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Amelia Veris

"You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down."

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a character in “The After School Club”, as played by dreammuffin


“You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down”


Amelia Claire Veris
Milly, Amy

✓ Her Powers
✓ Music
✓ Rain
✓ Brownies
✓ Dancing
✓ Sleeping

✗ Getting hurt
✗ Heights
✗ Fighting
✗ Country music
✗ Pizza

• Being unable to regenerate or heal - One of her worst fears is that someday, she will get hurt so bad her body won't be able to regenerate and heal itself.
• Being Alone - She's afraid that she'll lose her friends, or that they will leave her. The feeling of being all alone is one of the worst feelings in the world.

• Dancing - Just something she started doing when she was little, and continued on till now. She loves how expressive it is, and can be found randomly twirling or dancing when she's happy.
• Reading - Milly is an avid reader, she's always buried in a book.
• Swimming - Amelia likes to keep up her endurance and strength, so she swims a lot. She visits the pool often.


Regeneration - Amelia can rapidly recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs. Any wound that gets inflicted on her can easily heal as her body regenerates the damaged tissues. The rate and amount of healing varies widely, and at her best, she can regenerate a broken bone, and maybe even a limb, though she hasn't tried. She has yet to master her powers.

Immunity - Her power generally keeps her in very good shape physically, as her body is constantly reverting to a healthy state. Amelia is immune to some, if not all, known poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, and bacteria. She is also immune to diseases, and weirdly, alcohol. She is at the peak physical and mental condition, entailing that she's faster, stronger, and more agile.

Pain Suppression - Amelia can block pain at will, though she's not so good at it yet, she can only do it with lower levels of pain, like cuts, bruises, and abrasions. She can only dull higher levels of pain slightly.

Decelerated Aging - There is a possibility of slowing, or even stopping, aging, but she hasn't reached that level of mastery yet. It might be possible when she's much older.

Severe injuries, like a broken bone or anything worse, takes a lot of energy to regenerate. This results in extreme fatigue after her body works to heal a wound of that level. After something like that, she can't do much till she gets some rest.

Offensive attacks are something she isn't good at. She might be in peak physical condition, but she doesn't really know how to fight. Defensive is her strong suit, but attacking someone else is a different story.

If anyone threatens her friends, she gets really angry. Them, and her family are her weaknesses.

Sports - Amelia is exceptionally good at sports, especially with her powers paired with her competitive personality. Her favorite sport so far is swimming.
Dancing - She's been dancing forever, and after years of practice, she's gotten quite good.
Maintaining Grades - She does well academically, especially at english and science, her two favorite subjects.

Anxiety - She gets very anxious and nervous around others, people she doesn't know. With her friends, she's completely open, but with people she's not friends with, she can turn into a nervous wreck. She often twists her hair around her finger.
Clumsy - Amelia is hopelessly clumsy, to a point of hurting herself at least twice a day. And bruise here, a scrape there. She never really worked on becoming less clumsy because she never found a reason to. She can just heal herself, so why bother?
Temper - While not a lot of people have seen this side of her, she can get quite angry given the situation. If someone provokes her, she goes and does something impulsive and not effective.


Amelia is a very kind person, always with a smile on her face and a cheery greeting. She's always one to start a conversation with her friends, and help out if need be. She lends a listening ear to anyone who needs it, and talks out any problems. Milly is always willing to give anything, and do anything for her friends, and has a hard time saying no -- unless she doesn't know you. Whenever someone cracks a joke, she'll probably be the loudest to laugh.

Outside of her circle of friends, Amelia is usually quiet and shy. She wouldn't normally talk to anyone who doesn't initiate a conversation first, unless she has to. Talking to people she doesn't know well, or like, gets her really anxious. Sometimes she has a hard time saying things, and does quirky things like play with her hair nervously, or bite her lip. If she gains enough confidence with a person, weather it's because she likes them, or strongly dislikes them, she comes out of her shell.

Amelia has compassion for her friends and the people around her. They might not notice it, but it's in the little things she does. She can go to great lengths to protect someone, or help them in any way. It's her way of showing others that she's someone to be trusted or liked.

While she seem shy to others, her friends see a completely different side of her. She's constantly laughing, joking, and open. Easily starting conversations, she is always entertaining. Her charisma is shown to people other than her friends infrequently, but it happens.

When she's out on the field, or in the pool, her shyness completely goes away. When playing a sport, or even a small game for that matter, she gets increasingly competitive. She can get very aggressive, and at times temperamental if she doesn't win.

No matter how much someone has wronged her, Amelia has a tendency to always try and find the good in people. Even if they don't deserve it, she acknowledges their goodness, though she might not show outwardly.

She does very well in school, easily understanding what is being taught. She can absorb lots of information, and knows when to use it, which is essentially a surefire way to get good grades. Solving problems logically is something that comes naturally to her, thinking through different outcomes and strategies. She isn't one to sit down and study a lot, quite frankly she hates the idea of sitting and going over school material when she could be doing something else, like reading a book or swimming.

Despite her sweet personality, she's always guarded towards others. Her emotions are something she rarely discusses. She feels that talking about her feelings and telling others is a sign of weakness, and she doesn't like to trouble others with that kind of stuff. She would much rather let someone else talk to her about something, as she's always there to lend a listening ear.

|| Kind || Shy || Compassionate || Charismatic || Competitive || Optimistic || Intelligent || Guarded ||

Amelia was born to Asher Veris and Olivia Veris. Growing up, she had a great childhood. Her father is a general surgeon, while her mother is a dance instructor. Her parents influenced her interests in Science and dance. Her mother taught her all different styles of dancing from a very young age, and it became a part of who she was. Countless days were spent preparing dance recitals for her family. As for her father, he was a role model to her, and she was so proud that he helped people everyday. At school, she quickly excelled at science, guided by her dad.

In school, she discovered her talent for sports, namely track, soccer, and swimming. She joined every possible sport she could during the school year. She would practice with her dad in the backyard, and always managed to do well. Even he had to struggle to keep up with her. On one such day, Amelia was kicking the ball around, getting it past her dad when she tripped over the ball, and fell, gashing her knees. When she sat up, the tissues in the cut began regenerating, the blood stopped, and her skin stitched itself together cell by cell. She was shocked, though her parents weren't. Unknown to her, both of them had powers themselves - Asher has [url=http://powerlistin[/url]]Biological Manipulation[/url], while her mother has Power Replication. They kept it a secret from her till then, when she was 11. Since then, she's been working on honing her powers with her parents helping.

Quickly progressing with her powers, she kept on at her sports throughout middle school. She discovered she could do other things with her powers than just heal and regenerate, like suppress pain, and her immunity to diseases. By the time high school came around, she was in many sports teams, usually varsity. Her particular favorite was swimming, she loved being in the water. At school, she wasn't the most popular, though it didn't bother her since she made so many great friends. Bullying was never a problem with her because she was always usually really nice, and no one bothered to mess with her - what would be the point? Her favorite subjects became Science, namely biology, and English.

• She's immune to the effects of alcohol. She learned that when she drank once, it was a one time thing. No matter how much she drinks, her body doesn't get affected.

So begins...

Amelia Veris's Story


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#, as written by Issa

Mid-afternoon, Friday 16th of August


A light breeze rolls off the lake beside the town of Benjamin, offering a small break from the hot sun above. For those students stuck inside, the have only a few more minutes until the bell rings marking the end of the school day and the start of the weekend.
Students also find themselves looking forward to the weekly meeting. The After School Club is due for a gathering. A few hours after school most students will make some excuse to their parents and make their way to the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. There challanges will be made, some will wake away as winners and others might find themselves further down the social ladder than when they entered the warehouse.

Abigail Porter


Abigail Porter sat in class, her attention on the small, balding man that was trying to lecture the room full of students on the properties of the fundamental forces. He had already given the class a stirring introduction to electromagnetism and no doubt next week would be filled with strong and weak nuclear forces. Today, however, was dedicated completely to gravitation, a force that Abby knew intimately well. Physics had always been an interesting class, or at least Abby thought so. Many of Benjamin's inhabitants had powers that let them defy the very rules that Physics was trying to teach. Abigail always enjoyed seeing the teacher try to explain around the peculiar abilities, making exemptions for the talents. Nevertheless Abby always made a point of learning the lessons, failure was hardly something she wanted.

Even so, as the teacher droned on Abby found her mind wondering to tonight's gathering. She was quite content with her current position, number two, so she doubted that she would challenge Ozzy tonight, but it was always interesting watching other fights. Whenever anyone from the Elite's was challenged it was always useful to pay attention, watching how her fellow Elite's fought was very informative and would help Abby form a partial plan on how to deal with them if they ever chose to fight.

The loud buzzing of the school bell brought Abby's attention back to the present. The teacher began to shout the weekend's assignments over the loud sound of scrapping chairs, but gave it up as hopeless as conversations cropped up and his voice was muffled out. Abby picked up her books, arranging them carefully in her arms. She left the classroom with the crowd and began to make her way towards her locker.

Being an Elite had its perks. Many of the lower students moved out of her way, leaving Abby with a clear path through the crowded school corridors. Of course there were always those who either chose to ignore the hierarchy or simply didn't seem smart enough to get out of her way. Abby was climbing down a set of stairs when a younger students pushed past her, his elbow catching her painfully on the upper arm and sending her books flying. Pursing her lips to stop herself from shouting at the younger student Abby held up a hand, palm facing vertically outwards. Her falling books stopped their descent, freezing in midair. The student froze too, caught in a bubble of zero gravity. His excitement for the weekend, and most likely tonight's meeting, was easily visible and quickly turned to a look of shock as he was slowly spun around to face Abigail.
"If you're going to run in the corridors, you had better watch where you're going." Abby told him. She held out her arms and let her books float into them. The student was still floating inches above the floor in Abby's cloud of zero gravity.
"I... I'm s..sorry" He stuttered, glancing nervously from Abby to the ground just out of reach. Not wanting to cause more of a scene than she already had, Abby let the boy go. He landed on his feet and seemed to shrink back against the wall as Abby passed.

She reached her locker a moment later without incident and quickly opened it, placing the books she didn't need inside and taking out those she would need over the weekend. Around her everyone seemed to be buzzing about the weekend. Abby smiled, she too was looking forward to a few days to relax in the sun, but first came tonight.

Zack Hooke


"Keep your knees up Hooke! Stay awake!" The harsh voice of Benjamin's gym teacher was having little effect on the teenage boy. Zack liked most sports, however gym class was not something he generally enjoyed. Or at least not when he was being forced to run around the track under the heat of Benjamin's summer sun. He could also feel the increasing anger radiating from the large gym teacher as Zack slowly jogged the last leg of the track. He didn't understand why he was the one being targeted, after all there were others who were still behind him.
"Come on Hooke! Don't fall behind!" She shouted again. Zack felt himself slowing down, if only to spite the teacher. He could feel her anger increase exponentially as his pace slowed.
"Come on miss, it's almost the weekend." Zack told her, "And it's too hot to run any faster." He had to admit that the teacher was exceptionally good at controlling her anger. He could feel it spike as he spoke and yet there was no visible sign present.
"Hooke..." Her warning was enough though to let Zack know that it was probably time to lay off. He flashed her a cheeky smile before picking up the pace. Apparently satisfied she went to go harass some other poor student, leaving Zack alone to finish his run and then head for the showers.

Zack quickly entered the male locker room and Zack grabbed a towel before headed into the showers. Ten minutes later he reappeared, smelling faintly of peaches and looking as fresh as if he hadn't just been running. The bell rang just as he was stuffing his damp towel away. Zack picked up his sports bag and made his way out of the showers. He considered stopping by his locker to pick up some books but decided against it. Instead he headed out to the school front where he took a seat on the rails and waited for his friends to come out.

He would see them tonight at the Club, but Zack was a social person. He wouldn't want to waste the few hours between now and the start of the club alone. Sure, he could do some homework, but he'd rather hang out with his friends. Besides, there weren't many days left in summer and he didn't plan on wasting the fine weather.


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Do you know that feeling when you know someone is about to say something to you that you didn't want them to say? You know, like something that would seriously irritate you because they are obviously minding your business when they should be minding their own? That was exactly how Lexi felt.

She had made it halfway down the hall when she heard: "I doubt they have STD's yet. Being horny doesn't make someone promiscuous." Lexi rolled her eyes before glancing at the male as he passed her, a curtain of jet-black silk whipping around her, and she eyed him with contempt. Well, halfhearted contempt. She didn't feel like being rude...well, at least not too rude. She had to deal with half of these people soon. Why not save some of it for later?

"And minding your business won't get you punched either," she snapped crossly. She muttered under her breath about ignorant and nosy people as she made her way outside. The warmth of the setting sun caressed her smooth alabaster skin gently, a light breeze sweeping across the campus. She was getting ready to start walking when another thought struck her. She yanked out her phone and began texting Amelia.
Headin 2 Club. Coming?


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Amelia tapped her pencil idly on the desk as she stared at the test in front of her. Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion as she pondered a question on the paper. The room was filled with sounds of pencil on paper, and the occasional rustle of a paper being turned over. At last, the final bell rang, and everyone leapt out of their seats, eager to leave.

Amelia stayed behind a few minutes, checking over her answers. The teacher stared at her irritated, but didn't say anything. When she was done, she went over and handed in the test, noticing everyone was already gone. Must have taken longer than just a few minutes. The hallways were emptier than usual, meaning that most people had already left the building. Stopping at her locker, she grabbed her backpack and shoved all her books inside. Zipping it back up, she slung the bag over her shoulder and slammed the locker shut.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket, and she took it out to see an incoming text from Lexi.

From: Lexi

Headin 2 club. Coming?

She typed back a quick reply, her fingers flying over the keys.

To: Lexi

Class ran a little long, be right out.

She left the building through the front entrance, and noticed the small groups gathered outside. They were all from the After school club. She saw Sebastian, Zack, and Blue, among others, and opted to go talk to them rather than the others. She hadn't seen Lexi anywhere as she shot a quick glance around the school front. Approaching the group, she greeted them, quieter than usual. "Hey guys..."


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Magnolia had nearly not caught Zack gesturing for her to come and join the group, having begun to turn back to the flowers in order to continue the conversation- which had really just turned into a bunch of requests from the various bushes about how they would like their treatment to go about. More likely than not, Magnolia will end up taking care of the flowers herself, rather than having to go and find someone she doesn't know to talk about the issue with. It's more laborious for Magnolia, but she considers it a better alternative by far. Anyway, she catches sight of Zack gesturing her over, and glances back at the flowers. "I'll see you tomorrow," she promises in a little voice before turning off the hose and walking over towards Zack, Millie, Sebastian, and co. (It should be mentioned, at this point, that she actually communicates with plants telepathically- also saying it verbally has been something she recently picked up, when her mother complained that she rarely hears her own daughter's voice.) Her pace is a bit slow, as though giving her time to suddenly turn and walk away at anytime. Magnolia always gives herself time for things like that, though she rarely changes her mind upon having decided something. The girl puts a lot of consideration into her actions, and so it is only natural that she be very good about following through with them.

Magnolia reaches the group, but at first says nothing. Seeing the look in Zack's eye, she can guess that he's about to unleash another plant pun on her. The girl often wonders at the fact that he hasn't just started calling her Lorax, as some of the children in her elementary classes had been fond of doing. The young man seems to have a bottomless supply of flora-based word play, leading her to suspect that he spends altogether too much time thinking up various puns- not only for her ability, she is sure, but for others as well. Well, she hasn't seen him aim his pun gun towards other abilities very much, but quietly believes that he must have them stored up, even if they aren't all unleashed onto some poor student as they are upon her.

The young woman smiles gratefully at Millie, who miles and greets her before filling her in on the most recent subject, which is, predictably, After School Club. The meetings aren't exactly mandatory, but even those who abstain from using their abilities at the fights show up- and even people whose powers aren't really much use in an offensive situation make an appearance, Magnolia and the rest of the bottom rung being a rather good example of this. She can speak with plants, but lacks the step further of controlling them. Her gymnastics might have given her some sort of edge, were this normal fighting among normal students. It doesn't matter anyway- Magnolia isn't really one for violence, attending meetings only due to societal pressure and a general feeling of obligation. Other than the smile, Maggie does little to contribute to the continuing conversation, instead listening- she's always been a rather good listener.

A soft greeting grabs her attention, coming from Amelia Veris. Magnolia knows her, but not intimately. She nods in recognition with another small smile. In regards to Millie's question, Magnolia is rather indifferent. In fact, she has begun to consider going on without the others, so that she can water her garden.


Milo raises an eyebrow at Jason's mask, which he sees for a bit before the boy recognizes him as being his friend, best friend in fact, and allows the facade to drop. Sometimes, Milo thinks that the boy wears the mask so often that it will stick, and he'll lose touch with his actual personality. While Jason's facade may be a lot more polite and such, Milo would hate to see the reality go- it's far preferable in its sincerity than any amount of kind lies. "Jason," Milo responds to the young man's statement of his name, grinning despite the tired expression on Jason's face. If he hadn't already been certain that the boy had been fighting with his sister, this would be evidence enough- Jason always has this tired sort of expression after such interactions. Well, and after school, at times, if he has been playing the part for too long- which often happens. Milo will never really understand how he can stand to pretend for so long, or do it so convincingly. Due to lack of practice, Milo himself is a terrible liar- his face is an open book. It's just as well, for he has no real secrets.

"Well, it probably helps that they are a good bit younger than me, y'know? But I think that the problem is how overbearing you can be," Milo doesn't even consider glazing over it, bluntly admitting that Jason can be a bit suffocating in regards to trying to get his sister to fit into the neatly made box he has prepared for her. "I mean, with Leia and Alex, I let them do what they want, so long as they aren't going to, y'know, injure themselves or something. They are their own people, not just my sisters," he continues, trying to be helpful but unlikely to get through to Jason. For as long as Milo can remember, Jason has had this sort of personality, and he doubts that any amount of advice will fix it.

"Probably doesn't help that you keep trashing her friends, though," Milo adds. He's friends with a few of the people in the bottom rung as well, Josh and Maggie at least, but being more easygoing, doesn't expect Jason to like them just because he does. He just ignores things like that, anyway- it rolls right over him, so long as his family isn't involved. A person could yell and scream insults at Milo's face without the boy batting an eye, but say something wrong about his mother or sisters, and they will find themselves in the hospital with plenty of burn marks from his energy blast.

"Best burgers and shakes in town- of course, the usual place," Milo says with another grin, happy to have the chance to deal with his growling stomach. He has pocket money from fixing people's cars and doing odd jobs around, and it very often goes towards food- the young man has a ravenous appetite.

With the goal of food now in mind, Milo sets off with Jason to the diner, happy that he can hit two birds with one stone- his own hunger, and distracting Jason from the argument with Merida. It's a short walk, luckily.


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#, as written by Issa
Zack Hooke


It seemed their small gathering outside the school was slowly gathering more people, which was just the way Zack liked it.
Blue, having caught the last portion of Zack's comment, joined the group.
"Too scared Zack? Don't worry, I could take you on any day." She joked.
"Scared? Me?" Zack replied, placing a hand over his heart in mock astonishment, "You must have me confused with someone else. I'm never scared." He winked at Blue before adding, "Although I don't doubt that you could take me any day you wanted." Despite the subtle innuendo Zack was certain that Blue actually could beat him in a match. He had nightmares of becoming obsessed with a spoon or chair.
“-And show him no mercy,” Millie's playful input made Zack laugh and he stuck his own tongue out at her.

A moment later Hal approached the group, although he spoke only to Zack,
"If we're on tag teams tonight, you're on my side. Ya got that? No backing out." It was to the point and typical of Hal to assume that Zack would agree. Typical and correct. Zack grinned and nodded his acceptance,
"Why not?" Zack replied with a shrug. Most likely a tag team wouldn't happen, but if it did Zack would be more than happy to work with Hal. Hal had a great way of looking at fights, he was focused and determined where Zack was more laid-back. More than anything Zack thought that it would be fun to battle with Hal. As usual Hal's appearance was really just a passing visit, a flash and then he was gone. "See you guys tonight." Zack said to Paige and Hal as the pair left.

Zack turned back to find Sebastian answering the long awaited question, whether he would challenge anyone. He wasn't sure, however it appeared that a group of rather short students had decided to challenge Seb. Sebastian seemed to find it genuinely amusing. Seb flung an arm over Millie's shoulders, asking the girl if she would be challenging anyone.
“In all honesty, I don’t really have anyone I think I’m going to challenge... Of course, if no one challenges me, I might have to challenge someone to keep things entertaining.” Millie replied. Zack hoped that she did challenge someone. it was always fun watching the big battles.

Amelia appeared in the group, her greeting just as quiet as her approach. Magnolia joined their group quietly too, to be expected from the shy girl.
"Sup Mels." Zack said to the first girl, using one of the many pet names he had for her.
"So, Maggie, who are you... rooting for tonight?" Zack tried to bite back his grin, although he wasn't doing a very good job of it. "I hope you won't leaf before all the fun begins."

"So we have a few hours to kill before the Club starts and I'm keen to get away from that thing... So did any of you guys wanna do something fun until then?" Millie said. Zack had to laugh as she called the school 'thing'. It was oddly appropriate.
"Let's go to the lake." Zack suggested, flapping his shirt to try and get some cool air circulating. It was hot and he would love to take a dip. "Or we could grab some food?" He added. In all honesty he wasn't too concerned with what they did, he was just keen to hang out with his friends.

Abigail Porter


Ozzy laughed, clearly finding the thought of fighting Hal just as amusing as Abby did.
"I feel that you would make an excellent opponent for him. How can he run when he cannot even touch the ground. Even lightening or weighing down the around the field should give him trouble," Abby smirked as Ozzy spoke. Yes, super speed wouldn't work too well when gravity was crushing you into the ground.
"I don't think Hal has actually thought about that. From what I've seen he likes to act quickly without actually thinking anything through." Abby replied. Then again, for all Abby knew it could all be a massive bluff.

"Charley is simply enacting his pathology. I suspect an Inferiority Complex," Ozzy told her. Abby raised her eyebrows, her gaze flicking back to Charley. An inferiority complex certainly seemed to make a lot of sense. Charley seemed to be openly hostile towards Ozzy and Abby for no better reason then that they were better than him.
Abby flicked her eyes back to find Ozzy's eyes on her. His gaze made her slightly uncertain, an emotion she was not accustomed to feeling. Butterflies seemed to stir in her stomach, only quietening down when Ozzy quickly spoke again,
"Of course, he refuses to permit me to psychoanalyze him. For some unfathomable reason, he doesn't seem to trust me,"
Abby laughed quietly, finding the idea of Charley letting Ozzy psychoanalyse particularly amusing.
"Now, why wouldn't he trust you?" Abby replied with a smile. The question was purely rhetorical of course, they both knew that Charley disliked them. There was no way he'd let Ozzy examine him.

Abby shifted her bag on her back and turned to face Ozzy, "So, what are you doing before the Club meeting tonight?" She asked, "It's definitely too hot to stay inside all afternoon." It was a not so subtle way of asking Ozzy if he wanted to hang out before the After School Club started. Previously she might have just asked him outright, after all the two had known each other since childhood. But recently certainly feelings had began to creep in, making Abby more uncertain than she would like to be.