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Hallie Weiss

"I can do things with rum."

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a character in “The Adventure of A Lifetime”, as played by AdmireAtStuff



Halinor Weiss


150 cm

42 kg

Hallie's major skill is alcohol manipulation. She can change its shape, its movements and to an extent - its quantity. Halinor can't generate alcohol out of thin air. She can't manipulate any other liquid the same way. This is why she always carries a leather bottle of rum. She has to be careful while using it around dragons.
Her ability is useful for both long and close range attacks. Her speed, accuracy and good control over her abilities help her fight quickly and effectively. She can form the alcoholic liquid into sharp and dangerous weapons.

One of Hallie's disadvantages is her flawed tactical thinking. She is good at striking at the moment, using her imagination for different varieties, but has great difficulties when she has to plan ahead with a few more steps. The possibilities might be handled at her on a silver platter, yet she would still miss the opportunity. Her timing can be horrible, as she can impulsively strike in moments when she has to be patient. She can be easily outwitted. However, when she puts her mind to it, even she can come up with a useful idea.

In case Halinor loses her weapon of choice, she is pretty much useless, but not a burden. Alcohol is her main source of attacks, so she isn't good at using anything else. However, she's still able to evade for a long time, she can run away when she has no choice. Her lack of wits will restrict her hiding choises, but she still stays calm enough to think of another way.

Crew member

She loves staying in one place, doing nothing. However the things that make her want to move a muscule are alcohol bending, or anything she thinks the hard work is worthed.

She dislikes it when she has to lift her lazy rear to do something, but the thing she hates even more is planning for the future. Hallie prefers to live in the moment.

Halinor is a calm and laid back person, often seen laying somewhere with a smile on her face and relaxed look in her eyes. She isn't one to get angry and offended quickly, as she's honest with her own flaws. Hallie is a kind-hearted and outgoing girl, as she has no problem with approaching other people for a friendly conversation. At first sight she's a phlegmatic bag of lazybones, but everything changes when she has to fight.
It could be said that Hallie is a good listener. Rather tolerant, she doesn't get annoyed by other's flaws easily, as long as they don't hurt other people.
As much of a carefree impression she shows, Hallie has a poor self image. She knows very well that her laziness restricts her character growth, but is too lazy to do anything about it. However, if anyone's life, well being, or even happiness is endangered, she starts showing her progress.

Character Summary:
Halinor is a short and slender girl. Her straight black hair reaches her waist and ends in a clean line. Her skin is fair, her eyes are big and dark blue. Her long gray dress is simple, slightly ruffled and her wide sleeves reach her elbows. Her leather belt holds her bottle of rum and a small bag where she keeps her gold.
Hallie grew up in a small village. Her parents were always stressed with keeping jobs. They've always wanted to open an inn, in memory of Halinor's alcohol bending grandfather. Every time they succeeded, something always happened. First it burned down, then it was robbed. In the meantime, both of them were struggling with different jobs in order to make the ends meet while saving for their business. Trough all these years of stress, Halinor couldn't help but think if it was worthed at all. When she became old enough to help, she did her best. However, she couldn't handle the stress and she was rarely useful to her parents. She started appreciating silence and relaxation more and more.
At an early age Hallie discovered that she inherited her grandfather's ability. Sinse the very first second she fell in love with it. This is how she helped her parents at most - when the inns were open and she made tricks with the bevarages, thus attracting more clients. When she wasn't playing with kids her age, or having her lazy and quiet moments, Hallie would explore her alcohol kinesis.
She could very well find a job at another inn and use her abilities there, but inns were rare in her village. Besides, her desire to find any kind of job vanished early and quickly.

Why do you want to join our adventure?:
Halinor's parents were worried that she didn't have a purpouse in life, not even a slight career preference. Afraid that she might never grow up and leave the nest, they forced her out. Hallie figured that by joining the crew her life might gain a direction.


So begins...

Hallie Weiss's Story

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Hallie was slowly dragging herself with her head bent forwards. It had been years ever sinse she saw a sunrise or anything close to it, but she didn't bother to look at it. Instead, her attention was taken by the enormous ship. Her hair covered most of her face, yet a smile was visible.
"This is it..." Halinor thought and sped up towards the docks.

Soon her steps started getting slower and slower, as she was noticing barely enough of her surroundings, until she stopped near the princess. Hallie pulled her long black hair backwards, uncovering her dark blue eyes, which could be mistaken for purple due to the redness and capillaries. Her pale skin complimented the existance of her eye bags and shadows. She cleared her throat quickly and quietly.
"Good morning. I'm here for the Angelic Fall journey..." she spoke in a low, hoarse voice and yawned. "I mean... Fallen Angel. Yep, it's the Fallen Angel. That's right. Nice to meet you, my name is..."
Hallie immediately went silent, as her head quickly bent forwards. Slight snoring could be heard.
"Halinor Weiss. Call me Hallie." she snapped out of her quick slumber and went inside the ship.

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Sun was frowning now as he listened to the red-head speak, seeming to give no attention to the monkey to answer his question. His frown vanished at the other voice that spoke up, Sun turning his head to look up, considering he was still crouched low, at the source. Now confusion took over once more, Sun's head leaning to the side as he got a good look at the person. "It was magic he used, he released the spell." she said. His attention on red-head or the identical was now gone as he watched the newest arrival to the little mess that had been occurring.

His eyes were settled on the horns that sat atop her head, Sun standing up to his full height now to get a better look at them. She had turned her attention away from him for a moment, but he was still looking at the top of her head. He'd never seen someone with horns atop their head like that, and he couldn't help but wonder to himself how they felt. Were they a smooth type of horn, the kind that sometimes had a dull luster to them? Maybe they were rough, the kind some livestock had atop their heads in the fields of farmers. He was already reaching out towards them, wanting to know what they felt like for himself.

"Oh I'm Terror by the way. I'm the ships doctor so if you somehow get any injuries or even if you get sea sick feel free to seek me out and I can help with that."Sun's eyes moved back to her face as she spoke again, this time the words being directed towards him as well. He watched her for a few moments, hand still somewhat outstretched before returning her smile with his own grin.

"How you get those horns?" the monkey asked, his hand moving forwards more to try and reach them. "You like Sun Wukong, a special animal? Maybe part animal? I don't know many horned creatures with skin like yours!" His hand did stop though as what she had said earlier about the magic finally dawned on him. With a gasp, he immediately pulled his hand back, his grin growing larger. "Wait, you say Identical can clone himself with magic?! Sun Wukong needs to learn this!" he was looking at her for a moment before he looked around the area to try and figure out where Identical may have gone. He looked back at her. "One of me great! Imagine more of me!" He jumped up onto the broken bed to climb up over it, though he stopped just before he ran off to turn back to look at Terror. "Terror know about the magic! Come with me and help me convince him! Maybe you learn as boat needs more like us on board! To many normal people!" He then hoped off the bed, moving across the deck on all fours again. He stopped momentarily, looking at Terror again and waving her to follow. "Come, come!", he then off again, moving towards the railing of the ship.

Hoping up onto the railing, he remain perched there as he scanned the docks for Identical. He looked different than the other humans did as well, so Sun knew he should be able to spot him easily. His searching paid off once he spotted exactly who he was looking for, who was standing alongside a few other people. Sun did a little shake of excitement, also because he noticed Red-Head among them. "Sun Wukong find them! Come, come!" he shouted, though he didn't actually check to see if Terror was following him by this point. He dropped over the edge of the railing and began climbing his way down the side of the boat, finally hopping off of it once he was close to the docks below him. Once there, he quickly scampered over to the group, hushed noises of excitement emanating form his mouth as he moved along.

He finally stopped once he reached them, stopping himself near Identical. Firstly he looked to Red-Head, waving to the man. "Hi Red-Head. Identical!" he immediately switched his attention over to the armored man, his eyes settling on the other's lizard-like eyes. "Hi! Sun Wukong want to learn copying magic! Please teach me how!" He was bouncing in his spot slightly from the excitement. "Be so fun, be useful! Please teach me!"

After a few moments of excitement, it was then that Sun's eyes finally settled on the others among them. His eyes started first on Red-Head, before moving over to look at a white haired man. Least he was another easy one for Sun to spot, and easy to name! He then looked at the other three, firstly looking at the armored individual who stood next to the woman in the black dress. Sun raised a hand to his chin, squinting his eyes at the man. He'd be a hard one to give a name to. He then let his eyes wander between the two women there, one of which looked like she was about to collapse and fall asleep on the ground right there. It made Sun grin, his hand lowering to the ground to support himself; she'd be another easy one to name!

He then looked at the woman in the black dress, again his eyes squinting as he looked at her. There wasn't anything distinct about her he could use to give her a name, another one to make his poor monkey life difficult. With a shrug, he then looked between the black-dress lady and the one in the armor. "What does Sun Wukong call you two then? I can make names for others, less they give names to me." he then chuckled a bit, smile reappearing, "Or maybe I call you by my names anyways!" he laughed now, his body posture finally relaxing as he remained there on the ground, hands resting on the ground to support him as he remained crouched.

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Ashton gave a smile and respectful bow to Terror as she caught his eye, the predatory slit-pupils taking in her form calmly before he moved his gaze to Kaleb. "Defensive? Most of my magic is Illusionary; In terms of defense, I can make copies of Her Highness; confuse an enemy; or make her Majesty look as though she were you or me." He listed calmly.

Then the excited Monkey Man came to him and he took a step back in surprise, smiling nonetheless. "T-teach? I.. Um....I don't know how to teach people, sorry." He said, blushing bashfully as he scratched the back of his head. "As for what you may call me, please, call me Ash; or whatever name is easiest for you to remember." He said, introducing himself with a small bow. "I...I can recommend some books for you if you wish to try to learn my magic, though, Sun Wukong." he added with a smile.

Idly, Ashton's eyes began to search for Terror; her appearance intrigued him, and he could smell something.... different about her. He was a curious Draconian, for sure, his eyes darting to either direction searching for her. He shifted his weight to one leg and tapped his clawed fingers against the bracer of one of his arms.

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"Now I'm on the ship. Great. Finally, the ship. I'm soo glad I didn't miss it." Hallie thought and sighed in relief. She rubbed the dried mucus out of her eyes and looked around.
"I'm in for an adventure, ain't I?" she thought with a smile on her face while looking at the people on deck. "I'll meet them and we'll hopefully chill together. Who knows? We might help one another with the journey and even more. Though right now I'm in no shape to talk to anyone. Maybe I should go find the rooms..."

Hallie stopped in front of a bed in the middle of the deck. She looked at it with a dull exprssion for around ten seconds.
"Eh, what the heck." she murmured to herself and went closer to the bed. She fell on her knees, as the upper part of her body bumped onto the matress, topping it off with deafened snoring.