Cero Valin

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a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by Elwë Lambengolmor



Full Name: Cero Valin

Nicknames/Aliases: C2, Project 002, Justice (formally)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Gift: Light Manipulation, Durability

Loyalty: Liberty, Genetics

Description: Slim, Tall, and a Ladies Man. At least he once was, now Cero is better now as C2, or Project 002. After going through the strains of genetic manipulation and experimentation much has changed of Cero’s physicality. His hair has lightened to an incredibly light brown with hints of silver in it. As a side effect of pigment manipulation one of his aqua eyes now appears yellow.

Personality: Cero hardly speaks, preferring to let his actions do the talking. He has a calm, almost ghostly demeanor. He can be completely present but appear almost non-existent to those around him. Under his calm demeanor he is a typhoon ready to be unleashed upon the enemies of Liberty. He is incredibly obedient to those above his station. To his superiors he obeys without question, to his enemies he obliterates without mercy.

Skills: Using the power of Solar Manipulation he is able to control most light sources, even the light of day to a degree. As a result he can mask himself in light or darkness, or blind his enemies with sudden bursts of light seemingly from nowhere.
In addition to this Cero has been trained in hand to hand combats, preferring to get in close and combat his enemies in the means most effective to him. As a side result of his genetic manipulation he has become quite durable. The typical wound that would slow down or incapacitate a normal human can be shrugged off by Cero, at least for a short while.

Weaknesses: Cero’s greatest weakness is his past, and the person he was before his body was tampered with. As a result reminders of days gone by, or memories returning can drop him into brain shattering convulsions and disable him.
Cero’s desire to fight at close range puts him at severe disadvantage to any opponent who would choose to strike at him from a distance.

Brief History: Born as a citizen of Liberty Cero grew up relatively privileged. Upon reaching his 20th birthday he began feeling the urges to break away from the organized and cookie cutter lifestyle of his peers. At this time he valued individuality and the arts above all else. He became known as Justice and rebelled against the powers that be. This was a relatively short live rebellion and within two short years he was captured. Deemed a prime candidate for genetic experimentation he was forcibly subjected to numerous experiments and procedures. The scope of these are beyond his memory, and all knowledge of whom he was and what has been done to him has been lost to him, such to the point that any reminders of these pasts cause him great pain.

He is now an obedient and unwavering supporter of Liberty. Before a common citizen, now an amazing advancement in what life could be. If he will be used as a weapon, or the template for the ideal citizen has yet to be seen.

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Cero Valin's Story