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Leland Thorn

"Call me Thorn. Everyone does."

0 · 345 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “The Alpha Experiment”, as played by Uprising


I claim no credit to the canon character Aru Akise, nor to the gifs I used here. I found them on the internet.


[ . n a m e . ]

Leland Thorn

[ . r a c e . ]


[ . g e n d e r . ]


[ . a g e . ]


[ . f a c e | c l a i m . ]

Aru Akise

[ . i n t r o d u c t i o n . ]

Leland Thorn is a 17 year old alpha, or a human born with psychic powers. His powers didn't manifest until he was 13. He recently approached the Hunters after narrowly avoiding being killed by a Were.


[ . a p p e a r a n c e . ]

Thorn is short and slim, standing at 5'5" and weighing 124 lbs, with a thin, coltish teenager's build. He's not very muscular in appearance, nor is he very strong, but he is a fast runner, and has slight, lean muscle from jogging daily.

He has pale skin that is marred by the occasional scar, including a small crescent-shaped scar on his left temple and several small scars on his forearms and hands. He has feathery white hair and pale pink eyes that stare directly and never seem to blink.

His expression gives away only what he wants it to most of the time, but he can be taken by surprise just like anyone else. He often appears thoughtful or calculating by default. His smile is very sly and self-satisfied, like a cat after it has gotten into the cream.

He wears black dress pants, a white button-down shirt and black tie, and a mauve jacket thrown over it all. Despite his formal clothes, he wears sneakers and may occasionally wear a hat.


[ . p e r s o n a l i t y . ]
| Detached | Arrogant | Deceitful | Lonely | Caring |

Thorn is not cold or emotionless, nor does he pretend to be, but he is forcefully detached, with a firm barrier between his deeper emotions and the world. He is very defensive of his inner self, and will manipulate, distract, or deceive to keep it safe.

He can be cruel, but he not deliberately so... he just gets carried away. He does care about others, especially those he knows, and it shows when they're in danger or injured. He won't ever admit that, nor will he admit that he craves the company of others.

He considers himself entitled to know everything, and to tell others nothing. He firmly believes that he is smarter than everyone else, that he alone has the will to do what needs to be done, and that everyone else is deluding themselves or have an ulterior motive. This arrogant yet martyr-like attitude is probably his biggest exploitable weakness.

He will treat people with contempt if they let fear control them. He feels fear just like anyone else, but he won't let it overwhelm him. Not after the first time he allowed it to happen.

If you asked anyone who has known him a long time, they'll tell you that his attitude underwent a negative change about three years ago. He was always sly and a little arrogant, but he was also friendly, comforting, and protective. If those emotions still exist, they're buried deeply.

[ . s k i l l s | m i s c . ]

He has quite a bit of experience breaking and entering. Being only a teenager, he's no world class thief, nor is he an expert, but he's pretty decent at it. This skill includes jimmying locks.

He happens to enjoy cooking, because it's a comforting ritual and it gives him time to brood. He's become quite good at it, and anytime he's brooding particularly hard over something, he will make enough food to feed an army. Sometimes he treats cooking like a fierce battle, muttering to himself and doing things in an overly melodramatic manner.

[ . p h y s i c a l | a b i l i t i e s . ]

He doesn't have very many physical abilities to boast about. He is fairly fast and agile because he has to be, and he knows a little self-defense, but he's not much of a fighter. He's used to using his telepathy to get what he wants.

[ . p o w e r s . ]

Aura - Thorn's aura is pink and glowing, and appears to be many thorny vines coiled around his body, always moving and waving gently. There are half-withered white flowers on the vines. When using his abilities, the vines stretch out to grab things, throw things, hit things, or whip them. They are flexible and nimble, made more for agility than strength. If he tries to control someone, the vines will wrap around their body and/or limbs.

Telepathy - He is very careful about what thoughts he sends, and even more careful about his emotions. He may send an emotion he isn't truly feeling to mislead someone. His thoughts come through clearly and concisely most of the time, since he has time to form them carefully before sending them. When he's in a panic or a fast-paced situation, his thoughts are quick and savage, and steeped with emotions or pieces of thought he wouldn't normally allow through. He keeps a firm barrier between his mind and the world, allowing only surface thoughts and emotions through. When it comes to attacking telepathically, he prefers to sneak thoughts or emotions into another person's mind, so discreetly and softly that they don't realize what's happening. Kind of like weaving a quiet, gentle web to snare you with.

Image[ . w e a k n e s s e s . ]

He's not very strong and he's not much of a fighter. At best, any skills he has would be used to extract himself from a fight or distract his opponent long enough for him to get away. As a human, he's also much weaker than any hybrid or Were.

He assumes he's smarter than everyone else around him. That'll come back to bite him for sure.

He's arrogant and reckless. He pushes his abilities past their limit on a regular basis, just to see if he can increase them. He'll do the same if he thinks he's almost won a fight.

[ . b a c k g r o u n d . ]

I don't recommend telling us your entire life story (you can if you want to), but give us a brief idea of your character's background and past experiences. If you want, mention here why they chose to go to the Hunters in the first place?


So begins...

Leland Thorn's Story