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A new zombie at fifteen years old, but quickly becoming more...

0 · 158 views · located in Zombieland

a character in “The Aftermath”, as played by chou-no-shuuketsu


Once tall and blond, one of the most popular girls at her school, Tristen is now reduced to feeding off of the corpses of her own kind - zombies.

As a zombie: dishevelled blond hair, skin falling off in places. Her clothes were her school uniform (torn in pieces, so that only scraps were left, of course), and her body was almost entirely consumed by zombies from when she was attacked as a human. Her skin was slightly purplish-grey.

Mutation: Her skin has come back, but her hair is now gone; she has pale blue eyes that are virtually invisible next to the whites of her eyes. Her skin has turned from white when she was a human, to slightly purple and grey-ish when she was a zombie, and now to black all over with patches of navy blue and white, as her school uniform has melded to her skin. She still has a feminine form, but a tail has grown out of her spine - a long, very strange, thin tail with an almost unnoticable silver blade at the end. Her nails have become long and sharp, and like the blade - silver. Her feet have become like those of an animal, so that she stands only on her toes, and claws extend about two centimeters out, so that they tap lightly on the ground when she walks. The main part of her foot has become long, and like those of a canine.


Tristen is rather sarcastic, with an edge of cynicism. Her mind has stopped decaying now that she has been mutated, but she doesn't necessarily know how it will grow either... or if it will grow. However, she has been feeling more and more happy lately, about the most random things...


She carries no equipment.


As a human, she was the most popular girl in school, but when she became a zombie, status no longer mattered. All that mattered was her burning hunger, although with her mind still intact, she refused to feed on humans. She ate other things, instead: animals of different kinds... inanimate objects (when she discovered she could do such a thing), and even other zombies, once she realized she could do that too. Being one of the most recent humans-made-zombies, though, she was just following the examples of the other corpses around her. She hated being a zombie - hated it - but she knew that there was no way to change this.

Then, as she continued eating the huge variety of things she did eat, she became more and more mutated... and less like a zombie. Eventually, she quit worrying about decaying, and started worrying more about other things... like what she was becoming... what was happening to her mind?

So begins...

Tristen's Story