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"I'm not one to talk uselessly think about every word you say or your being far from beneficial to your nation."

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a character in “The age of the gods”, originally authored by Thorait, as played by RolePlayGateway


Character skeleton:
Name: Lahar
Gender: Male
Age: 546
Title: God of logic
Appearance: Lahar is a tall man without hair and a delicate build, skin is a reflective silver and his eye's give of a slight glow. He wears a formal suit with a watch in his pocket.
Personality: A simple thing cold and logical, he doesn't mind to fight with people but he is also incredibly stiff and formal being largely disliked for this trait. He has never known friendship and he isn't interested in finding it. Lahar also doesn't have regret or any real meaning of good and bad he just sees ways to increase his power and his impact on the universe.
View on other gods: N/A
History: Lahar rose to power in 500 killing the king of one of the tribes mercilessly and raising a large army. This invasion force pillaged the lands for a short time until they began to besiege a city counting 20.000 at that time belonging to a mighty god that ruled a army twice the size of his but he militarily crushed the opponent using bottlenecks and his superior knowledge of warfare. The city wasn't pillaged instead converted but in time the populace revolted again and again being brutally slaughtered and the other gods charged the city trying to get there change to convert it to there side but in the end Lahar ruled having 800 loyal troops in a much larger city that had been largely burned to the ground.

Name: The keeper of order
Gender: Male?
Age: 512
Appearance: The keeper is a six's feet tall knight having a T opening in his helmet. The keeper is stronger than five men and pretty fast having a large sword and a square shield. The keeper is also very heavy being solid steel moving by a encased soul wicked by Lahar to serve him. The sword is a large heavy broadsword being bigger than any other sword and sharper than most but it's also pretty slow in combat.
Personality: The keeper is just like Lahar the only difference is the fact the keeper isn't half as smart and sharp being more of a tactician and warrior than a talker.
View on other Avatars:
History: The keeper was a gift right after the conquest sealing the spirit of the deceased maker in a armor and filling it up right after trapping mind and steel leaving it until it would completely merge to become the leader of the great nation. He's the king of the nation of Aremir and he also fulfills more positions such as the minister of war and he also hold power of the finances.

Name: The people of Aremir
Capital: Aremir is the capital city of the Xiuri, lands around it are flat and open being large plains with high grass covering it. The outer ring Aremir lays against a round plateau that raises above the large plains but the outer rings are ruins created by the revolts and wars being the home of the poor only having a aged stone wall for protection not like the upper layer that is positioned on the plateau being safe by it's high strong grey stone wall with iron serving at it's center delved form the rich iron mines under the plains. Only one large gate house is the opening to this highly developed and ordered city with a rich populace but still a cruel covenant is build by a cruel people having no traditions and a cold logical and power hungry view on live.
Population: 8500

Culture: 30 point to spread this will determine your best and worst's from 0 to 10
Trade: 5
Militarily: 10
Influence: 5
Magic: 2
Technology: 6

Army details: Aremir is very two faced it has a western way of fighting with long bows that can shoot with great force and a spear force covered in heavy armor and highly disciplined only lacking in numbers wile on the plains the lightly armored missile cavalry dominates the plains with there large long legged horses and shorter bows and mostly spear and shield armed making the combination with there high discipline and coldness a incredible agile and deadly force. These horsemen are very known to other nations and it's even better known that you can't catch them the grass of the plains are so long that normal horses are bothered by them and they cut there flanks drawing blood wile the tall legged specially bred horses of Aremir are perfectly fit for this plan and run at a great speed over them,
Personal race: None at the moment but he does have his plans
History: Aremir was once rich wealthy city filled with a hard headed people that ruled the plains but the tides turned and this great nation was devastated in it's own capital because the light horsemen couldn't face the spear infantry of Lahar in the tight narrow streets. There pure arrogance lead to a large number of revolts resulting in the slaughtering of thousands until they finally gave in,
Other: Aremir isn't really liked by it's neighbors for the cold behavior and the lack of honor.

So begins...

Lahar's Story