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Rosette Eschelia Crimson

"The name is Ruby, thank you, not Rosette."

0 · 360 views · located in The Citadel

a character in “The Age of Gifted”, originally authored by ElusiveAuthor, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Rosette Eschelia Crimson
Nicknames/Aliases: The Ruby Knight, Ruby, the Zombie, THAT MADWOMAN
Age: ?
Gender: Female

Gift: (assumed) Complete Regeneration. (Though more of the undead variety than true healing and only at a moderately fast speed.)

Loyalty: Erubescian Knight

Red. Very, very red. But all joking aside, she has crimson hair and eyes, although the latter are more often compared to rubies than to blood. (At least outside of the battlefield). She's above average in height, but not by that much. She wears antiquated weapons and equally red armour and is often questioned about that fact, but she just shrugs it off, stating, 'what works, works'.

And indeed, it works well for her.

This is a bit hard to capture. On one hand, she is rather tired and jaded due to her age and experiences, but on the other she projects an energetic side that isn't entirely a lie. She's commonly rude, but that's more because she can't bring herself to care about social niceties, unless the situation demands it from her.

Some think her a bit simple, being more brawn than brain, and in a manner it is truth. She prefers to keep things simple, rather than overcomplicating it. Still, while she has forgotten more than some of the best scientists currently know, she also remembers a hell of a lot more than most people.

Skills: She's deadly with a spear, having spend a long time mastering it. A late friend of her imbued said spear with certain properties through her Gift, causing the already metal monster to be much, much harder to break, allowing her to freely block attacks with it.

Weaknesses: She has no offensive Gift, relying fully on skill, skill that can easily be countered in the many possible bad match-ups. While she can't die all that easily (if at all), she is rather easy to incapacitate by disarming or dislegging her for example. Healing powers do not work on her (but neither do they have an adverse effect)

Brief History:
Ruby could be considered as a late bloomer, when it comes to her powers (and other assets). They didn't kick in until she was in a fatal car accident. Once they kicked in though, they kicked almost too well. Her power is complete regeneration. (of the undead variety, since she hasn't aged and her body parts can still move even if severed from her)

How long she has been this way is unknown, although it's been speculated that she was alive when humans still reigned supreme. Despite not having risen in rank -through her own design-, she has made herself invaluable to Erebusco, in part due to her combat prowess, despite a lack of an offensive Gift, and in part due to the fact that she freely lets them experiment on her, as long as she is treated decently.

She only recently came back from a long term stint in the labs.

So begins...

Rosette Eschelia Crimson's Story


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As Ruby got to the ground floors of the Citadel, she narrowed her eyes due to the sun shining at her through the windows. She truly must have been underground for quite some time, she mused, but then again, it didn't seem all that long. Not that that said anything, as her sense of time had been rather skewed to begin with, but it was the sentiment that mattered.

Or something?

She wasn't quite sure of her of her thoughts at the moment, the time spend in near-isolation still weighing heavy on her mind. Aside from the scientists she hadn't seen many people, and she had had much time to ponder about things. It had caused her thought processes to be somewhat jumbled and her mind to make jumps she wasn't entirely sure could be followed by most people.

Nevertheless, she headed towards her home, a small apartment near the citadel. As she held up her keycard the lock sprang open. Getting inside was a bit harder than that though, as it seemed the hinges were rather rusted. 'I'll need to oil those', she thought absentmined, while making her way through the dusty, cobwebbed rooms.

She decided to open a few windows to let fresh air in, once again wondering how much time she had spend down there, as it looked like the apartment had been deserted for quite a few years. She shrugged it off. A few years were still nothing to her. Thankfully her pay was good, and it had continued to accumulate throughout her times in the lab. She could easily afford a cleaner.

Once she reached the kitchen she grimaced, some moron seemed to have closed the fridge. Lovely.

"Definitely that cleaner", she muttered, as she wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole.

Adjusting her initial plan to order some groceries and have them delivered, she decided to just go eat elsewhere during the next few days.

"I hope that Italian Restaurant is still in business..."


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Character Portrait: Rosette Eschelia Crimson
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  1. Whoops, I had assumed the most recent post before this was in the Citadel instead of the Wastelands. Sorry for the double post.

    by ElusiveAuthor

0.00 INK

The Italian restaurant was still in business indeed. Maria, the young waitress she had befriended before her stint in the labs, had taken over the place from her father a couple of years ago, and her children were now on the serving staff. While the woman was a bit shocked to see her again, not having aged at all, Ruby assured her that her youth was due to her Gift. And indeed, in this current society that answered all the questions the woman might have had.

After catching up, learning the current date and ordering her Spaghetti Bolognese, she mused she would have to have a few words with her superiors. Yes. She had agreed to examinations in the lab once in a while. And yes, she knew those could be for longer periods of time. 23 years was ridiculous though.

Still, that was neither here nor there, as the savoury food was placed in front of her. Ah, it seemed she had lost track of time again. Not that it mattered, it merely meant that she wouldn't have the boring wait to go. She dug in with gusto. Oh how she had missed this. The food in the labs was filled with nutrients, sure, but the taste often left something to be desired.

It was only when Maria asked her if she was going to the rumored Ball that she learned of it. Would she go? Probably... She might as well go see if there were any familiar faces left in one swoop. She grimaced at her next thought. She wouldn't get to wear her armour.

But at least there would be good food and company...

She decided to head back to the Citadel after paying for her meal. She might as well go weasel some more information out of someone. When she got there she was heading towards the offices acquaintances of hers had previously worked in. Most of them seemed to have been replaced though.

After not finding anyone she knew, she absentmindedly began to wander the hallways, too lost in her thoughts to notice she didn't have set goal in mind. She came across various people she didn't know along the way, but their existences blurred together after a while, as she moved past all of them.

It took her a while to snap out of her melancholy, and by that time she had reached one of the newer sections of the Citadel, the location of which she didn't recognize.

Goddamnit, she was lost.

It seemed to be a residential area, judging by the numbers and name plaques next to the door. Huh. That was new too. She wondered if it was wise to have all the Erebuscians of note gathered in one place. One terrorist attack, and most of them would be dead. Nevertheless, she did see a few advantages, namely that the travel time would be less, and everyone could be readily called to duty at any time of the day.

That realization didn't help one thing though.

In the end she decided to just ring one of the door bells, a bit lost as to what else to do in this situation.

Maybe the person who opened -while probably cranky at being awoken this early- could give her directions.


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Anyone who had served as a Citadel guard knew why the latest patrol was called “the graveyard shift:” After shuffling back to the apartment around four AM, Mel had collapsed onto the couch, still in his uniform, falling as still as a corpse upon impact.

On nights like these, even his nightmares kept themselves at bay.

The early rustlings of Coleman, his temporary houseguest, did nothing to stir him. As the Citadel announcement music sounded over the loudspeaker, he rolled over for a moment, mumbling something about “two more minutes.” Mel tugged a pillow over his head as the full speech was given, and there it stayed as he fell back asleep despite the noise. 

‘Ten o’clock,’ he thought to himself as he drifted off again, ‘I’ll get up and get on with the day by ten.’

Then the doorbell.

There was a groan, (as well as a scarcely intelligible string of obscenities,) from the pile of blankets on the couch, and then a thump as Mel rolled out and onto the floor. “Coming!” he called, though he really wished he were not. He glanced back toward the bed and found Coleman not in it, but rather at the far end of the room by the window. 

Mel offered a nod and a vague grumbling that may have been supposed to come out as “Good morning, Drake,” and then pulled himself to standing by the arm of a chair.

He paused by the mirror next to the door, running a hand though his hair, fixing where it had been crushed flat on one side while asleep, and then rubbing his eyes. 

He did not bother checking the peep hole- the Citadel was a security masterpiece.

So, when the tired, slouching Acolyte in his crinkled uniform swung open his front door, he was more than a bit surprised to see a tall ginger in full armor standing in front of him. He stared at her with a bleary, dazed look for a moment, and blinked hard. 


His brow knitted together.

“Good morning?” he asked, fairly certain he had never seen this person in his life, “Is um… I’m sorry, but can I help you?”


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Ruby momentarily observed the man, taking in his disheveled appearance, before sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck, smiling awkwardly at the equally awkward question of the tired-looking man. She decided to be blunt.

"I apologize for waking you at this godforsaken hour, but I find myself lost in this maze that is the Citadel. Could you be kind enough to give me directions to the main entrance?"

She shifted a little, and added with an apologetic look, "I haven't been back here for a while you see, and a lot seems to have changed in my absence..."

Like the adding of residential areas... stair columns that had practically disappeared while she was in the labs, and elevators that only seemed to reach a few floors out of many. The first she was ambivalent over, the second she thought unwise, although like the third, she could see some tactical value in it.

But while it made it harder to navigate for potential intruders, Knights returning from a long stint elsewhere would evidently experience the same fate.

Ruby sure as hell hoped she didn't come over as too suspicious. While the upper echelons would probably be able to clear her in case of an incarceration by a grumpy-looking acolyte, she wasn't to sure about that, still slightly bitter over the fact that her 'few months' in the labs had been extended to '23 years' without so much as a by your leave. They might even have forgotten about her altogether, what with most of the people that knew her being either dead or happily retired.


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#, as written by Hyro
Drake heard the ringing of the door and glanced at it hesitantly. While he certainly COULD answer it, there was a very, very unlikely chance that whoever was at the door was for him. Luckily, the stirring of his new room mate assured him rather quicking that he would not have to bother with answering it after all. Which was good, because he certainly didn’t want to.

Mel had offered a disgruntled good morning, in which the only thing Drake could think to respond with at the moment was a simple nod. He still wasn’t used to the social interaction or even being in the same housing as someone who wasn’t family.

He had no idea how to interact with this guy.

As the door was answered and the person in question was greeted with some amount of confusion, Drake’s curiosity got the best of him. He swung his leg back to the floor and stood, silently moving over so that he could peer at the person through the door without getting too close to be deemed intrusive.

It was a female, apparently. She appeared to be some sort of knight, or at least, that was his best guess when taking into account the armor getup. She had bright red hair, too, which was… Well, uncommon, to say the least.

Then again, so were silver eyes.

Listening in on the conversation, he discovered pretty quickly why she was there and why Mel didn’t recognize her. The girl was lost. It was something he could relate with, at the very least. The Citadel was huge, after all, and he knew little to nothing about what all it held in store.

The winged boy didn’t feel any reason to say anything at the moment, so instead lingered and watched with mild interest.


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Mel blinked hard. He looked at the woman while she spoke. He blinked again.

“Ah- um. Yeah, yeah,” he mumbled, and took in a deep breath in the hopes that oxygen could bring his mind to wakefulness, “I can um, it’s tangled in here, yeah.” 

The woman’s full armor, as well as her confidence in knocking upon a random door spoke of confidence in her position.

She was likely a Knight, or possibly a Commander, as far as Mel could guess, and likely not someone he had the right to turn down if he had wanted to. 

Not that Mel had any plans of turning her down— Being lost on base was frustrating, and he had hated being in her shoes less than a week ago. Transfer troops frequently misplaced themselves on base, as did those returning from long deployments.

“Gimme a minute to get my boots on, yeah?” he said, offering a tired smile. He stepped back and held the door open with one foot and reached toward the shoe rack beside the entry and pulled on his left boot, and then switched feet to the other, all the whole trying to will himself awake. “And uh, I’m Mel. Well. Accolyte Melberg. But basically Mel. And um,” he pushed the door open further, “This’s Coleman, my roommate. So.”

With his shoes laced, he grabbed his keycard off of the hook by the door and nodded toward the hall, “I can help you find a datapoint, f’you want. We’ve got a few on the floor, to help people around, what with all the new construction and stuff. The resident halls got really jacked up after the fires, and stuff. So, nothing to be sorry about.”


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#, as written by Hyro
“Drake,” the boy corrected rather swiftly and, perhaps, a bit sternly, “None of that last name non-sense. Drake is fine.” Oh, how he hated being reminded of the kind of people he was related to. Not that he would bring it up. He was still considering the whole Lordship inheritance, after all, and he really didn’t feel the need to bring up how much he loathed the ones he was taking it from.

He gave a nod to the female in greeting, eyeing her outfit with analytical eyes. A knight, most likely, judging from the armor. “You’re clearly not new here,” he concluded. It was a short and rhetorical comment, perhaps even a bit rude if perceived in such a way, considering the implication it held.

"How the hell did she get lost?" was, of course, what he was really thinking.

His eyes trailed over to Mel who seemed hardly awake. Drake knew how late Mel had come home, having heard the man walk in while he was trying and failing to fall asleep. The winged boy also knew how little sleep his roommate had actually gotten as a result.

“Are you sure you’ve slept enough to function properly?” he mused, his tone making it seem more like a wisecrack than an actual concern. Despite the fact that he was aiming for being concerned.