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Dane Redwood

"I'm Alive."

0 · 523 views · located in Post Apocalyptic America

a character in “The Apocalypse: Band Together”, as played by Akantha




Computer Initializing…Warning Battery 6% Left…Loading File…Complete.

Full Name:
Dane Redwood


26 Years Old

Physical Description:
Underneath his hardcore tactical leather outfit is a muscled man of korean-american descent. Scars indicate a checkered past and his hardened gaze intimidates most people. However, most don't get to know what he really looks like since he always wears his suit and gas mask. His nickname Bugman comes from the glowing orbs for eyes on his mask which resembles a fly's compound eyes. His suit also has the same patterning and is completely midnight black helping in blend into the shadows. The more technical aspects of his suit are the bulletproof vest which he stole off of a S.W.A.T team member's body and the pistol at his waist also stolen. The only other weapon is his short blade which is hooked on the other side of his waist.

Survival Specialist

Face Claim:
Vector | Resident Evil


Before the apocalypse Dane was a family man with a beautiful wife and a child on the way. He worked at an outdoors supply store part-time and acted as a drill sergeant in the military when needed which was quite often, almost a full-time job. He was a hard man but with the coming of the apocalypse and the following death of his wife and unborn child, he became cold. Dane is a very wary person, often stalking people for days before deciding what to do with them. He isn't afraid to kill and does so to find supplies and other rations. He isn't friendly, nor receptive to others and often finds himself having to change bases due to others infringing on his territory.

On the inside, he's still grieving the loss of his wife even though he knows that she would want him to move on. There have been many times when he thought of leaving the city to go in search of survivors or a colony but he can't bear to leave knowing that she could be wandering around as a zombie. He also blames himself for her death because in the panic and chaos of the apocalyptic event he was separated from her because of a group of bikers that took her and knocked him out. He tried to search for them but all he found was a couple of dead corpses and a ton of bloodshed.

☠ Photographic Memory
☠ Strong & Resilient
☠ Fast on his Feet

☠ Emotionally Scarred, therefore, Slightly Unstable
☠ Motion Sickness, so vehicles and such won't help him.
☠ Children & Women
☠ Can't Swim

☠ Finding his Wife as a Zombie

Before the apocalypse Dane lived in a small house with his pregnant wife. He was currently serving a part in the military as a Drill Sergeant and working at an outdoors supply store. He had lived in the same city since he was born and it was also where he met his wife. When the apocalypse came, even Dane was unprepared for the chaos and resulting violence. People hit the grocery stores and the pharmacies and Dane, trying to protect his wife, went to the pharmacy in order to get some painkillers and other necessities in preparation for when the child might be born. However, a group of men took his wife and knocked him out leaving him for dead. when Dane awoke the store was silent except the the occasional sound of people in the back of the pharmacy. He quickly escaped before they noticed.

After months of searching and arming himself to the teeth, Dane found the campsite of the men who had taken his wife. By that point Dane had become to go-to guy for supplies and other necessities. He was known by some of the ragtag survivors as a man who could kill you or help you. The survivors never sent men to ask him for help as the men would never return. Dane only helped women and even more so, women with children. Although there were limits as the person he looked after first was himself. Anyway, when Dance found the campsite, only a few corpses and dried blood was around. There was no sign of his wife except for some female clothing covered in blood. He told himself that she was dead, or worse, that she was a zombie.

From that point on, Dane stopped helping survivors even if they were woman. He avoided the others and kept to himself, never staying in one place for too long so that no one could find him. He knows the city like the back of his hand and keeps several places stocked with supplies.


Theme Song: Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant - Coheed and Cambria

So begins...

Dane Redwood's Story