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Temno Shadowveil

"Sometimes it's better to be in the dark."

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a character in “The Adherents: Remade”, as played by ianna_334



Full Name: Tomas Sadovel

Nicknames/Aliases: Temno “Tem” Shadowveil

Age:Would be 40, presumed dead at 28


Mirror Type/Artifact Used: A Mirror of Vengeance, summoned by what looks like a palm sized royal blue Fabergé egg

Title (if applicable): The Demon

Description: Tem had dark blue eyes and loosely curled black hair that brushed the nape of his neck. He was tall and slim, long legged but graceful in his motions, and gestured dramatically when he talked. He had elegant hands with long fingers that he often rested his head on while sitting and staring out windows. He was a daydreamer and unless directly occupied, smiled serenely at nothing. He had good control of his facial expressions, reacting as people seemed to want, the only sign of his true emotions being in his eyes. In battle, Tem was focused and fast, often being the first to strike and able to dance back before his opponents reacted.

Description of Mirrored:

Tem’s Mirrored can be best described as “unnatural” and “demonic”. A Mirror of Vengeance, it came to life as a Mirror of Spite and retains traits like the tendency to attack physically. Coupled with the Vengeance ability to inflict pain psychically, every blow from this Mirror was devastating in battle. The Mirror itself is made of matte black wisps of some kind of substance, that twine together to create the form. The Summon at full height stands a head taller than Tem, and has long arms that reach to its knees. From there, shiny black claws extend to the ground. It has four toes that leave “X” shaped footprints on the ground. The creature is fast and agile, able to dart in and cause damage in less than a minute. It also appears to have armour on its back, like an armadillo, and wears a helm, with a long nosepiece that gives it a distinctive snout.

Personality: Tem was just a little bit off in most interactions, appearing as a flighty and eccentric man most of the time. He was habitually flirtatious and had a manipulative streak to him. His emotions fluctuated, often wildly, sometimes sending him into wild rages. Luckily, he was not quick to anger, and opted towards serving revenge cold. Despite outward appearances, he paid very close attention to the world around him, even when he was supposedly staring into space
Those that Tem cared for, though, saw a different side of him. For these special few people, Tem was very loving, caring, selfless and forgiving to almost ridiculous degrees. He was gentle with them, and even in his rages, he’d never harmed a single hair. These people had his full trust, and Tem protected them to the best of his considerable ability.

-Observant (while looking unobservant)
-Was strongly connected with his Mirrored, to the point where it acted on his unconscious thoughts
-very steady hands and fast eyes made him a good gunman
-Had a talent for chemistry

-Rather afraid of strangers
-Not entirely in control of himself

Brief History: Early in Tomas’s childhood, he was kidnapped by a group of thieves,with a grudge against his mother, who demanded a ransom but left the city before it could be paid, taking Tom along with them. He suffered under their hands for several years, as the boy was old enough to remember them well and his kidnapping notorious enough to have him recognized instantly, but none of them could actually bring themselves to kill the child. Then, during one of their moves, Tom was carelessly thrown into a truck for transport among the inanimate objects they had taken and found an artifact in the hoard. This artifact brought forth his Mirror, a creature of hate and wrath, which slaughtered the thieves before the boy could get it under control. He then wandered a bit until the police picked him up and he was returned to his family… who did not have the resources to deal with the now damaged and traumatized child. He was sent to a hospital where he could get help, and then placed in the system. The boy, who had dreamed of going back home, felt betrayed and hurt and cast off his name, refusing to he associated with the man and woman who had abandoned him. As his fits of temper summoned his terrifying Mirror, his caretakers gave in and started to call him as he demanded - Temno Shadowveil.
Soon, Tem was sent to school and quickly proved that was a bad idea, as most fits of temper still called forth the scary and violent summon.
However, a solution was found:
There was one more child who possessed the artifact at the school, a boy called Blake Moonfall, who had a healing, but mostly pacifistic, summon. Since his creature could stop Tem’s in its tracks, they were instructed to stay together at all times. The children, thankfully, got along well, and with Blake’s stabilizing presence, Tem began to readjust to polite society. The two were great friends for many years, and as they grew older, began an experimental relationship that went on and off all throughout high school. It was in Tem’s last year that he drew the attention of the Adherents, and as soon as he graduated, he was offered a place with them. Blake, finding out, managed to get in with him, but soon after learned that he disagreed with some of the Adherent’s methods - especially when they were hurting his beloved best friend. Tem, however, not knowing the full situation, was led to believe that Blake was trying to sabotage his success in their new job, creating a large rift in their relationship. This rift only healed itself with Verge’s introduction to their lives, as the two came together to create a stable environment for the baby boy and ended up rediscovering and reaffirming their love.
Things were finally going well for Tem when he vanished in battle. After days, weeks, then finally months passed, he was assumed to be dead, and his title was retired.

-If Tem doesn't like a name he’ll replace it, usually with a noun of some sort.
-By the time he’d grown old enough to think of a more practical name for himself, he had become attached to what he’d dubbed himself as a child and so kept it over more “normal” options.
-Images are not my own


So begins...

Temno Shadowveil's Story