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"I was told by someone very special to me to always look for the silver lining. It's always there. I wanted to believe him so bad. I still do. So I will never give up looking for it."

ImageImageImage Nickname(s): Beth

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Actors Name: Emma Watson

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Tone: Paled Tan

Height: 5’ 3”

Weight: 120 lbs.

Romantic Interest: None at the moment. Will might eat them.

Physical Description: Beth stands a bit shorter than most girls her age; actually, than most anyone of any adult age. But she has met smaller. Her build has shrunk over the years, where she was once an average size for her height; but now looks noticeable thin from lack of nutrition and a hard life. Being in the sun so much has tanned her skin, but it is visibly fading with a pale undertone underneath.

She has been fortunate to avoid any scarring, but does have a case of freckles across her nose and cheeks. What used to be a rich dirty blonde hair color has reduced to a darkened blonde. Almost brown in appearance and knotted on occasion. Her clothing has reduced in quality as well. What used to be well preserved clothing is now patched and hangs loosely on her body. She is often seen in a sweater that she keeps re-knit and worn over simple tops. Pants are usually a swap between blue jeans and cargo pants that she picked up 'second hand'. Beth may be a bit of a ramshackle mess at first glance. But she is a young lady at heart. What is the most important to her is keeping her brother safe. Looks is a little inconvenience she will sacrifice to not drag him off or leave him unattended to simply trade for something better.

Skills and Talents:
Wrangling her brother Will
Polite in every situation
Naturally Stealthy
Prone to fitting through small spaces

Personality: Despite something being a bad situation, it's no excuse to not be kind and polite. That was the motto Beth was raised with and lives by out of habit. The girl could be stabbing someone but still apologize profusely for having to do so. But this is her gift; to treat everyone and everything with respect to at least some degree. The kindness used to come easier when she was younger, but the more threats that presented itself in the world, the more difficult it became for her to trust those outside of her family. Will, her brother, never seemed to have this problem; and he was an inspiration to her for it. He was easily the building block of her personality growing up, and the memory she holds onto now in the present.

Losing Will to the infection was never in their plans. He was always the one to take care of her, and like a fool she let him. But now that the tables are reversed she's had to revaluate her priorities and life. Now that she's on her own, healthy meals and good clothes is not her forte. But keeping Will safe is. She will do anything for her brother and not allow anyone to harm him. She will sacrifice what may be in her best interest to keep him with her. And she will fight. Probably get her tail kicked in the process... but fight her hardest when she has to; whether for her and her brother, or anyone that has earned their trust and loyalty.

The deepest part of her personality is her hope. In that little piece that Will left her while he still could. To always look for the silver lining. Her approach to life is timid, but she will hold onto it nonetheless.

Quiet Nights
Small Spaces
Her brother
Tight hugs

Open fields
Someone pulling her hair

Will losing to himself
Being separated from her brother

ImageImageImageImageHistory: Beth was five when the virus broke out; barely outgrowing the age of a toddler. Everything about that time was a blur. All she could remember was Will holding her little hand in his, and his ten year old voice trying to sound brave while their mother was screaming. And that’s all. Everything during that awful time has become a suppressed memory. Outgrown from being so young and shoved away for being so terrible. Will wasn’t so lucky though, and she knew it. Beth was never really able to recall their father. Their home. Or what the world was like before. Her earliest memories simply consisted of her mother and older brother being so strong and kind to her, even though she could feel that something was wrong.

The night their mother was killed was another lost memory. Ten years old and hidden by her brother she could only once again remember her Will’s hands holding hers; and his voice, fifteen now, trying to sound brave while their mother screamed. This time it wasn’t as easy to suppress the memory, but she was still a sheltered child. And continue to be one even with just her older brother left to look after her.

The years to follow were easy enough for Beth. She helped Will any was she could with cooking and cleaning, or really any small chores that needed to be done. And Will was always smiling. Bringing home what they needed and goofing off at every chance he had. All those years she never even thought twice about what he really went through when she wasn’t looking. He was such a kind person, she couldn’t imagine him any other way.

That all changed when Will went out for a run-of-the-mill outing. Beth never even knew why he left that day, he didn’t say they were low on anything yet. There wasn’t even any chores to be done that day. A simple little day; until it all came crashing down.

Beth, to this day, would never forget the utter terror on her brother’s strong face when he burst through the door of their small shack. He was such a mess. Rambling out apologies. Talking about rations and zones. Utter gibberish… until she saw the blood… then the bite on his leg… Then she knew. She was in shock at what happened to her kind brother. Believing it to be a mistake. But when she saw Will’s intentions to end his life, she lost it. Never before had she ever had to fight. Never did she go against her brother. But that moment she fought with every ounce of her strength to get the weapon away from him. And she convinced him to stay with her. They would forget the zone. She would forget everything. She just wanted her brother.

Every day she took care of Will and watched his health decline further and further; knowing any day would be his last. And she fully intended on it being her last as well. Despite his words to hold on. To be strong. She couldn’t do it without him. All she could think about was the mall they ransacked the year before; and the photo booth he showed her that miraculously worked, taking photos in ridiculous clothes. Then there was the snow and the knit hat he gave her. For Christmas he said. And how her last memory of him was going to be this. His last words for her to look for the silver lining. Something he always said to her.

The morning it was all over with, Beth awoke fully prepared for the inevitable. Will was hunched over their food supply. Obviously infected. When she tried to move to lock the door, to give the zone a chance, Will turned. And it was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen in her life. Those blue eyes of his shown back at her. Her brother was there. He was still in there. And to prove it further, this hunched over creature scuttled in such an odd way, ready to share a package of food with her.

From that day onward, Beth and Will had to sneak away from the Quarantine zone; no longer able to live there with his appearance and demeanor. They now live on the outside. Doing what needs to be done in order to survive. And to stay together.

Weapons: Her own pocket knife and her brother's combat knife.

Other: Her brother is Will Curwin.

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