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this is based off of the mutt project rp created by tammie with a few of my own flares thrown in.


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Hiro Yamashashi [23] "Why? Why are they so afraid of me?"
Sukoshi Kaminari Hotaru [22] "I am not a child!"
Dr. Tadoshi [22] "There is always an answer; I will find it."
Kokurai [21] "I won't let you control everything that I am."
Haruta Kei [20] *cough* *cough*
Dashure Altair [18] Tell me, what would I gain from you?
Mora [18]
Kinjuro Satori [18] "Tell me, are you frightened?"
Kimiko [13] " And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me—filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before."

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Takami looked at Dr. Tadoshi, forming a smirk hearing the next thing he said. "Absolutely. You have my full permission to perform any tests you deem necessary to assess the extent of the damage done to Kokurai in the blast." just like Takami had expected Dr. Tadoshi accepted the proposal before dismissing the doctor. "Who knows what kind of intriguing mysteries this research could unravel." Takami thought shortly before Dr. Tadoshi turned his attention to him again. "Have you received a tour of the facilities yet?" he asked and while Takami did look around a bit on his own for a little while, he didn't exactly know the whole place yet. Much less the characteristics of the key Alloy inhabitants. "I have looked around on my own for a little while but I haven't gotten anything quite as official like a tour yet." Takami glanced at Dr. Tadoshi. "I would certainly be happy to learn a bit more about the facility, however." Takami answered while taking some papers and a pen to make additional notes when needed. He was quite sure there was going to be a lot of information to memorize on this little tour he would be attending, so taking notes surely couldn't hurt. Besides it was quite the honor to be guided on a tour by the head scientist. This certainly wouldn't be a job normally done by someone with that high of a position, yet Dr. Tadoshi was still willing to do so, which could mean a number of things. "If you don't mind I would also like to learn a bit more about the Alloys living here. While I did study up on the different kinds of Alloys, that doesn't exactly tell me much about the behavior of the ones living here. Which is why I would like to ask you to tell me a bit more about them. If that wouldn't be a bother to you of course." Takami interestedly said. Takami was delighted by the opportunity to learn more about the Alloys so he certainly wouldn't let a chance like this slip past him.

As soon as Griswald burst into laughter Kei brought his hand in front of his mouth in a futile attempt to hide his chuckle. "So, you're scrappin' now Dashy? No wonder you can hardly get out of bed." Griswald told his brother Dashure. "Yes, Griswald. I'm scrapping now," Dashure responded. To be honest, Kei missed the sparring he and Dashure used to do, hence the origin of this little joke he just pulled off. If only he was a little younger.

Suddenly Griswald made the chair Dashure was sitting on, move closer to Kei before it finally came to a standstill on the ground. Then Kei could feel a small gust of air against passing him. Undoubtedly the skill Dashure uses to locate people in his surroundings. this was confirmed by him staring directly at Kei's face, smiling while doing so. On moments like these, you could easily forget that Dashure was actually blind. Yet this was the fate of many other Aeros just like him. It was unfortunate how fragile they really were. Yet despite being so fragile, most Aeros Kei had known were actually really strong. May it be emotionally or just raw power, they always had something, something that made them able to move forward where others would have been forced to halt.

"Hi Kei," Dashure greeted Kei. "I did come here with the intention of seeking a book but the selection of books in brail are very limited. They are mostly children books and I have read them already. There is nothing else for me to read here." To say that the books written in brail were very limited was quite the understatement honestly. There were maybe only a handful of them and most of them weren't interesting at all. Kei felt a bit guilty because he suddenly felt glad for not being blind like his friend Dashure was. "What are you reading today? I thought you already read all the books here." Dashure finished speaking. "I was reading a book titled: A study on vacuums and the void." Kei answered his question. "And honestly, I also thought that I had read about everything in this library. But a few days ago I found this hidden gem buried beneath a few other books so I've been trying my luck at finding another unread book the past couple of days." Kei sighed. "But it seems like my luck has run dry. I haven't been able to find another one like this. If only the scientists would order a few new books for us every so often." Kei shrugged. There was nothing he could do about that. The scientists in this place had always taken their time when an Alloy requested something. It was just something you learned to live with.

"I'm not going to continue my search for that much longer. Maybe I'll head back to the common room after this, or maybe I'll futilely go and complain to one of the scientists to get us some more books yet again." Kei chuckled. "What are you planning to do after finding your book?" Kei asked as he put another book away.