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Keeps clowning around.

0 · 477 views · located in Liberty Base Alpha A

a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by Miss Echo



Full Name: Percival Rowan Pelacour

Nicknames/Aliases: Pierrot, Percy, the Clown, the Jester

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Gift: Shapeshifting, Portal Creation/Minor Reality Creation

Loyalty: Wanderers, originally Liberty as Head of Indoctrination

Description: One would be hard pressed to see any traces of Pierrot being a former member of the Liberty Council. Face coated with face paint at nearly all hours of the day, bright, multicolored clothing, and a canary yellow shawl to fully complete the oddness of his wardrobe, he looks nothing like the professional one would expect him to be. On top of that, his own features give off an air of whimsy, with a bright plume of orange hair upon his head, mischievous blue eyes, and a general foxlike face. Pierrot constantly has a face-splitting grin, and is never seen without his trusty decks of cards.

Personality:From first impression, one would easily assume that the ex-Councillor has a few screws loose here and there. He’s over-excitable, enthusiastic, and theatrical; speaking with flair and no small amount of glamor. He has a tendency to view the world around him as a “stage”, with those within it as the “actors”. However, in spite of his general quirks and eccentrics, he is, surprisingly, sane. At times, he will switch into a more serious persona, speaking with a deadpan humor and acting like a reasonable enough young man. This hardly lasts for long, however, before he switches back into the vibrant Pierrot.

Skills: Having a strong control over both of his primary Gifts, Pierrot is capable of wielding the two with fluidity. His first power, shapeshifting, allows him to take the form- and, in connection, any Gifts his target may have- of anyone, so long as he has touched, seen, smelled, and heard the person. Pierrot shares the vulnerabilities of the person’s physical form in this state, and the longer he attempts to hold the form, the more unstable it becomes. His second Gift, portal creation, does exactly what the name would imply; allowing him to create multiple portals at a time to travel between. However, within the world lies a bizarre in-between- a disturbing land dubbed “Pierrot’s Playground”. While he cannot manipulate the world, it can serve as a means of storage if all portals are closed when something is within.

Aside from his Gifts, Pierrot is also a talented acrobat, being flexible and able to maintain his balance with ease. He is skilled with use of throwing knives (or, in his case, cards), and is also a brilliant actor.

Weaknesses: While Percival has no qualms about assisting the Wanderers with his Gift, he holds a meager amount of attachment towards the group itself. He has a tendency to mock several members, keeping up the act of the unreasonable, loopy clown all the while so as to hide any reaction the backlash might cause. Not only this, Pierrot does his best to not make many close bonds with others, opting to remain closest to his little family. Physically, Pierrot can only maintain the shape of his target for so long, and while recovering his energy to continue his shapeshifting, is left vulnerable. He cannot create an indefinite number of portals, as well, and is forced to shut them after some time.

Brief History: In his early years, Percival had little control over his powers, and was constantly left in a state of shifting as a result- unable to stop or assume a proper form of his own. With no family to guide him through his instability, he began to develop a rather cynical, self-loathing viewpoint as the years passed. Eventually, however, upon seeing the child’s struggle with his Gift, the Leader Soren chose to take Percival in and raise him as his own.

Percival soon developed a grasp upon his powers, and, along with it, a deep caring for his adopted family. He looked up to his older sister, Indie, and held a typical brother-sister relationship with the speedster- with her constantly pestering him out of his shell, and him slowly beginning to follow along with her antics. When Clockwork was brought into the family, he was delighted, and encouraged her to play and enjoy life in spite of her...odd nature.

Eventually, the youth was brought into the Council as the head of Loyalty Affirmation. While he was unsure of the position at first, he soon took to his work, supporting his father’s dream of Liberty. One day, however, Percival had gone out to recruit a mental-manipulator to their side, only to have his mental state shattered in retaliation. Pierrot was born soon after- a crazed lunatic with no method to his actions. This was the trigger of Soren’s departure, as the man searched for a way to restore his son’s mind.

After the attack on Liberty, Pierrot was eventually healed by the mind-manipulator Dawn. Now fully aware of what had happened, Percival took to loathing both the man responsible for his state, as well as the one who had killed him and his family after. He went into a state of grief for some time after, but has recovered enough to become a proper member of the Wanderers.

  • Holds a vendetta against Allen and Dutch.
  • Mapped out several Liberty bases during his state of instability.

So begins...

Pierrot's Story