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Rigori Listaa

"Are you sure he should be on the comms? He swears every other word."

0 · 279 views · located in The universe

a character in “The Alithean Odessy”, as played by TheKeeper


Sex: Male

Race: Bestial(takes the form of a humanoid-panther type of thing)

Age: 96(young for his particular race)

Position: Communications

Appearance: He is a large, cat-human creature with sleek, black fur, and yellow eyes. He has one very noticeable scar in the form of a chunk of his left ear missing. He is very buff, possessing more muscle than Royeaux, thus making him physically the strongest aboard the ship(without mechanical modification, of course). While he prefers to wear nothing other than his leather pants, when on official business he will don a specially made leather jacket. This particular jacket is worn and aged, remaining from his days with an old band of space pirates.

Personality: First and foremost, he is blunt and possesses a very foul mouth. This can result in negotiations going awry, even if he was never supposed to be there in the first place. Even so, he is a fantastic negotiator and his ability to turn a situation in his favor is almost uncanny. He is very often the beginning and the end of problems on board the ship, including conflicts with other crew members. He does, however, possess a very hardy sense of loyalty, strengthened by his days as a pirate. He cares about the ship and crew like they are his family, and is willing to go to great lengths to protect them. He does have his faults, however, and actively works to change them, rather than accept them for what they are.

He has only one implant. The implant he carries within his brain, in his left frontal lobe, enhances his ability for spontaneous speech, giving him an enhanced affinity for negotiations and instances where blackmail and intimidation is necessary. The implant was created and developed by his father, now long dead, and has many issues. It will sometimes decrease his cognitive abilities, resulting in a period of temporary mental and physical retardation. Royeaux has offered several times to fix it, but Rigori refuses, stating that β€œIt allows [him] to live more dangerously.”

So begins...

Rigori Listaa's Story