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Royeaux Velarius

"Mostly calm, mostly quiet, mostly collected, completely lethal."

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a character in “The Alithean Odessy”, as played by TheKeeper


Sex: Male

Race: Human

Age: 68

Position: Sorcerer

Appearance: A seasoned traveller, Royeaux appears much older than he actually is, with wrinkles framing his face. His violet eyes, a sign of magical abilities in Humans, are hollow and sharp. While he has no augments or implants, he is unusually tall, standing at 6’7. His gray hair is long enough to be kept back in a low ponytail at all times - and he rarely shaves, leaving him with a rather long beard. His usual attire consists of poorly kept leather robes, a symbol of magic use, a hood and scarf worn around the neck, and pieces of space debris repurposed to serve as a form of armor. These scraps are worn on his chest, forearms, left shoulder, knees, and lower legs. Physically, he is quite muscular, with broad shoulders and chiseled features.

Personality: Royeaux, or Roy as some call him, is the second quietest on the ship behind his captain, and he rarely speaks beyond his incantations. He is, despite his intimidating exterior, quite caring and fatherly towards his companions as a whole. He loves to play the paternal role in remembrance of his wife and daughter, both of whom are dead. He will follow most commands willingly, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty for the sake of others. The one thing he will not do, even if it means direct disobedience, is kill a child.

Abilities: Being the resident sorcerer, he is capable of performing nearly every type of utility magic, specifically those involving the creation, repair, or modification of weapons or technological items. He especially enjoys modifying weapons to very extreme specifications, creating very personalized firearms, melee, or ballistic weapons. He also enjoys working, ironically, with medical equipment, and can oft be found in the Med Bay fixing broken tools or modifying them to fit a patient's current situation.

He also possesses a staff made of scrap metal that he uses to channel powers.

So begins...

Royeaux Velarius's Story