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Faye Dimevih

"For a better, brighter future! For Liberty!"

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a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by ianna_334



Full Name: Faye Dimevih

Nicknames/Aliases: Faye, Councillor, Genetics Councillor, Lucky

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Loyalty: Liberty - Genetics Councillor

-Luck manipulation
-Ability to strengthen one gift by weakening another (only applicable to herself)

Description: Tall and thin, with small breasts, Faye has a pleasant face and pin straight brown hair. Her eyes are a pale calm blue which can become piercing when her temper is up, but not otherwise. She walks briskly, often wearing a light open lab coat, and is rarely seen without a clipboard or notepad or folders in her hands. The lab coat is worn mostly for its large pockets, but Faye dresses practically, as someone who spends a lot of time in labs. For the same reason, her hair is often in a bun, though in her downtime she prefers a low ponytail.

Personality: Faye is serious and dedicated to her job, but as a person is very open and friendly with others. She likes to help and be helpful, though she can be rather unempathetic - something encouraged by Liberty to make disposing of live lab failures easy. Faye is also very enthusiastic about her task in genetics, and she is at the peak of her ambition. Content with being Genetics Councillor, she wouldn't try for Leader of Liberty even if it were an option. Faye is also insecure, both about her appearance and her accomplishments. Because of the luck gift she possesses, she worries others will not respect her because they believe her gift is behind her success. She is also rather maternal.

-Typical Liberty proficiency with her gifts
-Able to kill in cold blood
-A decent shot, a perfect one when using with luck gift
-Very smart

-Very strong attachment to Zero
-Would rather eliminate a threat instead of trying a potentially more strategic approach
-Shifting power levels take time, and it’s not always clear which gifts should be made stronger right away

Brief History: Faye was always into science, and as she got older, became fascinated with genes and genetics. Hailed as a prodigy, everyone got a shock when her luck gift became revealed, suddenly throwing all of Faye’s accomplishments into question. Further testing with gift nullifiers proved that her intelligence wasn't just luck, but by then the other kids knew, and as competition for recognition became more fierce, Faye became a sore spot for many of the others - after all, even with all their work, there was just no way they could overcome a luck gift.
She did, in fact, go on to Liberty and joined the Genetics department, but soon got into a spot of trouble. The previous Councillor became fascinated with her shifting gifts and wished to see how they would combine with other genes. Though unhappy with the idea, the young woman “allowed” the experiment to go ahead, knowing that truly she had no choice. The resulting pregnancy became dangerous and ended up being aborted. Doctors told Faye that she would not be able to carry a child again unless the baby gifted was a luck manipulator, like herself. Though upset, Faye took the time to get over it and return to work. No longer subject to the Councillor’s interest, she was able to focus on running her own experiments. The combination of intelligence and luck made her a valued member of the sector and personal pride let her ignore the envy of others.
Faye, however, earned the most recognition through her work on the Sub Zero experiment, scheduled to be destroyed before Faye created a solution for the dangerous temperatures reached. When Liberty was attacked, Faye was away at Mu Subterranean M Base, settling the project into its new home where a power outburst wouldn't badly damage the Liberty complex. She returned to find herself being named as Councillor, and though happy, worries incessantly that if she makes even one misstep, the rumours about her using her luck gift to advance unfairly will start anew. She's using the opportunity to restructure the Genetics Sector so that all gene-related experiments concerning Liberty denizens are voluntary because of her own experience.

-Generally, Faye keeps her gifts set to equal strength. It takes her a bit of time to shift the balance
-Treats Sub Zero subject as an adopted child
-Is in a romantic relationship with Tanner

So begins...

Faye Dimevih's Story

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Faye was used to waking up early, but this was ridiculous. Why had they been woken up at 5 for a meeting at 8? She, for one, woke up at 6 or 7, plenty of time to get ready, in her opinion. It wasn't like she wasted time on hair or makeup, it wasn't the Liberty way. Hair pulled back in a tight braid, lab coat donned, and notebooks in hand, the Genetics Councillor made her way to the meeting room, arriving in the right corridor just in time to see Heather's back disappear through the doors.
She picked up her pace, the white coat fluttering behind her like a cape. Seeing the leader of Espionage had reminded her of a thought she had had the night before after finding a Genetics Trainee's forgotten assignment. They'd been penalized for forgetfulness, of course, but the assignment had brought to mind a few delayed experiments. Delayed because of a lack of proper gene codes to work with. Gene codes that Erubesco surely had.

And, if she was correct, Espionage had just promoted several Trainees to Agents and Agents to varied higher ranks, which meant there should be personnel to spare. At any rate, it wouldn't hurt to ask, and she pushed open the doors with a bright "Good morning!" to those who's arrived early before settling down beside Heather.

"Think you could take a look at something for me and tell me the feasibility of it?" she asked the other woman immediately, not knowing when the others would arrive at the meeting room and wanting to get this out of the way before that, since meetings had a way of becoming much more convoluted than expected, and after that she'd be liable to forget. On the table before them, she opened one of the notebooks to a series of short profiles on several known Erubescians of varying importance.

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While they waited for the others to arrive, Alex rested his head on top of his clasped hands. He closed his tired eyes for a long moment, resting them. The darkness felt nice, and he hoped that it would be a long while before the other Councilors showed up. Selene was quiet as he did so, looking at her small tablet to busy herself. She figured he needed the silence for now.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't keep his eyes closed for long. He heard footsteps coming into the room and he looked up to see Heather entering. As a tendril of her mist floated near him, he frowned slightly. He looked Heather in the eye as she finally looked him over, his frown increasing. Her bluntness made him wearily scowl, too.

"Good morning to you as well, Heather." He muttered. "I assumed I always looked terrible to you." He gave her a tired smirk. It was then that Faye entered with a bright greeting, and Alex's smirk dropped into a more serious expression. "Good morning, Faye." He answered. As she placed the notebooks down, he mentally groaned, but he sat up more to look at them. Maybe he could focus...

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Mithera was next to enter the meeting room.

In contrast with a specific few of the councilors, he looked awake as could be in his diamond white suit and dust blue cravat. He even appeared to have time to have neatly shaved around the goatee that framed his mouth. The man was middle aged, but well preserved, with an inviting warmth to his pleasant face.

"Good morning, my friends. What seems to be the emergency?" he said, taking his seat, his usual smile touched with just enough gravity to convey his sincere concern.

The setting changes from Liberty Base Alpha A to The Wasteland


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  1. Again, wrong location, whoops. XD

    by Miss Echo

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“You always look more like a Saturday morning cartoon villain who spends every morning practicing their cackles in the mirror and murdering people slowly. With lazers. Although now you look more like someone pushed you into a pit that also had a new set of clothing and a bunch of cologne salesmen at the bottom.” It was with that astute observation that Heather turned to her new company, looking Faye over for a moment or two before glancing down at the notebook now in front of her.

“They’re Erubescians.” Unconsciously, Heather brought the stylus of her tablet to her lip and began to gnaw on the end, deepening the indentations that had already been made. “With a bunch of information about genetics stuff on them.” Raising her head, the Espionage Councillor once again looked to her coworker, stylus now pressed snugly against her cheek. “I’m guessing that you want them for something? Oh, and hello, Faye.”

Before she could receive an answer, however, a new addition arrived to the meeting room- Mithera. It was with drowsy movements that Heather faced the man, mist flicking about her shoulders like the tongue of some great beast. “I’m not your friend” was the first thing out of her mouth, followed by the less blunt, “We’re supposed to be talking about what we’re going to do with the terrorists when we get them. I think someone was saying we should send them to Councillor Pierrot’s old bases. Can’t remember who.”

It was hard to doubt that any of the other leaders of Liberty were unaware of the places. Heather herself had visited one, once, back when she was known simply as Speaker Laxton.

They were the closest she could imagine those Erubescian video games to being, and, unlike in video games, Heather did not have multiple lives.

The setting changes from The Wasteland to Liberty Base Alpha A

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"I'm afraid to tell you I do not do that, Heather." Alexander muttered, too tired to look unfazed by the remark. "I believe I've explained that before, though." He redirected his attention to the profiles Faye brought. Despite his lack of complete focus, he did his best to scan through the important details.

"Are you looking to acquire them?" Selene asked after reading them. "If we planned it out, I would say it would be very feasible to obtain them." She looked up as Mithera entered, and she smiled politely. "Good morning, Councilor Mithera." She replied, lightly nudging Alex's arm. "Like Heather said, we are discussing future matters for when we bring in the terrorists."

Alex looked up upon feeling Selene's nudge, but he had no interest in Mithera's "friendliness". "Yes, good morning, Mithera." He added. "I assume your morning has been well so far?"