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Aldous Gustave Montague

"Hate and Love are just chemicals. We give it meaning by choice."

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a character in “The Arcana Academy”, originally authored by Carlos_Joaquin, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Aldous Gustave Montague
Nicknames: None. Ever.
Age: 19
Birthdate: 8th April
Home Town: Born in Firenze, Italy. Raised in München, Germany.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

School: Noctrem

Power: I am the true alchemist. Like my father before me, I'm able to concoct what others deem impossible. Anybody can mix up some ingredients or fix something into a hallucinogen. My power allows me to bind forces far beyond our existence into my potions. Don't get me wrong, I don't control these forces. There's always a price. There's always a sacrifice to offer, but the rewards are beyond anything modern science has to offer. The energies I use to create potions aren't like temperature or kinetic force. Each force is different, no fire the same. Showing disregard for the rules of any ritual can change the efficiency and properties of any creation. An antidote can turn into a deadly poison or the other way around. Getting to know these rituals has been my right and duty since the day I could read. Rituals are very complicated most of the time and require my complete attention. No Alchemist has ever learned all rituals, but I guess none of them ever really gave it a try. Sometimes, rituals have the most extravagant prerequisites you could possibly imagine, but don't think about that. I'm the alchemist. My precision has never failed. As for my body, it's just as weak and feeble as that of any mortal soul. For some reason however, I am immune to an interesting number of poisonous substances, most of them being pure chemical elements. Unlike those before me, I do not feel any responsibility towards this world we live in. Fortunately for my future clients however, there is a potion for everything and I have a price for almost all of them.

♦ Mind games and manipulation
♦ Spending money (Or giving it away, when I want to.)
♦ Riddles
♦ Classic Literature (Novels and sometimes poetry.)
♦ Schnapps and decent European wine
♦ Getting high once in a while
♦ Hiding emotions
♦ Horror movies
♦ Singing when absolutely no living person can listen
♦ Classic Music, Heavy Metal and some other well-hidden stuff
♦ Smoking addiction (Ever since my fifteenth birthday, I'm immune to all negative effects of nicotine after all.)
♦ Revenge

♦ Anyone stupid enough to call him "Al"
♦ Childish games
♦ Weak-minded people
♦ Judging people in general
♦ Honesty
♦ Most of pop culture
♦ Corruption of ideas
♦ Bitching around for stupid reasons.
♦ Beggars
♦ People who act like they "care"

♦ Large fires surrounded by loud people. Any alchimist's greatest occupational hazard since medieval times.
♦ Love. (Never told anyone, never will.)
♦ Feeling emotionally exposed in front of a group of people.
♦ My father. Don't ask.
♦ Certain destructive forces.

Look, I'm not a people person. I like to take care of my own business. Don't expect me to be any trouble for now, but I'm sure as hell not looking for any either. I want to leave this place as soon as possible so I can return to the family business, unfortunately for now I need to lay low until that small incident vanishes. I'm not looking for a bff and I'm not looking for someone to safe me from my dark side. Good and Evil are just words for me. Beneath our skin, it's all just pain, and we all have to deal with our own load. Don't get me wrong, I do feel compassion for those who I think deserve it. Let me put it like this: Twelve year-old girl living in a war-torn country in Africa, worthy of my deepest compassion. Your boy-toy doesn't want to be your boyfriend, get the fuck out of my sight. The only contact I've ever had with people outside my father's prison were business transactions on one of our trips. I can't help being a very polite and yet detached human being. Some people would call me an emotional time-bomb, since I never confronted most of my past experiences, but let me tell you this. I was born a professional at what I do and I see no reason whatsoever for anyone to dig further into my personal matters. I don't usually get annoyed or angry easily, but, if anyone keeps asking about that kind of stuff, I will punch you in the face. I haven't been physically close to any human being since my father died. No, that's NOT what I meant. During many of our trips around Europe, my father used to punish me by whipping the shit out of my back and improving my toxic resistance by giving me the harshest and most dangerous healing potions he could prepare. I spent more than one night screaming myself to sleep. Nothing I really like to talk about though. Nowadays, there are some good things in my life though. Ever since I'm free, I learned to love music in all it's shapes and patterns. Opera or rock concert, you name it. I hate being disturbed while I'm listening to music with my headphones. Outside of that, I also love making some business transactions with anyone willing to pay for a love potion or a hallucinogenic brew of mine. They're not officially allowed, but nobody has caught me as of now. I don't believe those with powers are more or less worth than normal humans, but I do believe the innocent sheep from Arcana should take out that stick someone shoved up their asses.

My name is Aldous Gustave Montague, first and only son of Philipe Guy Montague. My parents died in a car accident when I was seven. I didn't know how to cope with that reality, so I started racing cars, smoking, drinking, sleeping with any girl I could find. The kind of self-destructive lifestyle teenagers dream of, then I turned eleven.


Fine, you want the truth? You're gonna regret it.
I spent my very first years living with my mother. Back then, we lived in a small house with several servants to take care of the house and any other issue we would have. My mom was a kind and smart woman. I don't know what my mother did before she got me, but as far as I can remember she never left my side for anything longer than a few minutes. Unusual as she was, she always talked to me like a grown-up. Although always with a caring undertone. I can barely remember anything from those years. The sun, the marble floor in my mother's bathroom, but, most of all, I remember that my father hadn't entered my life yet. When I reached the very mature age of four, she and I moved to my father's manor in München. Things didn't change much at the beginning. It's funny to look for different ways to say mother, but the truth is. I don't know her name. When I was a child, she was just mommy for me. Later on, I discovered there were no records of her existence, none whatsoever, it's as if she never existed.

Anyhow, at the beginning everything continued to go like it normally would. I barely saw my father, but now every night mother went away after she thought I was sleep somewhere and came several hours later, every time looking a little bit paler. I never got the chance to play with other children back then. Hell, the first time I remember seeing another child was some time after my twelfth birthday. Two years after arriving in Munich, I started to receive lessons in German, Spanish, English and Portuguese. It was around this time that the entire madness began to unfurl across my eyes. You see, my father had very clear expectations of me and my future. Soon most of my free time as a child disappeared completely. My teachers became more strict and my mother became more and more absent from my life. I felt alone, abandoned by the one person I cared for in this world. As a result thereof I showed a clear lack of concentration during the following months. What I did not know was that they would write a report concerning all my advances every half a year. When my father read about my difficulties, well... let's just say I received a smaller slightly minimalistic new room. Just for my own use. I didn't have heating or windows for that matter, but the real torture was to be unable to see my mother from that point on. Fortunately, my concentration returned to me, I started to see my mommy again and daddy bought me a pony. .. … Ok, that's not what really happened.

Unfortunately, my inability to do any work during learning hours grew during the next days after this first traumatic chapter of my youth. Lucky for me, I ended up with food poisoning during this time. It took me several weeks to recover. Never once did I see my mother during those horrifying days. My father kept her somewhere away from me. Now that I look back, I can't imagine the torture she must have gone through. Well, anyhow... Everything kept going on the same direction it was heading. My results became more and more meager and as a result April came. The month, not person. It was the 8th of April, my birthday. It was the first time I'd ever been in my father's study and the first time in several months since I'd seen my mother last. She looked at me, she looked ten years older than the last time I'd met her last, but I was too happy about seeing her to worry about that. Then my father asked me to sit on of the grown-up chairs and said:

Aldous, you are a Montague.
And as such, you are required to fulfill certain expectations.
Up until now, I've neglected you as a father.
For that, I wish to apologize.
As for your mother, I think she deserves a little bit of the responsibility too....

A second later, the man I thought to be my loving father, twisted my mother's neck in front of me. Her cold eyes looking at the emptiness behind me...her body lying on the floor motionless. A few weeks later, the now weekly reports began to improve. My once strict teachers, noticed the inhuman change in my nature and tried to be nicer to me. They didn't know it was pointless. I kept learning, new teachers came and old ones vanished. I didn't care. By the age of thirteen. I could speak all main European languages fluently. I had managed to acquire the knowledge of a high-school senior and the monster I had met on that fateful day in April had been the who taught me basic Chemistry and Physics. I saw his face, cold and oblivious of my pain, or should say uninterested. After finishing my basic education, I received my first free weeks in healthy state since my childhood and an insane amount of money. Along with a servant. I traveled to china, hoping that he would never find me there. It took me several years to discover my own idiocy. (For the retards: Never take companions that receive a monthly salary from the person you're running from.) Lucky for me, my father seemed to be mightily amused by my actions. My learning success had bought some air to breath.

From then on, my father made me follow him wherever he went. I learned I was an Alchemist, like him and his father before him. I learned our family had a large number of clients that wish to be treated with the utmost secrecy. I even learned after a few years, that my father had sacrificed most of his humanity and soul into keeping my mother alive for as long as he did. The man I had met, had never been my father, it was the demonic shell he left behind. And yet, I began to hate the man my father used to be more than his present self. The following years up to my fifteenth birthday is something I will never talk about. Ever. At some point during these years, I met a teacher from the Noctrem academy with a certain level of understanding for my more than interesting situation. My ability to adapt to even the worst darkness a man like my father had to offer, while having one of the rarest future professions in the world, made me an excellent candidate. Tragically, my father died on one warm night in April. We had just arrived from our last journey, when he just fell to the ground the minute he entered the main lobby. Ever since that horrible moment*, I've been a student of the Noctrem academy. I don't waste much time talking to others. To be perfectly honest, I was either going to the academy or to jail for cold-blooded murder.

Wanna hear an interesting fun-fact?
The Coroner found 29 different kinds of snake poisoning residues in his body. Hell, he even found the bite marks for all 29 snake kinds. I must admit, I never thought snakes were able to bite each other.

*Best fuckin' day in my life

So begins...

Aldous Gustave Montague's Story

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It was already dark when the cab came to a stop on the driveway in front of the academy. Aldous wasn't sure he wanted to step out of it at first. For a moment, he just stared at the running taxi meter. He looked like he was caught in a thought of some kind, but the Indian-looking taxi-driver said.
“Hey, dood! Pay up!” At this point, the older man stopped the meter and asked for his cash. He reacted to this request by pulling a bunch of fifties out of his pocket and offered two bank notes. Instantly, the taxi-driver got of his cab and took a large traveling bags out of the trunk compartment. Since he saw no necessity of haste, he waited for the taxi-driver to deliver them unto the driveway, before getting out. Without much ado, he grabbed his bags and followed the map he'd received previous to his arrival. The Arcana pupils were having a festivity and by the looks of it several Noctrems were there too. There was no reason for him to go really, but since he had brought no alcohol with him he decided to crash the party later. Once he reached the dorms, he unlocked the door to his new room. From what he'd read, he was gonna have to share his room with an Arcana student. Back in Noctrem, he'd been lucky enough to live on his own, but now he was gonna have to cope with a girl named Eden. Aldous never lived with anyone in the same room except his mother, but he wasn't nervous. The room itself wasn't half as big as the one he formerly had in old academy, but there was nothing he could do against it. He still needed a safe haven from certain groups of people in Europe. In many ways he had to admit, killing the world's only alchemist angered more bad people than anyone could have expected back then. Noctrem had kept him alive that point and now he had no choice but to trust in the security within the Academy's campus. To be completely honest, Aldous hadn't seen any cameras or security guards. It was dark outside. Maybe he missed the cameras, but he wasn't the kind of person who missed stuff very often.

After taking a shower and changing clothes, he wondered off in search for some fresh air and a bench. Only taking his key, his smart-phone and a pack of his favorite German cigarettes. It didn't take long to find exactly what he was looking for so he sat down and enjoyed the musical background offered by the party he had yet to visit. It was a breathtakingly beautiful night, he pulled a smoke out of the pack with his lips and then lit it with an almost antique-looking zippo. The flora surrounding the academy grabbed Aldous' attention without him being really able to resist. So there he sat, his face showing both traces of melancholy and fatigue, it had been several weeks since the last time he'd been in such a peaceful environment. He couldn't help but to start humming the melody of Elton John's “Your song” in the original version. It was quite the pathetic look from his own point of view, but he was very serious for nobody to notice him. Right after his third cigarette, he stood up and returned to the academy.

The party was in full swing when he arrived, most people were dancing (some more extravagantly than others), the rest were drinking at the bar. At first, he didn't recognize anybody by name, so he preferred to get a drink first. Whoever organized the party knew exactly what he was doing. There were several jewels of alcoholism standing right behind the bar.

The barkeep asked: “Hey, what can I offer you?”

Aldous couldn't help but grin at that offer, but now he didn't feel so bad for crashing.

“Do you have by any chance absinth?”

It took him half a minute, but he came back with a half-opened bottle of Ulex Dark, my favorite Absinth.

“Would this work?” he added.

He gave a sigh of relieve and answered. “Yes, that's perfect. Could I have a Schnapps-glass and still mineral water?”

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Addison Lawler

Thoughts drifted by Addison's mind. Mostly about how she desperately needed to get laid. And that her high was wearing off. She had seen the drama between McKenna, Jack, and Lulu, which just made her laugh. She continued to watch the people come and go as they pleased, talking about petty things that would just be too boring even to think about.

Where the fuck was JADE? She hadn't seen her since after that stupid assembly. Shaking her head, she realizes her high seemed to be slowly waning to a small buzzing sensation. But, of course, that would just mean she needed to drink or smoke more. The brunette turned her attention towards Aldous walking into the party scene. Addison was a bit shocked, considering Aldous was more of a closed off, introvert. She smirked, and flicked the butt of her cigarette, watching him for a moment and she stands with a bit of a stretch. She meandered her way down to the bar placing herself next to him.

Aldous and Addi had a strange sort of relationship, it was almost a love/hate. They both had similar interests, academically, hobby wise, and simply just playing with other people's minds.

"Vodka please," She bats her eyes at the bartender with a small smirk of a smile. Her dark blue eyes turn towards Aldous and she crosses one leg over, resting one of her elbows against the table. She reaches for one of his cigarettes and his zippo, her eyes not leaving his.

"Mind if I take one?" She raises an eyebrow, sliding the cigarette from the pack and placing it in her mouth. She flicks open the zippo and the flame bursts out from the wick and she lights the cigarette. Smoke fills in front of her face as she exhales slowly. Placing the zippo back, she takes another drag, looking at him with a smile.

"It's nice to see you are out of your room and trying to be social. Although this is nothing compared to the Noctrem parties..." She shrugs, almost in a pouting manner, but she couldn't really complain. There was free alcohol and some sexy-ass people around. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices the bartender coming back with her vodka.

"Thank you," she smiles to the bartender and she takes the small glass, her delicate fingers wrapping around it and she shoots it back. The alcohol burns the back of her throat and she places the shot glass down with a smug smile and she licks her lips a bit. She flicks the ashes from the cigarette and takes another drag. She looks over at him with a small smile and shrugs.

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Addison Lawler

Addison takes a drag of the cigarette, the world spinning behind her closed eyes and she smiled with the rush she was getting. The taste of vodka on her lips tingled and her blue eyes flickered open when Aldous voice breaks her buzz for a moment, his voice cutting in like a razor.

“When was anyone able to stop you from taking what you wanted, Ms. Lawler? Should I fear you softened in my absence?”

Addison snorted for a moment, shaking her head. Soft? Her? Not by a long shot. The conversation continued with small talk.

“Ah yess, how could anyone forget nights bathed in blood dancing over the fresh tombs of foolish humans being sacrificed. Good times.”

She smirks quietly, the game was easy to play... Too easy. The discomfort Aldous was emitting was terribly noticeable, for Addi at least. She knew when he was trying to keep cool.

She takes one look around the party, things were... Boring, dull. Addi craved excitement, freedom... Seriously? Did any GOOD story start with the words, "So at home last night..."? Rarely... In fact, almost none. The Noctrem students seemed to be waning from the party, leaving all the goodies around, which made the shape shifter cringe a bit. She didn't want to be contaminated with their hand-sanitizing rituals..Or whatever they did for fun at Arcana...

Addi began to wonder where Jaysin had run off to... Probably to go sleep with another girl, yeah? Addi scolds herself with the shake of her head for letting him slide...Then again, did she really want Cor's crazy ass yelling at her? Drama, drama, drama.... Addi used to believe she was the keeper of chaos, until she met Cor and the other girls at Noctrem. Addison was almost mild compared to some of them... She lets out a bit of a sigh and chews on her lower lip for a moment, turning back towards Aldous.

With a moment of her watching him closely, he breaks the silence, “Anyway, as far as I enjoy the charming quality of our oh so rare conversations, what can I do for you today?”

Addison knew what she wanted and the plan begins to formulate in her head. A devilish smile flickers across the girls face as she takes another drag of cigarette, and leans back, blowing the smoke into the air. She stands up, grasping his hand.

"My teachers always preach: Show... Don't tell..." She nods for him to finish his drink as she grabs his cigarettes and slides them into her back pocket, "Now, let's blow this minuscule Popsicle stand and take a walk, shall we?"

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And so they went for a walk. Addison wasn't really aware of how discomforting it was for Aldous to leave that bottle of Absinth behind. He had forgotten to bring more of it back from europe during his last trip. Annoyed as he could be under that kind of circumstances, he walked along with her, leaving the party behind and Arcana's goody two-shoes. That girl was too vengeful not to play along with her for a bit more, but Aldous wasn't gonna break any of his rules for a little girl. He let her lead the way, very much aware she wanted him to admire her utterly perfect behind. Not that he wanted to, but he did. Why not, right? He was a man after all.Every now and then, she looked at him to make sure he was still following her. Always flirting and looking repulsed in a very unique way, Aldous was slowly starting to grasp where this might perchance be going. Still, he wasn't the kind of person for that kind rendezvous and there was no way that would change tonight...

"Lawler, if you need something to get high on, you know you just need to ask and pay, right?" He looked with a rather amused face, he couldn't believe she really was trying to get anything else from him.

A while back, a few weeks after Aldous gained his freedom:
A young fifteen year-old Aldous was in a hotel room watching the third season of breaking bad. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Due to prior arrangements, Aldous was aware who that was. He walked up to the door and invited a beautiful girl in her twenties into the room. She had a very special kind of natural innocence in her looks. Aldous wasn't really attracted towards her, but he felt an enticing degree of curiosity towards some of the sensations felt during intercourse. Once he'd closed the door, the girl had already vanished into the bathroom, so he just relaxed and returned to his bed. A few minutes later, the girl came out wearing nothing, but a pair of handcuffs. Unlike most boys in the age of fifteen, he barely managed to show any kind of "reaction" to the view. Nothing unnatural after seeing hundreds of human sacrifices being made in his father's lab, I guess...

Slowly, she slendered towards the bed and then crouched on top of him. She was about to try to handcuf him, when he changed his mind about that part.
" know what? I'd rather prefer you not to use them, ok?"
At first, she tried to smile his request away, but once he started fending her intents off, she began to get far more forceful than any normal person would be. Something wrong was going on. Without a second thought, he grabbed a knife out from under his pillow and rammed it twice, once between the 3rd and 4th left rib and a second time ripping the carotid artery apart.....

That was the one and only time Aldous got close to woman. She'd been paid by an assasin to disable him for enough time. Fortunately, he hadn't survived up to that point being trustworthy and that wasn't gonna change for years to come.....

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Addison Lawler

Addi turned a few times as they continued to walk, making sure Aldous was still following her. They ventured deeper into the woods, darting through trees, and stepping through the brush. Eventually, the girl took off her shoes and began to hold those. As she turned around to check for the umpteenth time, she hopped around, facing Aldous, walking backwards for a moment.

A look of discomfort lingered on Aldous's face and he clears his throat a bit, "Lawler, if you need something to get high on, you know you just need to ask and pay, right?"

"I guess," She shrugs, continues to walk backwards, her movements becoming fluid, almost feline-like. She could feel her more primal instincts begin to tick, but she suppresses them and she shrugs, "But, since you offered, what do you have?"

She tilts her head to the side, stopping for a moment next to a willow, and she listens for a moment, her blue eyes floating towards the sound of water. A smile flickers onto Addison's face, it was a sly one though, a secretive one.

"Come, Mr. Montague." She fakes an extremely convincing British accent, tugging at his jacket and she strips off her leather jacket, slinging it over her shoulder and she comes to a clearing where a pond resided. The moonlight became fractured on the still pond and a small breeze bustles through. A willow tree dips over the pond, almost shading it from the rest of the world and Addison smiles a bit turning back towards Aldous.

Raising an eyebrow, she continues to play the game, "Alright, we can match," She pulls out the rest of her weed, and a few acid strips, "What do YOU have?" The brunette's head tips to the side a bit, her lips parting slightly into a smile. She stares at him for a moment and her heart jumped a little... He was... Cute... She never realized how captivating his eyes were. He wasn't like Drake, or Jaysin... He was more aloof...

Addison felt a strange attraction towards him, not the kind of primal attraction she normally felt, but that stupid kind of curiosity... The kind that made her want to get to know him, like the back of her hand....

Or maybe he just had secrets that she wanted to uncover....

She had known Aldous for quite a while, and yet their conversations had always been short, to the point. No real depth to them.... If the girl didn't know any better, she would say that she had a crush on Aldous...But Addison was a fickle girl, and she wasn't about to simply tie herself down to someone who wanted a simple, strictly professional, dealer, druggie relationship...

If that was even considered a professional relationship. The girl smirks at the fact, laughing a bit.

But who was to say what he wanted? Maybe he secretly wanted to get to know her too?

Now I'm just getting my head in the damn clouds... She thinks to herself with a sigh. No way was that going to happen, no fucking way....

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Following Addi was everything but comforting for Aldous, he was officially starting to feel an urge to go back to the academy. It was too big a risk from his point of view, who knows if that stupid girl was being blackmailed into getting him into the woods. If that was the case, he had to be more than careful. There was no chance in hell, he would die after surviving this long. His level of paranoia was too much for most people, but it had kept him alive and safe for a very long time now. It was a part of him by now, the wall dividing his world with the outside, but as much as he disliked to admit it, he was tired... Keeping the wall up, every single moment of every single day was starting to hurt his health in visible ways.

In a very uncomfortable way, he had to admit that the unnatural grace in her movements made her surprisingly enticing from his point of view. Nothing she would ever get to hear as far as he was concerned.

“But, since you have offered, what do you have?”

“The usual, some fire, some truth and a new experimental creation of mine that should be harmless after an hour or two. Your covenant will love my new experiment, but some boys might end up hating me for it.” A smirk almost materialized on his face, but only almost. “I guess I'll keep my experiment to myself for now. Truth and Fire, those are your options. And I know how much love fire.” Besides, Truth was a potion of rather medicinal qualities. It's not that something either Aldous nor Addi would ever consume as long as they had some notion of free will.

“Come, Mr. Montague.”
He didn't buy the accent. It sound rather Russian than British.

The outline of her body danced in between every single ray of moonlight shining unto the pond they'd just discovered. Addison's look returned to it's naturally playful origins and said “Alright, we can match... What do you have?” She pulled out a small bag of weed and some cheap synths nothing worth noticing for him, but he got caught in that childish look upon her eyes. She'd always had it, but something had changed. Like to circles surrounding her eyes, she'd finally reached the impossible. She'd manage to take his attention hostage for the moment. It was a strange feeling.

This shocking sensation had more or less managed to paralyze him. He stood there over a minute, looking into her eyes, not really being able to grasp what he was seeing in her eyes. Not before long, he regained some control over his body. Was this a new symptom of his exhaustion? Whe wasn't sure. As to his own stash of drugs, he took out two different small flasks filled with different colored pills. The red ones were fire, an extremely powerful hallucinogen with almost no negative side-effects and some surprise side-effects that change from person to person. This was probably the world's most powerful and least damaging drug in the history of mankind. It was like lighting fire-works in your brain, only without the heavy burns and the horrific death.

“You know what? It's my first night in the academy. This one's on me.”

Aldous left both Fire and Truth on a wide log close to where they came from, then he walked closer to her, shamelessly looked for his pack of cigarette in Addi's jacket. For some reason she reacted strangely to him to him touching her. Once he found them, he lit one and waited for a reaction on her part.

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McKenna Marinos

McKenna meanders upstairs checking her phone every few minutes, wondering if Jackson was really mad or not. As she walked down past the boys dorms, she sees Drake and Lulu a bit further down, making their way into Drake's room. McKenna gasps a bit, Lulu...Drake... But..Jackson?

She stops for a moment, leaning against the cold wall. She watches the light from the room dim as the door closes and she shakes her head, the drinks she had at the party were making her a little dizzy... With a hesitant change of pace she makes her way towards her dorm and she fumbles with the key for a moment and she opened it.

I saw...Nothing.. the thought runs through her head as she flicked off her shoes, and she face plants onto her bed, her pink cushions giving out with a puff as her weight hits the bed.

"Who am I kidding? They're going to fuck," She flops over on her back, her hand shading her eyes from her bedside lamp, "Lulu and DRAKE are going to have sexual intercourse... And...Jesus... Poor Jackson..." She says, as if she were having a conversation with the ceiling.

She looks up at it for an answer, as if it were going to spit back out an answer. But, no such luck. She sits up, her hair falling in loose curls around her face and she looks to the right, Do I tell Jackson? She shakes her head, looking down at her hands, It's not really my place, to be honest.... But he has a right to know...

McKenna flops back onto her pillow, her hair fanning out on the pillow, her eyes sealing shut. Decisions, decisions. The girl was never very good at making the right decisions in social situations, it pained her to even think about it.

"I'm such an awkward person..." She mumbles with her eyes shut.

Her eyes open up a bit, to see if Jade was in the room -- thankfully, she wasn't. McKenna had a weird way of coping with drama and such, she would normally start talking to herself to try and calm her down.

Maybe she was making too big a deal of it, after all, it wasn't even her place. She wasn't supposed to see that... But it would break Jackson's heart if he found out... No, she had to let the three figure it out themselves. McKenna rolls over to face her bedside table and she opens the drawer, pulling out a small leather bound journal. She unwraps the leather cord and opens the journal and starts reading it.

June 23rd, 2000
Dear Daddy,
Today is my birthday, and Mrs. Rose gave this journal to me, as a gift. And, I know you're out there somewhere, because, you have to be. Right? I know you will come save me and get me to a better home.
McKenna Marinos

Kenna ran a hand through her hair and she goes and sits by the window, clutching the journal. Her eyes wandered downward towards the stragglers of Jackson's party, the laughter and music could still be heard. She sighed, and opened the journal and started to write.

Dear Mr. Leonardo Marinos

Addison Lawler

Addison watches his gaze flicker back to business, and he pulls out a stash of his own. One flask had flaming red pills, an extreme hallucinogen. Addison knew those pills anywhere, a smirk flickers onto her lips and she smiles.

“You know what? It's my first night in the academy. This one's on me.” She shakes her head for a moment then gives a half enthusiastic nod, she normally didn't like just simply taking from people. It felt wrong to her, but, the offer hung in the air between them and she didn't really want to let that chance go.

He lays down the two bottles on the wide log, then turns towards her, walking closer, Addison's breath shortens as his hands meander down her waist and into her pockets, a chill flies up her spine. The brunette's lips part, locking eyes for a moment, as he delicately pulls the cigarettes out of her pocket. She takes out her own cigarettes and lights one up, putting the mini baby blue lighter back in her bra. She puts her sad little drug stash away back into her jacket pocket and throwing that down next to the bottles.

Propping the cigarette between her lips, she inhales, then exhales, picking the bottle with the vibrant red pills. She turns around, popping open the small flask with the vibrant red pills in it. She smiled quietly, handing him one as well, taking another drag of her cigarette and blowing the smoke out slowly. She looks at the lake, placing the pill under her tongue.

After a few minutes ticked by, she could feel it melting away slowly and she closed her eyes for a moment, her head tilting back a bit, feeling the cool breeze tickle her cheeks. There was a beautiful feeling, as if she were weightless. The brunette turns back towards Aldous with a smile.

She begins to wonder what to do, and she remembers the lake... Skinny dipping? She smirks.

"Well, go on," She urges him, and she takes a long drag of her cigarette, the menthol taste dancing in her mouth and she French inhales the smoke back into her lungs then blows it out slowly.

Her hair falls over her face a bit as winds blew through the trees. Curious blue eyes flicker up towards Aldous and she gives a flirty smile, and she begins to undo her belt and slides off her skinny jeans. She takes off her v-neck shirt and she throws her clothes on the log near the pills. She swallows the rest of the pill and takes a dive into the lake, submerging herself for as long as she could. The cold water seeps fast into her hair, her entire body being enveloped in the water. Opening her eyes for a moment, she looks towards the surface, the moonlight beaming through the crystal water. Her eyes close for a moment, as she waits for her lungs to give out before she went back up.

This is where she wished she could half shift... Some of the teachers had tried to teach her, but it was much harder for her to learn. The girl begins to swim up, breaking the surface, and she treads water for a moment, then floats onto her back and relaxes for a moment.

"You have got to try this, it's wonderful." The cold water making her shiver a bit, but the red little pill was kicking in and she could barely feel a thing. Like nothing bad in the world could happen.

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In many ways, Aldous was very unprepared for Addison's choice of actions. What was she even trying to achieve? Without the necessary time to inquire a decent answer to that question, Aldous tried to concentrate on the mere fact that he was taking care of one of his regular clients for the sake of business. Besides, it wasn't like he still had a choice. If for some reason Addison got hurt after everyone seeing them leave together, he'd never ever hear the end of it.

It wasn't all bad, for every little bit of self-control he had developed over the years, there was an opposite primal force in him trying to rush out in some form or another. This time, it made it impossible for him not to look at his beautiful client as she bent down to pick up one of his hallucinatory pills. For all sense and purpose, he was pretty sure she wasn't able to catch his short-termed weakness of mind.

As for his drugs, Aldous had already become relatively immune to his own red pills. That being one of the annoying side-effects of his ever-improving toxic resistance. Addison's reaction did however manage to create a certain chain of unexpected events.

"Well, go on,"

“Go on? What do y....?”For some ungodly reason, she began undressing herself. Thus revealing almost everything a man usually yearns for. Aldous, being unnaturally indifferent to each and every kind of impulse normal men would usually fall for, decided to neither object nor commit to her idea for the moment. The last thing he wanted was to lose one of his most addicted clients. Once she finished undressing, she gave him a flirty smile. The kind of which he was accustomed to see on her face, only most of the time directed at other men, sometimes even women. That was Addison after all, always a consumer, either of drugs....or people. It was now, that Aldous truly understood the true meassure of everything happening around him. For some reason unknown, she had decided to make a move on him and that meant she was either really really desperate or even more susceptible to drugs than usual.

Then she jumped into the lake and took her time exploring the under-water. Since he couldn't leave her there all alone, Aldous calmly slandered towards the shore, he took his shoes off and allowed the waters to cool his lower lower legs as he waited for her to return up. She was taking an unnaturally long amount of time to go back up. Fortunately, she was a shapeshifter, therefore it wasn't unthinkable she'd just grown gills or something. Minutes passed and once she came back up, her almost naked wet body covered in moonshine became almost irresistible for a second or two. Her words however managed to break the trance her looks had trapped him into.

"You have got to try this, it's wonderful." She was swimming closer. By now he was sure she'd noticed his ridiculous way to react to her primitive charms and, by god, he was sure she was gonna try to use them in to persuade him to do something he'd most likely regret.

“Yeah, I think I'll pass. The waters might actually be cold enough for us to freeze to death.” He was well aware she wasn't gonna listen to him, but acting like the lamest duck humanly imaginable was the best plan he could think off due to the large amount of blood that was already being transferred from his brain to a certain -for him utterly uninteresting- part of his body.

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Addison Lawler

Sparks fly behind Addison's closed eyelids as she dips under the water and pops back up closer to where Aldous was dipping his feet in the water. She smiles up at him, treading water as she slides her hands through her hair to push it away from her face.

“Yeah, I think I'll pass. The waters might actually be cold enough for us to freeze to death.” Aldous's face contorts a bit, a small sign of ...embarassment? Frustration?? Something was going on in his mind, but she couldn't necessarily figure out what.

The shape shifter lets out a soft laugh, her smile becoming less devious, more relaxed as her eyes twinkle in the moonlight. There is a small flutter in her chest, was her heart skipping? She shook her head, no....Course not. It was the drugs. Simply the drugs.

"C'mon, Babe, don't be a pussy." The word 'babe' slid off her tongue, a pet name she used often, but not with such a playful meaning -- for it was NORMALLY used for a sarcastic or insulting tone towards people.

She giggles playfully, sticking out her tongue a bit, when he didn't move she considered dragging him into the water, but then again, she didn't want to piss him off. Instead of dragging him, she splashes him lightly as she kicks her feet in the water, pointing her toes into a perfect arch. She stares at Aldous for a moment, tilting her head to the side, her eyes sliding down the silhouette of his body. She swims a bit closer, and then hauled herself out of the water, standing up and wringing out her hair. The brunette sits down next to him, moving her hair over to one side and running her fingers through the tangles.

With a sigh, she shivers a bit as a cool breeze whips through and she brings her knees to her chest, crossing her feet, trying to trap her body heat. Her eyes drift outwards, watching the water.

Everything was so...different now... She knew that her entire social network would be fucked with due to the whole school switch up... Everything was going down the shitter... Truth be told, she didn't really let those thoughts get to her until now....

She knew that things would change, her mom had always said change happens when it seems most inconvenient.... Addi believed it, she wasn't really one to be optimistic in the first place either. She stands for a moment, walking over to where their stuff was and she grabs a two cigarettes from her pack and walks back over, sitting down next to Aldous.

She lights her cigarette, taking a long drag, and then offers Aldous one, "Care for a Cancer stick?"

Of course, they weren't as fancy as his, but they were decent enough to satisfy her nic-fits. There was a moment of silence between the two as they sat there, Addison suddenly became very serious and she turned towards Aldous, "What are you thinking about?"

Her head tilts to the side, eyes softening for a moment, a hidden side of Addi that rarely anyone ever saw. She takes a long drag and blows it slowly.

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#, as written by Korrye

Lulu sensed the awkward silence following her comment. Too wound up in her desire to talk about her brother and nightmares to the one person she could, she missed the curious glance that Alli sent her way. When she asked about her roommate, the small prod generated a long response. It made her pay attention to the present and not the frustration she felt.

"Well, obviously there's gymnastics. Science kinda runs in my family as well. Both my parents are scientists and I've got an interest there. I like to read as well, just about anything I can get my hands on. That started when I was a kid. I was always the same. My guilty pleasure has got to be spy movies. James Bond, Mission Impossible..." Alli explained, trailing as she concluded. Lulu nodded. “The only James Bond movies are hilarious to me. The new ones are pretty good, much more…brutal and less comedic. I like that they’re trying to be more realistic but I’ll always be a sucker for black and white films,” Lulu replied. Still, silence hung there. Lulu continued to stare at the ceiling. Without anything to pay attention to, her mind wandered to across the hall again. Aldous might be willing to lend an ear. But she didn’t want to bother him when he was as solitary as he was. No. Today she needed Jackson. Her Jackson. The very same one who had seen the cuts and bruises, who understood Grey – who had met him. She bit on her lower lip. Normally she would just go right to him, or call, but she was still so stuck. He was there. She hadn’t heard any movement since her and Jessica’s departure. What the hell was going on in that room?!

"Yeah, I'm not sure what else to say. I'm not exactly the best when it comes to talking about myself. I'm usually the one in the corner who's watching everybody, trying to piece together their personalities purely by watching and observing their behavior. That's another hobby of mine, I suppose. Although it's more a habit. I get bored and read psychology articles online. That's the type of person I am, I suppose,” Alli added. Lulu turned her head so that her cheek was to her pillow. She rolled to lay on her stomach, looking across the room at her roommate. “People watching is totally my thing,” she smiled weakly. “Seriously. I’m always on guard for other people. Kind of like a guardian my friend told me once. But I like to think of myself as karma most days, serving people up. But then I encounter the dilemma – do I really know justice? Professor Leo has told me that much. Too much to think about.” She sighed “Now. I know this sounds stupid and I know we just met. But I can’t remember much about last night, like I said before. But I may have…involuntarily left clothing somewhere. And I’m not so sure where these lounges are…feel like helping me out?” Lulu didn’t know why she was asking Alli for the favor. She could very well leave and search for the common rooms but for some reason she felt like she had a lot in common with this girl. Talking to her was distracting as well, and would keep her from running back to the two men who dominated her life across the hall temporarily at least. "If you don't want to, I totally get it. I don't even know when my first class is."


Katia could count on her hand the number of times someone had learned about her power and was reserved about it. Her explanation drew a stiffened reaction from Rebecca. The dancer watched the stranger shuffle and tense as soon as she had claimed herself to be a puppetmaster. Normally she liked that her power intimidated people. Yes, I can make you do things you don’t want to do, she thought with a small sigh, closing her eyes. For some reason she didn’t want to be threatening to this woman.

“To what extent?” Rebecca asked. “People of a clear mind with weaker wills are easy to control. I can manipulate a person’s actions but I cannot change how they think of me or others. There are a lot of people who can push back against me and make it harder or even painful. When people are drunk, or under the influence of something, it can be easier but most times it’s almost impossible because they’re irrational and clouded. I can’t explain it. And only one person at a time and I have to be able to see them,” Katia explained. Still, she felt the woman’s discomfort. “I could have taken control of your body as soon as you walked in the room and made you get the pills. But I didn’t and I won’t. I don’t hurt people unless they hurt me,” she added. The last sentence made her purse her lips and look at the floor. Or the one’s I love, she thought to herself. Her mother was still so heavy on her mind, her father too. She couldn’t help but apologize then. “I’m sorry that we had to meet this way.”

“Don’t worry about it. Really, I taught at Noctrem before the fire, and this is far from the worst I’ve seen,” Rebecca told her. “Normally I’m not apologetic,” Katia muttered, miffed with herself. “I don’t teach class today. Does Leo? I don’t even know my schedule, or his but I need to speak with him.” As Rebecca moved to collect a broom and sweep up the glass, Katia shuffled along the counter towards the small bottle of valium the stranger had left on the counter for her. She pulled the bottle into her left hand, her right gripping the counter tightly. Slowly she twisted at the cap. When she realized it was a child protected squeeze variety she put the edge of the lip under the ridge of the counter and pulled at it up, like she was opening a beer, and low and behold it popped off. She held the bottle close to her chest to prevent pills from flying onto the floor. The effort involved in opening something so simple as a pill bottle had her flushed and frustrated. She tilted it into the counter and took two of the small pills, popping them into her mouth before turning on the faucet to the sink, taking a small paper cup from a stack near it, filling it and drinking so that she could swallow.

“I’m pretty sure he has a class or two. Most of us work every day. It sounds weird that you would have none on a Tuesday,” Rebecca explained. “Maybe I’m not in the schedule yet?” she muttered to herself. Not that dance was an essential every day class as a non-arts school. “However,” the blond continued, “he’s oftentimes in his office during the day.”

Oh that office. That tense and awkward space she had visited too many times already. It was so formal and lawyerish. Still, she supposed it would work. She just needed to talk to him. And hopefully that Amy woman wouldn’t be there, all sick and green like the day before. Hopefully she hadn’t gotten some sort of infection from her, making everything worse.

“Thank you,” Katia said lowly as Rebecca concluded with the glass and stood across from her now. “I don’t know what I would have done…” she trailed, looking away, biting her lip, feeling the wave of numbness suddenly spread through her torso, hitting her lower back. The tension in her shoulders melted. The good thing about valium was that it was fast and long lasting. Just long enough for her to say something to Leo. If she could find him.

“I appreciate your discretion,” Katia added. Tentatively she stepped forward, testing her legs. The valium dosage was strong enough to make her thighs relatively numb. On a bad day she would have poor coordination. Today the medication was busy enough that she was able to remain standing. The pain in her lower back was tolerable, more like a small poker to her spine than the sledgehammer from moments before.

“I’m going to try and stop this,”
Katia reassured Rebecca. “You won’t find me in here like this again.”