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Id Gormly

"It's the thought that counts."

0 · 265 views · located in The Citadel

a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by Zalgo



Full Name: Id Gormly

Nicknames/Aliases: N/A

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Gift: The gift of being an entity who can choose to exist as either material or a self willed mental construct.

Id's gift allows her to exist as what is essentially an idea with a will of it's own. She can manifest herself in the material world should she choose. She can influence and control thoughts while a mental construct to a certain limit.

Loyalty: Herself


She is basically what she wants herself to appear as. Her natural form is that of slender feminine beauty. She stands at about the same height as her brother Edgar. Her hourglass figure conveys just the right amount of both raw appeal and grace. Her hair comes down in long strands ending at the gluteus that flow like the finest silk imaginable and shine with just hair pure white it's pigment is. She can choose whatever outfit fits her mood at a whim. She is most often seen wearing a flowing white dress.

Certain features of hers could strike many as uncanny. Calling her skin pale would be an understatement. Her skin is absent of all hue or shade, just strictly white like a ghost. Her eyes are perhaps her most haunting yet memorable feature. They are a piercing bright gold color which almost seems to shine like the sun. Combined with the intensity of her eye's shade of yellow is her subtle devilish smile which grant her appearance that sinister edge.

If looks could kill she'd be a mass murderer. It's a good thing that she almost never appears outside of Edgar's own mind.


Never having needed a physical body can certainly effect one's outlook on life.

She is uncaring towards almost everything, living solely to entertain herself. Never having to ever suffer consequences has left her distant to the concerns of others and the power to weave entire worlds that she can manipulate to her every desire has left her jaded. Being an entity of pure thought with the ability to fabricate entire mindscapes within the limits of Edgar's skull she has everything she could possibly ever want out of life so what's left to even aspire for? To her mind there is little the real world has to offer that she cannot give herself with a mere thought. Only one existing factor remained which she did not rule unquestionably: Her brother.

For all the playing about she could do on her own her brother still had his own free will. This was excellent for her however. Without someone with a differing point of view life would eventually become stagnant for her. The one thing she couldn't simply dream up were his reactions to the world around him. She could alter his point of view, even draw him into one of her worlds should she desire but she sought the challenge. Since the real world didn't strictly bend to her will she had to be more creative as to how to bother her brother. She was his sister after all, it was her sworn duty as a sibling to pick on him.

As she's almost completely detached from real world logic she also has a poor grasp of what is too dangerous or too cruel. To her anything that doesn't literally kill her brother for good is fair play since no matter what happens so long as she has him as a host it's all fun and games for her. She sees no reason to limit anything she does as she exists in a state with far different limits than the real world imposes. That does not mean she's a fool however. Her intellect is keen though highly specialized due to her particular fields of fascination. Since she doesn't have real problems to worry about this free's up a lot of time for her to observe Ed's situation and she is most certainly observant. At heart she does somewhat care for her brother but her extremely skewed sense of empathy leads her to actions which any sane person might consider wicked.

As far as using her gift is concerned she's proud of her craft.


Almost all her skills involve her use of her gift. As a mentalist she is tremendously powerful albeit limited in scope and given the fact that she has lived her whole life in the realm of the mind she has a deeper understanding of the world of thought than nearly everyone else. While she is inside a mind she can see and control any and all operations from tangential whims all the way down to the basest innate programs. Given her control and knowledge she can manipulate all of her host's senses to the point where she could manufacture a completely separate reality, leaving her host either stumbling around, catatonic or doing whatever she wants the body to do while her host's mind is occupied.

If other mentally gifted were to start peaking inside or trying to change things she could create an entirely separate mind within the mind itself, a sub-mind to mask the real mind from the outsider's perception. The sub-mind she could create could even mirror the real mind, appearing positively identical to the host's own mind. Id has a wide variety of ways of not only controlling her host but also keeping other mentally gifted from sticking their noses in her business. With her skills she can hide her presence from mind scanners, such is the reason why she hasn't been detected yet.

As for skills in the material world she has all the same skills Edgar has since she learns everything her host learns. Aside from that she can pick up details Edgar sees but might not of noticed.


Her primary weakness is that her power limited to the mind of her host. She cannot extend her abilities beyond the mind of the person she is staying within. If she wants to effect another person's mind she has to first either invade or be invited inside. Though she is powerful if she has to invade a mind then there is a chance that she might be rebuffed, thus rendered unable to enter the person at all. While the chance is slim for most people to successfully oppose her invasion those with mental gifts stand a better chance of resisting her. Should she invade a host and the host continues to try and fight her occupation another person with the proper mental gift may be able to help purge her from her host. A host may not eject her from their body without help if she has already bypassed their mind's defenses and is unwilling to leave.

Naturally due to the risks of fighting for control of another host having a host she is currently occupying killed is problematic. While inside a host she has complete control over her own form while in her mental state of being however outside a host if she is in her mental state she is vulnerable to the effects of those with mental gifts. As her body is pure thought should someone use their gift to try and alter that thought it would physically alter her, distorting both her form and her mind based on the changes made. Should she manifest physically she becomes bound by the same rules placed upon all other living things, leaving her able to be hurt and even killed until she shifts into her alternate state. If she is injured in any way while physical such injuries will carry over to her other form and remain until she can find a host and mend herself within their mind's confines.

Besides her gift's limits she has plenty of personal weaknesses as well. She's not very aware of the difficulties with finding a new host since she almost never leaves Edgar, her current host. She can be often childish and rarely takes anyone seriously. Lastly she does not understand just how dependent she is on her brother Edgar.

Brief History:

Id was born alongside her twin brother Edgar. From the very moment she was born she immediately assumed her form as a self aware idea and took shelter within Edgar's mind. Ever since then they've been inseparable.

For the earliest parts of her childhood she mostly entertained herself with shaping the imaginary landscape she formed inside Ed's subconscious mind. Everything she could ever want was hers, the rest was just details. She never needed to sleep so she had plenty of time to perfect her art, drawing on Edgar's experiences to help design her own world and make it feel more real. She was an artist and her imagination was the brush she painted the world into being with. Eventually she was able to create her perfect fantasy world, a world that felt just as real as the real world did with some intentional exceptions. She was able to indulge herself in every whim that crossed her mind. Hers was an opulent lifestyle the likes of which not even royalty could even dream of experiencing.

All the while she lived her brother's life as well. Everything good that came to him she enjoyed as well. Everything that was bad that ever happened to him however was totally his to keep. She would occasionally play with her brother since unlike her subjects back in her imaginary world he wasn't as predictable. Seeing him trip or hit his head almost never failed to bring her a good chuckle. Back in her own world she was starting to run dry on ideas for what to do so she started turning her imagination towards picking on her brother for entertainment. The look on his face when he tried to run from some bullies only to discover his shoelaces were tied together was just priceless, more so than the rare jewels of immaculate beauty and power in her treasury.

As she was picking on him more and more she came to a sudden dreadful realization. The more she picked on him the less he reacted to her delightful pranks. If she kept this up like she was he was in danger of not being fun anymore. That simply wouldn't do! She dedicated her mind's full attention to keeping her tricks fresh and unpredictable, waiting for weeks and even months between pranks. She was determined to transform the torment of her brother into an artistic work of cruel beauty the likes of which she could take personal pride in. While Edgar only saw it as his sister occasionally coming out to ruin his life every now and then she saw it as a challenge, a call to bring out her most creative and ingenious plots with which to unleash upon her unwitting brother. After all, what use was he if he wasn't keeping her happy?

She still persists to prank her brother even to this very day.

Other: She and her brother are deeply connected. Their bond from birth is a symbiotic link which serves them both. Ed's mind senses their bond, believing Id's presence in his mind as belonging so Ed can never resist her control. In addition Ed's subconscious retains Id's original form so no matter how badly she is distorted so long as she returns to Edgar's mind she can restore herself to her original frame of being. Without Ed she would slowly but surely change until she could no longer even remember who she was and eventually become a shapeless will.

So begins...

Id Gormly's Story


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#, as written by Zalgo
The alarm rang. Ed woke up in his bunk down in the barracks where they kept the serfs. Serfs had to stay within the citadel limits for security reasons. Given their station few people trusted them and even fewer liked them. He wouldn't disagree on that though quite frankly he didn't really care what others thought about him. Better they hate him than like him, at least that's how he felt.

He got out of bed and made his way over to the changing rooms. Inside one of the lockers was his new uniform: a janitors outfit. Ever since they had arrived at the citadel they were delegated the least desirable tasks which they were to perform during their stay. In little more than a few weeks he and the rest of the crew he was assigned to were to be sent out to the front lines as ground troops aka cannon fodder. For now however their work was to carry unimportant things like furniture and clean the floors.

Their wing of the barrack's speakers sputtered to life, relaying commands to them from their task master.
"Bunks A to J proceed down to loading bays three through seven. Bunks K to Z proceed over to third floor, west wing. You all know your duties now go."

Just the same as yesterday. With all that he needed Ed began on his way out of the barracks and into the main body of the citadel itself along with everyone else in his bunk aisle. As they arrived in front of the storage there waited the chief janitor. They lined up as they were handed their mobs, buckets and miscellaneous supplies before being told their destination. They already knew the general list of tasks set for janitorial service. Ed received his gear and was sent off to the region of the citadel he was assigned to.

So there he was, mopping the floor down the hallway. Scrubbing the boot stains and other debris was a nuisance but it still beat rotting in jail. Quite frankly as most people who passed paid him little heed there was not a lot he could complain about. This work offered him time alone which he treasured like the nobles treasured their gold. Being alone meant that there were less opportunities for her to seize. Id was always watching, looking to set up his downfall so she could watch him stumble.

As he was minding his business he turned a corner and noticed another janitor was already working his area. Now this was confusing. He was about to ask as to why she was working where he was assigned but upon getting a good look at her he was caught a bit off guard. Not only had he never seen this janitor before but her appearance was most unusual for anyone outside of a hospital. Bandages from neck to toe stained with medical fluids and stitches running down along her face all sold the image of someone who was clumsily reassembled. Ed had seen some wounds back when he was still part of the infantry and she seemed to encompass all of them plus some.

If she was looking at him back she would of caught him just standing there staring with the one eye he still had. He really couldn't throw stones given the fact his left eye was sewn shut so people would stop staring into the empty socket all the time. Still, her appearance greatly contrasted with the types of people that frequented the citadel. An entire facility full of vain aristocrats and muscular warriors all preening themselves in a constant struggle to appeal to each other in some strange vain social ritual. The ugly were the exception here.

It could also be said that Ed hadn't spent much too long in the citadel itself. Most of his career was spent out at other forts, even during training. Catching himself staring he turned his eye down, looking away before he made this run in even more awkward than it already was. She was pretty much in the middle of the route he was assigned to take care of so something needed to be said.

"Um... Are you working this stretch?"

He didn't want to be rude just in case she had wondered in from the medical ward. Last thing he'd need is to piss off her doctor given his caste.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Al heard her retort out. He smirked a little at her sarcastic quip but unfortunately as much as he'd prefer to trade witticisms with the patchwork woman he was sure to hear of it if he didn't get finished. Before he could move past her she produced her ID tag. He leaned forward to get a better look on the lettering of the card.

"Hmm... Cadriel... Clearance level eight."

So, Cadriel was her name then. She had a far higher clearance than his measly clearance level three that much was made certain. An already interesting figure made all the more enigmatic the more he knew. Who on earth does she report to despite being a janitor just like him? What possible level of injury must she of sustained to warrant those bandages? Those questions and more were being asked in his head. Not that he expected a reply to any one of them, they were just thoughts after all.
The only person looking in on those right now would never be so kind as to inform him in any beneficial way.

He was stirred from his slight bout of introspection as Cadriel continued, dismissing him as either mistaken or mislead.
"Fine. A simple yes would of sufficed." He didn't sound particularly happy but then again he never did. Turning around he started on his way back. Of course Id wasn't going to let it be that easy. She'd been pretty bored these last few weeks and at this point was willing to pull a petty prank just to get a cheap chuckle at her brother's expense. It was nothing quite as lovely as some of her previous plans but she had some hope it would tide her over until a truly juicy opportunity presented itself.

As Ed was walking he was no longer aware of what his right hand was doing. The bucket of water he was carrying started to tip until it was pouring water as he walked. All the work he had done was undone by his own hand. He eventually noticed something was off when he reached the entrance to the elevator when he noticed his bucket was significantly lighter. As he looked down, curious as to what was different, he noticed what he had done. His expression turned to one of surprise before settling into a frown of depression as he realized he'd have to clean the entire stretch of the hall again. Putting a palm to his face he groaned, slowly but definitely getting back onto the task he just did.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Ed was busy toiling away on the sodden floors which he was directly responsible for as far as he and pretty everyone else knew, so busy in fact that he did not have the opportunity to notice the man speeding out from the elevator towards him. He hadn't raised his head to see some lanky guy quickly slipping and sliding towards him until the man was nearly in his face.

Just as the stranger caught himself in time to not crash in to him Ed backed up a step, looking rather cross due to this guy coming well within his comfort zone. Ed's comfort zone was pretty large as talking to pretty much anyone made him uncomfortable but in this case his discomfort was compounded with the proximity of this new guy.

"Hey, watch it." He warned just before the man started to ramble on about something. It started as something about helping then he moved on to something about a Creepsy, whatever that was, that was telekinetic or maybe a bad or good something or whatever. All Ed could really discern was that this guy was asking about somebody. He just looked at him with an expression of confusion as he tried to make sense of what this guy was going on about.

"So you want to find a who? I mean what? I-err, what do you mean? Telekinetic? What?"

He struggled to make sense of what he meant until the man started describing the person he was talking about with better details than 'Bad-creepsy' and 'Nice-creepsy'. He still wasn't very clear but at least he could make a little sense of what this guy wanted.

"Alright I'm just going to take a shot in the dark and assume you mean... Cadriel?"

It wasn't much of an answer but it was the best assumption he could make given the terrible description. He gave a short shrug, looking down the hall where he had come back from.

"She's still working this floor. Don't know if she's supposed to be on this floor for the next few weeks but her clearance is higher than mine so I'm not fighting it. I don't think she's left if you're looking for her."

His answer wasn't exactly precise but then again it's hard to be when people have a habit of not always staying in the same place. After all, he barely understood where he was supposed to be let alone where she was. Since the guy brought it up she came back into mind. She did have a lot of stitches like she was pieced together after being torn apart but she didn't really look much too bad for it. Perhaps rather it was Ed who thought it didn't look so bad. Then again he knew he was a sucker for the macabre. Conventional beauty had it's place but it was a place he was not welcome. It wasn't a place he would be happy in even if he was welcome. Things that made people happy weren't for him.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Ed nodded to Skip, acknowledging his introduction.

He didn't need Skip to point out the awful mess the large oaf of a man had made. This just meant more work, more opportunity to get his ear talked off when it came time to report back. Before he could resume his mopping however the bang of a bucket hitting the floor brought his eyes off the strange rambling fellow over to the woman he had come across earlier.

From the moment she saw Skip he could tell they knew each other well. How well was questionable as Skip ran in for a big hug. Either the guy was an extremely touchy-feely sort of person, the kind of person who makes his skin crawl just being near, or the two were close. Regardless of who they were or who was sleeping with it was none of his business and he planned to keep it that way. It was getting way too crowded in this hall as it was. Two was company, three was a crowd and all of the above was more company than he appreciated.

Just as he was about to move on down the hall, hoping to avoid notice so he could clean the rest of the mess he made in peace, he found his foot would not move as though it were glued to the floor. Attempting to move the other foot he saw that it too would not move.

"Aw. Leaving already?"

He cringed. Hearing her voice never meant anything good.

Look, I've already made myself look like enough of a fool out here. You don't need to help.

He struggled not to speak aloud, a learned habit from past experience. He knew nobody else could hear her voice except for him, at least that is what he's been led to believe, and answering questions nobody asked would only make him seem like some sort of lunatic. He didn't need help becoming even more of a social pariah.

"Looks like you've made yourself some friends. Aren't they just adorable?"

Ed's back stiffened instantly as he felt a smooth, delicate finger trace down the right side of his neck. Sauntering up to his side the ethereal beauty that was his sister rested her chin upon his shoulder, lightly leaning on him as she looked over the group around Ed with a devilish smirk. He could feel her touch and her weight upon him but he knew she wasn't there. It was all a hallucination, a trick of his mind brought upon him by her. Sweat ran down his brow as he tried his hardest to ignore her presence.

No. I don't know these people. They aren't adorable either.

"Tut tut. You're too negative. You need to loosen up. Lets hang out with your new buddies."

She was so casual she spoke as if she had not a care in the world. The truth was she didn't have one. She was effectively unaffected by almost all forms of danger. No one other than her brother even knew she existed and Ed couldn't do anything to her. The most he could do to bother her was to keep away from things she might take an interest in. Right now however he was powerless to challenge the verdict. He wasn't going anywhere no matter how badly he disliked it and he disliked this situation plenty.

So there he stood, bucket next to him and mop in his hand. Having said her word she decided to vanish, leaving Ed's perceived world while he listened to what Skip had to say. He couldn't help but give a sigh of relief now that he didn't need to pretend there wasn't someone hanging off his shoulder now that she let him be. He knew better than to think for a moment she wasn't listening to every thought and watching every emotion that passed through his mind but at the very least he could suffer without her added torment for the time being.

At the very least some of what Skip had to say was of some interest. The fact that the military had put a micro-detonator in his head wasn't shocking news but it was still worthy of note. He wondered just how they planned to kill people with a bomb that small. There was also mention of some person named Eris but he had no idea who that was so he didn't care.

The most interesting thing to Ed that Skip mentioned was something called The Helton Curse. He didn't know anything about a Helton but from what he could deduce from what he said he figured it killed people who were loyal to Erebesco or something along those lines. Now Ed didn't wish death upon Erubesco or anything quite so strong but he definitely knew that he was by no means loyal. He served because he had no choice. Something with a curse that killed off loyal members of Erubesco would come in handy if he ever wanted to be left alone.

Not that there wouldn't be other ways the military could get him. If there was one thing he knew it was that there was always someone with something for the job. That was the irritating part about his fellow gifted. Thanks to their super powers it was a pure matter of fact that no one is born equal. He was born to be lesser than others. As far as his fellow gifted were concerned he was dirt. He couldn't blame them, he thought so too. To him he was just some one-eyed piece of junk that barely even understood his own ability. He'd never known nor did he ever want to know the specifics regarding his supposed 'Gift'. Quite frankly he didn't even care. He had had enough of people and their powers. He just wanted to be alone.

Of course she wouldn't like that very much. Far too boring for the likes of Id.

He wasn't amused with his new nickname. A name such as Odin's was well wasted on some rotten janitorial slave. He never liked nicknames to begin with and he was starting to really dislike Skip as well. Perhaps this is your plan. He wondered, thinking words knowing that Id would definitely hear them. You knew this would really get under my skin, didn't you. He accused her in a scathing tone of thought. Nothing answered back save a long period of silence. She knew he knew that she could hear his thoughts but she didn't want him getting the idea that he could just talk to her whenever he liked. She found his impotent rage highly amusing but too much of anything was never palatable.

Quietly he stood there, hoping his quiet participation wasn't drawing too much attention. He looked about, hoping they weren't staring. Given his odd behavior moments ago he figured odds were likely that he wouldn't escape this conversation completely clear. His trust in his own luck had been lost a long time ago.

The setting changes from The Citadel to The Wasteland


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  1. Wrong Location

    by Zalgo

0.00 INK

#, as written by Zalgo
Cadriel and the large man were both summoned away by a call. Both left rather suddenly, the large man leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. It was at this point Edgar realized something. There's no way I'm going to get that all cleaned up by myself. At least I can blame it all on the large guy and continue on.

With the others gone there was no force holding him there any longer. Looking rotten like his day's been nothing but rotten pears he started on his way off when his annoying headset went off in his ear. He wouldn't wear the damn things if it wasn't declared necessary and enforced as such.

“Chase Black, Edgar Gormly, Krystal Saturns, and Patricia Collin,please report to the teleport bay immediately. Gormly, bring soldering equipment and the Cabinet 3 reconstruction materials from the supply closet on your way. Thank you.”

What the hell is Cabinet three reconstruction materials? Was the first thought to run through his head. The next thought was just a begrudged internal sigh as he turned on his feet and was about to walk on down to the teleport bay when he saw her just standing right next to him in passing. In his ear he heard her voice.

"Aw, leaving your new friend already?" She playfully chided him with mocking concern.

Unless you somehow forgot I have a job to do. Edgar was far less amused with this interest of hers.

"Well I won't keep you but I do know you're interested in that city he spoke of."

Edgar stopped, considering her words carefully. He hadn't even thought of it but now that she mentioned it Skip DID know about Helton, this city he was most interested in. Letting good information like that slip would be squandering an opportunity, a good one. This was definitely another case of his sister playing him like a fiddle. The worst part? It worked like a charm.

Exactly as she knew it would.

Edgar looked back over his shoulder at Skip. "I want to know more about that city. I'll talk to you later."

Not entirely diplomatically put but Edgar was anything but diplomatic as he typically rubbed almost anyone he met the wrong way most of the time. With his farewells wrapped up he left to go bring soldering equipment and Cabinet three reconstruction materials to the teleport bay.

He arrived on scene, having left his mop and bucket back in the supply closet so he could carry the soldering equipment and cabinet three reconstruction materials. The tall, frowning one eyed man in his janitorial jumpsuit approached the scene. He looked on upon the caved in walls and the blonde girl in a wheelchair.

With a beleaguered sigh he set the stuff he was carrying down on the ground. "Who needs this?" He questioned gruffly, his hands already seeking their way into his pockets as he stood nonchalantly over the bits of stone rubble, metal shards and loose wires.

The setting changes from The Wasteland to The Citadel


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0.00 INK

"You do," said Piper, who was already busy at work melting and attaching damaged wiring, leaning forward in her chair until she looked ready to fall out. "All of you," she said as a few more crew members trickled into the teleportation bay. She barely looked up as she spoke; blinding pulses sparked from her fingertips as her Gift activated, lighting her face like an irregular strobe.

"There's an emergency situation going on and...these breaks occurred in someone's haste. The damages may be a threat to security. I think we all saw how catastrophic the results can be when the teleportation security is compromised," she said, detangling a pair of fat, sparking cables with a new determination as she remembered the attack, the fire...the being strapped to the emergency generator like a human battery.

She glanced at Edgar, where he stood hands in pockets, looking, in her opinion, a bit clueless. She vaguely recalled seeing him around the base. She remembered, because he had appeared to be rambling to himself. Piper knew she wasn't dealing with a specialist group; but they all should have received some measure of broad, fundamental repair training, and right now, close by with fundamental training would have to be good enough.

Piper's whole bearing seemed to change as she gladly donned the mantle of responsibility. Her soft voice sounded harder with her decisive orders. "Attach those cables, and those ones. If you don't usually handle electrical, consider this your first training lesson and grab an iron and ask me or Saturns where to attach, or use that adhesive from the supply cabinet to patch the wall over what's already fixed, like there, on my left."