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Kayla Chandler

The wolf shifter is shy and quiet...until she bites

0 · 309 views · located in Helton

a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by wolfsong4640


Full Name: Kayla Irene Chandler

Nicknames/Aliases: None

Age: 18


Gift: Kayla is a shapeshifter and energy projector. She can take the form of a white wolf, or a lycan-like form in some situations. As for energy projection, she can blast pulses of blue energy from her hands and create a ripple of energy by projecting it from her entire body.

Loyalty: Wanderers

Description: Kayla is about 5'8 in height. She's on the thin side (considering the fact that she does a lot of running, haha) and she's fair-skinned. Her eyes are a bright, emerald green, and her hair is light blonde and wavy, reaching the middle of her back. She has some scars on her body, but those tend to be easy to hide. There are none on her face, but many will be able to see that she blushes very easily.

Personality: Normally, Kayla is a little shy and does her best to be kind. She can be tenderhearted and sensitive when she's stressed out or grieving, and it's embarrassing for her when she gets like that in front of others. There's a spark in her, though, and she'll react violently when push comes to shove. Her wolf-like instincts and short fuse blend together rather negatively when she's upset, making her lash out verbally and physically. It's best not to push her too much...

Skills: Kayla doesn't have any set skills, really. She hasn't been trained how to properly fight, but she does try to pick up on an opponent's fighting style. Marcus has also given her a few tips on practical self defense. If she were to use a weapon, her go-to one would be a knife.

Weaknesses: Kayla is run by her emotions at most part. She has a short fuse and a strong fear for her friends' lives when they hang in the balance. She also has an overwhelming fear of thunderstorms. In regard to her powers, her wolf instincts can override her clear thinking if she stays shifted for too long.

Brief History: Kayla has been on the run since she was 16. She managed to escape the Erubescan labs and ran into Marcus Harrison, a former Liberty agent, later on. Both of them stumbled into the company of the Wanderers, and have been with them ever since then.

So begins...

Kayla Chandler's Story


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Mina whipped around at the sound of footfalls behind her, only taking in Rei’s voice a second after her pistol had been drawn.

And in the span of about ten seconds, the effort spent hiding her weapon and the fact that they were expecting an unwanted incoming was wasted. She tucked the gun back into her waist and cast Reith a nod, before training her eyes back onto Jake.

“Listen, sugar,” she said, taking a step forward into his space, “We’ve got bigger problems than you at the moment, so I suggest you get along out from underfoot. I’ve not got the best track record on watching my crossfire, so back the way you came’s gonna treat us all better in the long run.”

Poor hospitality taken care of, she brought her gaze back to watching the encroaching figure. “We all saw it, Reith. Mr. Talin or Schippers… You got anything to tell us about our new friend? Because I’m not a fan of the way he’s coming in.”

Then, back to the mental channel, ‘Trying to keep the Mind-Manipulator card in the back pocket, for now. But if you’ve got anything, please do share. Or... Sera? You think you can cast some light the wrong way and hide us?’


Larke, meanwhile, was wholly unaware of the situation he was drifting dangerously near to. The healer had been holding himself afloat on a warm updraft, keeping as hidden as possible behind a cloud. While there were peeks he managed to catch below, the small gathering in Helton was all but impossible to make out given his near snow blindness from the thick sheet of white he was gliding over.

The courage to swoop lower and get a better read was still beyond him; perhaps if he flew more directly over, he could descend on the back gate and take them by surprise?