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Seagus Yloh

C'mon, live a little! Let's blow something up.

0 · 157 views · located in Gigaverse

a character in “The Alternates #1: Define Good”, as played by Forsaken Heart


Height: 6"00
Weight: 185
Build: medium, stocky
Hair: Black
Age: 18
Eyes: green (when angered, they flare red)
Extra Features: black wings (when out), usually seen carrying a sword. Also wears stolen police armor.


Seagus is cocky to a fault, but usually delivers his quota of kicking ass. He will not kill unless he must, but that doesnt stop him from being ruthless. The only way to get Seagus to listen to you is to impress him in battle, which isnt easy. Only 3 people have ever truly impressed him with their traits. Seagus admires honor and modesty, even if he doesn't show it. He loves to be crude and can be a pervert, but he is a loyal friend to those lucky (or unlucky) few. He is a sadist. He has been shown to get serious should the situation be bad enough or critical enough and hates to see a friend suffer if he's not the one causing it. Also a prankster.


Seagus, being an angel, has been given incredible psychic abilities. Although he is strong against elements due to this, he is quite vulnerable to physical damage. He has trained with martial artists and swordsmen to learn enough to hold his own. Although he uses psychic abilities for everyday things, fighting is not as simple. He MUst meditate or he will become weak. IF given a class, Seagus would definitely be your long range fighter, able to deal fast long range attacks with incredible accuracy. However, when lifting or moving something with his powers, Seagus can lift up to around 120 tons, making this skill quite fun to use in his opinion.

Flight: he keeps this ability even when weakened.
No shield ability: Seagus can launch attacks that will soar right through barriers. HE is the ideal choice when fighting a shielded foe. This is because his psychic abilities can transmit through energy fields like sound through water. The speed of the attack may change but Seagus can not be blocked.
Abyssal Wave: an all out psychic attack that can decimate up to 3 city blocks. Will leave Seagus extremely weakened and vulnerable.
Psy-Shot: Seagus's Staple move. Launches a small amount of psychic energy that can stun or incapacitate faraway targets. It is extremely accurate and potent for many reasons (see no shield ability). One such reason is that any who are hit directly by a Psy-shot have a psychic trace on them that only Seagus can sense. This allows him to home in and strike you wherever you are.
Intermediate martial arts: Seagus is a decent opponent with hand to hand, yet he still possesses a vulnerability to physical damage.
Magus Barrier: a psychic barrier that grants incredible resistense to elemental and magic attacks. At full power it can block bullets, but is harder to control and consumes more power.
Sword Skills/ Nether Striking: Seagus prides himself with his swordsmanship and uses it as his main form of close combat. Due to sufficient strength, Seagus can wield his sword with amazing speed and deadly force. When he uses his psychic ability, he can generate a wave of energy that can knock enemies back as well as decimate them at close range. However, he telegraphs his attacks, making it easy to block and dodge his moves. His prowess is long range, after all.

Other skills: Seagus, after joining up with the Blue Viens, became a master thief whose silent psychic powers helped greatly. He learned many techniques that didn't require psychic abilities as well as near ninja like stealth. He is a master of silent entry and infiltration, as well as hijacking vehicles,he can dissappear from the scene without a trace, creating explosives (A+ in honors chemistry), to the point that he was even a computer hacker for big hauls within the Blue Viens. If they needed entry into a large scale factory or anywhere else that was heavily guarded, they sent Seagus. He is a must have for any stealth /thieving job. He is also quite good with guns, although he prefers his psychic abilities.


Seagus was a human child replaced by an angel, or at least a fallen angel that heavan couldn't accept. Originally very sweet and considerate, Seagus made many friends but also many enemies. Being in the mortal world, Seagus was stripped of many powers and has kep his psychic ability. Due to this, Seagus has lived a rough life due to his physical vulnerability. He was always physically strong, but physical attacks hurt him more than other kids.

After much bullying and torment, Seagus became psychotic and began using his psychic powers. Because of this, he has fled his home and the police, as well as the government.

Seagus was once recruited by a gang in New York known as the Blue Veins, a bunch of small scale thugs and robbers. At age 16, he became a full fledged member and quit only when they began to figure out his powers. Seagus learned many things in the gang, such as stealth, entering a place unnoticed, hotwiring, and many other useful thieving techniques. He is currently unfindable according to eh Blue Veins as of today, although many of their henchman have turned up beaten within a second of their life and robbed of all they had. The police who chase after him are even worse off: their cruisers are stripped of all equipment, with GPS disabled, and weapons, as well as their body armor. Seagus uses this armor quite alot and is rarely seen without it.

So begins...

Seagus Yloh's Story