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Melian Dieuleveut

0 · 259 views · located in Earth

a character in “The Alliance.”, as played by Arctic Fury


Name: Melian Dieuleveut

Age: 31

Desired Place: Civilian

Appearance: Melian is a tall (6'6") white male with unkempt, medium-length blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. He maintains a well-toned physique with distinct muscular features. Melian always dresses in bright colours, primarily various shades of orange and pink.

Power (Please be detailed and specific): N/A

Personality: Melian is an extremely carefree, and extremely sadistic, individual. Relaxed and laid-back in nearly any situation, he seems to have an utter lack of fear, in fact, he takes in just about everything as a joke. He finds amusement in the suffering of others and will often force people into horrible situations simply so he can enjoy the show. A strong supporter of Survival of the Fittest and Might makes Right, he has a severe dislike for those too weak to make it on their own, and believes that only the strongest should make the rules.

History: Born into an upper-middle class family and a runaway by the age of twelve, Melian spent the majority of his teenage years as little more than a street rat. However, by nineteen he had already solidified his standing as one of the top dogs of the underworld, so much so that to this day many notorious gangs answer directly to him.

Anything else?: Melian is currently the shadow-leader of multiple gangs ranging from common street thugs to organized crime outfits. He maintains actual leadership while allowing puppet-bosses to handle day-to-day activity.

So begins...

Melian Dieuleveut's Story