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"You haven't seen true horror... Not yet anyways."

0 · 677 views · located in United Nations school grounds

a character in “THE "AGENCY" Renewed!”, as played by CutestWitch




The Summoner
Indefinites as Female, though her actual sex seems to be neither gender.
8 (but physically older. She's been growing and aging at an accelerated rate.)
Horror (half human/half other dimensional monster)
♣Love Interest none
♣Face Claim Anna – Granblue Fantasy
♣Dialogue #FF0000


tall and awkward 
♣Hair Color 
♣Eye Color 
Dunwich's head looks normal, but blow that one will find a mess of lumps, hair, and tendrils in an almost human form. Her hands also look fairly decent, but her feet are hooves like a goat.
♣Preferred Clothing 
She wears big long loose robes that cover most of her body. Because most of her body is grotesque in appearance, such clothes are necessary to hide it. She is also fond of hats.


- Nervous around others
- Speaks quickly, mumbles, and there is a hint of her inhumanity in her voice making her hard to understand.
- Doesn’t like being touched, especially hugged
- Inhuman moans and groans while sleeping
- Always carries a stuffed toy
- Animals do not like Dunwich. Especially dogs, who bark wildly when she's around. 
Knows a little bit of dark magic
Able to understand and read many languages
Knowledge of secret cults and rituals
- The Great Old Ones
- Magic
- Traveling the world
- Meat
- Her toys
- Demons and Gods of other religions.
- Animals
- Being around people
- Battle
- Being touched
- Reading about strange cults and rituals 
- Collecting rare artifacts
- Playing with toys
- Most animals 
- Strangers
- Being harmed
Asocial, shy, very timid, is afraid of new people. Dunwich is never one to be welcoming. She keeps people away as much as possible. Most of her intentions are a secret and she gives very little clues to how she feels. She prefers to stay in the background and not be bothered. Others may find her very creepy, for she was created by dark magic and it is noticeable. She openly worships the Great Old Ones, most notably Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, Hastur the Unspeakable, and the Great Cthulhu. Worshipping (and even knowledge of) such idols tends to make humans go insane, but she is being of their dark magic and she's resistant to such mental influences.

Dunwich may be physically old, but she still somewhat has the mentality of her young age. She’s overall curious, imaginative, and can be playful at times. She quick to become attached to material things. She has many toys, and she doesn't like other people touching and playing with them.


♣Relationship Status
Mother (deceased)
"Father" - Yog-Sothoth (unconfirmed)
Primary Caretaker - Dr. Angel

♣Personal History
Dunwich's mother was a clearly insane woman who, for some unknown reason, wanted to recreate the events of an incident that happened in the 1920s, in which a woman was impregnated by the Outer God, Yog-Sothoth and bore two monsterous child. Dunwich's mother wished also to be impregnated by Yog-Sothoth and gained such knowledge to summon the God and was indeed bore children. However, she died giving birth to Dunwich. It was presumed to be just a natural death, but Dunwich believes something killed her mother so that she would be brought to The Agency. Dunwich was found alone by Agents of the Agency and spent the next few years in a laboratory in the care Dr. Angel and her crew. They named her Dunwich after the small Massachusetts town in with the original Dunwich Horror Incident took place. They studied her and taught her how to read and write. She became ever interested in her origins, and her caretakers showed her the cursed tomes that spoke of her father (among them the dread Necronomicon of the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred). Although she only had brief readings of such books, for they are extremely dangerous, but she tried her best to memorize certain spells and rituals. Her caretakes wanted to learn all she can about the Great Old Ones without endangering us all, so that she can be used to defeat Earth if such creatures ever decide to attack. Over the years, Dunwich has made pacts with some of the creatures she has encountered over her years of study allowing her to summon certain monsters. When she became old enough, her caretakers felt like she learned enough to put her knowledge to better use. They transferred her to the United Nations School for the Gifted.


♠ Summons The Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath - Dunwich's relationship with the Dark Young is fairly decent. Dunwich openly worships Shub-Niggurath and the Dark Young is willing to obey her. This is her most common summon.
Shantak- Another common summon of Dunwich. Shantak is often used as a mount, but can combat if need to. It obeys her for the most part.
Shoggoth- Dunwich is very reluctant to summon the Shoggoth, but she will if she has to. The Shoggoth were created as a servant race, but they have been known to rebel against their masters before. Dunwich is very much afraid of losing control of the Shoggoth.


So begins...

Dunwich's Story

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In the girl's bathroom, hiding in one of the stalls, the young Dunwich sat on the toilet. She wasn't using the toilet but was hiding from everyone. She agreed to come to this school, but now that she's here she was regretting that decision. There were so many people here and they were all normal and happy, and she was big and weird. She was awkward looking in her big black robes and long red hair, and was so tall. At least they couldn't see under the robes at her grotesque body. This was her first time out of the lab without the guidance of her caretakers. She wanted to go back to the labs, where it was isolated and safe.

An announcement was made for all students to go to the auditorium for an assembly. "GGWWWWAAA!" Dunwich let out a ghostly moan after the announcement. That meant she's going to have to leave the bathroom. She waited for all the other girls to leave, and then some, before wondering out. Dunwich stumbled her way out of the bathroom and into the hallway. Most of the other students were already at the auditorium. Dunwich looked around confused. Which way is the auditorium? Dunwich didn't know. She begun to aimlessly roam the halls. She saw another student not in auditorium at this time, a petite blonde girl with a bird. Should she go ask for directions? The thought of going up to the girl and talking to her crossed Dunwich's mind, but is immediately shot down by anxiety. Plus the girl had an animal with her, Dunwich doesn't like animals. Dunwich just stared at the girl with a blank emotionless stare and backed herself into a corner.

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#, as written by Byte
“...Mr. Claus would like to welcome you to our great school.”

With a desperate attempt to remain poker-faced and cool, Aleks figured it was just easier to laugh at the ridicule of such an obvious excuse for a moniker. Couldn't be more telling if it tried, like, 'Tell me he's got the hat and everythin'. Seriously.'. In a society where secrecy was the equivalent of some sacred vow, Aleks couldn't help but adjust her curiosity with mild amusement as her first impressions were less than what she'd expected, and only furthered the notion that this “school” took itself way more seriously than it ever should.

It was a far cry from her previous regiment to say the least, anyway.

Actually attending said meeting with the rest of the flock, however? Well, Aleks didn't think much of it. It was all useless hogwash anyway, and better left forgotten than remembered in the grand scheme of things. She was much more interested at the prospect of actually getting to meet these presumed supernatural badasses she'd heard so much about. And in her moment of wise contemplation (and probably wondering the consequences for slacking off), Aleks caught a somewhat... unusual sight as she turned around the corner of the hallways.

'That's not creepy or anythin'.'

It took her a moment to register the giant clomp of cloth and red hair staring at what appeared to be a much smaller girl in an overly flamboyant outfit, and a bird perched on her shoulder. From what she could gather, the latter was definitely another student. The other one, however, was a different story entirely.

She paused in her walk, noting several details before figuring that playing at staring contests wasn't going to accomplish much beyond awkward introductions. And so, with a smirk and an arm raised in greeting, Aleks approached the pair without hesitation.

“Yo! Guess I'm not the only one running late, huh? Cool.”

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#, as written by Tanman
Miriam ‘Mimi’ Poloskia

Mimi wasn’t the first to notice that she had company in her presence. Jauntily striding down the hallway, it took a slight nip and peck to her ear from Juke to draw her attention behind her, though the young mage didn’t exactly take kindly to that method of grabbing her focus. “Ow! What was that for you birdbrain?!” Annoyed, she grabbed hold of her raven, somewhat cruelly pulling on his face in retribution, causing him to squawk and flap about in quite the ruckus. The two made quite the scene, but thankfully, most of it was obscured from her approaching and observing colleagues.

“Yo! Guess I'm not the only one running late, huh? Cool.” A feminine, and yet rough voice filtered in from behind Mimi, causing her to freeze momentarily before stuffing Juke behind her back as she whirled to see who it was that she was going to grace with her presence. Immediately, Miriam began inspecting the girl before her, a pleasant smile crossing her face to hide her scrutinizing eyes. Tall, but not overly so. Somewhat slender by the looks of things, kinda lanky, and with awful posture… But even with that, she was still a few inches taller than Mimi, even in her heels. Though that riled Mimi somewhat, the lacklustre expression and obvious lack of care for her appearance helped dissuade her insecurities. Satisfied that Mimi was significantly prettier than the girl in front of her, she stood up straight, and decided to respond.

“Well, being late is only a concern if you plan to attend. Someone of my calibre and talent has far more valuable things to do with her time.” Striking a haughty pose out of habit, Mimi placed a hand on her chest and another to the sky as she tossed her nose into the air. It had only been a moment and already her bragging had started. Grinning, she looked back to the girl in front of her, before noticing that there was yet another in their company; though she was shrunken against the wall at the back of the hallway. Again, her inferiority complex kicked in as she noticed how tall this other girl was, even dwarfing this sandy slackjaw in front of her. How does someone even grow that much?! As her insecurities began to rise even further, Mimi decided it was crucial she make an incredible impression on these two to solidify her position as the perfect and special individual that she was.

“But where are my manners? Introductions are in order, no?” Making a twirling curtsy, Mimi took a step back as she spoke once more. “Wix Tay! Allow me to show you just who you’re dealing with!” With a flourish of her hands Mimi waved them in an arc overhead, a myriad of colours and sparkles of light descending down over her figure like glitter as a series of letters appeared above her. M I M I. “Introducing the one, the only, magnificent and magical Mimi! Magician, master, mesmerising and miraculous! Monumental and mysterious! Mystifying and magnanimous! Marvellous, majestic and - above all - modest.” A small series of silent fireworks exploded around her, but they were nothing more than an optical illusion as she made herself glow with a soft white light, standing proudly. Even if both her spectators would need to look down to see her, it was definitely enough of a show to garner their awe and admiration.

“Feel free to praise me now. Applaud and what have you. I know it can be hard to break your stunned appreciation, but I do so deserve the admiration. Don’t be afraid.” Mimi shut her eyes as she raised her arms once more, expecting to be soaked in an adoring vat of amazement and love. Instead, she felt a rather rough force push down on her head, Juke perching atop her head and giving another loud caw.

“And this here is my assistant, Juke. Though he’s not really that important.” Folding her arms, Mimi made no effort to remove him from his place. Demeaning as it was, it would be far more embarrassing to create a spectacle of shooing him off. Though Mimi was not really aware, Juke seemed mildly wary of the ‘girl’ that would be revealed as Dunwich, though as far as she would have experienced, it was probably one of the better reactions she would have experienced from an animal. Perhaps it was the increased sentience or magical properties that the familiar possessed? Regardless, he peered to that girl far more than the one directly in front of Mimi. For Mimi, it was probably telling how much she cared about her audience considering her complete lack of interest in acquiring any information about them.

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Dunwich watched as another girl approached, a taller girl but not as tall as Dunwich. The two girls began exchange dialogue. Dunwich watched, not wanting to speak herself. She thought about just walked away. But then the smaller girl started performing magic.

It was flashy magic, very different from her own magical powers. Dunwich wasn't too impressed with the magic itself, but the fact that another student of the magic arts was around made her feel a bit more comfortable. Dunwich took a couple steps forward. She took a glace at the bird on the girls shoulder. It was staring at her, but she recognized it as the small girl's familiar. "Gah... uhhh... A... f-fellow sorceress," Dunwich spoke, her speech quick and broken. One can tell she was rather nervous. There was also that hit of inhuman horror in her voice. Like she had an extra vocal cord that was deeper darker and quieter behind her normal voice. "I-I'm Dunwich... you're magic is... uhh... a bit more... brighter than mine. I... I can't show you my magic... N-not here... anyways... because I study d-dark magic... brought down by the Great Old Ones... The Outer Gods from dimensions and times beyond our own.
Like my father, Yog-Sothoth. And uhh... The Crawling Chaos, Nyarl..."
Oh Shoggoth! Did she just tell them her father was an inter-dimensional demon god? "uhhh... well... ummm... There's a thing... you know..." Dunwich started to walk in another direction. Hopefully they couldn't really understand her.

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#, as written by Byte
'Guess I caught a lively one.'

Aleks couldn't help but give an inward laugh as the tiny, tiny girl displayed an introduction that felt as practised as the glee in her voice; performing a dance worthy of theatres. Clearly, she had a lot to compensate for in the presence of much taller – and presumably older -- girls (she hadn't failed to notice the lack of stature), and with that thought in mind Aleks played pretend long enough to feign amazement on top of her initial interest and handed Mimi exactly what she wanted. A modest standing ovation.

“Wow!” She spoke under a series of clapping. “That's some talent you've got there, magical Mimi.” The sweetened words slipped through her teeth so hard it nearly broke the grin on her face. Luckily the giant red-hair managed to break the metaphorical ice as she approached in light of magic being the arisen topic, her voice jittery and quick with an underlying tone that Aleks couldn't quite make out was either the person's real voice or some strange echo caused by the pseudo-arctic gear they were wearing.

'Dunwich? That's not your typical name...'

And as the conversation delved into darker tones, Aleks couldn't help but feel an eerier, almost otherworldly vibe from the giant. She made a mental note to exercise caution in this one's presence, if only pre-emptively. She wouldn't want to be privy to this supposed dark magic, anyway. Didn't exactly have good fortune written over it.

In an attempt to clear the air, mostly for her own sanity, Aleks gave a not-so subtle cough for want of some attention. “Not to sound like your surrogate mum or anythin',” A nonchalant shrug. Playing it cool. “but shouldn't we get to meet this Claus guy?”

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#, as written by Tanman
Miriam ‘Mimi’ Poloskia

Mimi beamed as her primary spectator began a light, but still noticeable applause. Finally, someone who actually recognised and appreciated her talent! Maybe she’d been a little harsh in her initial assumptions about Sandy (She didn’t know what her real name was, but Sandy Slackjaw would do for now), if she had good enough taste to see her talent for what it was, she couldn’t be all bad.

"Gah...” The noise- … Well, voice sent a few shivers through Mimi’s spine, enough to make her jump a little, but her performing persona managed to help her keep a strong composure as she looked to the gangly woman that had finally decided to leave her hiding spot in the corner. Perhaps it was the juxtaposition of tones in her voice, the fact that she was so tall, or just her poor body language; but Mimi couldn’t help the underlying uncomfortable feeling she felt. Well, the best way to deal with something like that is to face it head on! If she was intimidated, she’d just have to force herself to push through it! Mimi put on a feisty expression, listening in full to Dunwich, allowing the nervous girl to get through the entirety of what she wanted to discuss before launching into conversation.

“For starter’s Dunny, I’m not a sorceress. I’m a mage. Get it right, please. It wouldn’t sound nearly as good if I went around proclaiming to be the Mimi the Sorceress doesn’t sell nearly as well as Mimi the Mage.” Miriam’s haughty, somewhat confrontational conversation style came to light, and was perhaps a little harsh towards the shy and socially inexperienced Dunwich, but in all honesty, Mimi couldn’t help it at this point. “Secondly, I don’t just do Light magic. I’m way better than that. I’m what you’d call a Master of all elements, and that includes Darkness. What you’re looking at is the prodigy who invented her own style and form of elemental magic, Ebbing Magic. Whatever spells you might know I’m more than certain that I could trump it. Perhaps if you follow me closely you might learn a trick or two.” Mimi rambled on and on, going into far too much detail. This was normal for her, but again, likely another sign of her insecurity and need to prove herself.

“And finally, you’ve either gotta have some mad powers under that hat, or you’re just plain mad. No sane person could follow that stuff without having their brain melt. I mean, sure you’re huge and all, but you’re just some cute girl like me. It’s not like you’re some disgusting monster or anything and…” Mimi paused, which was rare for her. Thinking on it, how did she even know anything about Lovecraftian Mythos? Wait, how’d she even know what it was called? She didn’t recall anyone teaching her, nor did she ever read such things. And yet… Strangely, she felt she knew bits and pieces about it. Especially the magic. Perplexing, but not unwelcome she supposed. Perhaps she was even more of a genius about magic than she thought? She certainly didn’t think she knew enough to cast something, but perhaps with some formal study… A small cough from Sandy Slackjaw drew Mimi’s attention, diverting her thoughts from Dunwich, Cthulhu, and such ancient magicks. “Not to sound like your surrogate mum or anythin', but shouldn't we get to meet this Claus guy?”

Mimi scoffed at Aleks, noting that Dunwich had started slipping away from the two… But in the wrong direction to the auditorium. “Really Sandy, you didn’t look like a nag to me. Don’t tell me you actually plan on attending that snooze-fest?” Mimi folded her arms, before turning back towards Dunwich. “Yo, Dunny, Auditorium’s behind us. If you’re skipping out count me in, otherwise you should go with Sandy here. Me and Juke have better things to spend our time on then-“ Mimi stopped again as Juke flew from her shoulder, cawing once before settling on Sandy’s shoulder. Poloskia’s reaction was immediate.
“You filthy traitor! This is the thanks I get for looking after you-you flea-ridden flapjack! You’re MY partner, don’t go sucking up to any new person looking for treats and attention!” Juke cawed mockingly at Mimi, the tiny mage moving up to try and swipe at him. Unsuccessfully missing the bird, Juke proceeded to peck at Mimi’s hand before flying free from Aleks and down the corridor towards the audiotium. “Why that infuriating ingrate! I’ll have your head on a platter Juke!” Mimi shouted out before giving chase. And with that, Mimi found herself heading towards the auditorium, hopefully with her two new compatriots in tow.