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Emiko Sakurada

"Um, well, I don't really know what to say."

0 · 1,480 views · located in Katsudo, Japan.

a character in “The Animal Inside”, as played by Chikka


Emiko Sakurada


"Um... ah... Oh yes, it is nice to meet you."

Full Name:
Emiko "Flopper" Sakurada

Sexual Orientation:

Animal Spirit:

Hair Color:
Dark Black

Eye Color:
Bright Purple

5' 5"

115 lbs

She has actually never been allowed to get one up to this point in her life. Her parents strictly forbid her from getting one and therefore she doesn't have any to speak of just yet. Though she'd love to get a cute bunny one.
Perhaps a bit too afraid to get any. Emiko has always been put off by the pain that comes with getting a piercing so she is a bit too cowardly to get any.
She as a few here and there from rough tumbles in her youth. Emiko was always a tad too clumsy as a child and earned quite a few little scars.
Her eyes are perhaps her most obvious oddity. They are bright and purple and get noticed quite a bit from other students. Though nobody minds and people think they are rather cute. Quite a few boys find them attractive.

{Shy, Quirky, Caring, Loyal}
Emiko is the type of girl who always wants to sit at the front of the class to learn, though is perhaps too shy to ever ask a question. She's thoughtful and caring and looks out for friends - though maybe she needs them more than they need her. She's easily discouraged and can come across as a little nervous when spoke to, though really Emiko is a bright and loving young girl who wants to see the best in everyone. She's always up for an adventure and likes to daydream about endless possibilities, so much so that she gets behind on her homework and chores quite a lot. Despite seeming sweet enough though she is not a force to be reckoned with - unless you really want to be pushed down a flight of stairs! But that was just a one-off moment. All in all Emiko is a quirky girl who just needs a helping hand now and again.
She is quite good at it and likes making little paper animals as gifts for her friends. Paper dolls are also fun to make and she really enjoys attempting to make parer flowers. She makes some and surprises her friends with them.
As a child she use to be afraid of deep water, but now Emiko loves it! She enjoys going swimming or whenever there is water at least, such as the beach or lakes. She always loves splashing her friends for the fun of it!
Emiko loves tending to her garden at her home. Roses are her favourite flower and she tries to plant as many as she can, though she isn't exactly a good gardener. She also likes it when people give her flowers as gifts.
She tends to get distracted a lot and appears to be a bit lost in though. Especially during breaks and at home Emiko likes to dream and think of other things beside what she'd going at the time, which isn't exactly a good thing.
Whenever flustered or panicked she will tug at her sleeves and skirt somewhat. This could be caused by someone surprising her suddenly or whenever someone tries to ask her out on a date and she doesn't know what to say.
{Making Faces}
If someone is upset or a little down she will make funny faces to cheer them up. More so if it is one of her friends and she wants to make them happier again, and even if she fails to cheer them up she will keep at it until she does!
  • Colourful Koi
  • Falling Petals
  • Red Roses
  • Swimming
  • Star Gazing
  • People Yelling
  • Strong Winds
  • Cloudless Sky
  • Thunder & Lightning
  • Getting Blamed
Emiko has a surprisingly vast amount of knowledge. Her intelligence is considerably higher than some students and she has always done well with her study's and tests. Though she keeps this a secret as she doesn't want to make others feel bad or bring unwanted attention onto herself and cause trouble.
She is surprisingly strong despite her dainty appearance. Emiko was always a bit rough as a child and was known to push little kids around, and she still maintains that strong push of hers that is deadly to any unsuspecting victim! She once pushed a boy down a flight of stairs when she was frightfully mad!
Emiko has always been artistic for as long as she can remember. She sees things differently from others and expresses herself better through drawings and her origami! When troubled she'll make something out of paper, though if she's really made she might even rip it apart afterwards and cry a little.
Though not one to point it out exactly, Emiko has always been a pretty looking girl and it works to her advantage. It began not long after puberty when other boys and girls would notice her more, and want to hang out with her and help her with homework or chores she had. It seemed people liked helping her.

{Keeping Secrets}
Emiko has never been good at lying. People can tell when she is, and what's worse is that she's easy to crack! She would never betray a friend deliberately and would try her hardest to keep their confidence - but if people keep having a go at her she will spill the beans eventually! To her dismay.
She will always stand up for those who are being mistreated, though Emiko does not have the strength to tell others off when she is the victim. She would rather suffer in silence than ask for help, though it is a good thing that she has her friends who will look out for her and ensure this doesn't happen again.
Sometimes students will give Emiko small tokens of their affection through gifts and she feels obligated to show them affection back. This causes her to feel uncomfortable especially when some take advantage of her kind nature and take things a little too far for her liking. It is quite unnerving at times.
Emiko isn't all that well versed with technology. Or maybe she's even a bit scared of that stuff. She's a bit slow when on a computer and takes her time typing, not to mention she's still getting to grips on how to work her mobile-phone. The only thing she understands is how to get music onto her iPod.

Emiko was born into a rather average family consisting of only her mother and father. The Japanese couple had been struggling for a few years to conceive a child of their own and once Emiko was born they were grateful to the Gods for blessing them with their daughter. Her childhood was pretty much as you would have expected it - Emiko was raised and loved dearly by her parents who ensured she grew up properly, before taking on a second child, Choukichi.

It was during her younger years that Emiko made friends with a group of children who would later become her best friends in later years. She had always been a shy girl though felt comfortable around the other kids and played with them everyday, or near enough. It was through these friendships that got Emiko through some tough years as she grew older and eventually began attending high-school. Her friends, now best friends, were there right beside her as they all attended together. Emiko could not have been happier at that point.

Life as a high-school student wasn't entirely easy for Emiko. At first other students saw her as an easy target and picked on her a little, but after a year or so people began to view her differently and soon wanted to get to know. She couldn't figure out why. But for some reason boys and girls wanted to really get to know her, and that was when offers of dates began to enter her life. But Emiko always turned down the offers as nicely as she could, becoming somewhat well-known for it to the point that people saw it more as a challenge than a deterrent. But alas no suitor had ever got a date with her.

It was a few months later that the change happened. Emiko still doesn't know how to feel about it, though the fact she can change into a rabbit is somewhat unbelievable at best. The moment is a bit blurry in her memory to be honest, though once it happened Emiko could not stop transforming into a rabbit! It was such a wonderful thing. But now with time to think it over, it was decided best to not transforming often, if at all. It saddened Emiko a little.

She knows that the choice was made for the best of reasons. But Emiko cannot help but feel tempted to transforming again. But for now she will follow the group and do what is best. Right now she's just trying to have as normal of a life as she can and have fun with her friends for as long as possible.

Currently, she is trying to focus hard on her schoolwork and do as well as possible to get good marks. But there is another issue that plagues the girl and it distracts her often - Emiko has a crush on two of her friends and doesn't know what to do with either of them. She's a bit scared to confined in her other friends though their advice might prove useful. As well as mend her relationship with her adoptive brother and mend their issues.

Face Claim:
Hyouka Chitanda

So begins...

Emiko Sakurada's Story


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Hooked On A Feeling|Blue Swede

ImageRisuki woke up to her pet cat Fluffy, licking her face.Let's just say her cat is her alarm clock.Risuki slowly got up, and yawned. She started to get changed before she saw her calender. She looked at it closely.'Today's the 12th of September...' She thought and saw the 12th was under 'Saturday' on her calender. "I wonder what my friends are doing." Risuki pondered, and sat back on her bed, thinking of she should text them. She played with the small hedgehog charm dangling off her phone. Risuki decided to think a bit more about so she went downstairs to grab herself some breakfast. She tip-toed down the stairs, being careful not to wake up her mom and dad. She made it down stairs and she let out a deep breath, hoping that she didn't wake up her parents."They are so not early birds.." Risuki mumbled and rubbed the mop on top of her head that she called 'hair'. She finally made it to the kitchen, and she started to sing 'Hooked on a Feeling', by Blue Swede. She recently just got addicted to this song, but it wasn't one of those songs you wanted to get out of your head. It was more like groove that you could dance to all day long without getting bored."I'm hooked on a feeling~ I'm high on believing~" Risuki sung with a wonderful voice, as she looked in the fridge for something to eat. She found some blue berrys, and grabbed a bowl of those. Risuki sat at the table, which over looked the backyard. Risuki decided to text all of her friends if they wanted to go to the new water park that just opened. She took out her phone, and turned it on, making a group chat with all of six friends.'Hey guys, I was wondering if you were free for today. I wanna go to that new water park that opened up a week ago.' She sent the text and smiled.


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#, as written by Chikka
Emiko Sakurada


It was early in the morning and Emiko was already wide away, having been somewhat unable to sleep properly during the night which prompted her to get up a little earlier and have a nice warm shower. She had her own personal bathroom attached to her bedroom, so it was handy to ensure that she didn’t wake her mother and father as she soaked away for a good thirty minutes or so. With her bathroom door opened slightly she could hear the familiar jingle of her mobile-phone vibrating against her desk. But her curiosity would have to wait, at least for another ten good minutes or so before she later reappeared from the bathroom with a fluffy towel wrapped round her body, hair soaked and sticking over the top of her shoulders.

Plopping herself down on the edge of her seat, she rested an elbow against the desk as her other hand picked up the phone to see the message. 'Hey guys, I was wondering if you were free for today. I wanna go to that new water park that opened up a week ago.' It was from Risuki, inquiring if her friends were interested in going to the newly opened water park. Emiko had to think about it for a minute, biting her lower lip a tad nervously as she lightly rubbed her thumb over the buttons in an anticipated response.

She wanted to go, it sounded fun and she could really use a fun break with her best friends. But if she agreed to go then she would meet them. Just thinking of it caused her heart to skip a beat and a tint of red swept across her face. Clutching tightly onto the small device Emiko took a deep breath, refocusing her thoughts onto the small lit-up screen as she tried to remember how to exactly use the thing before slowly typing in an answer. ’Sure, that sounds fun! I am free for that. We meeting at the park? What time?’ Though not even asking her parents yet Emiko knew they would not refuse, they were that sort of parents after all.

Putting her phone back down against the desk Emiko got back onto her feet as she proceeded to get dressed. Making her way over to the wardrobe she dug out a few outfits and debated which one to pick, considering she wanted to appear casual but look impressive at the same time to catch a certain eye or two. It was a really big deal to her and none of her friends even knew! After much debate and once an outfit was selected she dropped her towel and quickly got dressed, throwing the clothes on with care before letting out a sigh of relief. But did she really look good enough? Emiko doubted herself a little, causing the girl to walk over to her long mirror and eyed herself up from various angles such as the front, back and sides.

"B-But will they notice? Am I trying to hard? Oh heck, why am I trying so hard anyway? Their still my friends so they... like me at least in that sense, right? Regardless of what I wear?" She sighed again, albeit more disheartened. Just thinking of such possibilities flustered the girl a little, her cheeks burning brightly with a vibrant streak of red. "I'm being silly, yes that is it. I just need to relax." Emiko giggled and patted down her skirt. Spinning round she left in-search of some breakfast at that moment, almost staggering out of her room suddenly.

Thankfully her parents were already awake, or rather they were just waking up as they too left the comforts of their bedroom and sought out the kitchen. "Morning." She smiled, as the trio made their way into the kitchen and Emiko took her seat at the table.

Of course whilst sitting and waiting quietly Emiko realized she had forgotten her phone. ”Oh shoot!” She muttered, springing to her feet again as she hurried back out of the kitchen, all the while her father paying little attention as he sat down at the table before focusing his attention deep within the morning paper that had been delivered moments before, and her mother who was not sitting but rather concentrating on making the breakfast.

As she reached her room again the girl scooted inside and closed the door behind her. Walking over to her desk as she fiddled around and grasped at her phone, checking it over to see if any others had replied. It was a group chat so she could see other people responses, though there hadn't been any whilst she had been gone. Fighting with her hunger the girl remained standing for sometime longer, eyes focused on her phone to check the replies.


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The sun had just peeked over the horizon, beautiful blues, reds, and purples marbling on the surface of the sky; mottling to create a mosaic that was truly magnificent. In one of the rooms of a traditional style Japanese house in the small town of Katsudo was a girl with auburn hair rifling through a drawer, trying to find her lucky leotard for morning practice. It was a long sleeved half white half red one with gold rhinestones that girl's mother had given to her for her birthday. "You're going to be late for practice if you don't leave now!" Speak of the devil, the woman called from the other side of the house; alerting Sento to the time. The brown haired female huffed in frustration and pulled out a short sleeved black one with silver swirls, stuffing it into her gym bag and pulling her tangled mass of locks into a neat top bun before running out the door.

Sento slipped her shoes on and threw her bag onto the back of her bike, making sure it was secure before taking off down the road. She pumped her legs hard, swinging past sleepy houses and taking in a whiff of fresh baked goods from bakeries that had begun cooking for the day. Sento's stomach growled at the scent but she knew better then to eat before practice, unless she wanted a repeat incident of her first year in gymnastics. Finally the girl arrived at her studio and secured her bike to a streetlamp, running to the locker rooms in order to change.

As she stepped onto the spring floors, Sento took in a deep breath and smiled. The gym was her home-away-from-home. She loved coming here to expend her energy and compete with other girls from around the world. Her team was doing warm ups and Sento was about to join them when their coach approached her with the clipboard. "Congratulations, you've been promoted to level ten."

"What?! But level ten is the group that does the fancy floor routines!" Sento replied, incredulous.

"They asked for you Sento and I can't really say no since you-know-who directs them." Sento did know who, it was the head of their gym; Mitsuki Toshii. That woman's word was law and if you attempted to cross her you could be kicked out. Hesitantly, Sento headed over to level ten's warm up circle and began her stretches, convinced that there was some mistake. She knew the names of the girls already, but they were all a year older then her and much more experienced in floor work. Sento's specialty were the vertical bars and trampoline so why they would put her here she did not know.

It was a brutal practice, her muscles ached and her feet were sore. With all of the calories she burned Sento figured she could eat a whole cow for breakfast! Her phone buzzed almost as soon as she stepped into the locker room and Sento picked it up to see a message from her friends Risuki and Emiko. A smile touched her lips as she read the message, her fingers flying across the smartphone screen as she tapped out a reply.

Sure, I'll see you guys there! Sento stuffed the phone into her bag and changed her clothes, going back home to prepare for today's adventure. There was no point in showering since they were going to a water park, but she figured she might as well put on extra deodorant and decide on a new outfit. Sento pulled her hair out of it's bun and tousled her locks to bring them back down; she went through her closet next, eventually settling out a cute shirt and skirt that would be good for later as well. The last thing Sento needed to prepare was her bathing suit and snacks so the female headed to the kitchen and rummaged through the fridge, preparing breakfast and a bento for later.


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#, as written by Byte


The early dawn of the Sun did little to help the vampiric-state that Yasu had been in, the subtle glimpses of bright red light furiously burning out his eyes as the flailing about to get out of bed and shutting the blinds proved another everyday struggle for the young man who woke with an apparent grunt that enhanced his grouchy morning mood. But bless his heart, he'd only begun changing his bedtime schedule last week so he wasn't quite accustomed to waking up before noon on weekends.

“Ah, good! You're awake.”

The familiar, sweetened tone from his mother had Yasu briefly attempt to look through the squinted eyes as he muttered a silent what.


A small, pocket-sized phone plopped on the bed beside Yasu, the technical bauble buzzing excitedly. But he could only stare dim-wittedly at the franticly shaking phone.

“Aren't you gonna take that?”

Yasu tapped the side of the phone that, on cue, flickered on the teenie-weenie eyestrainey screen. 'Group chat invite from: Risuki. Accept?' It read, to which Yasu blindly obliged though not without heaving a sigh at the only reason this group could have been made. “Right.” Was all he managed to murmur through a gaping yawn.

“And...? Who is it?”

The curious mother inquired with much fervour, resisting the niggling urge to rush over and sneak a peek.

“Friends, mum... They're planning to hang out.” Again, a sigh rolled from his dry lips. “Said I have to work on the wee-”

“Oooooh, just say you'll be there~!”


“Your uncle told me he hadn't got much to at the garage today, anyway.” The older woman rummaged through her son's room in order to pick the dirty rags of clothes that were scattered about like a firecracker had went off and made a mess of the place.

“Huh? You sure?”

“Yes, yes. Hop! No excuses, you're going to see your friends. You've done nothing but work since the past few weeks, it'll be good for you.” Of course she'd say that. “That's an order.” and with that his mother was gone with the wind, leaving Yasu with his own thoughts until another bleep caught his focus. Oh, right. He had to reply.

His fingers waltzed over the keys. “Cool. Place? Time?” It wrote out in the expected frank, lazy and hasty manner in which Yasu always responded. Though he was sure his friends would get the message regardless. They were used to it by now.

Dropping his phone back on his bed, the boy slouched through the house in order to take a quick shower and pick his garment for the day (Not that he put much thought into it to begin with.) before approaching the kitchen for an elaborate breakfast.


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#, as written by Jedly

The piercing rays of light accompanied by an incessant mehchanized ping-ing noise caused Omoiya to stir from his peaceful slumber. Being not too fond of early wakings, he groaned as he rolled over in his bed to cease the cellphone’s notification. After blindly stretching out a limb at his night table, he slammed a fist against its wooden surface until it came into contact with the cellphone. The boy believed he had finally silenced the device, up to the point it began to emit a series of beeps, followed by an automated voice, ”Dialing number: ‘Risuki Hastomi’” His hand instantly propelled itself to the cellphone with a shout of denial, quickly fumbling with the keys to end the dialup. Omoiya had sat upright to stop the call, now leaning halfway over his bed on the verge of tumbling over. He let out a sigh of relief and chuckled as he propped himself against the headboard. ”That was close. Now, let’s see what Hastomi-san woke me up for.” A yawn escaped his lips as he tapped at the keypad, scrolling through his recent messages until Risuki’s name was highlighted.

'Hey guys, I was wondering if you were free for today. I wanna go to that new water park that opened up a week ago.'

It took him a few moments to process the contents of the message in his half-awake state of mind. ”Oh, it’s Saturday, right. I guess I am free today, eh? Well, no reason to keep them waiting!” It was fun to hang out with his small group of friends, a calming getaway from the cases he constantly investigated. All of them each had their own little quirks which made them unique, in his eyes at least. He cuffed his mouth to trap another yawn as he began to type a message on the illuminated screen. Omoiya focused his eyes to see more clearly and watched as more replies popped up. First was Emiko, then Sento, and lastly Yasu. The boy perked up at how slow he was on the draw, but was determined to beat Tamaki and not end up last. He frivolously finished his response and sent it expeditiously. ”Yo! Morning all~, I’m more free than Amazon Prime shipping! Just woke up, so I have some things to clear up first, but I should arrive on time. Just name when, and I’ll be there.” Even through text, Omoiya was able to convey his ecstatic tone of speech.

With the text message sent, Omoiya set out to run through his morning routine. He let out a sigh as he scanned the room, counting all of the piles of papers and books he would need to organize. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and got a decent footing, then boosted himself onto his feet. "Alright, Omoiya cleanup process: Activate!" He charismatically shouted as motivation, the boy flipped through documents and novels varying from school work to personal investigations. A few of the cases were that of the police, and were tasked to him by his father. The old man was smart enough to employ those who had a talent for cracking mysteries, one of which being his own son. Omoiya was midway through stacking a pile when he suddenly heard a knocking on the door, proceeded by the unhinging of the knob. As the door lightly eased open, in its frame was Omoiya's father, already dressed in his proper attire and a stoic expression on his face. "Dad! I'm still in my boxers, don't randomly enter without a confirmation of entrance!" The man furrowed his brows and let out a sigh, shaking his head as he thrusted out a folder at his son. "Your first priority should be to dress and shower, rather than stacking up your homework." After Omoiya scolded the man while wagging his finger, he then accepted the document.

"Recent homicide on the other side of town, dead housewife. We got a call from her neighbors early this morning when they heard some commotion from inside the home. They reported a man fleeing from the front entrance, but it was too dark at the time for them to identify who it was. Could have been the father." As his father continued on with his synopsis, Omoiya indulged himself with the contents of the folder. He grabbed onto the thin paper with his fingertips and unfolded it, producing a few pages of notes alongside a picture of the victim. The woman's face was boldly censored, but the knife impaled in her abdomen was a sight for his eyes. The boy was used to waking up to this kind of ordeal, it had become a weekly routine in his life. "As you can see, she was stabbed to death, but only once. She was still alive for a few minutes, and tried to call us herself. Turns out she had an affair with her husband, but we can't deduce if that was a reason for killing." Omoiya narrowed his eyes at the picture while sneaking glances at the notes beside it. "Says here that the back entrance was also open when you all arrived. Could have been two crooks. I'm not saying you should outline the husband, but don't pin him as a definite suspect. His whereabouts are unknown. Maybe he's dead as well? We can't tell until forensics analyze the murder weapon and scene for any traces. This was obviously rushed if they left her alive, chances are it wasn't planned out as intricately as past cases. Multiple individuals could be at fault here, given the fact that two escape routes were used."

Omoiya let out another yawn as he began to pick up coffee cups scattered among the carpet, as if seeing a dead body didn't phase him by the slightest. "Surprised you're already getting used to this kind of stuff, son." The boy paused from his routine and shrugged, "Well, it's what I'll be doing as a profession in the future. Might as well get used to it. Anyways, I have to go out soon. Got a friendly get-together I have to attend~" He closed the folder with both hands and placed it on his desk, just another parcel in a sea of documents. "Alright, sounds good. Well, have fun with whatever you are doing, and don't do anything unlawful." Omoiya chuckled at the reminder, it was obvious he wouldn't do anything to tarnish his career. After the door shut behind him, he finished up with cleaning his room, treated himself to a refreshing shower, then dressed himself in his usual casual attire; a pair of dark jeans, a blank white undershirt and a black hoodie. To say the least, he had a better sense of intuition than of style. Afterwards, he treated himself to a cup of coffee and sat down at the desk once again. "Might as well read into this a bit more, got some time to kill." He mumbled to himself as he exposed the sheets of the murder case once again, his eyes fluently traversed the pages from line to line, side to side, without relent. "Wonder what everybody else is doing right now?"


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#, as written by Chikka
Emiko Sakurada



Choukichi Sakurada

Staring at her phone Emiko saw all the responses filling the tiny screen that was held in front of her face, perhaps too closely, as she had to blink and rub her eyes. By the looks of it everyone was free and up for going to the park and spend time together, the thought causing a smile to fill her face as she slid the phone carefully into one of her pockets. She figured that if another message popped up then she’d feel the vibrations, so she wouldn’t miss anything important!

”I wonder if Choukichi got the message – probably not since he changed his phone again.” The girl sighed a little, knowing that it meant she’d have to daringly venture into the uncharted pit that was his room. It wasn’t like it was unpleasant place, perhaps neater than hers! But it was the inhabitant of the room that caused a sudden chill down her back. ”I guess I’ll have to go see if he is up yet, I hope he is, it’ll make things easier.” What was worse than an awake Choukichi? A sleeping one that you would have to wake up.

Taking a deep breath the girl left her room at that moment and took the short walk up the hallway towards the boy’s room, nervously knocking on the door three times, though there was no answer. Biting her lower lip Emiko wondered what to do, before boldly opening the door and stepping inside. The room was empty, but the girl kept walking inside and closed the door quietly behind her.

”C-Choukichi?” She called out quietly.

There was a sudden thud from the bathroom, just like Emiko he too had his own personal bathroom, and a few grumbles and curses could be heard ever so slightly from behind the door. With a sharp creek, the door opened just a little, though enough to let the soaked Choukichi peer from behind it with a towel wrapped around his lower half. He didn’t look overly happy, running a hand through his damp yellow-ish hair. ”What do you want?” He asked, shivering just a tad as he looked to the girl who seemed to be lingering just a little too much at that moment. ”I haven’t got all day you know - spill it or leave. Your choice.”

”Oh, uh, Risuki messaged everyone asking if we wanted to meet up today at the new water park,” She promptly answered and pulled the phone out from her pocket to prove it, as she edged a little closer to the boy to show him the messages. ”I said yes, and everyone else is going, do you… want to go? I-I can message her and tell her?”

Choukichi stepped out from the door and stood in front of Emiko, grabbing the phone as he studied the few messages already posted. Taking a moment to think it over, he shrugged with a huff, ”Yeah, I guess. Why not?” Taking hold of her hand, he slammed the device back into her hold, before resting his hands against his hips. Emiko merely stood with a slight blush across her face, urgently wishing to look elsewhere but the boy commanded her attention. ”I guess…we’re going together, huh?”

The girl nodded. ”I’ll message Risuki and let her know. Sorry for disturbing you, Ch--”

”Go then, I have to get ready. If that’s all – don’t come back into my room, ok?” Cutting her off he dismissed the girl, turning his back to her as he disappeared back into the bathroom to finish getting washed and dressed. Without even waiting, Emiko hurried back to the door and left as she retreated to the safety of the hallway. With a relieved sigh she directed her attention back onto her phone, staring at the device as she walked back down the hallway towards the kitchen.

'Hey. Choukichi is coming too. He got a new phone so he never got the message, but he said yes – haha.' By the time the message was sent Emiko had trailed herself back into her chair at the table and awaited her breakfast.

”Who are you messaging at this time of the morning?” Her mother asked, to which Emiko let out a small giggle. ”My friend’s, mother, they want to all meet up at the new water park. May I go? I know I didn’t ask before saying yes but…” Her mother sighed softly as she gave the child a reassuring smile. ”Of course you can go dear, I would never stop you seeing your friends. Tell them I said hello!”

Emiko nodded, setting her phone onto the table as she sat back in her seat. Just then Choukichi appeared, dressed and less wet than before, as he sat across from Emiko at the table. ”Are you going too? Choukichi?” The woman asked, and the boy gave a nod. It was hardly likely one would go without the other, despite everything.

”Yeah, I am. So what?” He replied and with a raised brow, though their father was quick to drop his morning newspaper just a little to give the boy a knowing look. Choukichi quickly dropped the brow and faced the table. ”I mean, yes I’m going. That’s not a problem is it, mother?” The woman shook her head as she walked over to the table and placed a plate full of pancakes in front of the boy, and then the girl, and soon their father. ”Have you taken your medicine for today?” The woman questioned with visible concern as she took her seat across from their father and looked to the boy with worried eyes. ”You know you must or else y—“

”Look, I’m just up. I’ll take it before I leave, alight? Enough said already lets just eat.” Choukichi sighed and dug a fork into one of the pancakes. Their mother merely sighed too, though albeit more uneasily. Emiko didn't dare but in either, nor their father surprisingly. The medicine was always a touchy subject in the mornings.


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Reflections | MisterWives

Soon Risuki's phone was buzzing with texts. All of her friends wanted to be there with her, and that thought mad Risuki smile. As soon as she got one more text from Emiko she read over it.'Hey. Choukichi is coming too. He got a new phone so he never got the message, but he said yes- haha.'

Risuki blushed, Choukichi has been her crush since, well she met him. Their was something so creative inside him that she loved, though he could be weird at times.She put her fingers on the keys and started to type back.'Yay~ Great! Be there at 1:10, I'll be in the parking lot waiting.' Risuki sent the message and finished her breakfast, taking one last look out the window into her back yard, just about seeing the forest that she changed in.

First she knew she had to shower so she wouldn't smell bad, and wash out her hair. Risuki tumbled upstairs, watching her mom wake up and look out the door to see Risuki standing right their to give her a hug."Mom?" Risuki mumbled."Yes Ri?" Her mom said, and used her nick-name."Can I go to the water-park with my friends?" She asked, and her mom shrugged."Sure Ri."

"Thanks mom~" Risuki said and smiled, walking down the hall-way to get her clothes, then go take a shower. She grabbed her bikini, shorts, a t-shirt, and her flower clips and brought those into bathroom with her, to set them aside. Risuki turned on the shower and made sure it was warm before she got in. Once she got in, she washed her hair, and was finished, since Risuki didn't like to take long showers.

Risuki stepped out of the shower, and grabbed a towel to dry off her body, then another one to rub her hair with. Once Risuki started drying her hair with the towel a thought popped into her head that made her sad.'What if Choukichi doesn't like me back..' She thought, and tears formed in her eyes. She wiped them away and shook the thought out of her head.

She started to get dressed, putting her bikini on first, and then slipped on her shorts, and t-shirt after that so she didn't have to get changed at the water-park. Risuki then grabbed her flower clips and clipped them in, one on the right side, one on the left. She looked at herself in the mirror, and saw the time! "Woah! I need to get going~!" Risuki said and grabbed the bag she had already packed with a towel, and flip-flops.

Risuki zoomed out the door with her sneakers, and bike that she just got out the garage. 'Good thing the water-park's close to my house..' Risuki thought and got on her bike, and started to pedal, hoping she'd get there faster.

'Holy crap..'

Risuki slowed down as she saw a huge hill in front of her , and on the bottom of the hill was the water-park. Risuki tightened her helmet on, and started down the hill, feeling the rush of wind on her rosy cheeks."WEEEE~!!" Risuki yelled, and earned stares of drivers, and people walking. Risuki kept biking down, and finally got to the bottom, screeching to a stop.

Soon Risuki had her bike and herself in the water-parks parking lot, humming a song.


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#, as written by Chikka
Emiko Sakurada



Choukichi Sakurada

Emiko was nibbling on a piece of pancake when she saw her phone buzzing against the table, quickly picking it up and checking it before the noise annoyed anyone. Scanning down the small screen she noticed another message from Risuki. 'Yay~ Great! Be there at 1:10, I'll be in the parking lot waiting.' Emiko gave a nod and then put her phone into her pocket as she looked over to Choukichi.

”We’ve to be at the water park at 1:10, Risuki will be waiting for everyone at the parking lot.” She told the boy, before returning her attention to her breakfast as she proceeded to finish what little was left. ”Would you both be requiring a lift to the park? Your father can take you.” Their mother asked, giving their father a brief glance. ”After all you know I’ll only worry, its best to be safe than sorry. Alright?” Emiko knew better than to attempt to change her mother’s mind, the woman was so anxious whenever it came to either child venturing out into the world, so the girl merely gave the woman a nod of agreement.

”That would be great, thank-you. I, ah, better f--” Looking to the clock that hung on the wall Emiko nearly choked on her food as she saw the time. ”I-I have to get ready, there’s so much to sort out, I best be going!” Taking her prompt leave of the table, the woman could only laugh at little at the girl’s enthusiasm and panic.

Choukichi merely let out a quiet ‘tsk’. Getting up from his seat somewhat lazily, the boy figured he’d best bring some things with him before leaving and followed on after his sister as he headed for his room. ”Try not to take all day Emiko, eh.” He called as he passed the girls door, giving it a loud bang with his hand before disappearing into his own room.

”O-Oh alright, Choukichi.” Emiko sighed as she debated whether to put on her swimsuit now, or change at the park. It made sense to quickly slip it on now, in the privacy of her room. With that in mind she quickly took her clothes off and put the swimsuit on. Nothing fancy, just a simple two-piece. After she put it on the girl got redressed, putting her top and skirt on, before fiddling around with her socks and shoes. ”Maybe I should tie my hair back? Just for the journey there.” Yes, that was what she would do.

A few minutes later, hair tied and clothes sorted, the girl began stuffing a few things into a small backpack that she had decided to take with her. Towels, underwear, shampoos, and additional clothes. Just in case. She also brought some money with her too, and a few bits of make-up for afterwards. ”I think I have everything, there isn't anything else is there?” Pondering for a moment, Emiko couldn’t think of anything else worth cramming into her backpack.

Choukichi meanwhile, didn’t take as long to get himself together. He had already slipped his shorts on underneath his clothes; for the sake of saving time later at the park, and awkwardness – for other people. Some clothes, this and that, snacks and money. That was all he needed, and should he forget anything he could just mooch it off one of the other guys later. He threw everything into a bag and flung it over his shoulder, before leaving his room and making his way over to Emiko’s, as he suddenly barged in.

”Choukichi! C-Could you please not barge into my room like that! I could have been changing, or something.” The girl jumped a little and nearly fell onto her bed as the boy entered so rudely, but Choukichi didn’t seem bothered.

”And? I’ve seen it all anyway, plus we got to go. You ready?” He asked, raising a brow and looking to the girl with a daring stare. ”Did you remember everything? Not forgot anything?”

Emiko shook her head and got to her feet quickly. ”I think I have everything. We best get going then.”

The pair left the room, bags in tow, as the teens made their way down the hallway and into the living room area where their parents were. Mother was already cleaning, and their father went to fetch the car keys. ”Now you two have fun, alright?” Their mother said, dropping her cloth and polish as she walked over and ran her hands lightly through her daughter’s hair. ”I want you to enjoy yourselves and have a good time with your friends.” Moving over to her son, the woman ran her hands round his collar and straightened his top a little. ”And don’t get in trouble, understood?”

Choukichi sighed and gave a nod, though whether he would keep out of trouble was debatable. A few minutes later their father reappeared, keys in hand, as he quickly walked through the room and out through the front door. The teens both kissed their mother on each cheek before hurrying out through the door after their father, as the three entered the car and drove off.

The car ride was uneventful, their father driving in the front as brother and sister sat in the back and listened to the slow calming music from the radio – their fathers choice not theirs. Neither said much to the other, Emiko preferring to play with the ends of her hair whilst Choukichi stared boredly out of the window at the passing scenery. About twenty minutes later they arrived at the water park, stopping in the car park as their father let them both hop out.

”Be good while you’re out, and have fun.” The man said, waving off the two teens as they climbed out and closed the doors behind them. A moment later the car drove off, and the boy and girl looked around to see if anyone was about.

”Hey, Risuki!” The boy called, waving at the familiar looking girl. SHe was standing not too far away, though close enough that they could recognise her. ”Yo, over here! Lookie.” Deciding to walk over, the boy turned to Emiko and motioned for her to follow, as Choukichi began heading over towards Risuki.

Quite obediantly the girl followed, quietly asking, ”Uh, Choukichi, did you... take your medicine? Before we left, you s--”

”Naff up, will you? You mention that again I'll drown you in that pool.” He responded without even looking to the girl, a somewhat pissed-off expression filling his face, per usual. ”Don't you worry your pretty face, I got it under control.”

By the time the pair had reached Risuki things had settled a bit down, Choukichi appearing more pleasant as he stood beside Risuki. Without saying anything, he hugged the shorter girl and held her rather tightly, squeezing her almost, before releasing her and resuming his upright stance. He gave Risuki a cheecky grin, sighing as he ran a hand through his hair, and teasingly remarking, ”Miss me, Risuki?”

Emiko didn't say much as she stood fiddling with the ends of her skirt, occassionaly looking about to see if any others had appeared yet. But once Choukichi had fallen quietly, she turned to Risuki and smiled a little, even bowing somewhat. ”Uh, good morning Risuki. Thank-you for inviting us.”


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#, as written by Jedly

The images within the doctrine barely phased the one paging through them. They varied from close-ups of the wound to snapshots of the murder scene. Each minute detail played a worthy part in his pursuit of the truth, a constant game between the fox and the grapes nearly in its grasp, but utterly unattainable. With each flip of the page, the boy simultaneously scrawled down some notes onto blank lined paper. Omoiya flipped back to the original page, displaying the victim from a birds eye view in her sprawled state. The boy narrowed his eyes at the photograph, as if he was analyzing every single pigment of ink down to the molecular level. His gaze lingered on the image for a few moments, before reclined in his chair. He ran a hand down the back of his neck and exhaled deeply, his vision strayed blindly to his side. ”Glad she didn’t have any children. Wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.” The statement was somewhat ironic, such a requiem could never exist, since the boy hadn’t spoken with his mother for more than a decade. He winced at the thought of the woman, but quickly shook away any discouragement when his phone pinged again.

'Hey. Choukichi is coming too. He got a new phone so he never got the message, but he said yes- haha.' Omoiya stared at the illuminated screen, remaining completely silent while he depicted the contents of the message. He wasn’t sure what to dwell over more, Choukichi’s inability to retain the same phone for an extended period of time, or Emiko’s nonchalant digitalized laughter towards her brother’s constant change in cellular devices. This made a subtle chuckle escape his lips, he was relatively friendly with both siblings and knew them to decent extents. He was about to enter in a reply when another message caught him off guard, Yay~ Great! Be there at 1:10, I'll be in the parking lot waiting.' Omoiya instinctively glanced over at the clock, estimating how much time was left to read into the case more. The LED clock clearly displayed that it was half past noon. ”Jeeze, guess I did get up a little late, hm? Any longer, and the old man would’ve dragged my ass out of bed.” The boy quickly recounted past scoldings he had received from his father for stirring later than acceptable. ”Oh yeah, we’re going to the waterpark. Wonder what everybody’s wearing…?” A smirk stretched on the boy’s face as he closed the folder. Omoiya was unable to decide which would be more entertaining. His options were to debate with Choukichi over swimsuits styles or query Yasu about who looked better in one, and force the guy into an undecisive turmoil. In all honesty, the former choice had less of a chance in resulting with a wallop to the face.

Having already showered and eaten a quick breakfast consisting of eggs and bread, the boy threw on a pair of green swimming trunks and kept the same black t-shirt and hoodie. He wasn’t very fond of the cold, regardless of the season. ”I should be thankful that it isn’t that long of a walk to the park. It is local, after all.” And with that, he sped his way downstairs and proceeded out the door, a napsack containing gum, a towel and a few others pocketable items was slung over his shoulder. The boy paced his way on the sidewalk calmly, humming to himself as an ordinary pedestrian. Omoiya shoved his hands into his pockets and leaned forward. The occasional breeze and scenery made the distance worth it, captivated by the town’s untampered beauty. ”Though, a waterpark is a sign of modernization. Can’t say I’m very excited by such a change, though.” He pouted a bit at the thought, but quickly replaced his mind process with another topic. Soon enough, he had arrived at the parking lot and instantly spotted three already present membered. Omoiya walked over with his iconic smile and gave them a greeting wave.

”Heyo! Morning, Risuki-san, Choukichi-san and Emiko-san! I agree that humming is a good way to kill the time. I was just humming to a number from a recent vocaloid project.” He popped a piece of gum into his mouth and looked at their surroundings, ”Seems pretty popular. Lots of people are pretty ecstatic about this place. Or, so I’ve heard. I think the others should be here soon.” He let out a sigh as he turned his attention to the Sakurada siblings, "Hope you two had a good morning and a filling breakfast. I'm quite sure Choukichi-san over here jumped at the chance to see everybody in their swimsuits, right? The boy mimicked his friend's grin, obviously teasing the guy in the same fashion. He wagged a finger at Choukichi in a passive manner, "No indecent thoughts, okie? I'm holding back my own twisted thoughts." The boy glanced back at the entrance, double-checking if any of their friends were filing into the park. "But I'm sure today will be a blast. I know a lot of funding went into this place, it won't fail to amaze us." The boy stated hopefully, looking at the situation from his usual 'glass half full' perspective.


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"Azu! Wake up! Let's go to the water park. It's our first day here, we should start if off with a blast." Tsu shouted as he barged into his twin brothers room with a huge grin on his face and an excited look about him.

Azu rolled to his side a bit, squinting his eyes so he could see Tsu's dorky look. Tsu knew how much Azu liked the water, that was one of the main reasons why he wanted to go so badly. Smiling back at him he shifted in his bed rising up. "Alright, but if I turn, that's your fault. You know how much I love the water."

"Score!" Tsu left the room and started to gather his things, leaving Azu to do the same.

Heading down stairs, Tsu put his bag near the door way and slid his way down the halls towards the kitchen where his mom was cooking breakfast "Did you get the juice for Azu?"

"Oh gosh! I forgot! I'll do it later today when I pick up dinner. I knew I was forgetting something." His mom sulked as she put the cooked food onto plates and in bowls. Placing them at the table she yelled for Azu.

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure he'll hold out." Tsu scoffed down everything that was placed in front of him. If he could get away with it, he'd eat everything. His metabolism was crazy high, which was why he always did some kind of sport.

"No need to yell, Tsu already woke me up." Azu fixed glasses as he sat down next to Tsu, eating his own share quietly. He wasn't much for words, which was probably why people thought of his has cold or rude. It wasn't that, he just didn't have anything much to say. Tsu was the one who spoke for them both. It was enough for Azu.

Their morning went by smoothly and like always Tsu was smiling and acting like the fool he was. Talking on and on about the two making friends and starting new in this odd town. Unlike Tsu, Azu knew things, most would say he is smarter than his years. It might have been true, but it's just that Azu saw nearly everything and had amazing hearing, he was also book smart because he took the time to study and learn things. Being what he was, he had to learn everything and anything he could. And if he was to find anyone else like he, he would want to help them, to keep them safe from the harsh world that might lock them up and treat them like a science project.

"We're here." Tsu nudged Azu in the arm softly. "We should change after we get inside."

Azu nodded as the made their way inside. It was amazing looking, the only thing Azu didn't like was all the people that were there. Yet out of all these people only a small group of people had caught his eye right away. To him, the stuck out. Even though they were a bit plain, something about them stuck out. He could help but stare. Grabbing onto the sleeve of Tsu's jacket he jerked on it a bit.

"Something about those kids bother me a bit." He looked away so he wouldn't stare too long and started to walk inside the water park.

"We should try making friends with them then." Tsu chased after Azu with an even bigger smile than before.


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Sento had finished packing her bento and wrapped it carefully in the she would be taking with her so that when she rode her bike to the water park the container wouldn't spill its contents. She checked her watch and smiled, there was just enough time to get there. Quickly Sento exited her room, licking her fingers from breakfast and slipping on her shoes. She jumped onto her bike and peddled down the road, wondering if she would purchase a car when she left to university. Most of her classmates already knew what colleges they were going to, some had even left to begun apprenticeships in other countries. The future was a scary thought, but thankfully there was still plenty of time to make a decision.

She could see it from the top of the hill and her stupid grin grew even wider as excitement bubbled in her stomach. Sento stood on her bike and peddled fast downhill, sitting and coming to a screeching halt at the gate to the parking lot. She jumped off of her transport and chained it to the bike rack, her gaze drifting over the crowd and spotting her friends. "Hey guys! Morning!" Well it wasn't really morning anymore, but oh well. Sento bound over to the group, glad to see that she was not the first to arrive.

"I'm so glad to see you all. I thought I was going to have a boring day!" Sento was also glad for this new waterpark as it gave their somewhat sleepy town an excited twist. It would bring business and commerce to their home and for Sento's mother's business that would be a very good thing. She bounced on her heels, wanting to go into the gate already but knowing they were still waiting for one or two of them to arrive. It's a good thing Sento had worn her bathing suit under her clothing, otherwise she would have had to waste time changing.

"So which slide do you guys wanna ride first?" Sento pointed to the tallest one that was peeking out from between two smaller slides. "I think we should do that one first because it looks the scariest!" Of course riding the scariest ride first could make all of the other slides seem boring... Maybe they should go on the baby rides first and work their way up then? That way the tall slides seemed even greater.