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Xavier Xanxus

Why do i have to be around so many people.

0 · 226 views · located in United Nations school

a character in “The "Agency"”, as played by Dr Eye Patch


Xavier Xanxus



♣Gender Male
♣Nickname(s)/Alias(es) X
♣Age 16 (as far as he knows)
♣Love Interest N/A
♣Face Claim None


♣Height 5'8
♣Weight 395 Lb
♣Build Lean | Athletic
♣Hair Color Gray
♣Eye Color Teal
♣Scars/Tattoos/Piercings has scars all over his body from whatever "they" did to him as a child. the only place he does have then is his face.
♣Description Xavier has bright skin much of his body is covered in scars. His soft Teal eyes really stand out against his bright skin. Depending on the mood that he's in his eyes will narrow and sharpen. Xavier has a somewhat of a lanky build at first glance but because of his childhood his, body is very well toned. his Gray hair is always well kept Xavier takes great pride in his outward appearance.

♣Preferred Clothing
Xavier typically wears black slacks, a white/ black/ gray dress shirt with a red tie, and a standard black suit He also wears gloves of various colors (usually black, white or gray)


♣Oddities Childlike Sense of Wonder | Because of how his childhood was spent a lot of his child like tendencies are still intact especially having or showing the pleasing qualities (such as innocence) that children often have.
[color=choose color]♣Skills[/color] Hyperthymesia | because of what "they" did to him as a child Xavier now possess an extremely detailed autobiographical memory.
♣Likes Quite | Xavier likes to spend his time in nice quite and calming atmosphere being around people as little as he can. |
♣DislikesRain | There is nothing Xavier hate more than the rain, it reminds him of the cold he felt when he was younger.
♣Hobbies Listening to music & Reading | Xavier is how Xavier spends most of his free time doing this while reading.

♣Phobia(s) Aquaphobia | Xavier hate almost everything about water, but drowning is the worst its is always cold to him cold that can never be shaken off the kind of cold that insights true despair.
♣Sexuality Stright
♣Personality As stated by others, Xavier looks very scary with no care for the well-being of others, preferring to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. This often leads to his opponents surprising him, as he doesn't think before attacking. He prefers to be alone and hates crowdings. This leads him to be upset with anyone who he thinks is crowding around him too much. He has full confidence in his own strength and power, and dislike to work together with anybody due to feeling bind and restrained, making him refuse or won't easily take suggestions from others into consideration. He has a dislike of being in debt to anyone and strives to pay them back as soon as possible. He cannot stand being restrained and absolutely refuses to allow himself to be controlled.


♣Relationship Status Single
♣Family None

♣Personal HistoryHis earliest memories are from waking up on a operating table with tubes running in and out of him the men who where there were congratulating him on becoming the Japanese government 1st ever weaponized human he just sat there trying to drink in all they the men were telling him as they when on explaining to him about how all of his physical attributes such as strength and speed have been increased 50 times of a normal human and as they were going on about some of the other abilities something inside of him snapped was it the fact that he can't remember a thing about himself or the fact they these men were telling him he should be pleased with the fact they have done this to him or was it just the fact they his new body gave him the ability to do it as a wicked smile begin to crawl across his face he mumble " so you made me into a weapon uh."as he slowly turn his head to the nearest man to him " i guess i should acted like one" as he thrust his arm into the man's chest with such force that he rips a hole in the man with ease as the others look in horror as they were their coworker fall to the ground he slowly turns his attention to them the begin to run but it does none of them any good within 20 minutes they were all dead soon after that. Soon after this, the "agency" took him in.


♠Abilities Superhuman Strength | After undergoing the experiments as a child, Xavier's strength was increased to superhuman levels sufficient to lift approximately 25 tons
Great Body Density | Xavier's muscle, bone tissues and skin are considerably denser than the tissues of an ordinary human, granting him much greater resistance to physical injury than an ordinary human. He can withstand conventional handgun fire at a range of 4 feet and cannot be cut by any blade forged of conventional material
♠ Weapon None
♠WeaknessesLittle Stamina | Xavier's muscles generate more fatigue toxins than the muscles of ordinary humans, meaning he can only exert himself at peak capacity for 5 to 10 minutes before fatigue begins to affect him.
Exhaustion | Xavier's strength rapidly drains his endurance, often causing him to fall asleep after using his strength.
Tunnel Vision | Xavier tends to focus exclusively on a single or limited goal or point of view.

So begins...

Xavier Xanxus's Story