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Ripley Hushwood

[WIP] She says nothing, only to look up at you expectantly.

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a character in “The Adventure of A Lifetime”, as played by Imbecile



Ripley Hushwood

Kid, Little One, Tiny Creature - Explained quite clearly by her height. But, you know what they say, big things come in small packages.
Ri - An abbreviation of her first name, used affectionately.



80 lb

Alchemy - The art of potion of making. Ripley is capable of making most things, from burn potions containing the energy of the mightiest flame to, ehem, hallucinogens. Ripley does play offensive, but prioritises disadvantaging foes and supporting her allies with healing or buff potions.
Research/ Reading - As a wandering sage, arcane libraries are a haven in Ripley' eyes. Knowledge is power, after all.
Observation, and Intuition - Ripley has a keen eye, which is an essential in her quest for wisdom. She is also a master at making wise decisions in lightning-speed time.

Crew member and resident warlock.

☼ Exploring new areas, especially woods.
☼ Experimenting, successfully discovering new potions and then proceeding to use them in battle.
☼ Her journal, full of potion recipes.
☼ Running out of potions, because then she has to use magic. Oh no!
☼ A challenge.

☼ Socialising, she only speaks when necessary.
☼ People of a critical, or pessimistic manner.
☼ Conflict or tension between friends.


Character Summary:

Why do you want to join our adventure?:
Well, an "adventure" sounds pretty fun, right? And Ripley is totally on board with that. She hopes that the journey will aid in her mysterious quest of learning more about alchemy and additionally, allow her to harness her abilities which have space for improvement.

So begins...

Ripley Hushwood's Story

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The docks seemed to be especially busy that morning, a certain sense of anticipation tinged the salty air. The child-like sage made her way down, her weather-worn boots only but made a small creaking sound that paled in comparison to the hustle and bustle that surrounded her. A large, heavy rucksack burdened her small frame - filled with who knows what, might I add - and yet she held her stance with an effortless grace. Two leather belts hung loosely about her waist, intertwining with one another. Along these belts were pouches, and within these pouches held dozens and dozens of thin translucent vials. A small clinking sound could be heard with each step of the alchemist. Ripley's large, murky eyes gazed over the merchant stalls, and the collection of items laid out along the battered tables. Maps, precious jewels, clothes, vases, pet monkeys, potions. Potions. The girl's wandering stride veered off, remapping a new route, as she purposefully approached the stall lined with an assortment of pre-made potions along with empty vials, small cauldrons and other complicated pieces of equipment necessary for the art of alchemy. Ripley waited patiently, as the stall's merchant bartered with a customer.

"These are the finest burn potions you'll ever find within the seven seas!" She heard the man say, swooping down a scarlet-coloured potion aggressively towards a pale, lanky character who immediately leaned backwards, narrowly missing what could've been a most unfortunate situation indeed.
"No, honestly, I think I'm-"
"These potions were hand-crafted with the utmost delicacy by the dragon-born alchemists of the west! Made with the blackest of tar formed on the great Gurgu Volcano, rock abstracted from the Golems found only in the depths of Trystal Forest and, of course, the mightiest of flames produced only from the most masterful of sorcerers!"
Ripley's eyes drifted down to the smouldering liquid that swished in the glass container the merchant held in his calloused hands. It didn't take much brainpower to understand he was lying straight out of his arse and, with only a quick glance, the small sage knew the ingredients contained in that potion were far from grand as the man made it out to be. First of all, it was the wrong colour - there was a dull hue to the substance and she could see flickers of a suspicious magenta. The girl looked down at the glass bottle, and only amateurs would use such flimsy materials for a burn potion of all things.

Ripley sighed, but once the client had been scared away, she took a step forward.
"Hello." She said simply.
The man turned, confused as to where the greeting had come from, before looking down and catching sight of the small pink-haired creature. His look of surprise quickly melted into an expression of disdain. Who was this kid? Where were her parents? He did not have time for this. He was losing business.
"Good morning, child. Is there where you are meant to be? Are you lost?" He said patronisingly, his voice dripping with arrogance. The man loomed over Ripley, as she examined his wares calmly.
"How thick are your vials?" She asked.
"How thick are your vials?"
"W-Well, they're all roughly 0.2 or so inches, I don't-"
"I'll take five of them."
Ripley raised her head, with a disapproving glance up at the man, before slipping a hand into her right pocket. She felt around before fishing out two golden coins.
"This should be enough." She said, dropping them onto the table before stashing her purchases into a belt pouch. "Pleasure doing business with you."
And without a second glance, she walked away, the weight on her waist now a fraction heavier.

She slowed down to a halt, her attention captured by the magnificent vessel just ahead of her. It seemed just as busy as the docks below it - if not busier - as she saw folk of all shapes, sizes and races step aboard. The constant flow of supplies being brought onto its deck implied they were rationing for something important. Something incredible, perhaps. Ripley stood idle for a moment, suddenly very aware of the load on her back. For such a large crew, another member wouldn't hurt, right? She took a step forward, then another, and then another until she was at the foot of the wooden walkway. Without hesitation, she walked across its rickety surface. Before she knew it, she was on board. Somewhat lost, somewhat uncomfortable.