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Roxy Adams

Feathery and fun-sized

0 · 149 views · located in Helton

a character in “The Age of Gifted”, as played by wolfsong4640


Full Name: Roxanne Elle Adams

Nicknames/Aliases: Roxy

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Gift: Aside from the avian abilities that Trenton's experiment gave her, Roxy is a technopath and an electricity manipulator. Her time in Erubesco has taught her a lot about creating machines and fixing them, and her technopathy helps her out a lot. She can read into machinery and control it, and she can start them up if they're shut down. As for her electrical gift, it is connected to her technopathy. She cannot create bolts of lightning or summon electrical storms, but she can send out small sparks that can short circuit machines, or give people a small shock. She rarely uses it, but her confidence among the Wanderers might help her spunk and excitement to come out of the shadows.

Loyalty: Wanderers

Description: Roxy is a petite girl. She stands at an unbelievable height of 4'11. Her hair is chestnut brown, slightly messy, and it falls just past her chin. Her skin is fair and her nose and cheeks are dotted with brown freckles, as well as the tops of her shoulders. Like a hawk, her eyes are a bright golden color, and she has a pair of speckled wings that could wrap around her body like a blanket.

Personality: Roxy is a shy little thing, and she tends to come off as a scaredy-cat. Her kindness has managed to stay intact after all of the abuse, though. Despite her fears, she yearns to please others, and she enjoys spending time with the Wanderers and lightening their moods when things are rough.

Skills: After being in the labs for a long time, Roxy has practiced putting things together and taking them apart. Using her technopathy, she has been able to study the makeup of many different machines, making it easy for her to put together various pieces of technology for different purposes.

Weaknesses: Mentally, Roxy is easily frightened by factions, and she cowers under verbal abuse. It would be easy for an enemy to scare her by words alone. If she stood up for herself, though, there would be a lot of weaknesses in the physical department. Because of the Avian project she was put through, her bones are hollow, making it easy for someone to break her. Unless she can fly away fast enough, she would be vulnerable to many attacks.

Brief History: Roxy grew up with an abusive father and a weak mother. Try as she might, her mother couldn't do much to defend Roxy, and the girl didn't blame her. It wasn't easy to stop a man influenced by a short temper and alcohol. At the age of 8, her mother passed away, and her father shipped her off to his brother, her uncle Trenton, and her aunt Claire. Things were better there, until her aunt was killed. Her uncle buried himself in his work at the Erubescan labs, and he became obsessed with DNA manipulation and experimentation. Desiring to make her uncle happy, a 10 year-old Roxy offered her help, unaware that it led to her being the lab rat. Using multiple bird DNA samples, Trenton altered his niece: Her bones hollowed out, her wings developed quickly and painfully, and her lung capacity expanded. She gained sharper eyesight and an understanding of birds, but she had become fragile and frightful of her uncle. For three years, she sat in the labs, taking instruction from Trenton and trying to avoid crossing him. In the wake of the rescue of Drake Coleman, though, her Knight friend was able to convince the Wanderers to take her in. Now she lives with the Wanderers in the Wastelands, and despite facing the danger of both factions, she feels happier and much more secure.

So begins...

Roxy Adams's Story


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As the sun began to cast its pale yellow light over Helton, a shadow was rising up and swirling around in midair. It soon fell back down into the palms of Marcus' hands, though, leaving Roxy to stare at it in amazement.

"Neat!" She said, beaming as she looked up at him with bright yellow eyes. Marcus blinked and smiled slightly as he swirled the shadow around casually. "Thank you, Roxy." He replied. "It's not much, but it helps me think." He let the shadow fade and he stood up, sighing tiredly. After being unable to sleep any longer, he had gotten up and had gone outside for some fresh air. He ran into Roxy along the way, and the small brunette chose to follow him out. It didn't really bother him. He had honestly been yearning for some company, and the girl's optimistic personality was welcoming.

A few birds were chirping on the rooftops, causing Roxy to quickly look up at them. Her mental focus remained on Marcus, though. "Still tired?" She asked, walking over to one of the buildings to get a closer look. Marcus looked at her and shrugged, despite her not looking at him. "Yes, but that's normal for me." He answered.

Roxy's golden eyes focused on him once more. "Do you sleep at all?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. "I mean, it's been kinda nerve-wracking around here lately, but I don't think any factions are gonna invade too soon..."

The questions and hesitant reassurance made Marcus chuckle slightly. "No, no... it's more of my Gift that's bothering me." He admitted. "When you can pick up the voices of the people that used to live here, it makes you a tad restless." Roxy looked a little disturbed by the thought of having that ability, but she nodded. "That's true. Sorry to hear that." She murmured, frowning.

Before Marcus could reassure her, though, her expression brightened on its own. "At least the others are getting up soon. Their voices will be a good thing to focus on." She said, smiling. The positive words made Marcus smile slightly and he nodded. "That's true." He replied.

The setting changes from the-wasteland to Helton


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Marcus and Roxy continued to walk through the broken city quietly, enjoying the sunlight and the sounds of the birds. As they approached another building that had birds perched on it Roxy walked ahead of Marcus and flapped her wings to lift off the ground. She flew up to the rooftop and whistled softly. The birds fluttered away at first, but then chirped to her in reply. Smiling, she made little chirping noises.

Marcus watched her curiously from down below. "Do they understand you?" He asked. The brunette popped her head over the edge. "I think they kinda do." She said, smiling. "They come to me if they're comfortable. Wanna see?" The young man nodded and watched as Roxy disappeared for a moment. He heard a lot of chirping and coos, and not too long afterwards, the girl was landing beside him. Two finches fluttered around her shoulders before perching there. She smiled and stroked their feathers softly.

"Bird whisperer, I see." Marcus mused, smiling more. Roxy grinned and let one of the finches move onto her hand. She then held it out to him. "Want to pet him?" She asked. "Trust me, he's friendly." Marcus blinked, but reached out a hand towards the bird. The bird looked at him, feathers twitching, but made no move to fly away. Seeing this, he began petting his feathers very gently. "You have an interesting Gift, Roxy." He noted. "Normally these birds would look at me in horror." Roxy giggled a bit at the joke. "Aw, I doubt that." She laughed.