The Adventure of our life

The Adventure of our life


(Title may be misleading) "Meeting the stupid girl today. At this stupid school! How i hate it all!"

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Ok so turning eightteen is big but what happens when you find out your betrothed and you knew nothing about it? Oh and then what about the Princess of the south land who turns out to be my fiance and she knows nothing about it oh and did i mention that her brother is the grim reaper?! And that she still has't awoke? Lets find out.

The Planet of Aukrillian ruled by two kingdoms the North and the South. The north holds the begins of light and is where the light reaper is normally born and then the South holds the beings of darkness and is where the grim reaper is born. But that changed when the Queen of the south gave birth to twins, One of them being son, Donovan the the reaper of darkness or known as the grim reaper but the everyones shock the daughter, Inara the reaper of light. When she was born she was betrothed to the second son Kiyoshi as the eldest did not meet the prophecy.

North Kingdom-
Quiet, peaceful kingdom on the north side of the neutral land which holds the north kingdom this is where any of the royal family resides aswell as many other villagers.

South Kingdom-
Is a dark gloomy place on the south side of the neutral land which hold the south kingdom this is where the South royal family reside as well as some of the dark creatures.

Neutral land-
Is the land that seperates the two kingdoms. This is where people are able to live if they do not want to be involved with any wars with the other kingdom. In the land if consists of most things like the kigdoms consist of which are stalls, food, etc. This land also holds the school of the creatures both sides of the kingdom attend here to let them bond with other peers.

Characters- There will be other's but i would like these roles full peferably.

Itsuki- The second eldest son and the heir for the North throne he holds alot of power in his body so it has been sealed away in his left arm which has a protective seal placed upon it which he is only able to remove when his mate is in danger. He is a smart boy and athletic he gets along with most people but if you have a problem with him he will have a problem with you back. He is betrothed to Inara. [open]

Inara- Is the youngest child of the royal family. She belongs to the South kingdom. Inara is a powerful child like Itsuki hence why they are betrothed to each other due to their power. Even though she is a child of light and is the reaper of light her mind has been corrupted due to the amount of power she holds so she has an eyepatch placed upon her left eye which seals away half her power. She is an outgoing and talkative girl and is in the top of her academics and sports. She is betrothed to Itsuki [Reserved for ME xD}

Donovan- (Will finish later as is four in the morning:()

Shrina - (same as above)

Lackys of Donovan- (same as above)

Itsuki's besfriend- (same as above)

Like i said you can add more characters but these are the main ones i will add a character skelton in later as im tired post in ooc for any questions.

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