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Rick Ronin

"If your belief is worth dying for, it's worth killing for."

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a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by darkshadowolf99



(*)There a few inaccuracies with this image but it's the closest that I can find AND upload, see the description(*)
(*)Thank you to Kotaku for the picture of Infamous's character Cole(*)

Full Name:
Rick Ronin




Super Strength, the Ability to create and Manipulate Lightning/Electricity
(his maximum strength is 700 tons)
(his powers and abilities are still improving; it requires training and lots of pushing his powers to the limit before they improve)

Any cause he believes in but also the Wanderers

He is 6’2”, is 200 lbs of muscle, has short dirty blond hair and eyes that are blue with yellow mixed in around the pupils. He prefers to wear athletic wear that's blue and black. His most notable facial features are his chiseled cheek bones and piercing stare.

Rick is naturally a kind, caring, loyal, loving, gentle, and good person. At the core of his being he will always be those things no matter what. However, not many people see that side of Rick because his life has been full of abuse, cruel living conditions, countless attempts of people trying to kill him, killing people with his own hands, and extended periods of time away from human society.

The personality that most people see is the silent, serious, stubborn, strong willed, distrusting, violent, loner who is way too willing to take another person’s life. Many people consider him to be a monster because they have never seen any emotion that resembles remorse from him, which is caused by Rick’s need to “protect” himself at all times by staying “strong”. Rick doesn’t sleep much because that’s when his remorse comes out, in the form of horrific nightmares. People see him as a “might makes right” kind of person because he’s bad at using diplomacy and he excels at fighting. He will therefore attempt to solve most problems with violence. Rick’s anti-hero tendencies paint him a villain, causing more friction between him and others.

Everything that Rick does is an attempt to passively reach his life goals which are: Using his powers for the good of the world, become a hero, and be a part of and/or start, a family. His powers are only good for battle so at every opportunity he will fight for a worthy cause, once found he’ll put himself in harm’s way to protect more important people and those he cares about. He’s been known to stand up and protect those who aren’t strong enough or powerful enough to protect themselves. Rick does fear getting close to people because whenever he has, that person or people get killed.

On any given moment Rick is most likely to be gazing off in distance in contemplation.

  1. Seasoned warrior and hunter
  2. If he's breathing he's still fighting
  3. He’s very resourceful and creative in battle
  4. His lightning bolts aren't usually exploitable
  5. He has a natural resistance to heat and cold (not impervious too it)
  6. Rick excels in adapting to the worst situations especially in battle
  7. He's willing to push his body, mind, and soul beyond their limits no matter the cost
  8. Trained in kickboxing, martial arts, submission grappling, and using various weapons
  9. Conditioned his body to function even under dire circumstances (starvation, extreme pain, extreme weather conditions, lack of sleep)

  1. He's not highly educated
  2. Mental Attacks hurt him the most
  3. His static powers can be exploited
  4. He's hasn't mastered any of his fighting styles
  5. Every time he goes to sleep he has terrible nightmares
  6. He has a tendency to rely heavily on his powers to defeat enemies (especially lightning bolts)

Brief History:
A local orphanage agreed to let Erubesco take their pick of children in exchange for money. One little boy showed more potential than all the other children. Both the boy’s enhanced strength and electrical output consistently grew each year and he was selected for experimentation. That boy was Rick Ronin. Erubesco was confident that they draw out his full potential and quickly got to work.

Rick spent years living at a Erubesco Lab, specifically in a giant tube which was filled daily with different experimental goo. He was implanted with false memories so he could be better controlled once the experiments worked. The false memories were working perfectly and the higher ups were sure that they could utilize those painful memories as a catalyst for him needing a better life. Rick would be introduced to the ideals of Erubesco making him a loyal Knight who believes that the Erubesco way is best for the whole world. But success never came. For the boy’s body and powers seemed to resist every treatment and experiment in Erubesco’s arsenal.

One more chance.

A large thin rod like device was implanted directly into Rick’s chest; it was a power enhancing device. The device was slightly too large to fit completely inside Rick’s body, for the end of it protruded out of the center of his chest. The visible piece was dark blue in color and shaped like a sapphire the size of a quarter. The enhancer was working at maximum capacity for a week but still there was no sign increased power from Rick.

He was prematurely deemed a failure and immediately taken off life support and hastily thrown away. Such a disposal of a corpse was completely against protocol and the parties responsible were severely disciplined. Erubesco officials were sent out to correct this mistake but failed to find the body, it was gone. Before the officials could reach him, Rick’s heart was restarted by a sudden of burst electricity once the power enhancing device finally started working with his powers. After reviving, Rick simply wondered off.

Throughout the rest of his life, Rick’s newly enhanced powers, of super strength and the ability to create and manipulate lightning, kept him safe from the barrage of attacks by all sorts of people. He lived a difficult and dangerous life but his implanted memories started altering his perception of reality. What really happened to Rick during those years is a mystery but his personality suggests that he was, at one point, raised by wolves. It is confirmed that Rick erupted with lightning firing off in all directions. The result was the complete destruction of an entire population of a large city. It was a dark stain on his soul that has only gotten darker over time. Eventually he became aware of the Liberty vs. Erubesco war when he met Dawn. She was a younger girl who was in trouble with some dangerous folk, so he took care of them for her. Rick decided to look after her like a older brother and they then met Drake, a young man who constantly butted heads with Rick. However, after Rick rescued Drake the two of them started getting along. The three stuck together and protected one another and eventually founded the Wanderers, a group dedicated to helping one and other live safely from the warring Factions and other threats. But tensions rose too high between Rick and the others and he left the group dropping off the map to the Factions and Wanderers alike.

Time passed without incident until one day everything went wrong. The power enhancing device shut down, Rick’s implanted memories started to break apart, and he was attacked by a random group of thugs. With his powers nearly non-existent, Rick could only rely on his rudimentary kickboxing skills and slightly higher than average strength for his size.

The result was losing all of the supplies taken for his journey, a savage beating, and the death of his one remaining friend, Belle. The thugs got away with minor injuries. Rick must now face his warped reality alone, once again.


  • If you are one of the few people who has earned Rick's trust and friendship then you have a powerful warrior who'll put his life on the line to protect you no matter what (like a guard dog).
  • If you choose to be Rick's enemy then there's nothing he won't do to take you down no matter how long it takes (like a wolf on the hunt).
  • If you leave Rick alone then he'll leave you alone (like a bumble bee)

So begins...

Rick Ronin's Story


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Knight Saffir Fisher hadn't had the easiest few weeks.

Going from a happy enough, if rather dull stint at some tiny outpost where the most they saw most days was a feral dog tripping the motion detectors to having half her squad killed while she bled to death half crushed under a fallen locker.

After all that had taken place, the Citadel City seemed very strangely peaceful by comparison.

It had been her first time venturing outside since...the incident. At least partially because it had taken a good week or so for her to feel steady on her feet after getting her shredded spinal chord hastily put together by a healer. She could mostly feel all of her toes, and whilst the weakness she still felt was enough to excuse her from active duty for a while, there was only so long she could use it as an excuse to stay in the Citadel and avoid seeing people. Well. People aside from Mel.

Besides, it wasn't enjoyable or healthy to be stuck sitting around with too much time on her hands.
She would usually go and bother her squadmate under the guise of having something constructive to ask him, but Mel was busy with his strange new roommate, some morose-looking guy billeted there. Saff didn't feel any particular desire to join in on Mel's attempt to introduce the kid to the facilities of the Citadel, so going out to buy some much needed groceries seemed a good second option.

The young Knight, having donned some civilian clothes, strolled along one of the streets with a plastic bag full of groceries in each hand, and her brightly coloured headphones pulled up over her dyed hair. Military issue earpiece hung loose around her neck. It was protocol that she kept it on hand in case of an emergency callup...but it didn't say she had to keep it on...especially when her powers would let her pick up even minute activity on the thing without even lifting the phones. Sound manip was far from the most prestigious of abilities, but it did come with a few handy perks.

She was toying with the idea of picking up some coffee for her, Mel and his new roomie, on the basis that whatever stuff the Citadel catering bought in tasted like baby puke, and debating on if she should make sure emo guy didn't have some kind of dairy allergy, when something cross her path that made both bags of groceries collapse into the paving slabs at her feet. A pot of peach flavoured yoghurt rolled along the walkway, in the direction that Saffir had just seen the figure of Rick Ronin, the wanted terrorist, stroll into some shop. Like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Swallowing down the bile that rose in her throat from panic, the knightess veered hurriedly off her path, dashing into an alley off to one side from the building. Once there the sound of electronic music swiftly cut out as she wrenched down her headphones and fumbled with the communicator, ending up holding it to her ear with a shaky hand and snapping to the emergency channel.

"C-calling Emergency Channel. Knight Saffir Fisher c-calling in from city. Just logged my location on the system. Just s-sighted terrorist inside city. Rick Ronin. I repeat. He is inside the city at this location. How should I proceed?"

The setting changes from The Wasteland to The Citadel


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In events of a call to the emergency channel, the call was broadcast to both the highest and lowest commanding ranks. Transmission to any of the ranks in between were to be determined by the recipients.

Nicola Varren was one of those. Up with the sun, he’d already been working for a few hours, currently arranging schedules before anything urgent or necessary came up. From his behaviour when Fisher called in, one would have thought he’d been waiting for this very news, eyes closing for a moment while the man gave a resigned sigh, before calling up surveillance. From there, he was able to view the tapes and determine that yes, in fact, that was Rick Ronin.

Eyes narrowing, Nicola began to deal with the situation. First, a flag on all the guards around the perimeter, because Ronin had walked in and someone had missed it. Next, a message to surveillance for someone to go through the tapes and track Ronin’s path through their City. Third, alerts to Grand Chancellors and Chancellors, to be prepared to be called to deal with the high level threat posed.

Finally, as more of a precaution than anything.
“Good morning, Commander Botrelle.” His voice was a bit harder than he would normally use when addressing this specific commander, but then again, this was a serious call. “I assume you got the alert, Ronin is within striking distance of the Citadel. I’m leaving first response in your capable hands, while I organize a strike team if necessary. Your clearance for personnel request,” he worked as he spoke, and his words became true just before he said them, “has been brought to the highest level. You have access to any gifts currently stationed in the area. Glory to Erubesco.”

That taken care of, the Viceroy deigned to take a look at the Knight who had made the call, then swore softly as he recognized the name from a rather harrowing report.
“Miss Fisher.” He patched himself through to her earpiece, speaking in a soft soothing voice. “Thank you for your alert, and Knights are on their way to deal with the threat. Your orders are not to engage. With the first group, someone will be along to escort you to back to the Citadel. I repeat, do not engage.” Nicola sent through a request for a teleporter to pop over and bring the young lady to medical bay. The notes on her file were clear, and Saffir Fisher was not yet cleared to fight.

Nicola was paying especial attention to things like that after the mess with Botrelle that he had returned home to.


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  1. Exciting! I can't wait! But I feel I must inform that Rick isn't actually in the Citadel. I talked to Echo before I made my first post and she thought it would be best if Rick showed up at a location that wasn't constantly guarded like the Citadel is.

    by darkshadowolf99
  2. For clarity, he is in a small unnamed town near the Citadel which is also mostly surrounded by the Ash Wasteland.

    by darkshadowolf99
  3. Well, Erubesco is a country. So if its nesr the Citadel, it's Erubescan. They do have roadways and the like between towns.

    by scoundrelboots
  4. I mean my post did say that the town was covered with Erubesco propaganda which is a clear sign that the town is aligned with Erubesco in some way shape or form. The point is that Rick isn't specially in the Citadel. I don't want people thinking that Rick was able to slip into one of the most heavily guarded Erubesco cities without even trying and without anyone noticing. That's all.

    by Anonymous
  5. Alright. This is clear (:

    by scoundrelboots
  6. by scoundrelboots
  7. I think it's important to clarify, as well, that the city wouldn't just be "aligned with" Erubesco. If it's in view of the Citadel, it's definitely within Erubescan borders.

    by scoundrelboots
  8. by scoundrelboots
  9. And also (sorry for all of the footnotes- I keep trying to press "enter" to make a paragraph, and not realizing the issue this causes). BUT the term "The CItadel" refers both to the Citadel base as well as the surrounding city. If Rick can see the Citadel castle, chances are the town he's in is a suburb of the city. Likely outside of the heavily guarded city proper, but definitely close enough that the mailing addresses could list "Citadel City."

    by scoundrelboots

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The Erubescan Command-on-call system was neither complex nor refined, but it got the job done: According to Citadel policy, any Knight Commander not otherwise engaged or officially off-duty had to have their earpiece tapped into the system, and a minimum of one Knight Commander had to be available to take such calls at any time, day or night. 

Commander Botrelle happened to be the one tasked with covering Thursday mornings. 

So, when her earpiece buzzed with the double beep signaling the start of an emergency broadcast, her surprise was muted to little more than a slight flinch. She passed in whatever condolence she had been offering Kora, halting conversation with one raised finger and a gesture toward the communication device. 

“Emergency,” she mouthed, fingers already flying across the surface of her tablet to pull up the video feeds before Nicola could so much as grant staffing permission. The former softness of the Commander’s face and voice were wiped away in an instant, replaced by calculating focus. Her lips pursed as she worked, gears turning in her mind as she took in the angles and details of the situation: 

Ronin was in the West District Library— a building with a twenty-five current occupants, three of whom were minors, seven of whom were library staff. One main entrance, two emergency exits, and no roof outlet. There was a cafe across the street, a modern art gallery to the building’s left, and several other smaller shops. 

The civilian population at risk was massive; at minimum, the library would need to be evacuated before anyone could proceed. 

Her tongue clicked against the roof of her mouth with impatient frustration for a moment, and then she pulled up the Citadel’s available troop listing. 

She began flicking names on the spreadsheet open to profiles, swiping those she wanted to use to the right in a column labeled with the date and an urgent tag. Two teleporters, one sniper by the name of Nathan Chandler, and a (somewhat hesitantly added) Serf Cadriel had already been compiled when Varren opened her clearances to the entire on-call Citadel force.

She began flicking more names to the right: Sniper Makorai Saika, tank Jack Rousimoff, and the dual-gifted Lindsey Nightingale.

“Thank you, sir,” she said to Varren, “Our team will be on the ground in fifteen minutes, max.”

Her nail hovered over one more name, and she glanced up at Kora. Her friend was battered, bruised, and potentially still bleeding under her bandages. 
Ready to be shipped to the front lines, if nobody came up for a better plan. 

“Get dressed in something decent,” she ordered, “Ronin’s in the city. If you can’t fight, you’re pardoned.” The name “Kora Norrevinter” flew into Lulu’s right column.

She tapped on the list, setting the selected troops into “Alert mode.” A series of beeps would sound on their ear intercoms.

This is Commander Botrelle,” she said, speaking into her radio as she shrugged off her suit jacket and strode toward Kora’s door. She set off down the hall at a jog. “If you are reading this message, you have been drafted as part of an immediate emergency response team. Terrorist Rick Ronin has been spotted in the West District. You are to rendezvous at the teleport bay in five minutes. Civilian attire. This is not optional.” 

The setting changes from The Citadel to The Wasteland


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"Y-yes sir." Saff stammered out, her back pressed against the wall of the building.

Do not engage.

She wasn't supposed to go in and deal with this criminal.

But she couldn't go running away. Even if it didn't interfere with extraction, anyone running about and panicking might let on that erubescan command knew about the threat. The terrorist might start killing people. She had to try and keep it together until reinforcement arrived.

Blood pounded in Saffir's ears.

How could this be happening AGAIN? She'd only gone out to got some food. Now she was staring death in the face for a second time in as many weeks. Her hands were shaking and some of the litter at her feet started to pulse with infrasound...until with difficulty the knight reigned it in.

Once again fidgetting about with the communicator she started another call in, this time on ordinary channels.
"Mel? Mel are you there? It's Saff... I'm in west district and and..." Saff's voice trembled as she took a deep breath. SHe continued, whispering, even though she could find no-one remotely in earshot.
"There's a t-terrorist in the building here. The man who set the whole base on fire. I just c-called it in...I'm waiting for Citadel response..I...I.. " S
he broke off. She had no idea what to say about it. She wasn't sure how any of this was about to pan out. Frankly, she was terrified. Even if she wasn't potentially in direct firing line as military personnel, the collateral damage Ronin caused was enough to mean her life was at risk. She half expected the building to cave in on itself or be engulfed in flames at any moment. The Knight was filled with an acute awareness that this could be her last call to...anybody, and felt a little ashamed that she had nothing more profound to say that a halting retelling and stammering.

Movies had undoubtedly lied about the concept that there was any honour in death.