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Model D144-UCH

"If she speaks, listen. You'll likely never hear it again."

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a character in “The Alithean Odessy”, originally authored by K0VIP3R, as played by TheKeeper


*More commonly goes by the nickname "Dutch", due to her model number and designated name of "Duchess", given to her when she was made*

Sex: Considered/Identifies as Female

Race: Organic Sentient Humanoid Machine

Age: Unknown

Position: Captain

Appearance: As an organic being(a machine, fully capable of feeling pain through receptors found in her faux organs, bones, muscles, and skin), she was created as a small baby, and grew, experiencing the universe as a human child would have. Her body, standing at a resolute six feet, stopped growing after thirty-one years, leaving her with a superior physical build and indistinguishable human look about her. She possesses deep blue eyes and long brown hair that is normally kept in a ponytail. She wears loose black clothing accompanied by light, reinforced carbon armor located on her knees, elbows, and chest. She wears black boots, a black flak jacket(midriff cut-off flak jacket, wears abdominal armor to compensate for this), and red gloves. All of the cloth material is made from woven steel and carbon, allowing extra protection in the absence of actual armor. When in battle she will wear a black helmet over the top portion of her head, leaving her lower jaw and mouth exposed.

Personality: She is cynical and pessimistic, and yet somehow fits the bill perfectly as the Captain of the Alithea. Her attitude towards the crew is nothing short of extremely authoritative, but she does care for them immensely. Her dedication to the crew and their wellbeing is evident in everything she does, and has earned her the respect of most - if not all - of those aboard the Alithea. As the leader of this ragtag bunch of beings, she orders them with a firm hand and a sharp mind, unafraid of the tough decisions that others would often shy away from. In spite of all of this, she almost never speaks. For what reason, the crew, or anyone else for that matter, does not know. She does not, under any circumstances, allow herself to be admitted to the Med Bay before the rest of her crew, insisting that they receive treatment first.

Abilities: Being an organic machine, she is outfitted with several modifications with several uses. This includes forearm blade attachments underneath the fake skin(it causes her great pain to use these, and so she rarely does), heat-vision, night-vision, organic-life detection, enhanced sound detection, and enough strength to physically lift two and a half tons. She also possesses knowledge of many types of weaponry, and is proficient in their use.

Implants: She only possesses one implant, thought to have been included during the process of her creation, although it is unknown who crafted it or where it came from. The implant is infused with her iris in the right eye, allowing her to essentially bypass the part of a functioning brain that both inhibits and enables obedience. This implant can allow her to either force others to follow her orders, or stop them from following someone else's orders. Those under the influence of the implant will always be aware of it, as it is neither perfect nor seamless. When this implant is active, Dutch's right eye will glow a deep yet bright eerie blue, only slightly lighter than it's normal color

Weapons: She possesses a personal firearm she has dubbed β€˜Harbinger’, a heavily modified XS237-9 Scout Rifle - also complete with a combat knife as a mountable sidearm.

So begins...

Model D144-UCH's Story