Mariana Barnett

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a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by scoundrelboots


Full Name: Mariana Paola Carmena Guerra-Barnett (though just Mariana Barnett, on Libertian documentation)

Nicknames/Aliases: Mari; Also answers to: Mom, Mommy, Mama, MOM, MOOOOOM, I'm Hungry, Jimmy Peed on the Floor Again, There's Nothing to Do, I'm Bored, We're Out of Milk, Have You Seen My Left Boot, *grumbling about being an adult,* *whimpering dog noises and nudging bowl with nose,*

Age: 41

Gender: Female

Gift: Telekinesis; Also Mom Powers: Knows how late you came home (really,) can sense who took the last cookie, knows when you are lying, probably has eyes on the back of her head, piercing gaze of "I'm not angry, just disappointed."

Loyalty: Formerly Liberty

  • Medium weight but curvy build, with a small "pudge" around her middle
  • Mid-olive colored skin, amber brown eyes, wavy black hair
  • Soft, pleasant, but slightly aged facial features with expressive brows
  • Liberty-issued citizens clothes

  • Nurturing/kind, especially to younger children and teens
  • Patient with those she trusts, but quick to anger when her family is in danger
  • Distrustful of newcomers
  • Determined, stubborn on issues that count
Skills:Basic Libertian combat training, good judge of character, strong willed, basic first-aid ability, cooking, cleaning, repair sewing, expert cleaner of spilled milk, speed-skills at diaper changing
Weaknesses:Civilian-level combat ability, immediately swayed by threats to her children, easily loses control of gift in high-stress situations

Brief History: Mariana was born toward the tail end of the human/gifted war, into the faction that had started growing into Liberty not long before. She was trained into the Libertian army at a young age, but fell in love with an officer's son and became pregnant with her first child. Liberty authorities deemed them a suitable couple, fortunately, at Mariana Guerra Married Martin Barnett at age 20.

Over the next sixteen years, Mariana had four children: Richard, Louis, Elliot, and Jimmy (James). The two eldest, Richard and Louis, followed after their father and joined the Libertian military. When Dutch attacked the Liberty base, Martin, Richard, and Louis were killed defending the city. When the draft age growing ever lower, Mariana fled with fifteen year old Elliot and four year old Jimmy just weeks before Elliot's 16th birthday. They were followed by a family favorite stray, creatively named Dog.

The small family ran into the sisters Lyda and Crystal and took up shelter in a human bunker, where they have been since.

Beware the chancla.

So begins...

Mariana Barnett's Story