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"According to my Mirror, my soul is sweet and playful."

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a character in “The Adherents: Remade”, as played by ianna_334



Full Name:Vladimir “Verge” Sadovel

Nicknames/Aliases: Verge, Vlad





Secondaries of Interest
Blood Magic and Toxin Production

Description: Standing an even 6’, Verge is fairly tall, and well-toned from the near constant travel that was his lifestyle prior to Marchand. He has black hair that is gently waved, and Verge often half-asses his brushing of it. His eyes are a golden yellow, bright and piercing, and all in all, he highly resembles his father. Verge has a long black coat that was made for him in Russia, which he adores and refused to leave behind. He likes button up shirts, in whatever color as long as he looks good in it. He’s rarely seen in a t-shirt, but the ones he does own are almost indecently snug. He alternates between slacks and jeans with no rhyme or reason, but abhors skinny jeans. He has a birthmark on the underside of his left arm, and a scar running down from his palm to his middle finger on his left hand. At the base of his neck, he has a few curving lines that form the beginnings of what was going to be a tattoo. Verge actually kinda likes the incomplete design the way it is, and tells people it was a deliberate choice.

Personality: Verge learned to be a manipulative asshole partially because his father is a manipulator with no shame about it. This was tempered by his dad, and Verge’s happiness as a child and the love lavished upon him by both parents stopped his heart from growing completely cold. However, he’s seen what became of his father and so carefully guards his own heart, never letting anyone he doesn’t trust completely get too close. It’s not only negative traits he’s learned, though, but also caring and kindness, gratitude and the importance of trust. His parents to him have a very close love for each other, and adore their boy with all their might. Verge has been protected and guarded all his life, and so has a strong rebellious streak, that flows into a mischievous bent he’s possessed from childhood. He’s also extremely flirtatious, having found this both a good tactic and a great way to get to know people, fast. Verge has picked up a charming bent from his dad, and despite seeing much he can use to hurt, he actually prefers to help. He also likes needling people to get a reaction, but neither parent is quite sure where he got that from.

-Very good at a basic blood magic silence ward
-Rather skilled with aquamancy
-Theorized to have a large power well (though has never been tested)
-Knows a lot about how to use toxin production. Just not how to actually do it (yet)
-Observant, charming, and somewhat manipulative when he wants or needs to be
-Soaks up information like a sponge

-A bit emotionally closed off
-His attitude can be offputting
-Very much determined to prove he can do things on his own

Brief History: Verge had a rather unique upbringing, due to his father’s general dislike for humans and mages alike. They travel often, moving from place to place frequently, and have been all over the world. As Verge grew older, he realized that his father was a very cold and withdrawn man, only happy around his husband and child. His fear of this led to his own emotional distance, as he wishes to protect his heart. Verge greatly admired both his parents, but was more social than both and longed for company. For this reason, he greatly enjoyed visiting his adopted family, the Moores. Attending Marchand is almost a dream come true, as he’ll be able to stay in one place and meet many people.

-For all his flirtation, Verge has never really had a relationship, and is much less sexually experienced than his demeanour may suggest.
-No one but his parents know that he is named Vladimir
-He lived with his mother during the war, but barely remembers her, except that she was a playful and happy woman
-After having his fun as a young man, Verge plans to settle down and continue the Sadovel line.
-He smokes to look cool, despite knowing that his dad would kill him if he got caught. For this reason Verge always has either breathmints or gum on him.
-The skin above the bones of Verge’s spine is highly sensitive and any contact with it is either highly distracting or extremely painful. His custom made coats and jackets are all designed to shield this area and reduce any possible contact


Full Name: Lucian Magnaventus

Nicknames/Aliases: Luce, Lucy, Lucas, Luke, Luca, Lyra, Lyric


Gender: Male



Secondaries of Interest

Description: Lucien is a boy, though he doesn’t much look it. He highly resembles his sister, with the same slight frame and delicate face. His hair is white, and longer than most girls’, and he usually keeps it in a high pontytail or else he’ll sit on it. He’s very short, not having hit his growth spurt, or puberty at all judging by the lack of facial hair and his high clear voice. As for attire…Lucien adores the colour white, and wears it as often as possibly, with no particular preference in style, just as long as it’s the colour of freshly fallen snow. It’s unusual, but the white also repels heat, which is good for his sensitive skin.

Personality: Lucien is scared. Of people. Of bullies. Of conversation. Of being by himself. He has so many fears that he’s a tightly wound spring. Overprotected and content to be so, Luce is soft spoken, shy, easily flustered, and non-confrontational to the extreme. He’s curious and a good listener, as well as an expert eavesdropper. He’ll keep a secret to the grave, because he doesn’t have anyone to spill it to. He’d rather not cause trouble, and is unfailingly polite so that people won’t get mad at him. Lucien is a bit clingy to his friends, but he is extremely loyal and will even brave his fear of speaking to stand up for them. He’s very calm, rather innocent, and adorably naïve.

-Talented aeromancer in defensive applications
-Loves flying with his powers
-Summons air into swirling patterns with ease
-Very good memory

-Bad social skills
-Fears many things, and his fear holds him back
-Horrible at offensive applications of his aeromancy
-Cannot fly quickly
-Small and delicate
-Very quiet and unnoticeable
-Not very independant

Brief History:
The Magnaventus line is of aeromancers, though they have always kept to themselves, often needing much cajoling before they enter into public. They are private and have many of their own beliefs and customs to be obeyed. They maintain history is a treasure, and their familial archives hold accounts dating back into the start of the middle ages. Long hair used to be mandatory for all males in the family, but is nowadays a choice. Though an old family, they have no interest in politics and denied a spot on the council when offered.
Lucien grew up in the human world, often travelling far away to practise his powers and only allowed flight on foggy days. He has a boisterous twin sister, Lyra, who commanded and protected him all their lives. Though she didn’t have powers herself, her brother’s willingness to use them for her has prevented any jealousy. Lucien is close to his grandparents, both aeromancers, who live with the family. However, they may have inadvertently started his fears with their stories of the last mage war. His parents are often busy with work, which means it was always Lyra who stood up for her younger by a minute brother. He keeps his hair long on request of both his grandmother and sister, and partially because when people mistake him for her, they don’t bother the young man. When the invitation to Marchand came, Lucien didn’t want to go, but his parents decided it would be for the best, and maybe he’d become more independent. Lucien is going to try his best, but he’s (can you guess it?) scared.

-Loves the stories of the incredible things great mages have done and aspires to be that strong.

So begins...

Verge's Story