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The Apocalypse: Band Together

The Apocalypse: Band Together


The apocalypse has destroyed civilization and most life on Earth. The land is filled with ash and living animals and vegetation is scarce. What role will you provide...will you even survive?

1,388 readers have visited The Apocalypse: Band Together since emotionless created it.


‘The Apocalypse is Nye’


The apocalypse has destroyed civilization and most life on Earth. The land is filled with ash and living animals and vegetation is scarce. What is out there is more likely to harm than help. Many of the remaining human survivors have resorted to cannibalism, scavenging the detritus of city and country alike for flesh.

A small rag tag group comes together simply to survive. On their journey, the group will scrounge for food, evade roving bands, and create bonds. What role will you play?
This role play is all about what happens after the apocalypse.

1. This role-play will be pretty character driven, so I want characters that can grow with our role-play. I reserve the right to reject characters.
2. Be creative
3. No one liners
4. Follow the Site rules
5. To make sure you read these rules, when you reserve a character please tell us your favorite apocalypse movie.
6. Be polite
7. Be literate
8. Have fun


Role: Survival Specialist | Gender: Male| FC: | Reserved by Akantha
More useful in the country than the city, they have a 'feel' for the terrain. Hunting either zombies or hunting whatever animals remain in the area, these guys can help keep the supplies coming in or threats such as feral animals under control. They can supply meats, furs, bones and help clear those lone zombies from the area.

Role: Mechanic | Gender: Male| FC: | RCJJ23
Engineers can fix and maintain generators and vehicles. An incredibly valuable profession.

Role: Enforcer | Gender: Female| FC: | Taken by Emotionless
The enforcer is generally the person who ensures that the group leader’s decisions are implemented. While the name ‘enforcer’ makes it seem like this must be done through force, it can equally be achieved through other forms of persuasion.

Role: Scavenger | Gender: Female| FC: | Equipmonk
More useful in the city than the country, they will know back alleys, supermarkets, gun stores etc. Scouts go out and map locations, gather supplies and look for any other survivors. Keep them small, like a group of 3-6, so they don't attract too much attention. Make sure they are fit enough to carry a large load of supplies, run from danger or engage in hit and run conflict. Former players of running sports are excellent for this role.

ROLE: Engineer | Gender: Male| FC: | Reserved by EvoPrime
The engineer keeps your group out of the Stone Ages. The engineer keeps your group out of the Stone Ages.

Role: Doctor | Gender: Female| FC: | Open
This role should be pretty self-explanatory. In any society, the injured need treatment. Infections spread quickly to hospitals are scarce.


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[color=YOUR COLOR]Physical Description:[/color]

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[color=#YOUR COLOR]Face Claim:[/color]


[color=#YOUR COLOR]Personality:[/color]

[color=YOUR COLOR]Strengths:[/color]

[color=#YOUR COLOR]Weaknesses:[/color]

[color=#YOUR COLOR]Fears:[/color]

[color=#YOUR COLOR]History:[/color]


[color=#YOUR COLOR]Other:[/color]

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Jeanie 'JD' Daskovska

Jeanie Daskovska sat quietly outside the courtroom in the hard wooden chair provided for her. She looked statuesque in her stillness. Her slightly tan oval face was passive, her cobalt eyes calm even though she knew what was to come.

Her chestnut hair was pulled up into a tight twist bun that was held together with a plethora of bobby pins. One small curl fell from its hold, and brushed her cheek gently. She considered fixing it because she knew it was at odds with her military uniform, but decided against it. That would be her last act of defiance in the face of the judgment that was to come. The thought made her plump pink lips part in a small smile.

JD's mind went over the events of the day where everything changed. It was a routine pick up. She was to arrest three idiots making trouble and bring them in to be court marshalled. Simple. She had done it a hundred times…but this time it wasn’t simple. This time there was a reason for the mutiny. They had ordered the men to wipe out and burn down a small town. They had refused, and she had agreed. Unfortunately that put her in a tough position….she chose her side and her fate.

“It’s time” A uniform said snapping her out of her thoughts.

“I know….” She sighed as she stood….and then the bombs started to fall. She felt the ground shake. At first she thought it was an earthquake. Her and the uniform fell to the floor, and scrambled to get against the wall. The building started to come apart at the seams. Fear ripped through her as she realized it wasn’t an earthquake. It was the end. The realization hit her just as a falling brick did.

------------13 Hours Later--------------

Jeanie’s eyes opened slowly, at first she couldn’t see anything, and it was as if she was floating up from darkness. As soon as she could see again, pain bloomed behind her eyes. She groaned, trying to remember what had happened. She pushed herself up and did her best to survey her surroundings, using her training to identify what was what.

“Hello?” She coughed out. Dust coated her lips, tongue, and inside of her lungs making it hard for her to breath. She knew instinctively that she was the only one left alive in the building so she made her way out, gathering what supplies she could along the way.

-------Somewhere on the far end of 4 Years Later--------

JD slinked silently through the broken streets of what used to be a city. Caution made her footsetps light and her breath quiet. She knew cannibals roamed these streets, and she knew if she wasn’t careful, she would be her next meal. Garbled language floated on the wind and she knew instantly that they were tracking her. She cursed under her breath as she realized she hadn’t been careful enough.

All she had come to town for was to see if she could find any leftover medications. It was a stupid trip, she knew it wasn’t worth it, but she had hoped to just slip by.

"Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." She hissed under her breath.

She heard a rustling to her left. She swung around, her home made bow aimed in the direction of the noise. Nothing moved, but she wasn’t taking any chances. She crept along the edge of the building, ready to fire at anything that moved. She spotted the group of cannibals off in the distance and knew she didn’t have a chance to fight them all off, and she couldn’t make it back to her hide out. She would have to hide in one of the nearby buildings until they passed.
She crept into the nearby pharmacy that she had been staking out and waited patiently for them to pass.

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Laura West

Laura reached out for the T.V remote and pressed the off button instantly turning the room dark. Her husband, Lewis, was sprawled out on the other cough with their daughter snuggled into his chest. Both were fast asleep. Laura couldn't help the smile that flicked across her lips. She was so glad she's taken this two week vacation to spend more time with her little family. The lab could wait. There was nothing pressing currently and the cancer research team had more than enough members. Laura stood up and stretched the stiffness from her limbs, there was nothing like sitting in front of the T.V for hours to give you stiff joints, then checked her watch. The little clock face told her it was 9:05pm which meant it was way past Emily's bed time. Laura walked over to the other couch and scooped her daughter up into her arms. At three years old Emily was still light but was starting to lose her baby fat. Laura buried her nose in the light brown hair and breathed in the clean child scent. Emily stirred in her arms and her eyes opened slightly still heavy with sleep.


'It's alright darling, go back to sleep.'

Comforted Emily closed her eyes again and nestled further into Laura's arms. Laura looked back at her sleeping husband to find his eyes open and staring at the two of them. He smiled at Laura, a genuine happy smile. She couldn't help smiling back. After all they had gone through recently this felt like old times. Suddenly the floor began to shake startling Laura who stumbled backwards. Lewis jumped out of his chair and grabbed her by the arm before she fell and forced her into a crouch. Emily had woken up and was wriggling to be put down so Laura put her little feet on the floor but kept a tight hold of her hand.

'What the hell is that? An earthquake?'

Lewis shook his head. He didn't know. The shaking stopped almost as suddenly but then the screaming started. Lights blinked on in the streets outside and car alarms started to blare. It wasn't an earthquake.

'We have to get out of here.'

Lewis stood and was about to move to go upstairs when the sound of sirens stopped him.

'It's the police.'

Laura breathed a sigh of relief and moved to the window still clinging to Emily's hand. There was one police car in their drive but there was also a tank and an armoured car. What the hell was going on? This didn't look right. Laura watched as several men in army uniforms jumped out of the car and tank and started running for her house.


She screamed as the door burst open and the men with guns poured into their living room. One of them saw her standing by the window.

'Laura West, you're going to have to come with us.'

'Like hell she is!'

One of the men lifted his gun and shot Lewis in the chest. He went limp and fell to the ground, a pool of blood spilling out from his body.

Laura dropped Emily's hand and ran to her husband. He lay still, his eyes staring unblinking at the ceiling, his mouth still parted as if to speak had a trickle of blood running from the corner. Even though she knew he was already dead Laura checked his pulse. Nothing. She put her head to his chest to try and hear a heartbeat. Nothing.

'Lewis, please. Don't die.'

She was covered in his blood as she sobbed his name over and over. Emily toddled over to her parents and started patting at Lewis.

'Daddy? Daddy? Are you sleeping?'

Two men in uniform grabbed Laura by the arms and started dragging her from the house. When she realised they didn't intend to take Emily with them she started to panic. Kicking and screaming until her throat was sore but it changed nothing. The two men dragged her from the house and bundled her into the car without a word. The engine started and the driver put his foot on the gas and Laura sobbed and clawed at the window highlighting the house and the daughter she left behind in her husbands blood on the glass.

4 years later


Laura kicked an empty container across the floor and watched it skid away through the dust and under a nearby cabinet. The pharmacy had been totally gutted. There was nothing left. It had been a long shot anyway and Laura was sure she had seen markings on the buildings indicated that this area was already claimed but she was desperate. Her supplies were running dangerously low. Quickly she fished a map out of the back pocket of her rucksack and checked the rest of the area. It was a big area and was likely to have a hospital. Her grey eyes followed the path of her finger as it traced across the map stopping on the familiar symbol that indicated a hospital. She tapped the symbol twice thoughtfully. Hospitals often had supplies left over because they were dangerous places and only the most desperate would even bother. Laura contemplated for a second before deciding she really was that desperate. With a resigned sigh she folded the map and tucked it safely away in the backpack.

As she turned to leave she heard voices. Instantly she crouched behind the old pharmacy desk just as the door creaked and the shuffle of footsteps alerted her to the presence of someone else in the room.


Laura whispered to herself. How was she going to get out now...

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#, as written by RCJJ23
As he sat there, looking at the old Dodge car his dad had found in one of his customer's garages. Although he was getting old, and needed to stay in the office more, he still went around to the customer's place to bring the cars back to the shop, where Jerome and the rest of the crew repaired them and refurbished them. The customer, Jack, having seen no use for the old Dodge agreed to give it to them in return for a discount for repairing his Mitsubishi. They'd sent back word for Joe to come and pick up the hunk of metal that was the Dodge, whilst they brought back the car. As they were about to leave in the tow truck, Jerome realized he had left his wrench in the Dodge.

"Damn it. Dad I left my wrench back in the Dodge. I'll be right back."

As he rushed through to the old Dodge and grabbed the wrench, the ground shook. By pure instinct he dove into the car as the garage shook to pieces around him. The old Dodge protected him from the brunt of the debris but he only managed to get out after two hours of pushing the debris out of the way.

Outside, Jack's house was demolished, and the tow truck was no where to be seen. He decided to try his luck.

Fuck, what just happened? "Dad? You there?" Damn. I should head back to the shop. He should probably be there. If not I'll have to go check back home.

Four Years Later

Jerome limped away from the set of traps that he only narrowly avoided. He could even hear the damned things, and he didn't want to be there when they came back. Three buildings down the street he saw a pharmacy.

Seems like a good enough place to wait them out. Hopefully no one else had the same idea.

He pulled out the Ruger SR22 pistol from his belt, silenced with a jury-rigged can silencer. Though it would wear out after a few shots, some silenced shots were better than none. He held it in front of him as he sneaked towards the pharmacy, careful to not make too much noise. He looked at the backdoor as he approached the pharmacy. Weighing up his options, he guessed he'd have a more likely chance to draw less attention if he entered from the back. Trying the door, he found that it was unlocked.

Seems like my lucky day.

He stepped into it, closing the door silently behind him. As he turned the lock he heard the front door creak and footsteps told him someone else was in the building. He held up the pistol and crept closer to the actual store front. Through the doorway he could see a woman standing near the front door, and as he looked down he saw another woman crouching down behind the old desk. Not knowing if either of them had noticed him he braced himself against the door frame, hopefully hiding his body from their view as he aimed his pistol at them, ready to fire just in case one of them seemed unfriendly and too out of their mind to listen to reason.

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Grey buildings. Flashes of light. Thunder. The kick of the rifle, slamming back into the soldier's shoulder.

He was leaning out above the broken car, spraying out bullets in an endless hail. He didn't remember who he was fighting, or why he was fighting, or why he still cared. There was a War. That was all.

The enemy responded with its own hail of fire, the bullets pinging against the car, and the soldier rolled away behind a nearby building, pressing against it and pointing the rifle in the direction he had come from. Fuck, what's happened to the rest of us? he wondered.

His answer came with a radio crackle; that of a walkie-talkie. "Echo-Zero to Echo-Seven, how copy?" The soldier, still holding the rifle with one hand, grabbed the walkie-talkie off his belt and brought it up to his gasmasked face. "Echo-Seven copy."

"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" The reply came, amid spurts of gunfire and wails of pain. "WE'RE GETTING OVERRUN HE- FUCKING HELL, NONONO!"

Gunfire filled the entirety of the transmission, along with an explosion, both heard on the walki-talkie and a few blocks away, and then only static. The gunfire continued a few more seconds. Then, it was over.

The man didn't cry, or shout, or hit anything. He simply put his walkie-talkie back on his belt and restabilized the rifle. He was used to loss. Right?


The soldier was in a hole, mud on his clothes, mud on his mask, mud as far as the eye could see. Across two months, he had been in a fighting retreat, holding the Enemy back as well as he could. But now he was done. He was done running. He had dug a hole for himself near a busy road. He had entrenched himself, dotted self-made landmines on the road, and simply waited. He had transported supplies lasting at least a week. He would surely be dead before then.

Eventually the Enemy caught up. He killed them all. Shot them with his rifle, his trusty rifle, she who had never broken, never jammed. He killed them all with it.

More came, and more died. The soldier played this game for days, and when his food ran out, he ate the Enemy's food. And when that ran out, he ate the Enemy.

And then, one day, as the soldier sat against the back wall of his little hole, a bird flew in and perched itself on the muzzle of his rifle. It was a small bird, smaller than the soldier's fist. He wanted to eat it, but something about the bird compelled him. He fed it some seeds he had found and kept in his pocket, in case he ever wanted to stay somewhere for an extended period of time. The bird ate, and just sat on the rifle, staring at the reflective lenses of the soldier.


The bird had stayed with the soldier, even when he finally left the hole. No more of the Enemy would come. Maybe they had all died. The soldier pressed deeper into the country, going through city after city on his oddysey. He had a mutual relationship with the bird: he fed it, and it fed his sanity. They travelled the nation, scavenging, hunting, camping in many places. The soldier loved the bird; it was the only reason he was still alive.

One day, the soldier woke up, and the bird lay still. He felt it, cradled it, but it was no more. Like all else, it was dead. Dead like every city the soldier had seen. And now, the soldier's last companion had fallen.

And then, only then, did the soldier remember what type of bird it was.

A shrike.

Renewed with purpose, the soldier buried his everlasting companion of years and made a small grave of rubble and wood. He etched with a knife a message into the wood,

Small things keep the big things living.

And thus the soldier stood, and remembered his purpose, and his mind, and his name.

Echo-Seven, broken husk of a man, lay dead with the bird in that grave.

Shrike was born, and Shrike was the one who walked off onto the road, continuing his journey alone.

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Jeanie 'JD' Daskovska

”Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.”

JD held her breath as she heard the crunching of glass to her right, her hands tightened on her bow but she knew whoever it was, was too close to her for her to use it. She gently rested it against the counter next to her and pulled out the bone knife she had strapped to her outter thy of her left leg.

She heard another sound, like movement over to her right.

‘Damn’she thought to herself as she realized someone had come into the back door. She had two options, shoot the intruder with her bow or slit the neck of the other woman hiding behind the counter. She realized a few seconds later that the new comer had a pistol pointed in their general direction. Pistols where rare now days…

She took a moment to analyze the situation. The other woman either didn’t know she was there or she didn’t care. JD hoped it was the latter but she couldn’t take the chance. She knew could shoot the newcomer through the door with her bow, she had made damn sure her arrows where strong enough. She held her breath again as she ducked down and crept slowly around the backside of the counter. Not giving the woman a chance to realize she was there she pressed the knife to the woman’s throat as a warning.

“Say something coherent” she whispered in the girl’s ear knowing most inanies could no longer speak rationally. She pulled the girl with her as she turned. She waited for an answer as she placed the girl between herself and the other person’s pistol. If they were going to shoot they would have to go through the other woman’s body first.

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Character Portrait: Dane Redwood
Dane Redwood

"I'm Alive."

Character Portrait: Xian Cho
Xian Cho

It's so hot I can't even

Character Portrait: Shrike

"Small things keep the big things living."


Character Portrait: Shrike

"Small things keep the big things living."

Character Portrait: Xian Cho
Xian Cho

It's so hot I can't even

Character Portrait: Dane Redwood
Dane Redwood

"I'm Alive."

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Character Portrait: Dane Redwood
Dane Redwood

"I'm Alive."

Character Portrait: Xian Cho
Xian Cho

It's so hot I can't even

Character Portrait: Shrike

"Small things keep the big things living."

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Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

Okay, I apologize, ill get right on that.ive been pretty busy these past few days. My bad.

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

You should probably use the tagging system, it notifies the character's owner so it'll let them know that they should probably post.

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

Good plan. Ill post tommorrow. Today is my 21st so I wont be home ;-)

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

Whilst we're waiting for the others then why don't we continue the encounter in the pharmacy?

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

@Akantha, i accepted your character feel free to post. If i have time tonight ill put up another post.

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

I submitted my character. Just wanted to let you know. It took a bit longer since the PM because I got stuck in a hotel with no wi-fi for a bridesmaid party and it got chaotic. SORRY.

But I got it up. *Bows down on my knees* I am so sorry to everyone who had to wait for me. I forgot about making the character until Emotionless Pmed me and then it took a few days to make it when I know it should have taken just a day. So I sincerely apologize guys.

I hope we can get started now. I'll write up the post right now.

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

Okay, im going to pm the othe players. One hasnt even got the character up yet. If i get no reply back i guess i'll ave to find new players. I want to get this off the ground. PS you guys dont all have to stat in the pharmacy, its okay that you do, im just saying we could meet other ways. =)

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

Sounds fantastic as long as we keep it realistic. I dont want plants coming alive and eating people lol. I was thinking something along the lines of The 100, and the book of eli.

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

'Dead Areas' where the air is poisonous from radiation or something. Could go 'Last of us' style and have deadly plants?
Also weather. So toxic rain or lighting storms that are too dangerous to be outside in?

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

Sounds good to me. I like your creativity. If you, or anyone, has any other ideas, go ahead and spout them out. :-)

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

Mutated animals are good. Would explain why people turned to cannibalism as the only other meat is infected. Could you have left over infected people or people driven mad by an infected animal bite? They would only last a couple of days but would be an unpredictable problem?

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

Mutated animals, lack of food, anything your mind can come up with. :-)

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

What other dangers are there in the post apocalypse then?

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

The cannibals are sane, (sane might not be the best word)not zombie like, they have just chosen to become....well....cannabalistic. they can track, and set traps and what not, but they do think like regular people I suppose.

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

So to clarify, the majority of the remaining humans have basically gone insane and become zombie-like only like runners from The Last of Us or the infected from left for dead?

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

I've submitted a character :D Look forward to roleplaying with you all!

And I think my favorite apocalypse film is World War Z (if it counts). I know it's a new one but I really like the way they show the start of the apocalypse and how people would react to that.

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

Well if no one claims her by tonight ill make her and we can start tomorrow. :-)

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

I submitted my character, I hope that we can start soon with a doctor possibly in the works.

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

I was wondering if you still needed the doctor?? I would like to play her if you do :)

Re: The Apocalypse: Band Together

@RCJJ23: Thank you for your interest, I look forward to your character.