangible links back to Tem.

-Strategically minded
-Throws himself into work (so a lot of it gets done)
-Reasonably balances the cause (which Tem loved) with safety
-Is very good at self defense and guns
-Has taught himself field medicine in recent years

-Can no longer guarantee his Mirrored will be a pacifistic summon, and in the depressive form cannot control who it targets, putting his teammates at risk.
-Becomes distracted by memories of Tem at random moments, even in extremely bad times
-Terrified of also losing his son, and would rather die than let Verge die.
-Doesn’t really have motivation anymore, explaining why time isn't helping him heal.

Brief History: Blake had a normal childhood, with parents who encouraged him to try whatever he wanted - as long as he was also willing to work hard to succeed at that thing. The only “abnormal” factor for many years was a visit to a pawn shop with his mother, where he got bored as she browsed and starting digging through a box of recent sales. The second he touched a golden watch, both his mother and the pawnbroker realized it was an artifact - the cloaked and winged figure that instantly appeared was a rather telling sign.
His parents were proud of his achievement, and so Blake had access to several programs to help children deal with their Mirrors. This was very convenient when he was first introduced to Tem. Blake was asked to help keep the other Mirror under control and he was glad to, as he was showered with praise for being such a hero. However, he made friends with Tem (who gave him the nickname Blaze, which stuck) and their bond only strengthened with time.
At some point in their loves, Blake began to think that he emotion he felt for Tem was romantic love, and half out of curiosity, they began a relationship, which ended every few weeks and restarted only a few days after the breakup. Blake followed Tem into the Adherents, and once there realized what that the Adherents were trying to worsen Tem’s mental state to better weaponize his Mirror. Disagreeing with this methodology, Blake began to try to stop them, but when confronted by Tem, was too stubborn to tell him the truth, expecting the other to just trust him which set off their biggest fight yet. The rift caused by this ongoing argument was what ended up resulting in Verge: In a rage, Blake stormed out, got drunk and slept with a woman who bore more than a passing resemblance to Tem (and in fact, was a member of the dark haired man’s estranged immediate family). Unknown at the time, the woman became impregnated, and nine months later showed up at the doorstep of Tem’s home with the newborn baby. Tem became infatuated with the baby on the spot, while Blaze felt it to be his responsibility. Their effort to create a warm atmosphere for the child (as well as the Adherents backing off once a child’s life was in Tem’s hands) resulted in the mending of their relationship, an agreement to let bygones be bygones, and an unforgotten lesson in communication.
Blake was happy, successful, and in love...and then after one mission Tem didn't come home. The next time the blond went out on the field, his Mirror spontaneously mutated and nearly killed off his team, along with the enemies. This condition has not bettered over the years, and so Blake has been stuck on base, doing administrative work and mourning Tem while doting on their son.

-His full title is “The Monk Parakeet” but that’s often considered too long to say
-Tem first called him “Blaze” in childhood so that his friend could have a cool name like his own. He kept up this habit for years until Blaze asked him about it, at which point he replied, “Because you are the light of my life”. Blaze hasn't asked since, but takes pleasure in the knowledge.
-Blake can't go out on solo missions because these do not trigger the corruption of his Mirror, but pacifists aren't suited to fight alone. He reacts horribly to duo missions and slightly less dramatically but no less dangerously to group missions.
-Images are not my own

So begins...

Blake Moonfall's Story