Hiro Yamashashi

"Why? Why are they so afraid of me?"

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Hiro Yamashashi




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♠Physical Description♠
The first thing one would notice about Hiro is that he is not exactly normal-looking: midnight blue hair, pointed ears, and fangs separate him from more baseline humans, forever marking him as a "mutt". In addition to this, his eyes are a slightly lighter shade of blue than his hair and his face is very expressive, either contorting itself in wide grins of happiness or fierce grimaces of anger, often at a drop of a hat. He is tall and strong for his age, the result of the physical conditioning inherent in his life as a mutt. His most unique feature, however, is the color of his flames. Thanks to genetic augmentation and experimentation, he was born with the ability to produce blue flames rather than the normal orange-yellow flames of other Pyros. These are much deadlier and harder to control and this combined with his extremely emotional personality makes him seen as something of a wildcard liable to harm friend and foe alike.

Five Traits

+Pretty girls
+Martial Arts
+His powers

-Hurting people
-Being treated as a monster/subhuman

☠Harming someone severely
☠Being alone
☠Being a monster


Hiro is quite an excitable individual despite being cooped up in the facility all his life. He is extremely extroverted and friendly to everyone else. This, unfortunately, is not the best type of personality for a pyro, particularly one with his unique abilities. He feels strongly and lashes out with either words or actions when angered, not shutting up or calming down unless he is spent or someone is there to keep him in check. Despite lashing out when angered, Hiro isn't the type to normally hold grudges save for truly sadistic individuals. He'll calm down immediately once he's satisfied or someone or something distracts him and he'll honestly feel bad for whatever he burns if angered.

Hiro is fundamentally a people person and he gets extremely depressed if he's isolated or treated as some kind of monster. He knows he is dangerous, but he just longs for a normal life. He enjoys cooking and over the years, has become extremely proficient at it, able to make anything from spicy Cajun cuisine to tradition Japanese fare and ambrosia-like cakes. This is how he shows his affection to people and he gets extremely upset when his food is insulted or dismissed.

He is one of the more rebellious mutts. Hiro hates the experiments and the tests and in particular, he despises Shinjiro Tatsumi, having experience with his sadistic side firsthand. Hiro wants to be free, but his sense of loyalty keeps him from escaping without his friends.

Sample Post

Hiro did not like being in Watanabe's office. It was cold and he could feel the eyes of the rest of the professors on him, studying him like a bug. Swinging his legs on a chair too tall for his child's body, Hiro glared defiantly at the director. He had mixed feelings about the old man: father, jailer, scientist, etc. All those different roles the man assumed at different points in his life made his head spin. Today, however, he settled on glaring at the old man defiantly. He hadn't done anything wrong.

"My boy, you should apologize to poor Shinjiro-san. You really hurt him badly."

Hiro scowled at him.

"He should be apologizing to me! The asshole kept making my blood burn! He's lucky I didn't burn him to a crisp!"

The old man sighed that long-suffering sigh that Hiro hated. He refused to look at him, only glaring at the plant in the corner, causing it to erupt in blue flame. There were gasps and a flurry of movement, but the old man remained non-plussed.

"Can you please put that out, Hiro-chan?" he asked him. With a grimace, Hiro did so, causing Watanabe to smile gently at him, "That's better. Now, you know that Shinjiro-san was only doing his job, Hiro-san. He has to inject you with different compounds to stabilize your powers. You should be thanking him, but I won't press you into doing that. Instead, I want you to promise that you won't do it again and apologize to him when he gets out of the medbay. Have I made myself, clear?"

Hiro scowled, but he knew there was no way he was going to win. Still, he held out for a few long minutes, refusing to say anything. Watanabe sighed.

"We may have to put you into isolation if you cannot control yourself...."

"Fine. I won't do it again. And I'll apologize to the bastard. Can I go now?"

Without waiting for an answer, Hiro leapt down from his chair and made his way out of the office. He'd be paying for this later, he knew, but he didn't regret it. Not one bit.


So begins...

Hiro Yamashashi's Story

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Kokurai was actually playing the nice experiment for once. The doctors were really going to have to thank Kokurai for this rare occasion. In all honesty, the older alloy was playing nice simply because he didn't mind the tests currently being done on him. Surprisingly, he found the EEG (electroencephalography) scans fun. They were calming in a way. All he had to do was sit there. The actual set up of all the sensors that needed to be applied to his skin and head took about 30 minutes depending on how slow the techs were and they didn't need him to do anything until the actual testing started. Normally he let them go about this without hindrance but when the actual testing started? Yeah, he wouldn't be Kokurai if he didn't mess with them a little bit. He loved to make their data fuzzy by moving just a little too much or using his electricity to make the sensors go haywire. The cap itself was so finicky that half the time they had to re-plug things in or change the cap entirely and it still wouldn't read correctly because of him.

"Kokurai, open your eyes and look straight ahead for me please," one of the technicians requested from the older alloy who was just beginning to dose off. Kokurai opened his blue hues and stared straight at the woman's chest. Oh yeah, that was a bonus to. Whenever the research tech needed to apply the sensors beneath his eye to read the orbicularis muscle he got a pretty good view of her chest. It wasn't his fault the tech wore a lab coat instead of scrubs. And besides, he was a 33 year old virgin who already had several kids without his consent. He figured it was time they cut him some slack. A little treat now and then was nice when everything else in this world was sour. Maybe the nurse herself knew what he was looking at. She never complained but he had noticed she was wearing more supportive clothing. Maybe she realized this could very well be the reason why he was so compliant during the EEG tests and she didn't want to deal with him when he was difficult.

"There we are. Sensors comfortable?"

"As comfortable as sticky sensors on your face can be," he answered and glanced down as the other tech taped on the heart rate sensors on his left palm. Another fun thing about EEGs was that if you asked, they showed you a mirror and you could see the sensors on the zygomatic muscle of your right cheek, the sensors behind your ears to record the postauricular, and then those above your eye for the corrugator to accompany the ones below your eye. When the whole set up was complete, you had a few more on your face and arms to. It always made him feel like he was some sort of computer with wires sticking out everywhere. With all various the sensors done on his face and arms, they began to pull the cap over his head and tucked his dark locks beneath the cap and strapped it on. Whelp, that meant he could zone out again. Both ladies would be behind him after all so he would see nothing but the blank screen in front of him. He closed his eyes again and winced now and again when the techs pressed just a little too hard with their blunt syringes against his scalp. He shuddered as the gel was inserted into the various sensors. Ugh the electrogel was never a pleasant feeling. It was cold and leaked sometimes. He always felt nasty and disgusting afterward as if he hadn't bathed in weeks. At least water and soap got rid of it easily enough.

The techs then plugged all the sensors into the control board and started to record his habituation responses which would take a couple of minutes. While they waited, the nurses began to whisper to themselves about the various experiments and tests that needed to be performed on the other alloys when Kokurai was done. At first, Kokurai ignored them. He didn't much care about the other experiments going on after all. Besides, when talking about other alloys, they usually used number identifiers which Kokurai wasn't familiar with. Well except for two other numbers besides his own. He had memorized Hiro's and Sukoshi's identifiers so he'd always know what was going on with them. They were #0377 and #8770, respectively. The scientists thus far didn't know he had solved the mystery of who his children were which was just fine by him. Well, Dr. Tadoshi knew but there was nothing he could do about that.

"Dr. Tadoshi has some new experiments planned for all of the alloys, certain ones specfically," the tech with the nice bust mentioned then.

"Really? Do you know what they are about?" the other inquired.

"Something about pushing limits. Especially with some of the alloys with certain uniqueness's about them. Most of them are new gen. Right now he is actually going to start working on #0377 and #8770. He mentioned something about stressing them and looking at how far he can push them towards their breaking points. The doctor should have called them into the observatory already. I think he is doing pair work or something."

Kokurai's eyes widened then, the EEG monitor indicating the spikes in his heart rate and the changes in his eyes. The two nurses frowned as they monitored the strange spikes.

"Kokurai? Are you all right?"

Kokurai didn't respond at first as he stared at the wall in front of him. Dr. Tadoshi was going to do something to his children? Testing their breaking points? He remembered very clearly when the 'good doctor' had done a similar experiment with him. He would never forget the horror he had experienced those days. How much pain and anguish he had to live through and how broken he had been for years afterward and how that horror still haunted him now. No, he didn't want that for his children. He wouldn't allow it. How could he allow it? Kokurai sat up abruptly and started yanking at the fragile sensors. The techs gasped and reached for him to try and get him to settle down before he broke all of them. "Back off," he growled, calling up his energy and essentially tasering the women to get them away. He yanked some of the plugs which returned a smaller scale shock to Kokurai but he just absorbed the energy and it fueled his own desire and need to get the hell out of the room. One of the women ran to the button to call for back up, but Kokurai had already fled the room. In his haste, he still ended up having broken sensors clinging to his cheek and behind his ears so he must have looked like quite the mad-man as he ran down the hallway towards the observatory.

Kokurai reached the room in record time and tried to open the door but it was locked from the inside. Peering through the window he could see Dr. Tadoshi and a couple of his assistance in the room along with his two eldest children. He growled in his desperation and slammed his hand against the lock and zapped it, short-circuiting the mechanism as he barged into the room.

"Get away from them you perverted asshole!" Kokurai growled. "I won't let you corrupt them with your psychotic tests. You'll have to go through me first." He was their father after all. They may not know that but they didn't need to. All that mattered was that he was here and wasn't going to let Doctor-psychopath-pedophile-sadist traumatize them for life or kill them without a fight. They were his precious little ones. He would let the man flay him alive if it meant that Sukoshi and Hiro would remain untouched by this malicious doctor's figurative scalpel.

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Suki felt sick to her stomach. She always felt sick to her stomach when they had to drain the excess charge from her body. She felt weak and a little shaky as she was given a granola bar to eat. She sat there, her hands shaking, and took bites out of it. It wasn't anything fancy or delicious. It was specially designed for the alloys to eat after they've had testing sessions and need a boost. She rather hated the bland bars but it took the shakes away quicker than anything else.

"Very good Suki, you did well today." The lab tech smiled at her and she merely nodded. Her face was a bit green as the nausea swam through her body. "That's all I have for you, but Dr. Tadoshi wants you to meet him in observation once you're finished." She nodded to the granola bar and Suki began to take slower bites. Meeting with Dr. Tadoshi was never a good thing. The first time she had ever really interacted with him was when he had signed off on the deprivation experiment.

A chill ran down her spine. She remembered that little black box. It felt like her coffin. She felt her heart begin to skitter in her chest at being forced into that small black space again.

"Hurry Suki, he won't be happy if you're late."

"I know Dr. Kashi, I'm going." She hopped down from the seat. She felt better and a smile danced up to her face. She walked towards the door and tapped the outlet socket and felt the energy pulse into her body. The lights flickered and one sparked.

"SUKI!" Dr. Kashi reprimanded harshly but all he got in response was giggles as Suki then broke into a run and darted down the hall.

Suki hated sitting still. She loved to move. She felt the energy ripple through her blood and it invigorated her. She continued to dash forward, nearly careening into a lab cart in the hall, and finally made it to the observation win of the laboratory. She calmed herself enough so her heart wasn't skipping like a humming bird in her chest.

She reached for the door, the bubbly smile on her face.



Dr. Tadoshi looked up as Suki entered the room a little breathless. The girl never seemed to sit still. She did everything with an insane amount of energy. He knew she had probably ran the whole way there. "Come in, sit down Suki," he gestured to the seat next to Hiro.

Dr. Tadoshi had been reading some stats early in the week. An anomaly had cropped up and it had risen new questions. Suki and Hiro's parentage was classified. He doubted they knew that they were siblings. Kokurai had figured it out by chance and it was a bit of an annoyance since the first gen photo liked to stick his nose in business it didn't belong.

"I've been running your numbers." He addressed the two alloys sitting before him. "We want to run simultaneous tests on you two." He looked between them. Both Hiro and Suki had wicked tempers on them. It seemed to be a common trait among pyros and photos. He wanted to see how their abilities would react when pitted against one another.

Before he could get into too many details and get things arranged so they'd be able to get the tests underway, the door burst open and a very irritated and frazzled Kokurai barged in. He still had sensors sticking to parts of his body and it was obvious he had left mid-test.

"Now is not the time for your opinions Kokurai," Dr. Tadoshi used his smooth and calm doctor voice. He discreetly moved his hand over to the little white button. One push of the button and he'd have all three incapacitated. He was not in the mood to deal with three alloys.

Suki felt the spike in her energy as Kokurai forced his way into the room. She couldn't stop the smile from splitting her face to see her friend rush in despite the anger laced in his posture. Whenever the two were around each other it was like a magnetic charge and she loved it. He was the only other one who pulsed with the same energy she did.

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Hiro hated being experimented on. At best, he felt woozy afterwards and had to chow down for thirty minutes straight. He didn't like the bland, cardboard "granola" bars they gave them afterwards and refused to touch them, opting instead to eat a lunch he prepared beforehand. As he waited in the office, he busily ate at a bento he snuck in, knowing that it would eventually be confiscated. He ignored Dr. Tadoshi. The bastard was a sadist and he didn't deserve no more acknowledgement beyond the bare minimum he was required to give him. Still, he grinned when Suki entered the room.

"Hey, Suki-chan! You want to eat the rest of my lunch before Tadoshi-teme takes it?" he asked with a grin on his face. Chidishly, he stuck his tongue out at said doctor. He was quite proud to be immature for his age. Still, he turned and winked at Suki. She was cute and he wasn't above flirting with older women, particularly since she looked a bit younger than himself.

As Kokurai entered, he smiled at the guy. Sure, he treated him like a little kid sometimes, but it was nice to have someone always on your side all the time. He was a little like Mori-chan but different somehow. He couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"Perverted? I knew it!!! He spends far too much time at the morgue!!!" Hiro shouted triumphantly.

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ImageDashure was a bit more tired than usual today. He blamed it on the scientists trying to push him too hard. He didn't mind the experiments when they related to his powers and exceeding limitations since he got to learn more about his abilities and move past previous expectations. It came with a cost however. He didn't have the stamina of the other alloys though he had worked on building it. He and Kei often practiced together after all. He had improved remarkably but once he had reached the end of his built up stamina, he began to fade just as he had that morning. The scientists had been asking him to build up a tornado in the special wind room and he had gotten up the speed of the wind to 45 mph but when asked to maintain it, he had been able to hold it for maybe 4 minutes before his body had started to shake. He had tried to keep it up but a sharp pain had spiked through him, dropping him to his knees in a shaking heap. Blood had started to drip down from his nose, a migraine that he was sure would split his head, following it. The researchers had quickly brought him back to his room to let him rest with a portable heart monitor to check on him, just in case.

Dashure lay in his bed, sightless eyes closed. He had managed to sleep for about an hour before he woke but he still didn't want to get up. His whole body felt bruised as if he had been run over by a big-rig truck. Moving sent pain through him so he found it better to just lay still. It made him a bit sad. It meant that he couldn't get up and hang around the others too much today. He would be confined to his bedroom based on his fatigue. He had wanted to see how Kei was doing but he didn't think that was an option today unless Kei visited but he didn't think Kei would. He sighed softly to himself and very slowly rolled onto his right side to face the door. All throughout the movement he groaned and curled up. He buried his face in the pillow and willed himself to go back to sleep where there was no more pain.

That didn't last for much longer however. He heard Raelyn's secret knock and he smiled lightly. She had come by after all. He had wondered if she was detained somewhere since she wasn't on time today. She heard a thump and then Raelyn talking. He opened his eyes and stared blankly in the direction of the door. Oh, Griswald was here to see him to. That made him feel a little better. He did like seeing the two of them even if sometimes he was quite sour with them. He loved them both dearly. He closed his eyes again and listened for a moment.

"Raelyn, you're late," he called out though he wasn't actually angry with her. He just liked to tease her when she wasn't on time. "I hear you both out there. Are you going to come in and say hi or just admirer my door all day? I am a very busy person after all. I am going to be laying her all day."



"Now is the perfect time for me to voice my opinions," Kokurai growled. "I will not let you do to them what you did to me, you sadistic fuck." Kokurai would probably do well to curb his tongue but he couldn't help himself. He was in frantic papa-bear mode and he didn't have much of a filter beforehand anyway. His hand turned into fists and he glanced at his children. They didn't look harmed just yet. That was good. That meant that maybe he could actually save them from this. If he got Dr. Tadoshi mad enough, he would be exhausted and perhaps post-pone the testing to deal with him instead. One could only hope. He knew that Tadoshi wasn't often flustered by his antics but maybe he could find a way to bargain with him. Dr. Tadoshi knew that Kokurai never gave anything up for free so maybe that was his key.

Kokurai started to gather up his energy then, a pale blue glow rising around his body and electrified the air but he didn't unleash it. He couldn't exactly help the surge of energy since it was reacting to his emotions. He knew the doctor could press that little switch and all three of them and any other alloy in the near vicinity would drop to the ground. If he didn't take up an aggressive stance, maybe he could prevent the doctor from pressing that evil button. "All of this is about limits right? That's why you want to test them? I'll submit to it. If you don't test their limitations and fears, I will submit to your damn tests. Every single one of them. I will give you the answers you want and comply like a good little dog. As soon as you turn your attentions to them and try and test their limits, the deal is off and I'll come after your ass. Deal?" he asked quickly.

Dr. Tadoshi always had tried to do tests on him but Kokurai fought him so much that he never had the chance to truly test him. If Kokurai now submitted, there wouldn't be a need to test Hiro or Suki. Especially Suki considering she was just another photo alloy like himself. What more could Dr. Tadoshi get from her that he couldn't get from Kokurai? It seemed like a perfect deal for the bastard. Dr. Tadoshi would still get his answers and Kokurai... Kokurai would be able to keep his children safer for just a bit longer. He wanted their lives to be as stress-less and harmless as possible.

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Suki's bubbly smile faltered as Kokurai was lashing out at Dr. Tadoshi. She had never understood why he hated the head doctor so much. Whenever the two were in close vicinity she knew that fire sparked. More often then not it ended in Kokurai incapacitated from the little white button. Suki hated that button. It always split her head and made her skin feel as though it was being separated from her muscles with a branding knife. She hated it. She felt the panic spike through her as she saw Dr. Tadoshi's finger hover over it.

Kokurai's body began to glow a pale blue and she sensed the danger in it. She knew what it meant. It meant Kokurai was close to losing his temper. Her stomach twisted over and she got to her feet. She placed her hand over his arm and felt his angry energy spike up her arm. Her soft glow flashed as their two energies were mixing and she felt his anger settle in her stomach. She was struggling to stay in control now. "Kokurai, please," she pleaded with him but he was already speaking up. Each word he spoke caused the concerned bubble in her chest to grow. Kokurai hated the tests more than any of the other alloys she knew, but that wasn't saying much. She wasn't allowed to interact a whole ton with the other alloys, especially with the air alloys.

"Suki, Hiro, you are dismissed." His words made her frown and she tightened her grip on Kokurai's arm.

"No Kokurai, you shouldn't have to take these tests for us." Her bottom lip was pouting a little. Why was he taking their place so easily? She didn't understand.

"I will not ask again Suki." Dr. Tadoshi's words were firm and left no room for argument. "I will have you removed forcibly, and we both know you hate that." His eyes narrowed and Suki pouted more but acquiesced.

Suki frowned and gave Kokurai one last look before the door was shut behind them. She kicked the ground causing sparks to bounce across the floor and she let out a strangled grunt. "It's not fair! Why is he doing this?" she asked Hiro as they had to walk away. The thought of Kokurai being put through tests meant to push his limits caused anger tears to glisten in her eyes. She turned them down the hall that would lead to the common area.

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Hiro hated this. This puny little man shouldn't have the slightest bit of power over any of them, but he still walked all over them. He clenched his fists, unable to just let this go. Throughout the lab, random objects caught on fire as Hiro pointed his finger at the made scientist angrily.

"Don't you order us around like that! You're not the boss of us!" he ranted, refusing to accept the reality he was in. Tadoshi's words troubled him for a moment, but he ignored them for now. He didn't have time for the old man's mind games. He wasn't going to be treated like a mutt, to be ordered around and sent away at his owner's leisure. He turned to glare at Kokurai.

"And you, don't act all cool sacrificing yourself like that! It's not like I'm going to allow it!" he yelled, this time noticing a boom as set of beakers filled with unknown liquid exploded. He grinned fiercely at the damage before he noticed the kid that walked in. Kinjuro... What the fuck did they do to him to make him so creepy? He turned his gaze at Tadoshi.

"Come on! If we all gang up on him, he can't take all of us down."

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Kokurai glanced at his children when the doctor actually agreed to his proposition. He had not expected him to agree to something like this so easy. It was a scary thought. He knew Dr. Tadoshi hated him just as much as he hated the 'good' doctor. What did he have planned up his sleeve? It was never anything good. He knew the tests were going to be worse for him because of that but he would take all of the pain in the world if it meant that his children were spared. This could end up biting him in the ass though. He couldn't let the doctor kill him. If he died, his children would have no protection. He would need to stay strong for them. He sighed softly to himself as the doctor dismissed his children. At least Sukoshi was beginning to leave without a fuss. He didn't want to have to deal with them freaking out.

And then his little Hiro. He was so angry, so ready to take on the scientists. He was so young. He didn't realize that even if they killed Dr. Tadoshi, nothing would change. There were still plenty of doctors here. They would not be able to get out in time before someone pressed the damned neutralizing button. He needed to calm his son down before he did something to change the doctor's mind about the situation. He reached out and squeezed Hiro's shoulder. It was touching that the boy did care about him this deeply even though he did not know that he was his son.

"Hiro, not now. I wanted this option. I will do anything to protect you and Suki. Calm yourself. I will see you later," he offered with a smile. "This isn't the end. I am stronger than that," he winked. "What I do need you to do, however, is take care of Suki, all right? I am sure she's pretty unnerved to right about now." Kokurai than forcefully pushed both of his children outside of the room and closed the door just as Kinjuro appeared. He let the boy enter before he fully shut the door to keep his children from trying to barge back into the room. Hiro truly did get his defiant nature. That was going to both help and hinder him in the future. He hoped he found a way to keep himself under control.

Kokurai sighed as he stared the at the door that separated him from his family, his hand tightening on the handle. Kinjuro. Kinjuro was here and he knew the boy was an umbra alloy. Kokurai had an inkling of what the doctor was planning for him. It wasn't going to be pleasant. He needed to psyche himself up and get ready for the pain he was about to endure. He closed his eyes and took a few steadying breaths to calm both his anxiety and rage. If he snapped at Tadoshi, the deal was off. The man did say it rather plainly. He wasn't going to be able to fight back. The thought that he was about to endure the shadows again made his anxiety flair up. His heart was fluttering in his chest like a caged humming bird trying desperately to flee. His breathing was getting haggard to. Of course Tadoshi would force him to face one of his greatest fears first. Once he was stable enough, he let go of the door and turned around to face the doctor and the little umbra alloy. He did feel sorry for him. A child his age should never have to face something like this. He was about to become a party to what amounted to torture.

He turned his full gaze to Tadoshi then and squashed down his fear so that his voice would remain even and unaffected as he dealt with the man. "Fine. We have a deal then. I'll submit to your experiments and you leave Suki and Hiro out of it. If I refuse, the bargain is off." he would have to be very careful about what he said. "You said something about pitting me against Kinjuro. Are you talking about an actual fight?" he asked to clarify. If it wasn't a fight and he attacked, it would be like he was going against the doctor's wishes after all. "What exactly do you want me to do?"

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"Finally." Takami sighed as he opened the door of his car. He had finally found a parking spot close enough to the strange building where he was supposed to be today. From now on he will start working here. The Alloyed project. He had read up a bit on it at home but it was still hard to believe without actually seeing these powers for real. He would have his chance soon enough but first, he had to enter the building and fill in some administration papers. One he entered the building he was met with a young female worker who was in charge of visitors. It's not like this place looks like it would get a lot of visitors but I guess there are always those exceptional days where they would get a visitor or two. Today was one of those days since here Takami stood before the receptionist explaining that from today on he would start working here. The young woman quickly phoned her superiors to verify Takami's story and after the verification handed him a stack of papers to fill in. This would take up the majority of his time for today. Filling in papers and getting used to the layout of the building. Yet Takami was sure that he would be able to witness the test subjects today. Maybe he could even start a research project today already. That would surely prove to be interesting. He filled in the papers as fast as he could. General info about him was asked like his name, birthplace and other basic info like that. He was however quite sure that this was only a formality since he just knew from personal experience that they had already done a full background check on him. Still he was also quite sure that they couldn't find anything else about his past then what he had put on paper. On paper, Takami was just an odd researcher who traveled the world to work on various research projects for several different countries. He had confidence that his old connections cut off all loose ends. There was no need for anyone to know about his past after all.

Takami smirked as he read the last few lines of the paper he was filling in. 'The company will not be held responsible for any injury or death caused by the test subjects.' This only made this job far more interesting than it already was. Science might be something worth putting your life on the line for in contrast to risking it for some kind of organization ready to abuse your power. He quickly signed the paper and handed it over to the female worker. "I'm done filling in the papers." Takami calmly spoke while momentarily flashing a smile. A friendly gesture for most but a trained eye could see something far more sinister behind that smile he briefly showed. A certain amount of bloodlust filled his eyes while he smiled making Takami look like a predator ready to go on a hunt. Obviously, the female worker didn't quite catch this and just nodded as she accepted the now filled in papers Takami handed over to her. She then gave Takami a map of this place. It was a rather big building. Far bigger then what Takami thought while he looked at it on the outside. She then told Takami to first go to the staff room to get the necessary equipment for the job. Takami nodded and with the help of the map he had gained made his way to the staff room.

Once there he was met with a few workers who were most likely on a break since they were drinking a cup of coffee and they were chatting away in quite a carefree manner. Takami greeted them before telling them that he would be working with them from now on. One of the older guys amongst them then showed Takami to his locker and told him a bit about working here. The man warned Takami by telling him different stories of experiments going wrong or an Alloy going berserk. It is truly a dangerous job and the only defense they apparently have is the high pitched noise they can play with the push of a button. Takami took his own little device out of his locker and pressed the button. "Nothing." Takami thought while confirming that normal humans could indeed not hear it. He quickly tugged the device away in one of the pockets of his suit. There was also a lab coat prepared for him but he didn't put that on. He hated wearing those coats so his suit would have to do. Takami quickly thanked the man for all the useful information before leaving the staff room with all his newly required equipment.

The next thing he would have to do was to familiarize himself with the layout of the building. At first, he just navigated around in the staff only areas but it didn't take long before he passed a point where both staff and Alloys could be found walking around. Once he entered these corridors he started smiling again emitting quite the dangerous aura himself while walking around. Then he finally saw them. The test subjects. They just seemed like normal humans but Takami knew that they weren't normal at all. This surely peaked his interest. He did know before coming here that the test subjects looked like humans but he actually expected them to look a little different. If you were to put an Alloy and a normal human in a room you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. His smile widened. Science really was beautiful and soon Takami himself would be able to conduct research here. It was truly a pleasant thought.

While Takami was walking around the building he must have attracted quite the attention. Being new in this place and not wearing a lab coat made him stand out after all. It was even possible for those Alloys to not even know that he was part of the scientists now. Yet he simply ignored all the glares he got from his future experiments. They would soon enough know who he was. After almost finishing up exploring the building Takami came across a door which supposedly lead to an observatory. Here he would soon be able to do experiments on the Alloys. He wanted to see how the room looked from the inside so he started to make way to the door but before he could reach it 2 young people were pushed outside of the room. Takami was sure they were also Alloys. He stared at the door for a moment before finally focussing his gaze upon the 2 again. "Hello you two. This is the observatory isn't it?" Takami asked them with a calm tone in his voice.

After Kei handed Mora the book he recommended her she immediately started reading. "You should probably get goin' in a bit, someone'll probably be along to fetch me later, and I doubt they'll go as easy on the whistle as the punk who comes to my room." she said. Kei silently shook his head as he continued reading the book he had prepared for himself. Maybe he would leave a little later but he had only just arrived here. It would be a waste just to leave like that only because the scientist would be using their little toy they loved using so much. No, Kei would be alright. It's not like the high pitched noise would kill him after all. He was grateful for the warning, though. As he silently continued reading Mora picked a few other books quickly reading through them as well. She sure was a fast reader. This wasn't an option for Kei however. He didn't just have to read his books, he had to study and memorize them. Only then he would have a small chance to use them effectively in practice. So without really changing his pace, he flipped another page of his book.

After a short while, Mora seemed to notice that Kei was still around. "Let me ask you a question, how old are you? If you don't mind answering." she asked. Kei sighed. It wasn't strange for him to get this question and it was not like he minded answering it but every time he was asked this he had to face the cruel reality of his age once again. "It's alright. I'm eighteen years old now. Why do you want to know?" He spoke with a faint smile. He was lucky to still be alive. An Aero would usually only live up to 17 years old and Kei was fully aware of this fact. Memories of Aeros who used to be in his age group flashed before him. They were all dead now. He was the only one left. It was not like they all were Kei's friends but he knew them all. Not that surprising honestly. Aeros usually knew the name of the other Aeros at least. Surely when they got a little older. Maybe this was because they wanted to show some respect for the soon to be dead. Kei wasn't really sure about the reason. He just knew it was like that.

Kei looked up again just to realize that a few moments of silence had passed. He was sure that he had made quite a sad expression while thinking about his dead acquaintances. So he smiled again. No use thinking about anything related to dead now. There is still too much to do before he could die. Or at least, that's what Kei believed. "And what about you. How old are you?" Kei asked Mora in an attempt to lighten up the mood.

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Image Dr. Tadoshi frowned as Hiro piped up and a few beakers exploded as his temper was starting to rise. Tadoshi truly disliked Pyros for their abdominal tempers and defiant personalities. They were all this way, and it had bled into the Photos. He took a breath to compose himself as his patience was wearing extremely thin. He wasn't in the mood to deal with Hiro's attitude on top of Kokurai's demands.

The door opened and in walked Kinjuro. Dr. Tadoshi was pleased to see him. The young boy was a remarkable specimen. He was rather surprised and raised his brow in response as Kokurai spoke up and told Hiro to let it go and go with Suki. It was a pleasing turn of events. Kokurai was fiercely protective of Suki and Hiro and Dr. Tadoshi was pleased to see just how much this parental instinct was driving Kokurai's actions in the moment.

"Yes Kinjuro, thank you for coming." His tone was different with Kinjuro than with all of the other alloys. It didn't take a genius to pick up that Dr. Tadoshi favored Kinjuro above all the others. It was common knowledge that he had bent the young boys will to his own and the split personality was under his control. It was a disturbing relationship as Kinjuro had a great deal of power and Dr. Tadoshi was waiting for the right time to use it. The time had come and the prospect of this new experiment had the corners of his mouth turning up. He was only bothered that it took this long to push Kokurai's buttons to force him into compliance.

Would the other alloys apart of the breeding program show such willing sacrifice if they were aware of their children?

Dr. Tadoshi would have to explore this idea at a later point.

"Very good, then that is settled." Dr. Tadoshi rose from his chair and looked down at Kinjuro who was waiting patiently. He eyed Kokurai as the man tried to clarify what exactly the test would be that he had just signed up for. As tempted as Dr. Tadoshi was to force Kokurai to stand helpless against Kinjuro's attacks, he really needed results from both alloys. "I merely want to see how an Umbra and Photo's abilities react when placed together." He said innocently enough. It was for the benefit of Kinjuro, not Kokurai. Kokurai would see straight through Dr. Tadoshi's pretense.

"All you will need to do is react to Kinjuro, that won't be too hard for you, will it Kokurai?" there was a mocking edge in his tone. "Now if you'll go wait in the testing room while I speak with Kinjuro, that would be best." He was firm and waited until Kokurai had left before he turned to the young boy.

Dr. Tadoshi looked at the young boy. They had nearly lost him when his personality had split in two. It had been a very difficult psychological battle and Dr. Tadoshi had used methods he had only hypothesized about. When it had all been said and done, he had locked away the dominant and blood thirsty monster living inside Kinjuro. As part of the harsh mental conditioning, he had locked the dominant side away with a code word.

As Dr. Tadoshi stared at his perfect subject, he muttered the code word just loud enough for the boy to hear. He waited patiently until he saw the other personality emerge.

"Make Kokurai bleed." It was his only instructions before Kinjuro was taken to the testing room to face off with Kokurai and Dr. Tadoshi moved to the observation window with his clipboard in hand. He fully expected Kinjuro to kill Kokurai and he held no remorse over that thought.

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Suki's glow was brighter than usual as her energy pulsed. Her fists kept balling up at her sides which caused sparks to bounce off her body and dart in random directions. She kept reminding herself to breathe and she'd relax her hands which helped her glow to soften and the sparks stop. It wouldn't last more than a second or two before her mind would be drawn back to the room she had been barred from and her dear friend was facing the horrors Dr. Tadoshi had planned for him all alone. She grunted and her hands clenched into fists once more. She let out a frustrated sound and a small bolt of electricity came off of her body hot and bounced against the ceiling before hitting the wall and bouncing down to the floor.

Suki could feel her temper starting to slip from her control. Her starlight hair shifted as the energy traveled down each strand. She stared at her uncovered hands and saw the little zips of electrical light dance between her fingers and in the palms of her hands. She was losing control quickly. She had a terrible feeling. She didn't mind Dr. Tadoshi because he rarely ever handled her tests. It was no secret his feelings towards Kokurai and she knew he was going to take Kokurai's willing offer to submit and run with it.

A strangled sound emitted from her mouth but it was cut short as Hiro was pushed out of the room. She only had time to glance at him before a new voice pulled her attention away. An older man, she figured he looked to be in his late 30s, maybe early 40s, stood before them dressed in a sharp suit. She had never seen him before and was instantly wary. Her glow pulsed for a moment as she found some control over her power. "Who are you?" she asked bluntly without bothering to answer him.

She flexed her hands and a rather large and nasty spark jumped from her fingers and narrowly missed the stranger. Her eyes widened and she quickly stuck her hands on either side of her ribs and quickly pressed her arms in tightly. "I'm sorry!" she didn't want to hurt this man even if she felt uneasy with him. She let out a frustrated sound. She could feel the energy stirring restlessly in her and realized it was in response to Kokurai. He was uneasy.

She looked over her shoulder and the locked door and her glow pulsed once more. Something was terribly wrong and she couldn't stop it.

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||Speech Color #E03939|| ||Thought Color #9B2C6D||

Kinjuro remained silent as the boy known as Hiro began getting more and more upset, insisting the group rebel against the doctor, making a valid point that there was no way the old man could possibly fend off all of them at once, noise or not. Shortly after this, wiser words were spoken from the Photo alloy called Kokurai, he pleaded the two other alloys to leave willingly, accepting whatever lie ahead for him.

Standing still as the other alloys were escorted from the room, a bad feeling welled within him, forming in the pit of his stomach, convulsing his innards until he tasted bile in the back of his throat. "It is as I predicted...the good doctor has summoned your power, and you will not prevent me from reveling in this moment..."

Trying to push the horrid thoughts from his mind, he tried focusing only on what was being said by others. A fight? They wanted the two of them to fight one another? It seemed like a barbaric task, even by his standards, but he remained silent.

He could hear Kokurai being escorted to the testing room, and his attention snapped back to the doctor as he heard him stand and make his way toward him. "This is it....now is the time!" A chill shot down Kinjuro's spine as the doctor's footsteps came to a halt before him. Before Kinjuro had a chance to muster his voice, the doctor spoke a word that resonated within him to his core. His eyes that were once twitching with anxiety became level and emotionless, his shoulders slumped, and an evil grin played across his lips. A noise escaped him, a squeaky mixture of excitement and insanity, as he was instructed to make Kokurai bleed.

Filing into the room after Kokurai, he heard the door close behind him with a 'snap'

He shuffled into the corner, keeping his back to the wall, his sightless gaze piercing Kokurai's form. He remained silent a few moments longer, letting the man take him in. Drawing in a shallow, raspy breath, he spoke. "You're frightened..." His tone was icy and menacing, not something anyone would expect from a boy his age. The thin grin that was once plastered across his lips contorted into a snarling smile, his teeth clenched and his brow furrowed. "Though, I'm not sure why....you haven't even started to bleed yet..."

Suddenly, as if a large bottle filled to burst had it's cork removed, darkness billowed from the base of his feet, exploding forth in a menacing shroud that engulfed his being. It resembled a thick fog, but pitch black. His corner had been filled with darkness in only a couple of seconds. They appeared then, hellish, bloodshot red eyes sprang open, dotting various spots of the cloud, the pupils lolling lazily for a moment as they appeared, suddenly shooting their attention to focus on Kokurai. Thin, twin tendrils shot forth, not toward him, but to the ceiling, ravishing the light fixture above them with deadly accuracy, a light hail of broken glass clinked to the floor. This was in case Kokurai had planned on overloading the light within the room as a counterattack.

As if they acted on a will of their own, the tendrils lurched from the fixture, straight at Kokurai, as several more sprang from the cloud itself, which now encompassed nearly his entire half of the room. The tendrils pierced the wall behind Kokurai like freshly sharpened daggers piercing the flesh. They remained rigid, two tendrils fixed on either side of Kokurai, several inches between them. Again the red eyes rippled along the tendrils, only this time the ones lower in the wall adopted mouth like features, filled with teeth filed to fine points.

A crude, evil face now on either side of Kokurai, they simultaneously gaped their maw, a pink tongue playing across the teeth as if they were hungering for something, quivering now and again with the anticipation of bloodshed.

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Hiro glared at Kokurai as he pushed him and Suki away. Where did he get off acting all cool and sacrificing himself for them? Even he knew that Tadoshi hated the older alloy. He managed to calm himself enough so things weren't blowing up around him, but he was still pissed off. he hated this place. He didn't know what it was like to live anywhere else, but he still hated it. He wished he could escape.

He frowned as Kinjuro walked past him. This wasn't good. Whatever Tadoshi had planned that involved him and Kokurai wasn't going to be pretty at all. When he saw the stranger, he crossed his arms and refused to answer him for a moment. He was probably another doctor and Hiro was sick of dealing with them today. He glared at him.

"What's the matter? can't find your way to the newest specimen to dissect? That's what we are to you, aren't we? You don't even see us as hulman," he said bitterly. Noticing Suki's actions, he turned to her and tried smiling at her.

"Kokurai's tough. The old man can't hurt him.

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"Who are you?" The girl said. Takami didn't really have a chance to answer yet however as suddenly an electric spark flew into his direction. His eyes sharpened. It was a very sudden attack and it did take Takami a little by surprise but despite this, Takami didn't move an inch. It was a split-second decision that might as well have saved him from harm as the spark flew past him, just nearly missing him when it flew by. "I'm sorry!" The girl apologized. It surely was an intriguing scene. Getting attacked only to be followed by an apology. Yet Takami's face showed no emotion. He just looked blankly at the 2 Alloys standing before him. "What's the matter? can't find your way to the newest specimen to dissect? That's what we are to you, aren't we? You don't even see us as human." The boy spoke. He seemed to have correctly guessed that Takami was a scientist. Not that strange since a new face could hardly be something else in this place Takami figured. But he wasn't planning to confirm that information just yet. "Well that was a bit unexpected" Takami spoke up reacting to the attack that just barely missed him. "But don't worry about it." He smirked. "My name is Takami." He said softly, answering the question the girl asked previously. "And... I'm not sure what you are talking about." He said directed to the boy with quite the confusing tone. "I'm not here to dissect anything, nor do I question your humanity. I was just taking a look around this place and I was wondering if that room over there was indeed an observatory." He stared at the door for a moment before redirecting his gaze to the 2 Alloys in front of him again.

Takami was sure that the two Alloys in front of him still didn't trust him and honestly in his opinion that was quite smart of them. Takami himself would never trust a stranger just like that and surely not if he was in the same situation as those two. Thinking about it brought back a few unpleasant memories of his past. In his previous line of work he occasionally had to interact with strangers on hostile grounds without blowing his cover. Blindly trusting someone could always end badly. You never know who you are talking to and what kind of person they are. Figuring that out as you are talking to them without revealing too much about yourself was basic protocol. Still you couldn't be too obvious about it or they would notice. Interacting like this with strangers could be quite difficult but this time, he was the stranger for them and not the other way around. While he didn't really know who he was talking to yet, he did know for a fact that they are imprisoned Alloys trapped in here. They knew nothing of him yet.

"But you two seem a little flustered. Did something happen?" He asked as he took a small step in their direction.

"Twenty-five" Mora answered before she started rambling. "I was actually gonna ask you something else, but I forgot what it was when I opened my mouth. Then I realized I haven't seen many Aeros last long enough to necessitate that set of wheels you're in, and got curious as to how long exactly you've been hanging in there." Kei looked at Mora with a hint of confusion. He wasn't really sure what she intended to ask him previously and while the rambling did seem odd, he couldn't really sense any dishonesty. "So what're you reading? Fairy tale? Quantum physics book? Erotica?" Mora continued to ask. Kei chuckled. "Erotica?" He thought, almost unable to hold in his laughter. "I sure would have wished this was erotica." he spoke which made it only more obvious that he was really trying his best not to laugh. He held up his book showing the title to Mora. "A study on vacuums and the void. This is the book I'm reading." He slowly got a hold of himself. "I found it in the library yesterday. It's a really interesting book and it's too bad I'm almost done reading it. It will take another while before I find another hidden gem like this one." Kei explained. It had indeed cost him some effort to find this gem buried under the piles of useless books. But he was happy he had found it.

"I'm planning to go bring it back to the library where I found it. Do you want to accompany me to there?" Kei asked while he closed the book he had just finished reading.

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Hiro was rude as always as he spoke bitterly to the strange man. She glanced warily at her friend. If this man was truly going to be a scientist here it would not do good to get on his bad side. Suki knew the consequences of getting on the wrong side of one of the scientists. If they disliked you, then your tests and experiments were always far worse and more painful than they needed to be. She didn't want Hiro to make the wrong impression if this man turned out to be important.

"I am sorry, my control is slipping right now," she grimaced as her hair rippled from the electrical current that was running rampant through her body. It was searching for an escape. She was a bolt of lightening and the electricity wanted to ground itself. She looked at Hiro with concern written plainly on her face as he told her that Kokurai would be fine. "It's not Dr. Tadoshi I'm worried about," she bit her lip and a shiver ran down her spine as she felt the current in her body stutter and flicker. "He called for Kinjuro. Kinjuro can hurt him." She froze as she felt a disruption in the energy field from the testing room. She couldn't sense any light from the room and her worry increased tenfold. She turned around, ignoring Takami, and stared at the locked door. What had Dr. Tadoshi done?

Suki danced back and forth on the balls of her feet. There was a void in the room and that could only mean one thing; darkness. As a photo alloy she was petrified of the darkness. It was their born instinct to fear and shun away from it. She closed her eyes and tried to sense for Kokurai's signature energy but it was clouded and only a dull pulse. Something was wrong.

"Hiro, something's not right." She mumbled with her eyes still closed. There was no way to get into the room but she could feel the battling energies and she was sick in her stomach. She prayed Kokurai would be all right.

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The man didn't seem too bad, but Hiro knew better than to instantly let his guard down. His experience with scientists like this amiable-seeming guy was one of pain and mistrust. Thus, he felt more than a little justified in his mistrust of the man before him. Still, he managed to force himself into nodding at Tadoshi politely. Or as politely as he could manage.

"Yes, it's an observatory," he told him. He frowned at the thought of what was going on in there. As he listened to Suki, he nodded in agreement. There was definitely something wrong happening. Kinjuro's and Kokurai's powers didn't mix well. Even he knew that. He cursed.

"Stupid old man... We have to do something," he said. He eyed Takami. It was a long shot, but maybe....

"Can you get us in? We can show you what really happens."

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"Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December;
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. "

||Speech Color #8293A6|| ||Thought Color #6e5274||

The Crooked Kind

Faceclaim ✦Kuroyukihime|Accel World

Waiting outside would get her nowhere. She heard some clamor from where Kinjuro went. She went to enter and a nurse stepped up to stop her, glaring she whipped her hand in his direction, using his own shadow Kimiko tied his ankles together and he crumpled to the ground as Kimiko brushed past into the Observatory.

Once inside, it was quite crowded. People were standing around but no Kinjuro. She stepped up to Hiro and winced.
"Hiro. . . Where's Kinjuro?" She asked, ignoring the man who wasn't familiar to her. Darkness at her feet, her own shadow twitched disliking being near Hiro. "I came because I am worried about Kinjuro. He. . . He is dangerous to those not like us. Not bathed in the shadow. He might get carried away and. . . Harm someone." She looked around the room, she was never called out of her small area. Th scientists could never get her to fully release her abilities. Nor would she. The full extent of her abilities would warrant extreme measures on their part. Her powers weren't as direct as Kinjuro, no her powers crept into someone, like a disease. However they'd never know that until it was time.

"But first, tell me what's going on. I am unfamiliar with this area." Again her shadow twitched, however this time it was because she was fully stocked with energy and it was aching to be used. Her full powers wanted to emerge. It whispered over and over, attempting to sway her to killing them all. She tucked it away for now. It wasn't time to use her abilities. For all they knew all she could do was turn off lights, move from shadow to shadow, and shield herself. Best keep it that way.

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Kokurai wished that the umbra alloy that the doctor had pit against him was someone around his age. He felt down right awful that he had to fight a child and that this child had to essentially break him. And of course, all the favors were fore the kid to win. This room was big enough for a battle but the corners and the lighting provided Kinjuro more shadows to utilize. Kokurai only had a single light bulb he could use besides his stored up energy. It was far too dim for Kokurai. He may be able to use the electricity surging through the door to keep it locked but the rest of the room was padded with rubber so electricity wasn't going to go anywhere.

The older photo alloy could already feel his heart palpitating against his chest rapidly. He hated the dark. Better that he suffer through this than Suki. He had to keep reminding himself what he was fighting for here. If he lost sight, he might succumb to the tests and he couldn't do that. He wouldn't be able to protect his children and their friends if he was out of commission. The doctor would win. He never wanted the doctor to win.

Kokurai narrowed his eyes on Kinjuro when he mentioned the fact that he could sense his fear. That sent a ripple through his body. This kid... he changed. He didn't look this eager when they were standing outside of this room. What had the doctor done to the poor child's mind? His heart went out for him but he didn't get much longer to contemplate the dilemma. The boy released his shadowy tendrils and immediately he snuffed out the only light in the room. Kinjuro had to shield his eyes least the shards get into his eyes. He felt a whoosh around him and rapidly blinked his eyes trying to adjust to the new darkness in the room. He tensed and a small gasp escaped past his lips as two shadow tendrils slammed against the wall and pinned him between the projectiles. The shadow eyes and illusion of a mouth and lulling tongue were rather successful and made Kokurai shirk away. He ducked away from the tendrils to get away from the trap. Damn his fear of the dark! He was already wheezing. He needed light. He desperately needed the light. Kokurai rushed to the door and gripped the handle and absorbed the electricity coursing through the electronic lock.

Kinjuro's evil grin widened as the tendrils lurched forward, grasping at Kokurai like flailing hands desperate for something to cling to. They struck the wall again and again as Kokurai eluded them, making his way to the door. [color=#9B2C6D ]What are you planning?[/color]He thought, several more tendrils lashing out, slicing into the wall before retreating back to the mass of shadow. At this point nothing of Kinjuro's personal being was visible behind the cloud, just the massive, bloodshot eyes that pierced their target

Kokurai tensed as the electricity gave him a bit of a jolt of energy that he needed in this dark room. Once he had just enough energy, he extended his hand and a blast of light erupted around to stave off the shadowy tendrils that followed him towards the door. Good timing to. The shadows almost managed to grab him. The door at this point was his life line. He didn't have any other source of energy after all. He gripped the door for dear life and kept the light pulsing outward to keep the shadows away from him.

By the time Kokurai had reached the door, he was pressing yet another assault of shadow before he threw up a barrier of light to shield himself. Kinjuro cursed himself for not thinking of the door lock's electric current. He had been sure of himself destroying the light fixture, cocky even. No matter...he'll short circuit it before long...

"You think to prolong the inevitable?! You're efforts are pointless. Mindless thrashing like the animal you are! DIE!" His voice escalated in both ferocity and volume before he bit off the last word with as much menace as he could. For a moment the tendrils seemed to retract, but only for an instant, for they gathered together to form a single, larger tendril before it crashed into the barrier with renewed vigor.

Kokurai siphoned a little more energy from the lock and created his own light whips to lash out and break the tendrils apart. This seemed to work well at first as he cut through the darkness but the kid wasn't about to give up. Kinjuro still had the advantage since he could literally draw his power from the entire room and Kokurai only had a small locking mechanism he was using. Kinjuro continued to lash out against him and used his shadowy arms to whack at his small protective light barrier. The kid and the shadows were hungry for the light and Kokurai had to press back into the door to keep up enough energy just for the barrier. It was starting to crack.

Kinjuro winced, feeling the light dissipating the shadow a little at a time, but not so much to give Kokurai any ground, only managing to stave off for the next second, and the next. Not wanting to disappoint the doctor, he tried thinking of a way to undermine his opponent's strength. His flesh was willing, but young, and the man's age gave him more endurance then the small boy he was stuck inside. He would have to resort to other methods.

"The others...in the observatory...they shared your scent. Could that be a coincidence? I truly think not. I know how separated the lot of you are, you don't spend nearly enough time with each other to share such a scent. No...the doctor mentioned alloys had been bred from previous generations...." A malicious giggle filled the air. "They must be yours...." This seemed to trigger a reaction, for at that time, the barrier ceased for a moment in exchange for a counterattack, how pathetic.

Kokurai narrowed his eyes on the little bastard. He would resort to using his children just like the doctor? He growled and sacrificed his barrier for a moment to unleash another spark and try and get the darkness to back off with a wave of light but as soon as the light passed, he didn't have a chance to pull up his barrier again. The shadows lashed out and coiled around him. The light didn't last long, and the tendrils were waiting. As soon the pressure was released, the shadows surged, swirling around Kokurai until they fully enclosed him, a small flicker of light now and again, but nothing strong enough to fight back. Kokurai's eyes widened in surprise and sent low scale shocks emitting out of his body to dislodge the shadows but it was no use. Within seconds he was enveloped in the darkness and his connection to the door was severed.

Kinuro could feel the man's strength waning, and quickly too. It wouldn't be much longer. "After I'm done with you, perhaps I'll pay them a visit...I'm sure they are just dying to hear about their father!"

"No no no no!" Kokurai hissed under his breath as he fought against the darkness wrapping tighter and tighter around. He was starting to hyperventilate at this point and cold sweat clung to him in his fear for both himself and the fate of his children. Without any source of light, Kokurai had nothing to pull from and the shadows were draining his energy, and truth be told, he had been at the disadvantage from the start. The doctor never intended for an even fight. The photo alloy was getting light headed. He had to squeeze his eyes shut to try and center himself. He was starting to feel cold and his body was shaking. Memories of his first experiment like this came flooding back; the horror of not having any light for days, the lethargic state, nightmares and the pain that occurred when the scientists tried to revitalize him.

The tendrils tightened around him and Kokurai couldn't see any sort of light anymore. He was completely lost in the inky abyss. Unbidden tears escaped his eyes as he searched wildly for something to pin his gaze on but he had nothing but the shadows. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't breathe and everything was so dim. Was he fainting? He felt his energy leaving. He wasn't going to have much left soon. He needed to find a way to stop this. He knew that using his own energy to cast the light could kill him but at this point, he was going to die anyway. He'd rather die in an instant than take any more of this panic and pain.

Kinjro prepared a final assault, time to snuff out this light, enough playing around. However, his last bit of jostling must have struck a nerve, for against all logic, a light burst from within the shadow, illuminating the entire room, momentarily dissipating all shadow, causing Kinjuro to attempt to shield his eyes.

Kokurai inhaled as deeply as he could and tried to curl up as he gathered up the last bit of energy he had before he quite literally exploded; a brighter light than he had ever produced illuminated the entire room. It was of course stronger around his form and immediately disintegrated the shadow tendrils as it moved out.

A concussive force kicked into Kinjuro's chest like a mule, knocking him back into the wall behind him, all his breath escaping his tiny frame. Such...a fool... was his last thought before he tasted blood, and fell unconscious.

When the light finally receded, Kokurai dropped to his knees before completely collapsing unconscious.

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"Yeah, sure, Can't avoid the scientists forever, may as well go waltzing into their favorite haunt. Should at least piss a few of 'em off, and that's always fun." Kei smiled. "Thank you" He gratefully said as she was holding the door open for him. Furthermore, he was thankful for her accompanying him to the library. The journey to the library wasn't quite a long one, but it was always fun to have someone going with you in contrast to going off alone. "So what's on your agenda this lovely day?" Mora asked. He pondered for a moment, not quite sure what to say. "Just reading I guess..." He answered. "But you know how the scientists are, they might be planning a few new experiments as we speak." He spoke with a somber tone and fell silent after doing so. Kei despised the testing. Due to his age and health, he usually didn't have to participate in a lot of experiments in comparison to when he was younger, but this didn't mean that the actual tests done on him were any less wicked than before. Yet, he was glad that he had more time to read now. He just wished there were more books he hadn't already read in the library.

Kei's wheelchair made horrible screeching sounds as he moved together with Mora in the quiet hallway. The sound it made annoyed Kei. It was a constant reminder of his weakness growing out of his sickness echoing through the room and honestly, it was quite depressing to Kei. He gazed into the distance as his mind faded to memories prior to being in his wheelchair. He remembered the training he had, the sparring and figuring out how his powers worked. He remembered people who helped him, sometimes became friends with him even, people he could trust and would not just go and rat him out to any scientist. People in the same situation as his. Other Aeros. Sadly, many of his past acquaintances and people he had previously called friends had already passed away. Luckily, some still lived. Dashure was one of the people Kei still considers close to a friend. The thought of losing another friend saddened him, though. Maybe he would have a chance to see his friend today.

Finally, Mora and Kei arrived at the library. They quickly made way inside and before long Kei located an empty space on the bookshelf to return his borrowed book on. It was a bit high up so he had to use his powers to make the book fly to the spot but it all eventually worked out. Once finished, he slowly moved back to Mora. "Well that was that. I'm going to look for another book now, but feel free to stay." He said smiling. "Or do you have any other plans today?"

"I am sorry, my control is slipping right now." The female Alloy said and Takami nodded. "Yes, it's an observatory." The male Alloy continued. "Can you get us in? We can show you what really happens." He said after briefly speaking with the female Alloy. Takami wasn't really sure what was going on but he surely knew that something was happening in that room. Maybe even something big. "Interesting" He thought but before he could respond another female Alloy joined the conversation. She completely ignored Takami, muttering something about some guy named Kinjuro. But as she spoke Takami noticed that something seemed off about her. Well, something was off about her shadow to be exact. It twitched around in quite an unnatural way. "Photokinesis, Umbrakinesis and the boy must be... A Pyrokinesis? He concluded the type of power the female Alloys had by being attacked and watching the strange flickering shadow. As for the male Alloy, he figured someone with such a temperament was most likely a Pyrokinesis. Takami closed his eyes, seemingly pondering for a moment or two before opening them again. Once done, he slowly walked straight at the 2 Alloys standing before the door without saying a word, fixating his gaze on them as he moved. A trained eye would be able to recognise some danger in the way Takami walked up to them and even if you weren't used to danger, it was entirely possible to feel uneasy. The feeling of a predator slowly making his way to his cornered prey would be a somewhat comparable feeling. He then stopped walking, standing close enough to be in arms reach to the 2 Alloys before him. But the Takami flashed a normal smile as if everything prior to this hadn't happened. "Please show me." He spoke gently. "I was planning to enter this room anyway and I don't feel like stopping you from coming with me." His smile faded. "Just don't make any problems. I don't like dealing with problems." He put one of his hands in his pocket, leaving it there for the time being. After doing so he opened the door of the observatory, walking through it immediately after doing so but leaving the door open for the others to follow.

What Takami saw inside was quite dissatisfying. Just one of the scientists standing before a huge window. As he moved closer to the scientist he actually saw who he was. Dr.Tadoshi, His boss. He wanted to greet him but was interrupted by a flashing light coming out of the window and this is when Takami saw it. He had only taken a glimpse of the end of the fight through the window happening in the other room which could only be a testing room. "Fascinating" He spoke out loud unable to hide his amazement. "Oh, I'm sorry Dr.Tadoshi. My name is Takami Ito." He introduced himself to his new boss. "I hope we will be able to work well together in the future." He said with a smile while stretching his hand out, gesturing a handshake.

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Suki could the energy rippling. Her stomach was twisted over and she was restless just standing there. Kokurai had submitted fully to whatever nightmare Tadoshi had concocted for him. Suki's skin crawled as Kimiko had appeared. She ignored the girl for the most part because she had more important things to worry about. She waited hopeful as Takami said that he would get them into the observatory. Suki was shifting from foot to foot as she felt the energy pulsing. She could feel the darkness and how it threatened to choke out whatever light in its path.

Takami had moved forward and opened the door. Suki darted forward as soon as the door was open and entered the observatory just in time to see Kokurai's energy field explode and burst out of him light a bomb. The tendrils of darkness were shredded and forced to retreat. Suki cried out knowing how dangerous it was to push so much energy. The explosion of light was impressive and more than Kokurai had ever exhibited before. Suki watched as Kinjuro had been thrown to one wall and then collapsed unconscious from the force of it.

Her face grew horrified as she saw Kokurai fall to his knees and then slump over. "No!" she screamed and the glow around her intensified as the panic pulsed through her body. She forgot everyone and darted over to the locked door. She gripped the handle and surged an intense amount of energy through the electronic lock. There was a loud crackle, a pop, and then the lock clicked open. She shoved the door open with her shoulder and stumbled into the room.

She stared at Kokurai and her eyes glistened. She always could feel the energy of his aura. Even as she stared at him there was only a void. She saw his body but there was no indication of life.

"No, no, no," she mumbled over and over until she ran across the room to where he had crumpled. She fell hard to her knees and heaved him up. She touched his face but the charged spark that usually passed between them was gone. She shook her head, the tears leaking out of her eyes unrestrained.

"Kokurai, please, no," her voice was strained and desperate. Her hands traveled over his body in a hopeless attempt to feel any sign of life. There was none.

Suki screamed at that point. Kokurai meant the world to her. He had always been there for her. He always stood up for her. He was the only one the scientists never had to worry about her accidentally electrocuting.

She couldn't believe it. She wouldn't. She was not going to let him leave her like this.

She looked around with wide eyes. The glow around her began to shift and ripple. Suki knelt over him and placed her hands on his chest. She sent a powerful current through her hands and into his chest. She pulled her hands up, rubbed them together, and then jolted his chest again. Each time she sent a very powerful surge through his body and straight into his heart. She was desperate to bring him back. She could not let him die for her and Hiro. Tadoshi was the monster behind this and Suki was not going to let him win.

"Come on Kokurai, come on, you're not gone. You can come back!" she kept charging her hands and then pushing the current into his body. She had to make this work.

After a good solid five minutes, Suki felt a spark. She pulled from her energy even more this time. Her whole body was lit up as if she had been struck by lightening. She pressed her hands against his chest and sent one final bolt through him. The intense light energy around her body was quickly pulled to her hands and then pushed into his body and engulfed Kokurai. His body quickly absorbed it and that was went Suki felt the soft pulse beneath her hand.

His heart was pumping.

She very nearly collapsed from relief. The glow that she always gave off was gone. She was utterly spent and completely exhausted from pushing so much of her power and energy into his body--it was worth it.

Suki's chest was heaving from the exertion and she laid down on the ground to collect her breath. She could hear Kokurai breathing next to her and it was enough. She closed her eyes and focused on making her own breathing even.

Kokurai was safe.

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"Yeah. I know what you people do to 'problems'," Hiro told Takami darkly as he and Suki led the new doctor to the laboratory. Before they could get far, however, Kimiko appeared and he came still. If even she was worried that Kinjuro would lose control then.... He didn't want to think about it. Damn that bastard, Tadoshi. They needed to hurry.

"We'll stop this. Don't you worry, Kimiko-chan," he told her with as wide a smile as he could manage. He ran as quick as he could, not caring in the slightest about Takami being able to keep up with them ore not. Whenever he ran into a locked door, he simply forced it open with an explosion of his blue flames, his emotions fueling his powers. When they got to the observation room, Hiro felt himself freeze.

"Damn it, old man..." He thought. He sented a burst of flame at the glass and jumped into the observatory. Along with Suki, he approached Kokurai.

"Is he okay?" he asked her.

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Dr. Tadoshi stood in the observation room with a clipboard in his hand. He was scribbling notes as Kokurai was facing Kinjuro. Dr. Tadoshi had been trying to work out a way to pit an umbra alloy with a photo alloy. This could not have worked out better for him. The situation was perfect. Kinjuro was out for blood and he could get the pesky Kokurai out of his hair after so many years of putting up with the troublesome alloy.

The large fighting room had been outfitted with the latest technology and it was tipped in favor for Kinjuro. Photo alloys relied heavily upon energy they could draw upon. Since there was only one light fixture in the large room, there would be very little that Kokurai could absorb. Dr. Tadoshi scribbled a note down as Kinjuro shot dark tendrils to the only light source and plunged the room into darkness. It didn't matter for Dr. Tadoshi, he had high tech cameras installed in the room. He turned away from the observation glass and to the monitors that showed what was happening in the darkness.

Kokurai look terrified. Dr. Tadoshi recognized that primal and instinctive look on Kokurai's face as he tried to dodge and push back at Kinjuro. It was the look of utter survival. Kokurai's flight or fight instinct had kicked in and he was pushing everything he had into defending himself from the incredible black darkness that was threatening to devour him whole.

A grin slipped onto Dr. Tadoshi's face as he watched Kokurai make a dash over to the door where there was an electric lock. It didn't matter. There wasn't enough energy to do much.

The grin began to falter as Kokurai began to glow. This wasn't the plan. This wasn't what Dr. Tadoshi had anticipated to happen. A steep frown came to his face as he watched Kinjuro wrap more tightly around Kokurai. The light that pulsed from Kokurai was growing. Dr. Tadoshi clenched his teeth together. Kokurai wasn't supposed to have this much energy left inside of him. He let out a startled cry and Kokurai exploded and shredded through the darkness. Kinjuro was flown back into the wall where his skull cracked and the young boy slumped to the floor unconscious.

Dr. Tadoshi felt anger towards Kokurai who finally collapsed. Kinjuro was Dr. Tadoshi's pride and joy, and now he was injured more seriously than Dr. Tadoshi had anticipated would happen with the fight.

"Send a medical team to the observation wing." He pressed a buzzer and spoke into an intercom before the door to the observation room burst open. A tall and dark haired man entered and was quickly followed by Suki and Hiro, and then Kimiko. Dr. Tadoshi looked disapprovingly at the alloys.

Suki dashed past him and quickly overloaded the electronic sensors breaking the lock and running into the large room. He folded his arms and watched with a keen eye as she dropped at Kokurai's side. There was a part of Dr. Tadoshi that was disappointed the two were biologically related. If Suki had a different parentage he knew that they would've been perfect for the breeding program to create incredibly powerful offspring.

Dr. Tadoshi ignored Takami's outstretched hand for the moment as something more important was taking place in the room. He watched in complete fascination as Suki was sending a charge through Kokurai's body. He had never seen her, nor was there any record, of Suki ever using her ability this way. He was too fascinated to even scribble on his clip board as Suki acted as a crash cart and was trying to jump start his heart.

The determination and will that Suki demonstrated was sending Dr. Tadoshi's mind in over drive. There was a new potential here and ideas flooded his mind on how to unlock it.

Suki began to glow bright like the sun and Dr. Tadoshi had to shield his eyes. She looked like a star as all of her energy was pulled together and then she pushed it all into Kokurai in one last desperate attempt. Kokurai glowed for a moment from the impressive energy pushed into his body and Dr. Tadoshi's eyes widened as he saw Kokurai's chest suddenly rise and fall. It was very shallow and difficult to see, but Kokurai was alive.

At this point the medical team arrived. Kinjuro was quickly placed on a gurney before rushed out and the remaining staff was assessing Kokurai. Dr. Tadoshi tapped his pen against his clip board as Suki lay still. Her glow was gone and it was the first time she had lost it.

Kokurai was carefully placed onto a second gurney and Suki stumbled to her feet. She latched onto Hiro for support as Kokurai was taken away. Suki looked positively sick but there was relief in her eye.

Dr. Tadoshi turned to Takami finally and there was a ravenous look upon his face. Kokurai was alive which wasn't the plan, but this new development with Suki was exciting.

"I am pleased to meet you. As you can see there is a great deal of work we have to do. I hope you are prepared to work." He peered over the rim of his glasses at Takami to assess him. It had been a great while since he had had a personal assistant. He hoped Takami would live up to the job.

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He was floating. There was no pain or fear or sadness. He was just warm.
Warm and floating in the darkness that surrounded him. He didn't feel like he was being held down by anything. Kokurai felt at peace as he drifted. This wasn't so bad. This numbness was really nice, whatever it was. He could just be here for hours without a care in the world.

"Come on Kokurai, come on, you're not gone. You can come back!"

Who was that? The voice sounded so far away. There was something in her voice that he couldn't pin point. There were other noises around him but none of them really resonated with him. He was content and he didn't want to move anywhere. He did feel light tremors rolling over his body but that was like a tickle and he didn't really care anymore. Then a stronger jolt ran through him. Kokurai's body came alive again, wheezing for air and his heartbeat pounding in his rib cage but he wasn't back. Kokurai lethargically opened his eyes but his stare was blank. He stared straight ahead as nurses rushed around him. He didn't really notice any of it. His mind was far away from it all in its peaceful floating. The photo alloy was vaguely even aware that he was put on a stretcher and tied down. The nurses put a mask over his face as they rushed him away to the medic wing. Nurses were doing the same for Kinjuro and more care was being devoted to the little boy considering he was so young and had been slammed against the wall.

The nurses hoisted Kokurai onto a bed while they ushered Kinjuro into a different room to check out his injuries. A doctor came to stand beside Kokurai and a light was flashed into his eyes. They dilated as they should but he wasn't hearing anything the doctors requested of him.

"Kokurai? Can you hear me?" the doctor asked. No answer. The doctor waved his hand in front of Kokurai's face and his gaze did not follow. He grabbed his special hammer and tapped lightly on Kokurai's knee. No jerk response. The doctor went to his little cabinet and pulled out a small packet of smelling salts. That should wake up Kokurai or at least get him to respond. This was some strong stuff and Kokurai had a very sensitive sense of smell. He was sure Kokurai would start coughing and maybe even gag. He took the breathing mask off his face to place the packet against Kokurai's nose. Kokurai didn't even blink. This was... concerning. Had he hit his head to? Well they had a last resort and if this didn't wake him up, they would need to do some brain scans and hope for the best. "Get me some ice," he instructed the nurse then. With a nod she rushed off to bring a bag of ice. The doctor took it from her and hesitated just a moment before he rested the ice on Kokurai's family jewels. It was how they often woke up patients who had fainted since the immediate reaction was to recoil from the frigidity if the smelling salts didn't work. He got nothing out of Kokurai. "Shit... he is catatonic..." the doctor murmured and checked his eyes again. He let his hands roam over the photo alloy's head but he didn't feel anything physically wrong.

"Set up the CT scan for Kokurai as well."

"Right away, Doctor!" one of the nurses said before running off. The doctor looked over at Kokurai a moment before pushing his hair away from his face. Later on, maybe they'd do an EEG to. He had run away from the earlier one and now that he was catatonic, he was very curious to see what signals were flashing in his mind. "When the results are out, page me." The doctor then left the room to return to the observatory and entered. He went straight to Dr. Tadoshi. "Dr. Tadoshi, I have some news about Kokurai. It seems that the blast he produced or maybe a side effect from Kinjuro's attack has left him in a catatonic state. I am having a CT performed right now to see if there is any bleeding or damage in the brain that could explain the state. With your signature, I'd also like to perform an EEG to check his current potential. I won't be testing for responses since he obviously won't be performing any but I would be interested to see what is going on electrically at this point." He'd never had a catatonic alloy before so his data would be quite interesting.


"Griswald!" Dashure growled and reached back to touch the back of his neck where his brother had pinched him. His body was really sensitive today considering the tests so that 'little nip' felt rather painful. He rubbed the back of his neck a bit before he leaned back in his floating chair and closed his eyes. He did appreciate his brother for doing this though and he liked the gentle caress of he wind that tugged at him thanks to their movement. "And no I don't have a book in particular. They really need to update their collection of books in brail. They have like four," he chuckled. And though he wanted to read the other books, he couldn't and he refused to ask anyone to read them to him. He.. he wasn't a child and that made him feel like he couldn't do anything for himself. He didn't want that.

Once they entered the library, he sent out a small pulsing of wind to gather information about who was in this space and where things were located. He tilted his head to the side when he felt Kei, which wasn't surprising, and then the geo alloy Mora. He had never interacted with Mora before. He had felt her go by every once in a while in the hall way but that was all. She was allowed to wander today? That was good for her. He wondered what she did most days. He only knew that she had escaped the lab and then came back. Why she came back he would never know. Maybe she was a glutton for punishment. He heard his brother announce who was in the library and gave a nod. "I know," he answered. He gave a wave from his seat at the two though most of the greeting was towards Kei.

"Good to hear you breathing," he said then. It really was a miracle that Kei was still alive and it made him hopeful that he'd live longer than 17 years but he was also very worried for his friend. He was afraid to lose him. The two of them were the oldest aero alloys and they had a sort of friendship partnership he didn't want to lose. The always pushed each other and once he was gone, Dashure would have no one to practice with. "And hello to you," he said and inclined his head in Mora's direction. He didn't really want to be friendly but he couldn't just ignore her presence either. Based on how Kei and Mora were positioned, they had been talking to each other which meant he was interrupting.

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Though it was certainly unexpected, Griswald couldn't help but burst into laughter when Haruta suggested Dashure might be here to pick a fight. Surely he was joking, so hopefully he wouldn't be offended by his laughter. Composing himself, he cleared his throat before falling silent a brief moment. "So, you're scrappin' now Dashy? No wonder you can hardly get out of bed." This time he refrained from making any physical contact, less he accidentally hurt his brother again. Instead he offered Haruta a slight smile. "Well don't be shy, Dash." He commented teasingly. Suddenly, he gently pushed the chair forward, loosening his grip and letting it meander to a spot by both Haruta and the bookshelf. With a motion of his hand, the gravity slunk back into the air around his chair, gingerly drifting him to the ground.

As he made his own way to the bookshelf, he couldn't help but try and place a name to the face of the woman in the room. She wasn't a staff member, that much was certain. He vaguely recalled overhearing a story about a Geo Alloy woman, and she would seem to fit the description. She was healthy looking, something Geo alloys were known for. He caught himself staring, and immediately he flushed red. He had to say something now. "Uh..sorry, er..I was just thinking of whether or not I'd seen you around before. Sorry for staring. I'm uhh...Griswald, Dashure's younger brother." At the end, his voice cracked fiercely, adding a sharp pitch to his tone. He clenched his jaw as he went an even deeper shade of red, wheeling around and marching to the bookshelf. "What in the hell was that?!? She didn't even say anything to you, what in the actual hell is your problem?!?" He scolded himself silently as he pretended to be interested in the books on the shelf, acting as if he were pondering which title to read.


Darkness encompassed him. He knew not where he was, or how long he had been trapped in this state. He felt restrained, but upon attempting to move, he realized he wasn't in control of his motor skills. Coming to the conclusion that he must be unconscious, which would also attest to the darkness. A garbled noise emanated into the void where he currently existed, slowly becoming more and more audible, until it was revealed to be the concerned voices of multiple nurses and doctors. "..don't know whether or not he's going to walk again. We're doing what we can." That couldn't be good. He struggled to make more sense out of the noise. "..explosion left his spine jarred and slightly dislocated. Even if surgery goes well there is no telling how long until he is back on his feet." More bad news, but what explosion were they talking about? Had something happened in the facility? Straining his memory, he came up with nothing. That was until he heard another voice, someone he recognized as not a member of the staff, but another alloy. "...I will do better Kinjuro, I swear."

Kimiko? What could she have meant by that? Suddenly he remembered being summoned to see Dr. Tadoshi, the Photo Alloy, among others, being corralled into the room before the Dr., and Kimiko, hugging him tightly just before he blacked out. This filled him with a great despair, since there was no other conclusion but the Dr. had summoned forth his power, and whatever ensued beyond that is what resulted in his current state. He couldn't help but wonder what became of the Photo Alloy and the others if he was in this bad of shape. The only thing he could do now is wait, wait for the doctors to attempt to save his life, though at this point he wasn't sure whether or not he was deserving of such rescue.


Nazuro couldn't help but feel happy on this day. He was free to do as he pleased, most of his tests throughout the week had gone exceedingly more positive than the staff had initially expected, so that meant they were able to give him a little more slack. He had already spent a good part of his morning doing laps in the pool, the most relaxing way to start the day, in his opinion, and after he had showered and dressed for a more social situation, he made his way for the library. As he rounded a corner, however, there were several nurses rushing a young boy on a stretcher. The boy didn't appear to be in critical condition, but the way they moved suggested otherwise. A young girl with jet black locks was in tow, a look of concern upon her face. This tugged at Nazuro in a way that made a small lump form in his throat.

He watched as the nurses wheeled the boy behind a set of double doors, leaving the girl alone in the otherwise empty corridor. She stood there, still as a statue. "The doctors are very skilled, dear. I am certain whatever ails that boy will be remedied. Though the methods can seem a bit less than adequate, they are all capable medical professionals." He hoped that his words would be comforting, but not knowing who this girl was, there was a chance she could be antisocial, and chances are she wouldn't respond to his reaching out.

"Regardless, I wish him a quick recovery." Having said that, he turned back the way he was headed, down the long hallway that lead to the library, making a mental note to occasionally pester the nurses on the boy's condition. Perhaps he'd see the girl again as well.