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Blaze Moonfall

"The light reveals the truth, but it can also blind you from it."

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a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by ianna_334



Full Name: Blake Moores

Nicknames/Aliases: Blaze Moonfall, Blaze

Age: Bit younger than Tem, physically in late twenties

Gender: Male

Loyalty: Elemental

-Light Elemental
-Lie detection

Description: Blaze is a tall muscular blond, who tends to dress in colours like white and pale yellow, unless he’s travelling for his job as a messenger, where he wears a (light) brown because travelling through the ash without getting dirty is more trouble than it’s worth. His hair is feathery and sticks up, because he runs his hands through it when agitated or thinking. He has golden eyes that begin to glow when his element is in use.

Personality: Blaze is firm and decisive leader in things such as business and strategy, shocking anyone who knows him personally, because when it comes to emotions or anything of the sort, Blaze is so indecisive that it’s almost funny...well, until someone ends up hurt. The cause of this is a desire to please as many people as possible, and occasionally this results in him not being able to please anyone, or more frequently, the people who matter to him. A sort to get caught up in the little things, Blaze does much better when looking at the big picture. He is big hearted but stern. While not distrustful, Blaze doesn't let just anyone in. Like all older elementals, he suffers from the apathy, which combines with long ago superiorist teachings, to give him a dismissive attitude to most.

-Powerful and skilled elemental
-Strategist and leader
-Good at physical combat as well as gifted combat

-Prone to trying to please too many people at once.
-Underestimates most people
-Tends to focus on specific people, and the apathy appears to have affected him more greatly.

Brief History: Born to a long line of light elementals, Blaze grew up being told that he would come into his abilities eventually...and causing his parents and mentors to become more and more frustrated when year after year, he showed no sign of being an elemental. When the group decided to go into hiding, Blaze was deemed a hindrance by the leader and left behind. Ironically, this caused his light elemental abilities to fully develop and he went to search for his family...and found himself in the middle of a war. The apathy had not yet set in, so Blaze decided to help out, but wasn't much use with untrained abilities. He was directed to the elementals and went off to search for them, eventually running into Tem...who thrashed him in a challenge despite Blaze having the considerable advantage of being in broad daylight.
Grudgingly impressed by the other elemental’s strength, Blaze was assigned to learn under Tem and flourished due to a combined desire to both show up and impress the other man. Having worked together for so long, they made a wonderful team, and it was during a joint mission that they finally admitted their mutual feelings.
They got together and were happy, but at the war’s end, Blaze began to feel insecure in his relationship with Tem as a result of the elder being chosen to guard a colony while he was meant to travel frequently between them. A human-sympathizing suggestion gifted got into his mind long enough to cause grievous injury to Tem and shatter the dark elemental’s always fragile trust. The fact that it was Tem who asked the others not to judge him harshly gives him hope that the other might forgive him, but on the other, Tem is always running away. Blaze hopes to one day reconcile, but doesn’t know if the chance will ever come.

-Has a sister who came back to find him
-Owns a small house in the Mountain Colony

So begins...

Blaze Moonfall's Story


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The newest Eurbesco Chancellor sat at his desk filling out paperwork after paperwork. This load of paperwork was no part in thanks to the bases Viceroy that hated his guts. Really the Viceroy was being passive aggressive about the whole thing to, even going so far as trying to give away his entitled mansion. Of course he really couldn't blame the man to much as he position was gotten in one of the worst way possible. Hell Derrick hated himself more than the Viceroy could ever hate him.

The lights in the room flickered as his mind wandered which reminded him of his other problem, power control loss. Seriously becoming an elemental had only worsened his problems as it brought his mentor to him. Seriously the man was frustrating, annoying, and maddeningly in control of his powers which pissed Derrick off even more. The fact he needed the man drove him up the wall.

As he came out of his thoughts he noticed one of the files passing his desk held a familiar name. With a frown he read the file and the lights in the room all but dimmed. No this would not do at all. Letting out a deep breath the lights returned to normal as he hatched a plan, one that no one would be the wiser too. He switched the contents of two files and smiled, he couldn't fix his spiraling life but he could fix this.

With that Korra Noverinter was assigned a position as a combat teacher instead of to the front lines.