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Canvas Fajaar

"Of course not. Why would I be listening in on a command strategy meeting? Love your shirt, by the way."

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a character in “The Age of Gifted”, originally authored by FranklyLorelle, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name: Field Supervisor Canvas Fajaar

Nicknames/Aliases: Knight Acolyte Canvas Shearwater

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Gift: Mental redirection (see skills)

Loyalty: Liberty, performing a long-term undercover operation in Erubesco as Espionage Field Supervisor.

Description: Features of blended Middle Eastern and European heritage: Hazel-green eyes; dark tan skin; thick black hair and brows; straight, long nose. 5'10", lean, quick to smile. Neither excessively attractive or unattractive, he has a real, comfortable face, like your next-door neighbor or your best friend's big brother.

Personality: Canvas is flirtatious, borderline rakish, and full of double-entendres, but his bark is much worse than his bite on that front. Though firmly loyal to Liberty, at the end of the day he feels more at home undercover among the small luxuries and lavish impracticalities of Erubesco; he believes in equality, but he sure likes indulging in individuality.

Skills: Canvas's suggestion Gift allows him to deflect suspicion, unwanted questions, or even open hostility by verbally redirecting a conversation. If, for example, an Erubescan casually asked him about his whereabouts and he can't answer because he was conducting Liberty business, Canvas could simply give a phony answer, then ask an unrelated question about pizza and utterly derail the person's train of thought. If the suspicion/redirection was minor, the subject likely won't remember or care that he or she had a question at all. If Canvas redirects a more severe concern, especially if a potent emotion is involved, the subject may gradually remember the concern and require more redirection. His tactics are more effective if the redirection is smooth and causes the subject to land on an appropriate attention replacement.

"Canvas you are shady af. How come I keep seeing you near the data centers?"
"I was just on my way to the elevator. But know who else is shady? That Lawrence guy."
"...Yeah, he's always seemed kinda off."
"You should keep an eye out for that dude."
"Yeah, k, will do."
"Nice haircut btw."
"Oh, thnx."

He also, of course, has basic hand-to-hand and firearm combat training.

Weaknesses: While Canvas can redirect to distract opponents to some degree, his Gift isn't as useful in a fight. He would never be first pick for an ally in a combat situation.

Brief History: Canvas breathed Liberty culture since birth (his English mother and Iranian father were staunch believers), yet Canvas was always a bit more playful and devil-may-care than your average, model-citizen Libertian; he simply came out of the box that way. Canvas's early trainers and teachers put his propensity for mischief and theatricality to good use by setting him on track to become a spy. He has maintained his alias at Erubesco (a Knight with an affluent background and high social connections) for five years, where he manages other infiltrators. He occasionally returns to Liberty bases to brief and train new Agents.

So begins...

Canvas Fajaar's Story


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"Pinot noir, Beretta, dear. I am a little off time," Supervisor Canvas Fajaar admitted. The Supervisor usually had a pleasant demeanor, but he seemed extra cheerful today, his stride loose. He entered dressed to match the in-character Agents: A silver-gray tuxedo, black shirt, and a white tie that caught the low light in geometric bits of shine. "I nearly forgot a favorite." The Supervisor held up a smooth bottle of a pinkish, crystal liquid labeled 'Se Détendre,' and set it in a row of similar bottles bearing labels like 'La Félicité and 'L'aigreur.' It was already open.

"Did you know," said Canvas, half sitting against the table, "they've got emotional manipulators whose entire jobs are to add dashes of feelings into beverages with so much alcohol content, they could be adding dashes of hair bleach and you'd barely know the difference? Really, it's terrible. Ridiculous waste of resources. It's this sort of wasted talent that will lose them the war." The accusatory words didn't quite match his flippant tone, or the fact that he appeared to have had a taste of ridiculously wasted resources already. For educational purposes, of course.

"Have a drink." He paused. "That's today's lesson. All of you, have several." He made a sweeping gesture across the glittering array of multi-colored beverages. "If you can avoid it, don't get anywhere near inebriated on the job, of course, but it's nigh impossible to make it through a party without taking a sip or two, and we can't have you making faces and choking and such. In any case, you'd be wise to get familiar with your tolerance. I recommend you start at the table on the left and work your way to the right, because the best stuff is on the left, and I suspect you won't be noticing the taste by the time you get halfway. Try all of them. If you can." He smiled. "I'm not going to say this is strictly a competition, but I will say that I got a small head start to make it a fair one. Get on with it. Try to enjoy yourselves. It's easier than pretending.

Dark eyebrows drawing together, Canvas stood aside for a moment, casting critical looks over the trio, his eyes suddenly showing a clarity that his entrance hadn't let on. This team had not gelled yet. He had some major concerns about this mission. He looked at Mimic--still in her mask, not yet wearing the face of the Erubescan partner Canvas was trying not to imagine locked up somewhere in the base (pity, because he'd rather hoped he could get used to that on the drinking day). Beretta, still not steady on those heels. Finally he looked to Mayday (still-stiff-despite-sleeping-with-Beretta-for-days-Mayday) and, as if just noticing the Agent's colorful presence, Canvas broke his momentary seriousness and laughed aloud. "By the way, you look preposterous, Agent Mayday. You would stand right out. By which I mean you would fit right in. Lovely."