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Scary things come in small packages.

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a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by VitaminHeart



Full Name: Helena Alys Norrevinter

Nicknames/Aliases: Little Hel, Devil Child,

Age: 6

Gender: Female


Berserkergang - Much like her mother, Hel is able to call upon berserk abilities.

UNKNOWN- The full extent and even definition of Helena's powers have yet to become clear to those around her. She appears to have an ability, to some degree, to form some kind of link with others that allows her to control them, and inflict pain upon them at will. It's unclear if this is the limit, or whether her power is developing still.

Loyalty: Born in Erubesco, currently staying with The Wanderers.

Description: Hel resembles a small, short-set girl of six years of age. She is a little underweight for her age and height, and has long, untidy, bright ginger hair like that of her mother. Her eyes have vivid berry-red irises. Her skin is pale and white from lack of sunlight.

There is notable surgical scarring, on her forehead, face, neck and shoulder, clear signs of her time within Erubesco.

She's generally found wearing a hooded jacket and red tennis shoes given to her by Spire, and her mother's mjolnir pendant.

Personality: Hel is a creature very much influenced by her environment. Once a relatively ordinary child, she has taken on a very different demeanour during her time shut away in the laboratories of Erubesco. She is perpetually serious, to the point of being rather morbid, and seems to have an extremely casual attitude towards death and killing. Indeed she has openly stated her intentions towards Dutch, to murder him, and has attacked him on a few occasions.

She is unusually quiet and focused for a child of her age. She is usually quite self-contained, and does not talk more than she needs to.

Hel is quite a schemer, and seems to have some kind of greater plan in mind. She has been creating psychic links with members of the wanderers by which she is able to control them, working toward a certain goal. She feels it's her job to 'fix' people. Her methods though, are brutal.

Despite this, Hel is still a child. She has a childish understanding of the world around her, childish lack of skills, (like shoelaces) and childish fears (like Mina's hair). She is attached to her toy, Atzy, and Spire, whom she treats as something of a father figure.

Hel has an enormous fear of returning to Erubesco, and threats of it tend to throw her into a panic.

Skills: -Helena seems very intelligent considering her age, and appears to be able to formulate comparatively complex plans and tactics.


-Hel is a child, and has both the size disadvantage that comes with it, and something of a childish mindset. While she is clever she has quite black and white reasoning, and can easily be diverted or distracted.

Brief History: Hel was born to Kora Norrevinter from an Erubesco-ordered union between her and COmmander Green, in an attempt to weaponize the man's abilities. Initially however, Hel displayed no sign of these powers, and as a result she was left smewhat on the backburner, to be raised by her young and rather ill-equipped mother who did struggle to juggle the demands of being a Knight and the demands of parenthood.

Hel never felt mistreated in her younger years, but she was often left to make her own entertainment, and invented all kind of imaginary characters and ideas in order to keep herself amused whilst her mother was working.

When she was four, powers began to show. Rudimentary abilities, but potentially incredibly powerful. Those of Green, but perhaps without the restrictions of his rules.

There was some sort of block however. Something preventing Hel from reaching her full potential, and Erubesco, Commander Green in particular, was willing to go to great lengths to attempt to unlock this. The result was experimentation that proved to be both immoral, and damaging. After two years, Hel ended up with the Wanderers due to the actions of Rei, one of Green's creations whom Hel appears able to control. She ended up being taken under the wing of Spire, their resident gifted-hating killer. While maybe a dubious privilege, Hel took to the man. His antipathy towards many members of the group appealed to Hel's nasty streak, and meant that he was less likely to scold her on some of her more questionable actions.

As a result, when her mother discovered her to be alive, she ran to Spire, fearing a return to Erubesco, and leaving the Knight Commander distraught and unable to take her against her will.

Now, Hel remains in the group as somewhat of an outlier. But her position is in jeopardy, with her father getting quite keen to bring her back and finish his work.

Hel is often seen with her toy, Atzy, a stuffed coyote, that was, supposedly, once a lab technician within Erubesco.

So begins...

Hel's Story


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Toby cleared his throat, glancing back at his unwanted tagalong. His look was greeted with a keening mrow.

"More like he--found me," Toby said guilty. "I was just walking around outside to k--keep my head clear..."
He shrugged helplessly. Dawn could see the whole story in his head, anyway. He considered offering to get rid of the cat, chase it off somehow... but now the thing was circling his ankles and then prancing over to Dawn to claim her as its property, too.

Yeah, right. He wasn't gonna be cruel enough to the pathetic, scrawny thing to get it to stay away. He was the one who was idiot enough to feed it in the first place. Now his impulse was to take it toward the kitchen where he thought he sensed Mina... that was where he wanted to be, personally, anyway. He just wasn't sure it was wise to let the cat in there because he didn't know whether Mina would croon and give it diabetes with gallons of sweet tea or beat it senseless with a broom. It was easy to picture either possibility.


Mina's concern that Spire would sleep in was misplaced. Indeed, the elder Schippers brother woke brightly, feeling like he had just begun a long-awaited Saturday. Despite a late night, he awoke alert with the sunshine in the window, much the way a child awakes in anticipation of a trip to a theme park. His smooth stride led him down the hallway of the Helton training center with his black desert boots laced tight, his charcoal peacoat loose over his arm, and a cool smile on his angled face. For Spire, a man easily bored and incessantly cynical, his crisp mood could only mean one thing:

Somebody was likely to get cut up today.

The prisoner in Pierrot's pocket universe hadn't yet spilled any information about Hel, nor why the sick and irritatingly persistent Commander Green wanted her. This was bad news, in a way, half full. It meant that Spire and Montana still had interrogating to do. And until they finished wringing the speedster's knowledge like blood from a wet cloth, he still had the possibility of slicing her throat to look forward to. (He wouldn't let the likelihood of the softies forbidding the killing dampen his mood.)

But first things first.

He gently tapped on the door of the room next to his own--Hel's. "Hey, kid, you ready to get up?" he said, turning the handle and stepping in to check on his ward.


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The sound of small feet in red tennis shoes padding up to the bedroom door heralded the arrival of the Wanderers' youngest member, six year old Hel.

The door slid open to one side, and the pale little face with wide, pinky-red bushbaby-esque eyes watched Spire from the centre of the room. The young girl had already gotten ready an dressed. The hooded top she'd been given was already pulled on, and her toy, the grotesque grinning coyote, had been stuffed through the central pocket, button eyes staring out emptily off to the girl's left.

Hel seemed a small, skinny creature. Her skin was pale, making her wild ginger hair more vivid, and also serving to make the scars on her face, her neck, and her shoulder stand a dakr pink against the tone of her skin.

While it was clear that some things must have happened to the girl at some point in her past, her time with the group had seen a noted improvement in her general condition. She had put on a little weight, and she no longer fought for breath when she walked. Her appetite also seemed to be gradually returning, to the point that she was anticipating breakfast with something approaching eagerness.

Of course she didn't say anything though. Hel was quiet much of the time, though her actions were often the things to speak for her.

Like the day before when she had deftly plunged a teleporter's own knife through his neck.

That was the problem with attempting to turn a young child into a weapon. They tended not to easily set upon who they were or were not allowed to use their skills on. Rei had discovered this to her cost numerous times. Even someone who would be an ally wasn't entirely immune from her spite, so it was maybe not surprising that it was Spire that she was closely bonded to.

"I'm ready." she responded, small and quiet as usual, as she trotted over to the man she had come to regard as a father figure...
Even if he was perhaps the worst of the group to take as one. Spire had shown her compassion, he had taught her things, like how to whittle with one of her mother's knives, and, possibly most importantly, he had promised to help her kill Dutch at some point, something she was still holding him to on some level.


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Move on soon? Toby was always a bit unsettled when the others spoke of moving on from Helton. In his eyes, the factions could find them no matter what rock they crawled under, and he thought at least this was defensible. Still, it wasn't a battle he wanted to pick, and one place was probably as good as another.

Anyway, they had the more pressing issue of their visitor to think of.

At Mina's suggestion, Toby nodded. "Sera and Talin and Gale--probably wouldn't mind the--extra--the extra c--company. You know. Just in case," he said. Well. Gale might mind if he had been planning to wring their visitor's neck like he did to members of the local avian population. He pulled out his handguns one at a time and checked the clips.

There was still something strange about walking out to meet a strange Gifted hoping not to have to shoot anybody.

"Shall we?" he said, holstering and stepping back out into the hallway.

He decided he'd leave the problem of the cat to those who would staying. He'd happily shirk that responsibility.


Spire stuck out his hand to guide Hel along as they started toward the dining hall. At first, interacting with her had been persistently awkward and ridiculously far out of Spire's comfort zone, but he was a quick study. The rhythm was easy as breathing now. His gaze was alert--he was wary after the speedster nearly snatched Hel away under their noses--but not unhappy. He didn't try to make unnecessary conversation. No need. He had nothing important to say, and Hel didn't usually like to talk, which was alright, since Spire only really enjoyed smalltalk if it was to cut somebody with the edge of his sarcasm or threaten to cut them with something a little more tangible.

Separately, Spire and Helena were rather troubling, unsettling individuals in their own rights, and it was difficult to say whether the picture of them together changed the impression to something rather sweet or just multiplied the disturbingness. Possibly a bit of both.

They met the cluster of Wanderers at the door, and Spire perceived the note of tension on the faces.

"What's the fluster this time?" Spire asked Toby in a drawl. "Too much to hope Dutch lit up by the fuel tank of one of those cars he's been tinkering with and blew himself to hell?"

"Visitor," Toby replied, wishing he wouldn't say inflammatory things about Dutch--or anyone else, for that matter--around Hel. At the end of the day, the younger Schippers brother just wanted everyone to get along. "Probably nobody. You can stay here with Hel."

"Put a few between the freak's eyes if something's off. Don't wait for somebody to get killed," Spire said calmly. His mouth turned up in a half smile. "Because let's be honest. Given historic evidence, it'd probably be you."

Thank goodness for Clockwork.
Not that Spire was gonna say that aloud more often than he had to.


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Mina rolled her eyes and then fixed her gaze on Spire with obvious disapproval at his comment about Dutch, but said nothing. It was hardly as if anyone was out of place to wish him ill, but that did not make the joke any less in poor taste, especially with little ears around.

The doctor’s accusative stare dropped when Spire mentioned Toby being killed, however.

That one was definitely on her.

Sort of?

“Well, best get moving before anyone else does,” she said in her usual warm tone, checking that the stove was off before striding toward the kitchen door, “And Miss Dawn, I suppose you could tell the others what’s going on?” 

She moved at a pace just below a jog as she passed into the hall, taking long, quick strides like a server during rush still trying to look collected. "Y'all don't think it's some kinda ambush, d'you?" she questioned, pulling out her handgun as she walked and checking to be sure that it was properly loaded. "I mean, what with the company we've been getting thrown lately... "


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The sudden brush of fluff against her face quite visibly took Clockwork by surprise- head jerking away, nose wrinkling in what was, undeniably, a rather undignified manner as she fought back a sneeze. It was after a few moments that she recovered, and, absentmindedly rubbing the side of her nose with the side of her hand, continued to stir the pot. The oatmeal was coming along nicely now, with some of the chunks softening under the heat. Only a portion of her focus was on the state of Hel’s breakfast, however- the rest remained on the matter at hand.

“We would be more than happy to stay behind,” Clockwork intoned, willingly offering up the spoon to Mina as the doctor took it. “It would be for the best to make sure that there’s enough people on alert around base, after all. Soren and I can finish preparing breakfast for the rest of the group, as well, once we’ve finished waking everyone up.”

“And if you need any more help, however, then just call us.” To emphasize his point, Soren tapped gently against his temple, letting it linger there after a few beats. “If we can’t bring help ourselves, then we’ll try to send someone else as soon as possible.”

Not the ones to dawdle, the two moved to follow into the hall- Clockwork quickly loping from the stool and to her guardian’s side, reaching to grab the extended hand with her own- although they soon came to a halt as Spire and Hel came around the corner and into view. In all truth, the ex-Liberties found the former to be a bit more than a little ominous, but it was with a smile that Soren greeted both him and the young Norrevinter, and a slight bow of the head from the healer at his side.

“Good morning, Spire. Helena,” Soren said. He gave a slight nod as Toby explained the situation to the other Schipper, but, rather than add any commentary, remained silent. His attention had been torn away by the vision that had suddenly took form before his eyes- Dutch’s car, in its place outside Helton, with the man himself positioned beneath the hulking metal. There was a sudden flash, blinding him- then a brilliant bloom of oranges and yellows as the vehicle exploded. Soren could imagine the warmth across his face, smell the gasoline and ash as it scattered…

(there would be nothing left to heal the body would be too damaged for even me to help with he would be finally gone)

Alarmed, the man looked over to see his adoptive daughter staring forward, eyes gleaming fiercely as she watched the mirage along with him. She had stuck to the idea Spire provided like a fly to honey, and had begun to weave the idea out within her mind almost...blissfully. Frowning, Soren gave Clockwork’s hand a slight press, and, when her attention had been caught, a disapproving look.

The vision vanished.

Expression once again settling into one of welcome, Soren once again brought his attention to his current company with a quiet clear of the throat. “Mina was preparing breakfast for you before she left, Helena,” he began. “It should be done in a bit, but I can get you a glass of milk for you until then?” Then, to Spire, “I hope you don’t mind waiting for breakfast this time around. We woke up a bit later than we expected, so it may take us some time to prepare everyone’s meals.”

It was an odd thing to apologize for, really- especially at a time like this- but old habits died hard.


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Spire was quite aware of Mina's disapproval of his little jest about Dutch, but he had no intention of stopping such talk any time soon. He had found his position was on higher strategic ground if he kept the insults to the charming banter variety when it came to most of the Wanderers, but Dutch was free game. Nobody liked that greasy-haired killer anyway. Especially not Clockwork and company. And sometimes he might even manage to get a smile out of Hel by saying nasty things about Dutch. ...Even if it was a kind of dark smile.

"Thanks for the concern, Soren," Spire chuckled, "but somehow I've gotten by without a personal chef all my life so far. I'm set for now." He leaned against the counter, idly flicking out one of several short knives and testing its edge against his thumb almost subconsciously. With this motion, the direction his mind had wandered became suspect when he asked, "I suppose you haven't seen old man Montana yet. Probably still slinking around acting mysterious. Unless he's taken another unexplained haitus?" And it came painfully clear when he added, wryly, "And any idea where one might find your great and marvelous showman this morning?" because Pierrot was the only one who could portal him to the prisoner.


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Toby’s hesitance was quickly picked up by the little radio in Dawn’s head, although by this point, she had grown aware enough not to comment on it. His logic made sense- the walls around Helton, while broken down, could still be reinforced, and they had learned the layout of the city well enough to use in a fight- but she still found herself in agreement with the idea of leaving their current home behind. A large part of it was that, in spite of the Helton curse, it had proved to be easily invadable by Erubesco- a faction that was only a short distance away. And given the frequency that they had been attacked...Unconsciously, Dawn’s hand slipped into her pocket, fingers curling around nothing.

It was easy to believe that they would never really give up their pursuit, but it felt better to make it just a bit harder to be found. Better to add more hassle in being moving targets than sitting ducks, waiting for the next thing to happen. It may have been the part of her that was brought up in the ash that clung stubbornly to that belief, in truth- the survivalist that still made her sort her backpack’s inventory each night, or strain to catch any odd noise or presence when out raiding- but that did not change Dawn’s view in the slightest. Her instincts had grown unnecessary with the safety of the group to the point of dulling, but they were still something she had grown to trust with the years.

Shaking off her little reverie, Dawn followed into the hall, previously thoughtful expression shifting into a frown as a certain serial killer and his young companion met them at the doorway. There was reason for them to dislike Dutch at the level they did, but that didn’t make it much better in her eyes. Dutch could be a bit...much at times, but at the end of the day he wasn’t a monster. Besides, stroking this kind of fire would only cause more trouble in the long run. Gnawing on her cheek, Dawn gave a slight nod in response to Mina’s request, and proceeded to send out a brief mental broadcast to those awake, explaining the situation, before coming back into focus and following down the hall.

“It doesn’t seem like one,” she said, casting a glance over her shoulder at Clockwork (whose face was just as impassive as ever) for a moment, before returning her eyes back to the hall. “The person- he’s…” Dawn’s brows pulled together, “he figured out that there’s more of us. Trying to avoid a fight for now.” Her face relaxed, eyes losing the odd glazed look as she returned to her own mind, before she continued. “I do think we should be prepared for the worst, though. Just because he’s feeling peaceful doesn’t mean that something will happen.”

Dawn fought off the urge to cringe at Kayla’s comment- and the hurt that went through Mina in response- teeth gritting with the effort. While friendly, the air within the Wanderers was still very much tense. Strained, almost. It made her uneasy. Rubbing her shoulder, she followed into the morning light of the Wasteland, silently training her focus upon the bubble of activity that awaited them. Hers wasn’t a weapon that she could draw out and threaten it, but it was a weapon nonetheless.

“Like Mina said. We shouldn’t go into things like this without any backup plans. Just in case.”

The setting changes from Helton to The Wasteland


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“Alright then.” Soren wasn’t particularly surprised by Spire’s response- in all honesty, given the backgrounds of many of the Wanderers, he had expected for a fair portion of them to simply eat when they pleased instead of waiting for a proper mealtime. There were no luncheons out in the ash, nor were there any picnics or fine dining. To eat was survival, and starvation did not wait for anyone. It was a habit that he was sure would have clung for much longer, and a habit that he would have never held against them- but to his pleasant surprise, that was not the case.

Although exceptions weren’t exactly rare, either.

Still, he couldn’t help but tack on, “There should be some leftovers in the fridge, however, so feel free to help yourself when you’d like.” Merciless killer Spire might be, he was still a part of the group, and Soren’s well-meaning nature extended to all those within it. That said, it still did not do much to snuff the flare-up of hesitance when he picked up on Spire’s intentions this fine spring morning.

It was Clockwork who answered instead, the earlier light in her eyes having faded completely. “We haven’t seen Montana at all today, I’m afraid,” she said tonelessly. “Given the message he left on the doors, there is a chance you might find him in the training hall. As for Percival.” She gave an abrupt pause, glancing up at Soren before continuing. “The last we saw him, he had gone out into the city. Wanted to keep an eye out himself, he said.”

“If you do see him,” Soren added, “could you please tell him that breakfast is almost ready? He can be forgetful at times.”