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The Age of Gifted

The Citadel


a part of The Age of Gifted, by Miss Echo.

The pinnacle of Erubesco glory, don't let the medieval inspiration distract you from the technological marvels it hides

ianna_334 holds sovereignty over The Citadel, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A prominent towering structure that ascends to the skies and descends far underground, the seemingly medieval castle hides some of the world's most advanced technology in its walls. Sprawling and twisting tunnels run through this base, which is dominated by research labs, archives, and experiment storage. New acolytes finds themselves scrambling to navigate for years on end.
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The Citadel

The pinnacle of Erubesco glory, don't let the medieval inspiration distract you from the technological marvels it hides


The Citadel is a part of The Age of Gifted.

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Lulu Botrelle [19] "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs, but the Devil's in the details"
Kora Norrevinter [18] I know one thing that does not die, the judgement of a dead man's life.
Drake Coleman [12] "You can kill me, but I'll just keep coming back."
Edgar Gormly [11] "One man's trash is another man's life."
Rosette Eschelia Crimson [7] "The name is Ruby, thank you, not Rosette."
Piper Kolert [7] The one in the chair.
Id Gormly [5] "It's the thought that counts."
Lindsey Nightingale [5] Naive, playful blonde with a side-shave
Nicola Varren [4] "MY ORDER!"

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The newest Eurbesco Chancellor sat at his desk filling out paperwork after paperwork. This load of paperwork was no part in thanks to the bases Viceroy that hated his guts. Really the Viceroy was being passive aggressive about the whole thing to, even going so far as trying to give away his entitled mansion. Of course he really couldn't blame the man to much as he position was gotten in one of the worst way possible. Hell Derrick hated himself more than the Viceroy could ever hate him.

The lights in the room flickered as his mind wandered which reminded him of his other problem, power control loss. Seriously becoming an elemental had only worsened his problems as it brought his mentor to him. Seriously the man was frustrating, annoying, and maddeningly in control of his powers which pissed Derrick off even more. The fact he needed the man drove him up the wall.

As he came out of his thoughts he noticed one of the files passing his desk held a familiar name. With a frown he read the file and the lights in the room all but dimmed. No this would not do at all. Letting out a deep breath the lights returned to normal as he hatched a plan, one that no one would be the wiser too. He switched the contents of two files and smiled, he couldn't fix his spiraling life but he could fix this.

With that Korra Noverinter was assigned a position as a combat teacher instead of to the front lines.