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Bento-bako | Tetsu-inu

The boy, but a homeless child prodigy; the robot, but a mutt.

0 · 209 views · located in Jiroshi city

a character in “The Agents”, as played by NewKidOnTheBlock


Name: Bento-bako | Tetsu-inu

Age: 9 | 3 [cyborg for one year]

Gender: Male | N/A; shows primarily male canine traits

Race: Human | Cyborg

Appearance: Small, even so for his age; with spiked black hair and curious green eyes full of life. | A monsterous beast of scrap metal and advanced technology, in the vague shape of a dog.

Clothing: Graphic t-shirts and shorts, both a bit baggy thanks to his natural size. | A brown-leather dog collar attached to the front of the neck, where the ID Tag would normally sit on a normal dog.

Enhancements: N/A | Cleaner abilities: can consume scrap metal and technology alike, and use the eaten thereof to self-repair or upgrade; the modifications by Bento-bako included an adaptability drive and variability energy core. Due to his 98 percent mechanical body, inhuman strength and edurance are a given.

Likes: New technology to tinker with; pizza, junk food, and soda; cyborgs/robots; girls [Though he wouldn't say so] | His master Bento-bako; being pet; food [scrap metal and technology]; sleep

Dislikes: raw vegetables; bullies/mean people; having his inventions and creations laughed at; cooties | Someone hurting his master Bento-bako; rain; not having food or sleep

Weapons: Bento-bako is always changing up what he carries, always testing a new invention | At the moment, Tetsu-inu only has his brute strength, two assault rifles, four handguns, and nine grenades, all interconnected into him

Strengths: Intelligence [Bento-bako is a child genius...]; Superior technical knowledge [ well as a technical prodigy]; Imagination [enables for the mental endurance to build, as well as building things that should exist decades ahead] | Superior strength [Duh, it's a giant freaking' robot]; Superior endurance [robot]; Adaptability [Thanks to Bento-bako's genius]

Weaknesses: Naiveness [He's just a kid...], Strength/size [...and a small one at that] | His organic brain [sheltered accordingly, but if something were to happen...], His cooling system [Without it, he'd be kaput.]

Personality: Scientific and examining, yet kind and caring, as all children are | Canine, with a few new tricks.

Goals: To be the greatest inventor ever | To serve his master Bento-bako loyally.

Background: Bento-bako always grew up on the streets, never knowing his parents, and having two nights of an orphanage be far too much. It was on the streets that Bento-bako met Tetsu-inu, a small little golden retriever puppy at the time. For nearly a year, the duo lived happily from meal to meal. Their happiness, though, was interrupted as Tetsu-inu sacrificed himself to save his master, pushing Bento-bako out of the way of a car. To repay his friend--and to ensure he didn't lose him--Bento-bako built Testu-inu a new body, one that would be very difficult to break again.

So begins...

Bento-bako | Tetsu-inu's Story