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Ken McGallighan

Loser type of student but has potential to become a much better person

0 · 74 views · located in Lockren, Canada

a character in “The akward times of Ken McGallighan”, as played by inked_illusions


1. One of the shortest people in his class, Ken seems to be picked on a lot especially with the much taller guys when it comes to sports and athletics.
2. Ken isn't obese but he's fairly average in body wieght. He seems to have a very high metabolism since his appetite is much bigger than his stomach.
3. Has a geeky/outcast kind of facial appearance with short black hair and unique pair of glasses. (finds himself proud of being different and unique)
4. Wears a lot of jeans, shirts, and his original "chucks." But he cannot leave the house without wearing his trademark black faded cap and arm accesories.
5. Hates wearing brand named clothing cause it makes him look like a walking billboard. The simpler/more practical, the better.
6. Not an athletic buff, but can definitely strive to be the best if he really works hard for it. (pretty lean for a short white/asian male)


1. A Kid at heart, Ken always finds ways to screw up something and somehow manages to solve it one way or another.
2. A true Video Game fan, sometimes he just can't distinguish what's real or fiction. Or maybe he's trying to escape reality as much as possible.
3. Never had a girlfriend, and even Angela didn't see him as her "type." Trying hard to pick up chicks but always failed along the way.
4. Not much of an overachiever, but always loves to find anything interesting anywhere. At home, at school, or even in his own bedroom.
5. Being the only son in a family of five, trying to be the older brother of two "demonic" sisters seems like hell for him already.
6. Definitely a shy but loyal friend to have when it comes to tough situations and bad times.


1. Wears the same set of clothes everyweek until they get destroyed or faded to oblivion.
2. Has his cellphone, headphones, wallet, and coin container handy within his pants whenever he goes out.
3. Brings unecessary weight within his school bag because he thinks he always need everything with him (even though he has an empty locker)
4. Plays around his guitar whevener he needs to just to clear off his mind or practice becoming a cool guitarist.
5. Borrows heavily from the library (and fails to bring them back on time) all sorts of manga, cds, and dvds.
6. Always finds and picks up items that have been dropped at school grounds to use at home... eventually. (ex. pencils, erasers, etc.)


Born from Singapore to a Caucasian Father and a Singaporean Mother, Ken was raised as well as his parents wanted to be.
The problem was, his family kept on moving to countless amounts of countries in order to get better jobs.
Sooner or later, new and old friends kept coming and going by that it became second nature to Ken.
The only friend that he really kept in close contact with all this time was Angela because he was his first "crush" and
the first person to realize he actually exist. When Ken's parents finally decided to stay permanently in Lockern, Canada
he decided to let go of his friendship with Angela for good even though he never told her personally.
What he really didn't realize was the influence he had on Angela and as they were about to part ways, the last thing
Angela told to him struck him most to this very day. Now that he has lived for two years in Canada, he still can't
get Angela's last phrase out of his mind. Now more than ever, Ken feels confused and angry that he hasn't found
his main purpose in life. With the help of Gabe Yamatame, he will set his life straight while still trying to deal with the normal
problems of an every 15 year old kid.

So begins...

Ken McGallighan's Story


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What the?! Angela don't scare me like that! You know I hate getting surprise attacks especially from you!