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Marcus Harrison

Ignore the angst for now... He sees dead people

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a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by wolfsong4640


Full Name: Marcus Alden Harrison

Nicknames/Aliases: None

Age: 21


Gift: Marcus has the ability to manipulate shadows and he has a medium gift. His medium gift allows him to hear and see the spirits of the deceased, which includes people and sometimes animals. After the death of his sister, though, he did his best to suppress this power. He didn't want to hear them anymore, especially if his sister was one of those voices. It wasn't until the Wanderers entered Helton that his gift broke free, causing him awful migraines. He still tries to suppress it, but it hinders his other abilities, too. Perhaps things will be different about his abilities once he lets go and stops running away...

Loyalty: Wanderers/Former Liberty Agent

Description:Marcus stands at a height of 6'3. He normally keeps a straight posture, so that can sometimes make him look taller. He's rather pale, and his eyes are a crimson red. His hair is jet black and slightly messy. It has gotten longer recently, so by now it falls a little over his eyebrows. There are many scars scattering his body, some hidden and some visible. He may tend to hide most of them, but the ones on his arms are normally able to be spotted.

Personality: Crimson red eyes, a tall figure, a British accent, and a brooding personality are what make up the 21 year-old at first glance. Marcus may seem like a stick in the mud (and he is sometimes), but he does have a sense of humor and happiness buried deep down. The death of his mother and sister, and the stress of his powers, tend to weigh him down, leading to a rather depressed, introverted persona. Led by his emotions, he has made several attempts on his own life in the past in Liberty, as well as one in the presence of the Wanderers. Some stern words and a few blows from the Wanderers have started to give him a wake up call, though. He has recently been giving notice to his desire for social interaction, as well as his growing feelings towards Kayla.

Skills: Marcus has learned from Liberty about how to fight properly and how to use weapons wisely. He can easily pick up a gun and use it without fear. The same goes for knives, but he prefers to use his Gift instead of close range in normal situations.

Weaknesses: Marcus has leaned towards depression and suicide at several points in his life. Though he is trying to move on from that now, it would be easy for the enemy to make him sway emotionally. He also has a growing attachment to the Wanderers, and he would risk everything for their sakes.

Brief History: Marcus Harrison made a break for the Wastelands after he couldn't handle working as an Agent for Liberty. He made it into the Wastelands on his own before he found Kayla Chandler, running from Erubescan Knights. After instructing her to look away, he took care of the situation quickly and the pair decided to continue running together. They continued traveling until they came across the Wanderers. Finding comfort in the group's company, they chose to remain with them.

So begins...

Marcus Harrison's Story


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As the sun began to cast its pale yellow light over Helton, a shadow was rising up and swirling around in midair. It soon fell back down into the palms of Marcus' hands, though, leaving Roxy to stare at it in amazement.

"Neat!" She said, beaming as she looked up at him with bright yellow eyes. Marcus blinked and smiled slightly as he swirled the shadow around casually. "Thank you, Roxy." He replied. "It's not much, but it helps me think." He let the shadow fade and he stood up, sighing tiredly. After being unable to sleep any longer, he had gotten up and had gone outside for some fresh air. He ran into Roxy along the way, and the small brunette chose to follow him out. It didn't really bother him. He had honestly been yearning for some company, and the girl's optimistic personality was welcoming.

A few birds were chirping on the rooftops, causing Roxy to quickly look up at them. Her mental focus remained on Marcus, though. "Still tired?" She asked, walking over to one of the buildings to get a closer look. Marcus looked at her and shrugged, despite her not looking at him. "Yes, but that's normal for me." He answered.

Roxy's golden eyes focused on him once more. "Do you sleep at all?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. "I mean, it's been kinda nerve-wracking around here lately, but I don't think any factions are gonna invade too soon..."

The questions and hesitant reassurance made Marcus chuckle slightly. "No, no... it's more of my Gift that's bothering me." He admitted. "When you can pick up the voices of the people that used to live here, it makes you a tad restless." Roxy looked a little disturbed by the thought of having that ability, but she nodded. "That's true. Sorry to hear that." She murmured, frowning.

Before Marcus could reassure her, though, her expression brightened on its own. "At least the others are getting up soon. Their voices will be a good thing to focus on." She said, smiling. The positive words made Marcus smile slightly and he nodded. "That's true." He replied.

The setting changes from the-wasteland to Helton


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Marcus and Roxy continued to walk through the broken city quietly, enjoying the sunlight and the sounds of the birds. As they approached another building that had birds perched on it Roxy walked ahead of Marcus and flapped her wings to lift off the ground. She flew up to the rooftop and whistled softly. The birds fluttered away at first, but then chirped to her in reply. Smiling, she made little chirping noises.

Marcus watched her curiously from down below. "Do they understand you?" He asked. The brunette popped her head over the edge. "I think they kinda do." She said, smiling. "They come to me if they're comfortable. Wanna see?" The young man nodded and watched as Roxy disappeared for a moment. He heard a lot of chirping and coos, and not too long afterwards, the girl was landing beside him. Two finches fluttered around her shoulders before perching there. She smiled and stroked their feathers softly.

"Bird whisperer, I see." Marcus mused, smiling more. Roxy grinned and let one of the finches move onto her hand. She then held it out to him. "Want to pet him?" She asked. "Trust me, he's friendly." Marcus blinked, but reached out a hand towards the bird. The bird looked at him, feathers twitching, but made no move to fly away. Seeing this, he began petting his feathers very gently. "You have an interesting Gift, Roxy." He noted. "Normally these birds would look at me in horror." Roxy giggled a bit at the joke. "Aw, I doubt that." She laughed.