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Nathan Armani

Information Broker and Weapons Dealer

0 · 135 views · located in An Undisclosed Pacific Island

a character in “The Amber Library”, as played by TheFinalOne


Nathan Armani
Information Broker and Guns Dealer

[center]Credit: Wudgeous <3


Hair: Short and black, unkempt.

Eyes: Deep set eyes with dark brown pupils.

Head: Inverted triangle shaped.

Face: His face has many second degree burn marks from when he tortured by loan sharks as a teenager.

Voice: With his gas mask on, he sounds like Vader. Without his mask, he has a deep voice with an Italian accent

Handed: Right

Height: At 6'1'' he is much taller than an average Italian.

Weight: 165 pounds

Build: Ectomorpohic, body similar to a swimmer's.

Scar Tissue(s): He has scars all over his body, thanks to parents and the loan sharks. Some have healed, most haven't.

Body Marking(s): None.

Bionic Implant(s): He has a modified pacemaker which keeps him from getting too angry(injects sedatives into his heart)

Unique Body feature(s): None

If not for his gas mask, Nathan is a man one would simply ignore in a crowd. A tall and thin man, Nathan seems an dangerous person if one gives a second look, somewhat a James Bond villain. His looks scares off quite a few people, much to his delight.

He keeps himself clean, he has to, enough that a doctor may consider him a OCD sufferer. Clean nails, ironed suit, polished shoes and such.

After some period of regular contact, the smaller things come into picture. Things like the twin pistols in his breast pocket, the fact that his skin is more pale than white, his palms are filled with markings and that he is of Italian descent.



Nathan's never used to be social child and it was made worse by years of abuse. He does not speak much but when he does it has a lot of negativity in it. He is critical and judgmental, often getting himself into trouble. Some think of him as a power hungry man, but they don't know that he will melt under the pressures that comes with power.

He mood and the way he talks and moves around tend to be dominated by dejection, gloominess, cheerlessness, joylessness, and unhappiness. He is plagued by his inability to develop and maintain relationships.

He has a low self esteem. For example, he can easily beat most people in a fist fight but he is never able to fight back. He also believes that he is inadequate and worthless and so when people ask him questions he feels good, for some time.

He is critical, blaming, and derogatory towards the self and easily gets stressed. Whenever he is stressed, his work output drops exponentially. Guilt is another problem. Even if it isn't his fault, he feels guilty and remorseful. He has tried many times to cheer up and just enjoy life, helped by Jacob and Miria, but the nightmares he so regularly suffers from force him back inside his shell.

The only time he is calm and collected is in the firing range. He loves that the guns don't betray him.

[*] He has names for twin pistols, Stewie and Cartman.
[*] He swears by Jacob or Miria's name instead of God's.
[*] If put in stressful situations, he will absentmindedly say things like, "mother please..." and "I'm sorry, Sir."

Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Motivation: "Maybe I can go back to the past and help my younger self..."

[*] Nightmares: His nightmares are very realistic and it always force him to go back to his depressive self.
[*] Sapphire's Wrath: He respects Sapphire very much but is scared of her.
[*] His father: He hates hates the fact that he may have to confront his father one day.

[*] Jacob and Miria: Jacob and Miria are the most carefree people one could possibly know. They are more interested in living in the present than thinking about the past or the future. They can seen gatecrashing parties, making friends, getting drunk and generally causing giggle worthy mayhem.
[*] Guns: They don't betray him.

[*] Pretty much everything: It is in his attitude and behaviour to hate anything and everything. He even hates Jacob and Miria sometimes for being so happy all the time.
[*] Jay Flores: Special mention goes to the ex military 'mercenary' who buys guns from him. He is always belittling and insulting Nathan.

[*] Exceptional marksman.
[*] Knows about pretty much every deal going on in the city and quite a lot of deals being done around the world.

[*] Unable to fight.
[*] Unable to think clearly under pressure.



Clothing: Black full suit is his usual attire.

Armor(If Any): At nights he travels to bars and such in his ratwear armor, gathering information.

Accessories (If Any):
The gas mask: His burnt face makes it difficult to breath. The gas mask was made specially for him to help him breath. (the gas mask cannot provide him with a lot of air at one time, so increased oxygen requirements can be fatal.)

Personal Items (If Any): None. Why remind himself of his horrid past?


Weapon Name: Stewie and Cartman
Weapon Type: Modified Twin 9mm parabellum safe action glocks.
Weight: 120 grams
Length: 21 cms
Ammunition: Parabellum ammo.
Description: It is a modified Parabellum, which is an old model. Very reliable gun, which can fire projectiles at 435 m/s and has an effective range of 50m.

He practices with other guns but these pistols are the only ones he owns.


Skill Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Combat Efficiency

Effective Hand-to-Hand Combat: [Poor] He does not fight back most of the times.

Melee Combat: [Below Average]

Armed Combat: [Excellent] He works in a gun shop and is expected to know his guns.

Mounted Combat: [Average]

Racial Abilities:
Problem Solving: [Good] though he can solve problem but he is unsure whether they'll work so he never offers any real advice
Adaptability: [Poor]

Natural Talent:
Observation: [Perfect] Very important when one is a Information Broker.

Class Skills:
Contacts: [Good] He has quite a few contacts. Luckily they only contact by messages so he is in good terms with them. But he does a lot of the work himself.
Neutrality: [Perfect] He cares more about how the person talks to him than who that person is.

Mental Capacity

Tact: [Poor] He is critical, judgmental and negative regardless of the person.

Bloodthirst: [Good?] Hates almost everyone.

Intelligence: [Excellent] He is intelligent, but cannot work at all under pressure.

Wisdom: [Good] His words are scathing, but they are true.

Control: [Excellent] It requires control to have not killed his parents or Jay

Charisma: [Very Poor]

Sociability: [Very Poor]

Bravery: [Very Poor]

Honor: [Perfect] If you can gain his trust, you gain a dangerous ally.

Guillibility: [Very Poor] He does not trust anyone easily so Gullibility remains out of question.



Full Name: Nathan Luigi Armani

Nickname(s): Nathan, Freak.

Alias: Eagle(to contacts).

Visual Age: 28

Actual Age: 28

Race: Human

Class: Information Broker

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: He can't trust anyone enough to get intimate.

Marital Status: Unmarried

Relatives: Father: Luigi Armani
Age: 54
Location: Unknown
Relation: Hatred

Mother: Sonia Armani
Age: 39, eleven years ago.
Location: Deceased.
Relation: Hatred

Place of Birth: Horus International Hospital, Horus city

Date of Birth: 28th January.

Occupation: Owner of the 'Armani Gun Store'.

Faction: None

Early years
Nathan was born to an ex-Information Broker father and a housewife. Nathan can't remember most of his early life as they are buried under the Godforsaken period of life. He remembers sleeping besides a girl his age that looked like him but is the image real is what he doesn't know. He fears the answer.

Godforsaken Years Around the age of nine the bad things started happening. One day his father was a good person and the family like any other, the next day he was drunk hitting his wife and kid. It was very sudden and it shook little Nathan up.
After that is life went downhill. His father usually locked him up in the dark basement when he went outside. What Nathan didn't understand was why his cries for his mother went unanswered.
The household started changing. Regularly something would missing. By the time Nathan was seventeen, they were living in a poor society. One day his father just disappeared
That's when the loan sharks came. They tortured him and his mother. They left him for the dead after they realized he did know where his father was.
Next he remembered, he was wearing a mask in the very hospital his sorry ass was born in.

A new beginning After he was discharged from hospital eight months later, he was given a check of a medium sized amount for all that he went through(the loan shark case was on the news for some time). He started a small business.

Like father like son? A few years later, Sapphire's subordinate contacted him and offered him a job. He had to find out where Sayili, a drug dealer, was hiding. Nathan got the information and was well rewarded by the Subordinate. That's when he decided to become an Information Broker.
He also started a gun selling business because then it would easier to know who the trouble makers were.

So begins...

Nathan Armani's Story