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The last remaining of the original Vampyr Lords.

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a character in “The Agency of the Supernatural”, as played by Lord Saladin

So begins...

Ravinter's Story


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Central Europe; 996 B.C.


Rashnu looked around the marble-floored room at the other Lords, each sat upon a gilded throne as ornate as his own. Bannan stroked the polished ivory of his throne's arms, almost subconsciously, as his red eyes locked on Lucia, the lady of death herself,
through the emerald fire blazing in the font at the very centre of the chamber. She, in turn, tongued her own fangs while trying to avoid anyone else's gaze.

The ancient Chamber of Lords had stood in various places for countless centuries - offering sanctuary and communion between the pale-skinned creatures of the night and the demons who'd, at time's beginning, birthed them into existence to rule over whatever was to come. Or so the vampyrs had been led to believe.

Each of the eight lords had been promised dominion and wealth, to be worshipped by whatever lesser creatures were destined to live in this world. For more than nine millennia that was true, but a change was approaching. The Lord's children, sired by death and imperfect, were weak, mindless fools who had no concept of self control; rather than feeding to demonstrate both power and wisdom, they simply feasted at the first slightest pang of hunger. They were malformed creatures with no beauty, closer to human than deity, faces twisted to horrors.

And with each generation, the lesser creatures - humans - began to fear, rather than worship, their overlords. Fear in controlled amounts was healthy, but too much and it grew to desperation. Desperation was dangerous, and as humans became more desperate, they grew. First they learned how to make weapons so they could hunt their own beasts for food, and it wasn't long after that they stopped crawling along the ground. Soon they were speaking, and their fears were truly shared.

Ravinter shook his head as the image of the first human walking upright he'd ever seen flickered in his mind's eye. It had ran past him in the heat of the noonday sun, shamelessly naked, covered in fur and grunting with a sharpened rock its fist. It was a sickening sight: these creatures were alive only to serve and nourish, yet there was one taking a step toward dignity. That day Ravinter almost threw up his innards at the atrocity.

Yet he'd been forced to watch, unable to act, sickened, repulsed, as these beasts defied all that was holy. For the Vampyr Lords,
for all their grace and countenance, could not live without the humans and the Demons of The Nine forbade any direct interference with what they claimed was the natural order. Eventually he, along with his seven siblings, took to distancing themselves, and so the Chamber was constructed to offer a realm that was comfortable, familiar.

It was to that Sanctuary they gathered on their final day.

"Which of you was it? I will not wait for much longer before I kill each and every one of you. Brothers and sisters or not."
Acul's dulcet voice shattered the silence and all eyes turned to him as the long-haired youngest sibling crossed his legs, feigning confidence and grandeur; a clever tactic, to display superiority in the place all Vampyrs were equal. Even bearded Nosferat, frail with age, widened his lilac, serpentine eyes at the open threat.

"I concur, though I'd rather we didn't resort to violence just yet." Nosferat's words grated slowly, like sandstone against lime, yet all listened.

"Why not, eh? I'd rather be killed by one-a yous than a half-breed freak, and y'all know they're about 'ere already." Lelithia's words always sounded like song, though Ravinter sensed fear.

It saddened him to think of his favourite sister trapped in trepidation, fallen so far from grace. "It doesn't matter; even an army of the filthy animals won't touch our power. We're Lords, Vampyrs, not childre..."

"Do not be foolish, Ravinter. Not one of us has fed in a hundred years; our powers wane." As much as he hated being interrupted, Ravinter knew that Dante was right. The white haired, muscle-bound giant always had a wisdom hidden beneath his brutish appearance.


One of the Lords had revealed the Chamber's location; no other logic explained why several hundred of the animals were gathered at the castle's gates, their thirst no longer sated by human blood, the half-breed atrocities yearned for the blood of their creators, of the Vampyr Lords themselves. The Chamber moved once a week, and only the original inhabitants of the world could sense its whereabouts; none other alive or dead could ever hope to learn its secrets.

Yet here they were, faces stained with filth and blood, brandishing swords and bows as though they truly believed they could win.
Rage filled Ravinter as he heard the first sounds of banging against the castle's mighty oak maingate. He barely noticed the crushed goblet in his hand, warm blood dripping from his clenched fist onto the cushioned arm of his throne.

"Anticipating them, Ravinter?" Acula sneered a half-grin. "Excitement, maybe? I always did think you hated them a little too much. Perhaps it was simply a ruse for so..."

Even before the accusation left his mouth, Ravinter smoked across the room in an instant, and reformed inches from his younger brother's face. His hand gripped the other Vampyr's throat, and as his razor sharp claws extended, they promised to rip a head clean off. "Continue, dear brother... Don't let me stop you. Give me a reason to destroy you, force us to truly fall."

Ravinter took a shocked step back as he noticed his brother's eyes darken, become dry, like ash. It grew, covering Acula's face,
crept down his neck. He spun around, and saw the same in all his siblings, to a one they seemed to burn from the inside, faces and arms and leg darkening before collapsing under their own ashen weight. As Lelithia's last hair began to fall and disintegrate,
the Chamber's door violently swung open and a swarm of half-breeds rushed in, screaming like animals, weapons raised above their heads.

The one remaining Vampyr Lord displayed his power as the room turned to black, filled with a dense, all-encompassing fog that swallowed even the sound of the guttural roars of the savages. Only the green flame resisted, and Ravinter scooped it into his hand and with a swing of his arm, he cast it over the horde, and spoke with a forced calm that only barely hid his rage.

"The night bore you, so shall you remain, to never again feel the sun's warmth upon your wretched flesh. You'll be hated and hunted, and though the humans sicken me, they will surpass you and you'll forever live in the shadows, never to rise, never to taste the glory my brothers and sisters held. And when you fall, I will witness it, I will watch as the last of you burns to ash, but rather than the dark paradise they now inhabit, you will never the joy of The Nine. Your souls are mine."

He misted from the Chamber, full of grief, filled with hatred, bursting with rage.

Northern Russia; November 1197 A.D.

Ravinter had travelled the world, seen its wonders, watched as the human race flourished; he had long since forsaken the vow of starvation, and fed daily. He tossed the child he'd just drained dry into the snow and entered the cave. Deeper and deeper it went, delving into the earth's core. This was where he would rest and watch the world evolve. The Chamber of Lords presented itself and he laid upon his bed.

As he closed his eyes, visions of his curse flashed before him. Of half-breeds burning in the daylight, of icy water scolding them,
stakes being driven into their beatless hearts, of them turning to ash. It happened on occasion, but the filthy humans were still not evolved enough to destroy all of Ravinter's children.

The day would come. He knew it. He waited.

Luna Island; Some Time in the 21st Century A.D.

Ravinter began to stir from his slumber, as awareness began to return. The world was different. His mind reached out to sense more half-breed-like creatures. They were all weak, mere shadows of the pitiful beasts he had cursed several ages before;
he could feel his fangs ripping them apart as though he was truly tasting flesh once more. Humans. So many humans filled the world it made the air dense with their stench, choking the Vampyr Lord awake.

He looked at the geometric patterns etched into the Chamber of Lord's high ceiling with tired eyes that glowed black with hatred.
The Lord reached out with his mind for hope of sensing one of his siblings, but he knew they were long dead, long forgotten,
probably lost even to myth. The emptiness dared him to sit up, beckoned him toward the sun's warmth, tugged at his shirtsleeves to follow.

The world was different. It buzzed with a gentle hum foreign to the truly ancient being, something artificial, something destructive. Lips parted in a grin to bare still-sharp fangs in the gentle glow of the Chamber. It was starting, and he would witness it.

Then he would cleanse the world.



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(Tagging everyone so everyone knows that it started)

For a long time, there had been legends of supernatural beings and myths about gods and demons, angels and magic. People believed in such things, admired such things, and feared such things. They existed among us at first, but as time went on they existed only in myth and legends, then as fables and stories told to entertain, and less and less people in the world truly believed. However, as society and technology began to advance further and further into the twenty first century, the supernatural that had faded into fable and fiction began to be discovered once more. It was not a fast or immediate process, and to this day more is still able to be discovered, but now the world was aware of the truth. That the supernatural was more natural then the common people believed. That things like Vampyres, Lycanthropes, Angels, Demons and all sorts existed in the world.

But with the light, also comes the shadows of darkness that also appear.

And in an old, medium sized building on the side street known as Harvest Lane, there were a group of people who had become involved with many such phenomenon. It was a three story building, with a basement, and the outside looked sturdy yet worn. The windows looked plenty clean with several stones with odd symbols placed on the inside edges, but it was clear that the building had quite the age to it. And yet, it ended up giving off an atmosphere of eerie and unusual, but also one of safety and sanctuary.

The owner of the building, and the business that it housed, approached it with a sturdy look while wearing a business suit. His appearance was that of a very well built man that might be seen as a body builder despite the business suit, with matching brown hair and eyes that gave him a certain charm. And with the usual stoic and serious expression on his face, with a touch of gentleness, he arrived at the door while another figure approached from behind.

That figure was a blonde haired woman with blue eyes, and was the receptionist for the building in question. She had stunning and breathtaking good looks to the point where one might consider them unnatural, but she otherwise appeared entirely normal. She was of average height, and her proportions would be considered idealistic as well.

Although there was an entrance into the first floor, that floor was mainly just the garage, workshops, and storage rooms. Instead, they took the stairs up to the second floor, where they had the receptionist desk, a visitor's lounge, an employee's lounge, a small kitchen, and some offices in the back. Also, through the employee's lounge was the file room. And upstairs, that was where the owner's office was, along with his personal file room, a room where he had a variety of weapons stored, a small library full of important books, and another storage room.

There was also a basement, but it was rarely used so it wasn't really something people thought of very often.

Normally, one might think that something bad would happen from this scene, especially for those who were observant that noticed certain characteristics about the man. That, even if he smiled, there was something about his movements and his eyes that would indicate he had witnessed an unyielding darkness. As if he had seen countless people die before him, and expected to see countless more dead still. Although he clearly had not lost his hope, anyone with a good skill for reading people could easily tell he had experienced quite a bit and was prepared to experience more.

That he was someone who chased after darkness, and who was surrounded in darkness. As if he would lead all around him to ruin.

And yet, there was another element that made it seem otherwise. And it was that element that showed in that moment, as he conversed with the woman next to him and dispelled any such notion that trouble would occur.

"Good morning, Mr. Devlin".

"I told you Clara, you can call me Alex".

"Okay, Boss Alex".

" I sound like a Mafia Boss".

The two had a fairly cheerful and somehow humorous conversation as Devlin unlocked the door and they entered into the main hall. This was a typical morning for Alexander Devlin, the owner of the building and the business run from it, and his employee Clara Brooks.

The offices themselves still appeared to have a clean and proper appearance, and everything appeared to be in order of which Devlin was thankful for. For anywhere that non-employees were usually able to enter, such as the visitor's lounge, the receptionist desk, and the offices the floor was the same and meant for regular foot traffic and all looked proper and business like.

"By the way, if you don't mind eggs and bacon please if we have any! If not, then just whatever we do have and a muffin or something would be fine!"

While she made that request, Clara sat down at her desk and prepared for work. And meanwhile, instead of heading to his office on the third floor Alex began to head towards the employee's lounge and the kitchen connected to it. There was also an employee's bathroom as well. And even though the building had been totally locked and secure, as he entered the employees loung in the area where one would take off their shoes after entering the room, there was a pair of child's sneakers and a pair of child's boots next to them.

And so as Alex's eyes looked over to the couch inside the lounge, he saw a young boy. Even though he was twelve years old, he was short for his age and had snow/ash white hair, both made him stand out quite a bit. Furthermore, the boy could not be called muscular or masculine at all, as his body was clearly visible dressed only in a sleeveless white shirt and boxers that in his sleep had almost slipped off. There was a blanket that had fallen off of him discarded on the floor, and pillows that his body had wrapped around which caused a bit of an incident as the boy slept sleepily and unaware.

However, it was blatantly clear that the boy was not human, because although the boxers had been accidentally shifted down while he moved in his sleep, anyone who did look there would likely have their eyes occupied not by the embarrassing part, but by the tail that was sticking out right above and fully laid out across the couch to its normal length. It was a black tail, that if was stretched out along his body could reach up to the back of his head. It did not have fur or anything though, but it was not quite sure if you could call it skin either. A mysterious black tail, and a clear and obvious sign he was not human, although while he did have a tail he lacked any sort of animal ears, still maintaining normal human ears.

That was because the boy was a Half-Demon. He had a humanoid appearance, but the tail was considered to be some sort of manifestation of the Demon Power that could not be fully contained inside the body. Half Demons were born between a Demon Father, and a Human Mother. They would only gain a portion of the power from their Demon parent, but in exchange they would either be immune or highly resistant to the weaknesses of a Demon. However, due to the history and commonly known mentality of most Demons, Half-Demons were probably faced with the highest level of discrimination. They were also met with some fear, because lacked the weaknesses of a Demon, but could always train and get more powerful.

In fact, it was that power which was why the boy was shorter then others his age. The more powerful they were and the more they grew their powers, more nuitrients that are normally used to grow the physical body would be used to grow and maintain the Demon Powers, and additionally the more vitality they had which meant they aged slower as well. And that was only the beginning of the potential side effects of being a Half-Demon.

Even though he clearly moved around a lot in his sleep, right now he was not moving around at all and was still and calm, though he seemed to be mumbling something in his sleep. At this scene, Alex had a faint smile and sighed as he walked over to the couch. He was aware just how hard it could be to wake him once he was calm like this, and so he used the only surefire way to wake him up. He grabbed the tail, and pulled it slightly before letting go immediately.

Even though it had been an extremely gentle tug, the boy erupted from his slumber immediately. His face had turned bright red, and in his fluster he fell off the couch and onto the floor. But he did not let that stop him, and jumped up to look around the room with his bright ruby red eyes before they came across Alex.

"What the hell?! know I hate it when people do that! I told you to stop that!"

"Hey, it was the best way to wake you up quickly! Besides, you always look kind of cute after that".

"I told you to stop calling me cuu...waah?!"

The boy tried to walk forward, but tripped on something around his feet and fell down. After he looked back, he noticed his boxers had fallen to his feet after his sudden movement and turned even more bright red, as he quickly stood up and pulled them up.

"But you are cute, Little Zy".

Unfortunately for the boy, Zyler, Alex was not the only one who saw as the receptionist, Clara, had come to check on the commotion and also witnessed everything. Of course, as Clara was not only the receptionist but also the on sight doctor who gave all the employees medical checkups, she had given Zy an examination already despite his protests but he was still embarrassed by this.

"I...I don't want to hear that from a succubus! And don't you dare...I was the one who did it last time!"

Yes, the receptionist Clara Brooks who was also the doctor was also a succubus. She was someone who controlled her powers however, and was able to maintain herself without killing anyone. The method was simple moderation. She was able to take only a small portion of lifeforce from someone, something that would be regenerated easily and not cause lasting damage, and only did that with those strong enough. All she had to do was kiss, but she also did not take without permission. In other words, she mainly got her energy from her fellow employees.

Additionally, although usually Succubi could inherit the memories and physical knowledge of whoever they kill, though the method Clara used which left them alive and only slightly tired, she would learn the current status of their physical bodies. Of course, due to the sheer number of aliments and issues she also did a full medical examination as well, but when one deals with Supernatural forces that could leave things like cursemarks, or other such magical aliments that could hide themselves from her ability, it was understandable. Thankfully, unless they got seriously injured or dealt with something dangerous that could produce effects like that, this was something that only happened during a bi-yearly examination.

"Its okay Zyler. We thank you for your service. As a boss, although I regret it, I need all my strength to focus on paperwork so I delegate my turn to you".

"Actually, I was not here about that. I just came to make sure you two were okay. Oh, that said, I am hungry for breakfast. Zy, mind making bacon and eggs? If you do, I will absolutely make sure our boss is the one who is next".

Clara told them that, which got Zyler to get perked up while Alex gulped a little despite his still stoic appearance.

"You got it!"

Clara left on those words, while Alex looked back at Zyler.

"You know, its been a year since you showed up and you are still sleeping in the offices like this. Don't you think its time to find an apartment of your own?"

"I have tried, and am still trying. But you know, the last three times I tried to get one I got super unlucky. I mean, what are the odds that my last attempt to get my own place led to it being a demon in disguise who tricked people into getting eaten by it once they entered? By the way, can we please finally renovate the building to have a bath?"

"No. This building is not supposed to actually be lived inside of in the first place. There is a public bathhouse nearby, so you can keep using that".

"Oh come on!"

Zyler chased after Alex while he complained, so Alex produced a small eraser from his pocket and turned around. He used a single hand and flicked it right into Zyler's forehead, causing his body to fall backwards and make a star shape on the floor.

Normally, such a comedic scene would be realistically impossible. However, the reason it was possible was because neither of the two people were normal. Alex was a man who possessed a supernatural level of strength and ability for a normal human, and Zyler was actually Half Demon. Therefore, as Alex flicked the eraser with superhuman strength, Zyler's feet and legs held the strength to instead of being sent flying, "grip" the floor enough to instead just get planted backwards into the ground. But not enough so that the fall doesn't stop them from leaving the ground at all, just to stop enough momentum that would cause him to fly backwards.

Zyler looked up after that and scowled at him, while Alex left with some words.

"And I would also like some breakfast! Also, put on some shorts or pants or something before any clients show up!"

"You can have whatever scraps are left once me and Clara are done!"

The two argued a bit, but in truth this was actually them getting along. Zyler was actually one of the exceptional stars at the organization they worked at, a place that investigated unusual and supernatural crimes and occurances known only as "The Agency". Even though Zyler was only a twelve year old boy who should still be in school, he was an employee and authorized member of this agency. This gave him the ability to even investigate police crime scenes, look through evidence, and carry weapons. That was the kind of power, track record, and authority that employees of The Agency had in this city, and on this island. Even though he was a twelve year old boy, he was exceptionally talented and had the authority to work serious cases, take down criminals, and enforce the peace.

Even though he was a Half Demon, someone related to a race known for producing some of the most dangerous and untrustworthy beings in history, he was still a boy who was at the age to be going to middle school. In fact, even though he was a half demon, the laws had been catching up and so legally he still had to attend school. However, he had quite a number of times where he had himself excused due to work, almost all of them true. Because as a half demon who looked like a weak and pathetic boy, he ended up getting bullied quite a bit.

Of course, since they were only children he couldn't just go do something like use his powers and abilities on him, since then all sorts of bad things would happen.

As Zyler got out the ingredients and began making breakfast, he quickly set out a number of plates as he got to work. Very unlike what people tend to expect from a boy, which really wouldn't help him given his appearance, he was exceptional in the kitchen as he handled multiple different foods and pans at once, ensuring that he would have enough for everyone and himself. It did not take him too long either, as he made no unnecessary movements and avoided making any real mess, and so before anyone knew it breakfast was already ready.

Once he was done, he made sure to grab some black shorts and a red T shirt, changing out of his white sleeveless shirt before he opened the door.

"Alright, breakfast is ready!"

"Mmmhmm. As usual, this is extremely delicious".

Surprised by the voice, Zyler turned around and saw Alex holding a plate and carrying it back to his office.


Zyler tried to go after him, and yet as he opened the door a bucket of ice cold water that Zyler had set up on Alex's office door fell onto him. Because of that, Zyler had to grab some new clothes, go into the bathroom, and get changed again into a pair of blue shorts and a white T shirt before he was able to eat breakfast again.

"I swear. one day I will get him!"

Zyler swore such a thing while he scarfed down his breakfast, while two of the older agents, a black haired and black eyed man from Japanese decent named Tooru Nakamara, and a red headed and green eyed woman of American decent named Elena Smith, just looked at him with half smiles and half looks of pity. They were fully aware of Zyler's campaign to successfully prank Alex, and that so far he has lost and had been subjected to a counter prank each time. However, they thought it was admirable how he never gave up.

They also remembered when Zyler first came here, how dark and sulky he had been. He was pretty quick to recover after the horrible incident that led him to be here in the first place. Zyler had been a boy raised by a single mother, a witch who could use magic. She had used her magic to keep Zyler's tail and powers a secret, and according to Zyler she had never once told him anything about her father except that he was a demon. Not if it had been willingly, not if she loved or hated him, not if he was dead or alive. But she had showed him love each and every day...up until one day, when a mysterious Demon showed up in Zyler's town and burned down a huge part. The two of them had gotten trapped inside their house, and she only had enough time to save one of she chose to save Zyler, and told him to keep on striving for a happy life and for fun and to be the version of him that she knew he could be.

It was The Agency who had gone to investigate, and then defeat, the Demon that had caused the incident, and as they were looking around they found him. The demon had already run away and escaped back into hiding, the destruction covering it's trail, but the Half-Demon Zyler was still there. The magic that hid his true nature had dissipated due to his mother's death, and they knew that after part of the town had been destroyed by a Demon, he would likely be blamed and mistreated regardless on the connections he had made. And also...Alex could tell immediately. Zyler's potential, and also his desire for revenge.

And that was why Alex decided to take Zyler in, and give him a job at The Agency. In the first place, things like age, species, and such did not matter in the Agency. All that mattered is that you upheld the ideals of The Agency, and that you had the ability to help. And also, it was because Alex was worried about what Zyler could turn into if he did not have a positive environment to help him.

For the first few weeks, Zyler had been pretty gloomy and obsessed, but over time he calmed down on his own. He wanted revenge, but they knew if they let him out in that state there could be a risk to innocent people. Alex and the others made sure he had a home there, and they also let him stay in the office until he got his own place. It would be too dangerous and harsh for him in the foster system, so they decided either he would sleep inside the building or would get an apartment of his own if he was able to.

What helped him also was this quest of his, at least that is what they felt. The energetic relationship between Alex and Zyler, and how Zyler would keep trying again and again, as he never gave up and kept having fun. That was what they believed help Zyler.

But there was also something else they all knew helped Zyler as well, something that really helped him connect with people.

"Hey, Zyler! We just got a call from the police, there is another case! We need you at the site immediately!"

"Alright! Let me just get changed into some work clothes".

"No time! Get your shoes on and go now! This is a serious, high priority case!"

"Alright fine!"

And that was the very thing Clara just told him to do. The feeling Zyler could get by solving cases, helping people who need it and avenging people who could not do it themselves. It was something that helped give him something incredibly valuable. A purpose.

And so with that purpose, Zyler quickly ran out of the apartment and rushed towards the address he was given.

"...given the seriousness of how it sounded over the phone, I wonder if I should send anyone else? Well, I will see who is interested".


A huge, bloody mess. That was the only thing that could be used to describe the scene in front of her. Sure, more detailed words could be used, like gory, horrific, and frightening, but she felt that just calling it a huge, bloody mess was more accurate. That it would not let anyone be too focused on any particular clue, and that it would help keep people objective.

However, it was already blatantly obvious this was no normal case. If it was, she would not be holding a phone in her hand, trying to overcome her dislike of those people and call the Supernatural Detective and Crisis Handling Organization known as "The Agency". But, she knew in this case she would need their help.

This small girl disliked using those people, especially since she had the habit of running into him whenever she did, but there was really no choice. She needed them on this scene in front of her. In broad daylight, five people dead. Four slaughtered around the fountain, and one of them propped up on the fountain itself as if crucified. They had been discovered in the public area one hour ago. But that was not the biggest issue. Aside from all the blood that was around, not a single drop had tainted the fountain or got on the statue the fifth body was propped up on. And yet, that was still not the strangest thing.

The strangest thing was that an hour ago, these bodies had not been here. No, to be exact, they had been there for hours, but somehow no one noticed them at all until one hour ago at eight AM. This was a bloody scene, people had been horribly murdered and left in public, but no one noticed until eight AM on the dot. This was clearly intentional, but the question was what happened exactly, and why?

"Archangel Lulella".

A police officer came over to the girl who while little was actually not young at all, being over thirty years old, and then eyed her phone.

"As police, we should be able to solve this case on our own..."

"First off, while yes I am a powerful Angel, please use my true title as Police Commissioner. Second of all, I too want to have the police handle it on our own. the police, it is not our pride or image that matters. It is ensuring the safety and security of the people in our charge! We enforce the rules, but we do not rule over them. And if we need help to guarantee the safety of our families, our neighbors, our citizens, then so be it".

As she spoke those words, the officers around her looked at the Police Commission who appeared as a young girl with white wings that magically emerged from her back and stretched with praise and admiration. Not because she was an Angel, or because she was easily described as cute, beautiful, or pretty, but because her words rang in the souls of their hearts. As they faced the darkness of people in the city every day, the words she spoke was like a fresh of breath air that broke through the darkness and disgust of the scene in front of her.

"...but I swear, if I have to look that Half Demon in the eye again, I am lodging a complain with Mr. Devlin. It is like he is trying to set us up, that idiot".