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Nakira Rakshata

An intimidating, hot headed bestial humanoid. The ships Quatermaster and the captains right hand.

0 · 252 views · located in The universe

a character in “The Alithean Odessy”, as played by K0VIP3R


Age: 74

Height: 6”8’

Race: Bestial Humanoid

Gender: Female

Appearance: Nakira is a very domineering woman in her physique. She is very well defined muscularly, at least where her skin shows. Her appearance is equivalent to that of a human crossed with that of a white wolf. Her hands and feet are canine in nature (Her hands while definitely canine do have five digits) , the fur on her arms ending just past her elbows, retreating to full skin halfway up her outer upper arm. Her legs maintain their fur to her lower back, avoiding her inner thigh and buttocks ending at a long, bushy wolf tail. Her hair is white with pink tinges running through it as is her fur but she had light blue streaks dyed into her hair going down her back, just before where her tail is and a red streak across the hair that is usually swept across her face covering her left eye. Her right eye is a bright crimson with a pupil that is normal when she is in a good mood or slitted when she is in a bad mood. Her left eye is covered by a black eye patch. She has two wolf ears poking from the top of her head, matching her hairs white colour, the insides of which are a light pink. Despite her beautiful face, she has fur running down her neck, coming slightly down her jawline and coming down her shoulders to meet up with the fur on her arms.

Her figure, despite her muscularity, is curvaceous and provocative. She has a defined hourglass build and voluptuous breasts. She typically wears either an old military uniform or jackets, t-shirts, vests and shorts along with boots when she is in casual wear, usually and unintentionally revealing her curvaceous figure.

Personality: Nakira is a hot head, proud and arrogant. Her race are extremely proud creatures with a huge superiority complex almost making her seem racist against others though this is never her intention. She speaks with a clear air of authority and arrogance that even takes her Captain aback. She is definitely an intimidating character. One look of bloodlust would freeze the blood in any person's veins, no matter how hardened they are.

Implants: She has implants in her brain that inhibit her pain receptors. She can reduce and even stop pain she feels to allow her to fight harder.

Her left eye is a magitech item invented by a very close friend of hers. It allows her to see in different ways (Infrared, x-ray, electromagnetic) It even enhances her basic vision allowing her to see more detailed at a distance and the neuroreceptors that are plugged into the optical lobe at the back of her brain, allowing her to process information she sees at a much faster rate than ordinary. Combined with her animal reflexes, it makes her nearly impossible to hit.

Her arms and legs are enhanced and reinforced with cybernetic metal casings protecting her skeleton and allowing her to move and hit harder.

And finally Nakira has a very special set of implants all over her body (specifically in her arms, legs, brain and in a few locations running down her back. these implants allow her to control gravity to a moderate extent. She can lower it or increase it to a dangerous threshold. She can create zones of singularity within her vision that can reach high enough gravity levels to crush a being’s very body.

Species Abilities: Nakira as one of the Wolven Bestials has high mobility and agility and even higher strength. Her sight and sense of smell is much sharper and sensitive than a human’s.

Weapons: Her enhanced arms and feet. A Drakarer Pistol (A high calibre but easily obtainable handgun from Nakira’s home planet and a common weapon found in the GLE (Galactic Law Enforcement) And an extremely well made pair of Jian swords made from a mixture of carbon fibre and titanium.

Crew Position: Quartermaster

So begins...

Nakira Rakshata's Story