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Dylan's a Ice/Snow altered Girl from Borough 3.

0 · 210 views · located in This is a In progress Controlled Utopia.

a character in “The Altered Ones.”, as played by LilFliff~<3


Name: Dylan Roseland

Race: 1/4 german 1/2 afrian & 1/4 unknown

Gender: Female

Home Borough: Borough 3

Genetic they were altered with: Ice/Snow. She can shape shift into a wolf.

Hair color: Natural brown hair. Blonde bangs & sides of her hair & also red peek-a-boo

Eye color: One chestnut brown eye & a ice blu eye.

Clothing Description: She normally wears scarfs, tank tops, skimpy tops and or bottoms, pants with holes in them, sweaters, nerdy glasses, boots & Hats.

***Personality: Normally calm, quiet but she is kinda loud and definitly hyper, shes a very shy girl who blushes a lot to little things, she's mostly shy til ya get to know her, Dylan has a temper you don't wanna set off cuz it can be brutal, she feisty, Dylan holds many things inside bottled up mostly her feelings but the always end up on her mind, She's a natural flirt, Dylan doesn't enjoy when she is flirted with by a guy she doesn't know, Dylan has some humor an is kinda crazy, She's very stubborn and is not afraid to be herself & or tell others whut is wrong with them.

So begins...

Dylan's Story

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Character Portrait: Raven Summers Character Portrait: Dylan
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Taka,smiled to himself as he walked the borough.He saw that the elderly were talking about the days before the whole virus and the young ones were practicing with their abilities.The man,found it extremely cute and decided to go train.As he did he felt a familiar burning as he glared at his right pectoral.He winced and ran into the training room. "Ice Ability:Static:Sword of the Yukine!" he shouted creating a sword out of pure ice,he and another officer went at it.