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The Aftermath of The great war

The Aftermath of The great war


when heaven and hell are completely destroyed and earth has been burned and scared all that remains are scared week and scared remnants of what was before

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The Story of War

One year ago. It was just one year ago that everything came to an end. The forces of heaven and hell, the two worlds that co-existed along side of our own, destroyed each other. For over two thousand years these forces fought and untold lives were lost over the millennia. After so long the two great powers had run themselves ragged and were desperate to put an end to the fighting. So came there two greatest leaders, both matched in terms of strength, intelligence and passion for victory. It was there two leaders that both put into motion the end of all we knew. The great leaders though there magic’s, destroyed each other’s home worlds. Yet nether army was destroyed, instead both forces came to our world.

The two army’s, now drove on harder than ever before ravaged our plaint with war. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died, cities and country’s wiped off the face of earth. Yet those who lived on earth, our heroes, our kings, would not sit back and stand by.

Under the Banner of Ailkan, The greatest hero humanity has ever produced, united all of man, elves and dwarves into one army acting as the third great force now entering the conflict. For ten years the war raged on Terra, earth, and for those ten years there was nothing left standing, now all three army’s had their final battle. From there on no one knows how the final battle played out. All that is known is that all three army’s were destroyed, those who survived scattered to the winds, and the three legendary leaders all died


Now there is no law. There is no order. All that had been built was destroyed, very few city’s remained on the plaint, the largest was Grandalven with a population of a mere three thousand. The city was leaderless and thugs rule the street, Most of its building burned or destroyed and bodies could still be found under the rubble. There were many small towns that were left standing but most too small to even be written on a map. To these few human settlements that remained, both demons and angels, now numbering too few to even think of trying to band together once more scared thought the land, some finding their way into the human settlements. Many became bandits, thieves or swords for hire.

It is in this shattered world, that you live, it is the hell that you have grown up in, with the scares of war still fresh and the world thrown into chaos, what will you do? Will you dive into the chaos? Try to restore the old powers to their former glory? Perhaps you will try to start your own empire. Well to do anything like that you must first survive this hell.




Humans make up the bulk of the remaining races. Although they do not have any skills that they truly excel in, they also dont have any weaknesses, they are the most versatile of all the races. they can do pretty much anything if they work hard enough.



Angels believe themselves the best of the best, The are stronger and faster then most races but tent to be very short sited and often foolish and prideful, they often charge headlong into danger believing themselves to be able to overcome anything and often leads to there downfall, angles have wings but if disgraced will cut them off in shame.



Demon come in all shape and sizes, they are very versatile like humans but tend to lean to one extreme or another. They have a very warped sense of morality, not to say all of them are bad, they perceive the world differently than others. many don't see the problem of using dark methods as a means to an end. they are normally power hungry and have hundreds of sub species.



Elves are a race of fitness and beauty; they are a very proud race. They have longer lives than any other race, and have used that to produce some of the most skillful people to ever walk the earth. They have a strong sense of nature and a love for peace. Yet when it comes to war they do not come up short, they have a natural affinity for magic and have the dexterity and speed to be great skirmishers. Yet they are more fragile and are easy to kill compared to other races.



Dwarves area short yet burly race, they lived under great mountains and were the richest of all the races yet when the great war happened, they were hit the hardest of all the races, there underground homes collapsed , there riches and there knowledge lost, there are very few dwarves left. Yet even after all that has happened a Dwarf still is down for being stubborn yet wise, they will still hold grudges for many years.


Rules are simple
No killing off another player and without good reason. They get a chance to react and play the fight out, figure out what happens my pming each other, if you can’t agree then take it to me and I will ll be the final say.
Sex if it is to happen is to be keep to a minimum, if you to get into detail about how you do it, to the pm’s
No god modling or anything like that everyone who was supper powerful was killed off in the war or horridly crippled. If you try to make a character too powerful I will have you eaten by a guy wielding the sword fluffy bunny, ya try living the fact down you were killed by fluffy bunny.
Don’t break the 4th wall. Your character only knows what he knows. Not what you know.
Make a decent character sheet with details and enough for us to go off of, one pick at least and a background, if it feels to empty then you’re going to need to resubmit.
Whatever I say goes in the end, im a neutral party and will act as the law for the rp.
Try to have fun.

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Character Portrait: Nykthos spawn of Azazel


Character Portrait: Nykthos spawn of Azazel
Nykthos spawn of Azazel

The fall of daemons and angels has been fortold humanity shall inharit the earth wont it? Well thats divne because now i can show you waht it means to be a deamon...... oh your in pain but i have hardly touched you....oh well i guess your no fun


Character Portrait: Nykthos spawn of Azazel
Nykthos spawn of Azazel

The fall of daemons and angels has been fortold humanity shall inharit the earth wont it? Well thats divne because now i can show you waht it means to be a deamon...... oh your in pain but i have hardly touched you....oh well i guess your no fun

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Character Portrait: Nykthos spawn of Azazel
Nykthos spawn of Azazel

The fall of daemons and angels has been fortold humanity shall inharit the earth wont it? Well thats divne because now i can show you waht it means to be a deamon...... oh your in pain but i have hardly touched you....oh well i guess your no fun

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So I updated my character, I don't know if death would qualify as a demon or angel so I put demon.

The Aftermath of The great war

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