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Derrick Avalon

Cold Sunglass Wearing Bastard

0 · 104 views · located in The Citadel

a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by shadowhope


Skills: Light Elemental

Weaknesses: Those he loves, emotions, and his own gift.

Brief History:Derrick had a great upbringing and was content with following in his parents footsteps of owning a bakery, that is until his parents died. At the tender age of 14 his world was shattered, forcing him and his 4 year old sister into Eurbescian custody. Everything seemed to be fine at the orphanage until his sister's newly developed powers attratched the attention of the higher ups. Officially Tessa was "adopted" but Derrick knew the truth and with the truth came the determination to get her back.

Derrick was never adopted but that did not bother him, at age 16 he enrolled in the military. It was during basic training he met his two best friend Kora and Lulu. It was also during basic he got word of what happened to his sister. She was to be groomed as one of the most powerful military interrogators. That information lead him to take on extra training and chose his specialization in interrogation as well.

Is was during his interrogation training that Derrick started to change from the clueless but kind man to a cold and calculating bastard (who is still a little clueless). One of the biggest changes after his training was the addition of his constantly worn sunglasses. After the transformation was complete Derrick was known as one of the best interrogator slowly climbing the rank to that of Knight Commander.

At age 25 events took place that would change Derrick forever. With his light manipulation powers turning out to be that of a light elemental and for extraordinary service dealing with traitors his promotion to Chancellor took place.

Other:Very cold, aloof and business like to those he does not know.

So begins...

Derrick Avalon's Story


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The newest Eurbesco Chancellor sat at his desk filling out paperwork after paperwork. This load of paperwork was no part in thanks to the bases Viceroy that hated his guts. Really the Viceroy was being passive aggressive about the whole thing to, even going so far as trying to give away his entitled mansion. Of course he really couldn't blame the man to much as he position was gotten in one of the worst way possible. Hell Derrick hated himself more than the Viceroy could ever hate him.

The lights in the room flickered as his mind wandered which reminded him of his other problem, power control loss. Seriously becoming an elemental had only worsened his problems as it brought his mentor to him. Seriously the man was frustrating, annoying, and maddeningly in control of his powers which pissed Derrick off even more. The fact he needed the man drove him up the wall.

As he came out of his thoughts he noticed one of the files passing his desk held a familiar name. With a frown he read the file and the lights in the room all but dimmed. No this would not do at all. Letting out a deep breath the lights returned to normal as he hatched a plan, one that no one would be the wiser too. He switched the contents of two files and smiled, he couldn't fix his spiraling life but he could fix this.

With that Korra Noverinter was assigned a position as a combat teacher instead of to the front lines.