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An Insectoid with a mysterious and bloody past. The ships chef and the most untrustworthy aboard the Alithea

0 · 298 views · located in The universe

a character in “The Alithean Odessy”, as played by K0VIP3R


Age: Unknown

Height: 6”5’

Race: Insectoid

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kra has the build of a very bulky praying mantis that stands taller than the average human. His head is elongated in a similar fashion as the Xenomorphs from alien are however it is typically covered by a visor that only reveals the back portion of his skull. His body is, for the most part, covered in black armour, with only his “hands” free. His hands themselves only have three fingers each but from the “wrist” he has praying mantis blades that are nearly the length of an average human arm and are just as sharp. He has 2 pairs of legs that support his abdomen, both fairly large and covered by the same black armour. The feet themselves end on sharp points.

Personality: Kra has one of the most terrifying personalities a being could come across. He is exceptionally cold and calculating personality. If it was not for the fact that every one of his crew members were essential for his survival, he would have killed them already. He has no concept of loyalty or trust and is extremely dangerous. However he rarely talks to other members of the crew and is actually racist to a large degree, thinking of himself and his species as the perfect race. He has an intense dislike of Nakira as Bestial and Insectoid races hold a very deep set rivalry with each other.

Implants: Firstly, Kra’s armour is designed to mimic his exoskeleton, but in a more advanced way so he can turn completely invisible however due to the suits limitations, it’s not a perfect ability nor can it be used for long.

As his exoskeleton was exceptionally hard it was impossible for him to have any implants except from his eyes, which to make him into the ultimate killing machine, all 6 of his eyes, which go up his face, three each side in a slight slant getting closer to his face edge have been replaced with bionic eyes which are more advanced versions of Nakira’s. He can see in Infrared, Ultraviolet, Electromagnetic, and in a pure movement fashion.

Species Abilities: Very high agility and strength that is remarkably higher than a human’s. He also has an ability from his particular insectoid line that is often referred to as adaptive camouflage. He can basically mimic his surroundings on his outer exoskeleton so well that he almost appears invisible. His sight is extremely sensitive to colour difference and movement.

Weapons: His arm scythes. (These are on their own sharp enough to get through medium density armour. His feet themselves are weapons. His armour also carries two micro rocket launchers on his back firing small explosive shells.

Crew Position: Chef

So begins...

Kra'Xis's Story