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"It's what's inside that counts. For instance, my insides are green and have teeth."

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a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by VitaminHeart



Full Name: RE1 T1-1

Nicknames/Aliases: Reith, Rei

Age: 19

Gender: Female


-Biological Manipulation (Flawed)

Loyalty: Former Erubesco Experiment, currently staying with The Wanderers

Description: Rei appears as a rather skinny, curveless individual, with pallid skin and long, thick, silvery hair. The length of the hair is one of the better indications of her femininity, as she tends to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing


Unpredictable might be a good word for Rei.
Like an animal that has been trained to fight, she tends to struggle between her own natural persona, and what has been hardwired into her mind to the point of second nature, that being rather horrific levels of brutality.

For the most part, Rei is a quiet, meek, self-deprecating sort. She has only recently in her life had a chance to really take up hobbies, but has found she quite enjoys reading, and some kinda of sport (though it's still up for debate as to whether transforming yourself to gain the athletic edge is really fair). She is extremely grateful of just about any sort of positive reactions from others, and tends to be extremely keen to please those who have been kind to her, and mortified upon realizing she's upset them. She's quite intelligent, even if her rather animalistic tendencies don't leave this too obvious, and in many ways this works against her, as she tends to very much overthink her own actions.

Then, there are her issues with instability.

There is almost a sense with Rei that her human persona is a bit of a veneer on something altogether more monstrous. Any considerable stress sees Rei's higher functions overwhelmed and sees her default to far less human behaviour. Hunting, hiding, mauling opponents in the most horrific ways, and, perhaps the most unpleasant to a civilized person, the drive to consume prey, and even enemies, raw in order to fuel her abilities. It does not take a lot to push Rei into these behaviours, and her lack of reasoning in extreme situations can at times make her a liability.


-Rei's abilities make her incredibly hard to kill, allowing her to reconstruct her own tissue even when she's received extremely heavy damage.



-Rei's powers depend on having enough stored biomass to create new parts and/or regenerate herself. In order to accrue this she has to consume raw animal matter. She cannot digest normal food. Her natural instincts to do so tend to kick in when she is hurt or threatened. As a result Rei feels a compulsion to consume small animals, dead things, and even, in extreme cases, people.

-Rei is a creation of Commander Green, and as a result can be directly manipulated on a biological level both by him, and, to a lesser extent, his daughter Hel. Hel tends to rather abuse this, using it to inflict pain of Rei in order to force the mutant to capitulate with her own wishes.

Brief History:

The majority of Rei's background is very vague, not in the least to Rei herself, whose first clear memory of her history was around a month or two prior, waking up in an Erubesco-owned biological waste dump out somewhere in the Ash, with a number of bullets lodged in her chest.

From there she wandered around the arid lands, damaged and surviving off lizards and frogs, until she happened to encounter The Wanderers. Whilst initially aggressive, some raw meat seemed to swiftly change her demeanour into one far more amiable, and she has been part of them ever since.

Rei's background appears to lie in OUROBOROS, and Erubesco research project that tried to recreate the abilities of Commander Green in a weaponized capacity, but was shelved due to the overwhelming fatality rate, and the abominations that tended to result from it.

-Her blood is green, due to presence of a bile pigment, biliverdin.

So begins...

Reith's Story


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The buildings near the outskirts of the old town of Helton were quiet. Once residential properties the families that had occupied them were long gone, either evacuated.. or gone in a far more ultimate way. The curse was indiscriminate.

The houses were not entirely without activity however,

A small, shrill squeal from inside one of the abandoned buildings heralded the exit of a pale-looking, silvery haired humanoid from inside. It edged out into the grey morning light, with the limp body of a large rat clasped in its twisted set of talons. Thick scales encased its forearm and patches its shoulders, a ridge of spines ran along its back, protruding through gaps in some faded tee, and the legs beneath the black, loose-fitting pants it wore seemed to not be shaped right...the joints snapped into place more like the back legs of some predatory monster. The mutant thing crouched on the concrete outcrop of a fallen building, clutching the deceased rodent, and, in two grisly bites with sharp, uneven teeth, consumed the whole thing, fur, bones, even tail.

Rat gone, the aberration remained hunched up on the wreckage, and as it did, the more monstrous features began to recede. The jagged teeth shrunk down, the chitinous claws snapped back into fingers, and the thing began to take on a far more human look. Of course, it was clear to any observer that this individual was not exactly normal.

Rei, OUROBOROUS RE1 T 1-1, Erubescan experiment now living wild in the wasteland after attempts to make something extremely hard to destroy turned out to work better than fully realized.

A few days ago, Rei had experienced being seized, lifted up, and torn clean in half by an Erubescan knight before being flung across thw battlefield. Considering that, she was looking pretty good for it. All pieces where they should be. It hadn't come without a cost though. After the fight and the repercussions, Rei had made her way to her room at the old training centre, collapsed into bed, and had remained there for about seventy five hours after. For most people, several days apparently comatose might have been a cause for concern, but Rei's rather..idiosyncratic biology meant that it had all turned out very well..

..aside from the fact that she had woken up the morning feeling very, very hungry.

And hungry was, perhaps, one of the most dangerous things for Rei to be, dangerous to others. Rei's hunger was not discriminate. Rats. Frogs. Fish.

And other, far more shameful food.

Recovering from her injuries had had another cost. One she was not keen to talk about. One she very much hoped no-one was ever going to speak of again. Some people had seen it, some people knew the horrible extremes her abilities would go to to preserve their host... but as long as no-one spoke about it, Rei had decided she could live with it. Well, it was not like she really had any choice.

The young woman straightened up, dusted herself off, and hopped onto the cracked asphalt of the road. She'd best go and let some of the others she was around...not that she assumed anyone was desperate to talk to her, but it seemed like the sort of thing you were supposed to do within the rather limited sphere of personal interaction Rei had picked up. Also, in her mind, she had no idea she'd been asleep for days to that point, so her appearance was hardly before time.

The setting changes from helton to The Wasteland


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Distracted in her progress by the appearance of a lizard, Rei had delayed her attempts to find the others by a few minutes.

She was still kind of hungry after all.

The flicker of a shadow overhead however drew her immediate attention. Possibly she'd just spent too much time hunting animals out in the ruins that her sense of perception had gotten highly attuned to movement, or perhaps it has always been a feature of her ability's strange physiological effects, but she identified something far above that was moving. Something that was alive.

Rei stared at it, limp lizard tail still jutting from the corner of her mouth for some moments, before the mutant snapped it up and sprang off over the rubble to follow the trajectory.

Her hasty course almost caused her to jump down right into the centre of a group of other Helton residents.
The creature hurriedly cut her momentum,skidding in the dust to stand about level with the edge of a group.

"Did you see the big flying thing? It's definitely alive, but it's not moving right for a bird. " she asked, tilting her head upward again.
"Also hi everyone. I guess I slept in as everyone seemed to be out when I got up."

Well, that was technically right, in that her 'sleeping in' was the duration of about three days.
"Also also, who is this guy?" she eyed Jake with some level of wariness.

Whilst Rei would not consider herself a very unwelcoming person, her experiences with strangers entering the area lately had been...less than positive. Most of the people who turned up seemed to make things decidedly worse, and she wasn't exactly liking the odd as they stood.

The setting changes from the-wasteland to Helton


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Toby's eyes locked skyward. The closer the Erubescan flew, the more accurately Toby could track the movement, almost imagine a sillouette through the haze. He half-nodded at Talin's note. I thought the same. I thought there might be an aircraft, maybe, but...

There. A shadow, just for an instant, through the clouds. Like an angel of death. Maybe a bit of a clumsy angel of death.

Toby lined the beam of his arm to the tip of his .357 up to his eyeline. The heavy artillery, the rifles and submachines guns Montana had provided, lay back at base. With one shot of the .357, Toby could reliably shatter a bottle at 100 yards. Semi-reliably at 150. If he was lucky, 200. Larke would be a lot farther than that when he passed at his closest, but he was, even without his broad wingspan, a lot bigger than a bottle. Plus, Toby couldn't link his Gift to a bottle.

He felt perspiration on his forehead. What if he was a defector? Dread at the idea of feeling Larke spiral down leeched into his mental announcement: I think I have a shot.

He broadcast it as though he would ask for permission, wanting someone else to make that decision, wanting to defer like Sera. As if there was any time for permission or any authority from whom to get it. The stranger would only get farther out of range and closer to the others at the base. Toby had learned by now to somewhat detangle his emotions from others', but if he did that, he would have to disconnect entirely, and then his aim would suffer from the poor visibility. So Toby sent out more mental fibers instead, until he could feel exactly where Larke was - and could feel the pressure of the air under his wings and the moisture of the clouds, the nervousness, determination, and that heady soul-wrenching fuel that could only be loyalty. This man wasn't a defector.

Toby's lip quivered, but his hand didn't. Aiming a few feet high to adjust for the distance, he pulled the trigger, emptying his five remaining hollow-point rounds at a steep angle into the sky. He would be happy to make even one hit.
If happy was the word for it.


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Larke blinked hard as a bright flicker crossed his vision— a flash of light from below that seemed to originate from nowhere. He squinted through the film of his goggles, but found nothing save for rubble and Ash in the streets of Helton beneath him.

The stillness of it was chilling: It cut through the layers of his flight jacket and traveled over his skin until the hair on his arms prickled as if caught by a static cling. Rushing wind dampened any sound for miles.

He did not hear the shots leave the gun. He did feel one burry itself in his defensive vest, casting him back with a thunk. A rush of air whizzed past his head, and another somewhere near him.

And then something far more direct: A sharp, fervid pain ripped through his right wing, setting ablaze nerves he never knew he had. Feather, skin, and muscle were all ravaged into meat, and his hollow humerus shattered like a clay pigeon. As the shot crumpled inside of his body, spidering cracks splinted from his shoulder blade to the very tip of his wing.

The wind stole the scream from his lungs.

Reflexively, the wing pulled into his body just as the compromised bone snapped from the sheer air pressure rattling against it. It mangled itself in the blustering squalls, folding and twisting into a gore-splatted work of modernist origami. As Larke plummeted toward the ground, his vision swam with black and pain. There was no differentiating between his spinning vision and spinning body as he tried his damned to show his descent.

The air pressure changed, and he was sure one of his eardrums burst.

He did not know whom he was expecting to answer his cry, nor what he gasping for as his arms flailed in search of anything to hold, but his instinct to live disregarded this logic; a bird beating its wings even as the snake gobbled its head. There was no directing this fall, but rather a shallow hope that his remaining wing could provide enough air resistance to break it.

In a horrid moment of clarity, he was struck by the sudden realization that he was going to die.

And then he was struck by the ground.

More precisely, it was the pavement of a road twenty or so yards behind his shooter.

His body stone-skipped across the fractured earth, the concrete ripping flesh and clothing alike his skeleton bashed against it. While the goggles had shielded his face, it was evident that not much else on his body had been spared damage in the ordeal.

Blood flesh flecked the Ash around the Erubescan’s unconscious form, and his backpack had split open to reveal a load of partially broken medical supplies.

A shower of wayward blonde feathers still floated on the breeze, settling long after the man who had shed them


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Toby contorted with the scream the wind had stolen from Larke.

His spine arched with the explosion of pain in the wing he didn't have, then reversed in a fetal curl as desperate panic flooded in, twisting like a werewolf just before its first full moon. For a few seconds, he felt everything his target felt, plus a pinch of standard-fare guilt. Dizzy, Toby tried to untie his consciousness from the Erubescan before he hit the ground with same urgency he'd try to untie himself from railroad tracks in the face of an oncoming train. He didn't have time to unsnare himself completely. He watched Larke plummet and felt the crunch of the landing, and very nearly blacked out. Repressing a whimper, Toby forced his shaking limbs to understand they had not in fact been crushed after a drop from the equivalent of a small skyscraper and that he didn't need to limp, before he started walking through the snowfall of feathers.

Like any good dog on a bird hunt, Toby moved quickly toward Larke's crumpled body.

Though he didn't know whether he intended to ensure death for the wretch or to see if there was any life left to save.