Luke Morrison

I intend to live forever, or die trying.

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Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.


Name: Lucas Everett Morrison
Nickname: Luke
Age: 17
Sexuality: bi-sexual
Clique: The Third

Likes: +Heights
+Horror Movies
+80’s Alternative Music
+Artistic Expression
+Testing Boundaries
+Sleeping in
+Warm Weather
Dislikes: +The Rain
+Dressing Up
+Hair cuts
+Parents including his own.
+English Class
+Being asked to explain his art.

Fears: Broken Bones - Something happening to his wings preventing him from flying. - Never being able to make it as a professional artist.
Hobbies: Luke is a prolific artist, he tends to prefer sculpting but has branched out to other mediums. – Is a music aficionado, he plays the bass fair to middling well but he is a complete devour-er of most musical knowledge even if he’s not a particular fan of the genre.


Powers: Avian Physiology – Specifically Falconiform Mimicry
+Altitude Adaptation – Essentially means Luke is immune to the fear of heights, altitude sickness and vertigo. Also able to withstand extremely high or low pressures and high wind friction.
+Enhanced Agility
+Enhanced Balance
+Enhanced lung capacity – Bird Like capability of keeping lungs filled with fresh air.
+Enhanced reflexes
+Wing Manifestation – Luke has a massive set of feathery wings that he usually straps down to keep down on the distraction. Capable of flight up to an altitude of 10,000 feet but usually stays far below that.
+Hollow Bones
+Decelerated Aging
+Enhanced Bite – Luke possesses extremely strong jaw muscles much like a bird of prey.
+Enhanced Vision – Ability to see with amazing clarity, detail, distance and color.
+Predator Instinct - with this ability Luke can discern numerous factors of a situation that make him a master of pursuit and capture. This includes what move a foe will make, where he is headed as well as how to effectively cause a foe to play right into his hands in combat/pursuit.
Weakness:+ Hollow bones have a tendency to break more often. + Has to have enough room and speed to get off the ground and attain flight. + Occasionally he reacts a bit too fast and ends up looking like a fool. + Cannot retract his wings, instead straps them down to contain them which isn't the most pleasant feeling.+ If conditions aren't right for flying then they’re not right and he’ll just have to bide his time until they change. + Tends to wear sunglasses due to his eyes' extreme sensitivity.

Strengths: Luke is an avid artist, he prefers sculpting usually going back and forth between wood-working and clay and abstract and realism. - Has a great talent for remembering useless facts, details and trivia. He'd be your best if you wanted to win trivia night. - Extremely analytical and is a fan of deduction, he loves to boil things down to their base components and study them accordingly. It could be a personality flaw, a math equation or a recipe either way he's going to learn the ins and outs of it all costs.

Flaws: He is extraordinarily bad in English and is usually failing or very near close to it. - Never listens to authority figures. - Has an extremely volatile temper.


Personality: Luke is very much an original, he tends to live in his own world and march to the beat of his own drummer. He's never been one to care for what other's think of him and never considers changing himself to fit in. He likes to shock and enjoys the reactions he gets from being irreverent and impertinent. Although Luke is not often completely disrespectful he walks a thin line which makes him a very divisive personality. People are either put off by him or intrigued by his unique view on the world.

His meaning in life is to question and to take from that and insert it into his art, he's always asking the whys and the hows of things. Doing his best to find out what's going on beneath the surface so as to transform it through the creative process and share it with the world. Of course he thinks himself very avante garde, and while he does show much progress he is not nearly the creative force he thinks himself to be.

He draws a lot of inspiration from his ability to fly, soaring among the clouds is an amazing experience that no one can quite get unless they can do it themselves. Luke spends a good majority of his time out on the cliffs, taking flying leaps and praying to God that he won't smash into a wall of rock while he practices his flight, when not in use his wings are hidden away. Strapped to his back and torso so as to cut down on the attention. Giant feathery wings that made him look like an angel didn't exactly read low profile although most people thought them to be quite beautiful when gazed upon.

Which is in direct contrast to the simmering anger that resides within the young man. He has a tenuous hold on his temper and the slightest thing can set him off making him quite unpredictable. Luke tends to let his anger fester and will hold on to grudges long after the offense is long forgotten and is not unknown to seek revenge upon those he feels have wronged, or underestimated him.
|| Opinionated || Funny || Clever || Volatile ||

Luke is the oldest of two children born to parents who have beat the odds and are still, more or less, happily married to this day. Luke and his little sister were afforded quite the normal childhood. Tree house in the backyard, a dog, and coloring pages covered their refrigerator. They were doted on by their parents and to the outside world it seemed like their family was the perfect ideal.

What went on behind closed doors was another story. The Morrison's weren't quite as picture perfect as everyone thought them to be considering both of Luke's parents are functioning alcoholics. Not to say his parents aren't good providers or that they didn't do everything in their power to make sure there children were well taken care of. They both had a genetic disease that tore lives a part, Luke and his sister just got lucky that they were the kind of drunks who could get up and go to work the next after a bender and do their laundry.

There was no stereotypical abuse, no screaming or violence but the Morrison children were often left to their own devices more often than not especially as they grew older. Luke's sister, Lily, thrived in school. The orderliness and rigidity was right up her alley and being as self-motivated as she was it didn't matter so much that she was virtually ignored by her parents. Lucas on the other hand was thoroughly lazy when it came to school instead choosing to focus his time on his art and being a general layabout. By the time he was twelve his wings finally made their first appearance much to the shock of his whole family. While alcoholism ran in their family, wings on the other hand did not.

Knowing that their son was special in a way they couldn't make heads or tails of Luke's parents began to widen the distance between them and their son. They were afraid to admit but they were slightly frightened of their son and the special abilities that he'd developed. Luke, quite use to being ignored or discarded by the people who were supposed to love him the most in the world descended into his own universe where he experimented with flight and the rest of the powers that came along with it. Flying was the first time he truly felt free and happy and now it's nearly impossible to get him to keep his feet on the ground for any substantial length of time.


So begins...

Luke Morrison's Story


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#, as written by Issa

Mid-afternoon, Friday 16th of August


A light breeze rolls off the lake beside the town of Benjamin, offering a small break from the hot sun above. For those students stuck inside, the have only a few more minutes until the bell rings marking the end of the school day and the start of the weekend.
Students also find themselves looking forward to the weekly meeting. The After School Club is due for a gathering. A few hours after school most students will make some excuse to their parents and make their way to the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. There challanges will be made, some will wake away as winners and others might find themselves further down the social ladder than when they entered the warehouse.

Abigail Porter


Abigail Porter sat in class, her attention on the small, balding man that was trying to lecture the room full of students on the properties of the fundamental forces. He had already given the class a stirring introduction to electromagnetism and no doubt next week would be filled with strong and weak nuclear forces. Today, however, was dedicated completely to gravitation, a force that Abby knew intimately well. Physics had always been an interesting class, or at least Abby thought so. Many of Benjamin's inhabitants had powers that let them defy the very rules that Physics was trying to teach. Abigail always enjoyed seeing the teacher try to explain around the peculiar abilities, making exemptions for the talents. Nevertheless Abby always made a point of learning the lessons, failure was hardly something she wanted.

Even so, as the teacher droned on Abby found her mind wondering to tonight's gathering. She was quite content with her current position, number two, so she doubted that she would challenge Ozzy tonight, but it was always interesting watching other fights. Whenever anyone from the Elite's was challenged it was always useful to pay attention, watching how her fellow Elite's fought was very informative and would help Abby form a partial plan on how to deal with them if they ever chose to fight.

The loud buzzing of the school bell brought Abby's attention back to the present. The teacher began to shout the weekend's assignments over the loud sound of scrapping chairs, but gave it up as hopeless as conversations cropped up and his voice was muffled out. Abby picked up her books, arranging them carefully in her arms. She left the classroom with the crowd and began to make her way towards her locker.

Being an Elite had its perks. Many of the lower students moved out of her way, leaving Abby with a clear path through the crowded school corridors. Of course there were always those who either chose to ignore the hierarchy or simply didn't seem smart enough to get out of her way. Abby was climbing down a set of stairs when a younger students pushed past her, his elbow catching her painfully on the upper arm and sending her books flying. Pursing her lips to stop herself from shouting at the younger student Abby held up a hand, palm facing vertically outwards. Her falling books stopped their descent, freezing in midair. The student froze too, caught in a bubble of zero gravity. His excitement for the weekend, and most likely tonight's meeting, was easily visible and quickly turned to a look of shock as he was slowly spun around to face Abigail.
"If you're going to run in the corridors, you had better watch where you're going." Abby told him. She held out her arms and let her books float into them. The student was still floating inches above the floor in Abby's cloud of zero gravity.
"I... I'm s..sorry" He stuttered, glancing nervously from Abby to the ground just out of reach. Not wanting to cause more of a scene than she already had, Abby let the boy go. He landed on his feet and seemed to shrink back against the wall as Abby passed.

She reached her locker a moment later without incident and quickly opened it, placing the books she didn't need inside and taking out those she would need over the weekend. Around her everyone seemed to be buzzing about the weekend. Abby smiled, she too was looking forward to a few days to relax in the sun, but first came tonight.

Zack Hooke


"Keep your knees up Hooke! Stay awake!" The harsh voice of Benjamin's gym teacher was having little effect on the teenage boy. Zack liked most sports, however gym class was not something he generally enjoyed. Or at least not when he was being forced to run around the track under the heat of Benjamin's summer sun. He could also feel the increasing anger radiating from the large gym teacher as Zack slowly jogged the last leg of the track. He didn't understand why he was the one being targeted, after all there were others who were still behind him.
"Come on Hooke! Don't fall behind!" She shouted again. Zack felt himself slowing down, if only to spite the teacher. He could feel her anger increase exponentially as his pace slowed.
"Come on miss, it's almost the weekend." Zack told her, "And it's too hot to run any faster." He had to admit that the teacher was exceptionally good at controlling her anger. He could feel it spike as he spoke and yet there was no visible sign present.
"Hooke..." Her warning was enough though to let Zack know that it was probably time to lay off. He flashed her a cheeky smile before picking up the pace. Apparently satisfied she went to go harass some other poor student, leaving Zack alone to finish his run and then head for the showers.

Zack quickly entered the male locker room and Zack grabbed a towel before headed into the showers. Ten minutes later he reappeared, smelling faintly of peaches and looking as fresh as if he hadn't just been running. The bell rang just as he was stuffing his damp towel away. Zack picked up his sports bag and made his way out of the showers. He considered stopping by his locker to pick up some books but decided against it. Instead he headed out to the school front where he took a seat on the rails and waited for his friends to come out.

He would see them tonight at the Club, but Zack was a social person. He wouldn't want to waste the few hours between now and the start of the club alone. Sure, he could do some homework, but he'd rather hang out with his friends. Besides, there weren't many days left in summer and he didn't plan on wasting the fine weather.