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Blaze Nickson

"So you wanna play with Magic?"

0 · 180 views · located in This is a In progress Controlled Utopia.

a character in “The Altered Ones.”, as played by LilFliff~<3


Blaze Nickson

Physical Description:

She is a small girl standing at the height of 5' only. Blaze has a tawny skinny body type, Her hair is red fox red that is shoulder length & wavy, she always has her bangs covering her left eye or both eyes in general, Eyes light pine green rimmed with a darker pine green, Freckles cover her body the most is on her face, Since she comes from Borough 8, They decided to make her fox related, depending on her mood ear may appear on her head (Like nekos in anime) Along with a fox tail, these express her shy self. In Her Fox form she is a tawny red fox with the same green eyes. He fur is tinted redder and instead of black markings its a deep brown, she has a whit tipped tail & white toes.

Clothing Description:

Blaze will typically wear any kind of shorts & tank tops. Usually warming warm colors to express herself, shes loves scarfs and is most always wearing one, she has a black collar around her neck it has a partly broken chain on it and a tag stating her name, borough & Genetic Altered powers, She loves fur boots an is wearing them always, her daily wear is a thing strap black tank top over an orange t-shirt, pale skinny jeans with holes in them an a pair of black & gray fur boots.

Borough 8

Age: unknown she's around her teens

Her Altered Genetics:

They decided to create a clever girl to help get info from Rebels. She has Red Fox DNA & is able to "disappear" or "Blend" into her surroundings (Invisibility). She's super quiet also her steps an every move it soundless. But because of the Explosion of the Lab she is a very fearful Girl.


Extremely quiet shy girl She talks in the softest voice and can be easily offended, she's also extremely intelligent & clever able to outsmart the Lab Rats, She has a temper that can light like a flame if sparked, she is gentle an almost angelic to be around, she's easily frightened by things around her an most have someone with her at all times, she loves to pull tiny tricks on her fellow friends being normally proud o her work, Its hard for Blaze to take compliments for she is very bashful and may blush to anything, she wayyy to innocent not knowing anything "dirty", she is a well born nurse an will tend to anyone's wounds if needed, She is almost like an expression reader an will know if someone is upset mad or sad (etc..), Blaze is also a strong leader if she put her mind to it.


Her Strengths are the combination the "Lab" chose for her Genes, being so intelligent gives her an ability to think things through almost perfectly, Also being clever helps with may bad situations.

Her Weakness's very, she's a very flighty & afraid girl anyone can take advantage of her because of the strong fear inside her which can keep her from using in her powers to become invisible.

Her Secrets:

  1. All she wants to do if find someone to protect and love her.
  2. She was taken advantage of before and has a strong fear of men which makes her search for love hard.
  3. She is Closet Bisexual but she doesn't ever show it.

So begins...

Blaze Nickson's Story